A Loving Family  


A Loving Family

Chapter One - Who are we ?

My name is Samantha (Sam), I am 42, petite, 5’3’’ tall and have brown hair and blue eyes. I’ve been married to Don for 19 years, happily married too. I admit I’m sensual but honestly, I have never been unfaithful to him with another man. He is a wonderful lover who gives me everything I need, everything that makes me feel a total woman.

Don has his own business in the publishing world, and quite often he is away promoting his clients’ books, attending book fairs, visiting his printers in different parts of the world and so on.

I confess that I have a long standing and close relationship with another female; she and I met and shared a room at University for two years. She taught me the pleasures of female love and to this day we still enjoy each other’s company – but that is a another story!.

Before you say (or even THINK) anything bad, let me tell you that Don knows. I told him when he asked me to marry him so that he could reject me if he wanted. I expected him to be disgusted, to turn me away, but quite the opposite happened. I told him when we were alone in a small wood, a favourite place with many quiet glades of privacy where we had explored each other and given our love in the past. He was being very romantic, telling me of his undying love, promising to hold me in his heart for ever, would I PLEASE marry him.

I hadn’t expected his proposal and was flustered. He was concerned and asked whether I loved him. So I took my courage in my hands and told him of my intimacies with my girl friend Cheri. He asked how it started and what she did to me and before I could get very far I found myself on my back, my panties sliding down my legs and he was there, inside me. I suppose in a way it was rape! But I loved his power and strength and every demand he made of my yielding, submissive body.

Needless to say he wasn’t upset ! As we lay there, his prick softening inside me, his cum slipping out of my pussy and running down my crack, he again proposed. The walls of my sex clenched around him, I held him close in my arms and I accepted. We kissed to seal our love and I felt him stir inside me. He swelled and moved himself, possessing me once again and loved me once more. What a mess I was in when he finished for the second time !

I said I’d better tell my friend that we must never be together again. He wouldn’t hear of it and said he was happy we continue our closeness on one condition – that I told him EVERY DETAIL every time it happened. I have. With the same happy result. Instant consensual rape – and I still love it.

With Don’s literary background it isn’t surprising that we invent stories for each other. We whisper them in bed, each acting a role for the other, even exploring the darker parts of our thoughts. I admit to a liking for seeing young men in spring and summer, or in the swimming pool, stripped to the waist. To see the young taut muscles as they develop from their hips, up to their shoulders, their skin glistening and rippling with vitality and strength. I feel a quick tightening within me and a familiar dampness inside my panties.

One of Don’s fantasies is the seduction of a young girl, budding into womanhood, her breasts now a feature of her developing figure. He adores the thought of her innocence concealed by her T shirt, her shorts or jeans, the early growth of her adult female hairs tantalising his imagination. The knowledge that she is ripening for the act of ultimate intimacy.

Chapter Two – The growing family

Time has brought us two wonderful children, a boy and a girl. Peter is a student and Susan just over two years younger..

Susan has my slim figure her hips swelling and her breasts like two halves of a grapefruit, firm and uplifting without artificial aid, clearly showing her proud womanhood. Her brown hair falls in soft waves below her shoulders and gleams with health. Her blue eyes sparkle with mischief and she has a wonderful sense of humour. She and I, at this potentially difficult teenage time, remain friends and she turns to me for advice about her body and her emotions. She too is petite, only 5’1’ inches tall, and her love of sailing, swimming and tennis have kept her figure taut, with no signs of puppy fat.

She and her Daddy adore each other and constantly tease each other. When Don says "Give Daddy a kiss then" she hugs him without embarrassment and kisses him on his lips. When he says "Bye Sue, love ya" she replies in the same way.

Immediately before one of Don’s trips to Europe they were fooling around. Teasing and tickling each other. It was just a few weeks ago, the weather was glorious and we were all wearing T shirts and shorts. They were chasing each other around the living room, Susan giggling and Don laughing as their hands caught and touch and tickled. Susan’s head was back, laughing, her mouth open, and her struggle to get free made her stumble and fall to the floor, still wrapped in Don’s arms.

She fell on her back and her legs flopped apart. Don’s hips fell naturally between them and they lay, Susan still giggling and saying "No, no, Daddy stop it. I can’t bear it, Daddy stop it."

Don’s body pinned her beneath him and one arm held him from crushing her, his other hand was tickling below her arm, close to her breast. She was wriggling and writhing beneath him, her hips moving on his, her chest making it impossible to avoid him touching her breast, naked below her T shirt. Suddenly there was quiet. No giggling. No movement. I glanced over at them and felt a flush of heat as I saw her, lying beneath him in the surrender of love, her eyes closed, her mouth slack. I saw Don’s hips thrust at her and saw her own lift to him. The ingrained and automatic reaction of a woman responding to her lover.

Don was looking down at her a glazed look on his face. His free hand openly cupping her breast, breasts which now proudly showed her stimulated nipples. His hand softly brushed over her and she gave a small whimper.

I loudly cleared my throat and said "OK you two that’s enough you’ll wreck the furniture horsing around like that. Now get up the pair of you and Susan come and help me with lunch. Don you said you were going to wash the car."

They lay for a further moment that seemed an age, his hips again moving to her. Her face fell to one side, her breathing ragged and she licked her dry lips.

"DON ! Will you get up and leave the poor girl alone. This MINUTE."

My husband rolled off his daughter, his need plain to see in his shorts. As he slowly stood Susan lay there. Still. Open. Then her eyes blinked wide and she saw me looking at her. She flushed bright red, her flush disappearing into and under her T shirt. She leaped to her feet and ran to the staircase, her feet padding quickly along the passage to her room. There was the slam of her bedroom door. I knew my daughter needed her privacy. I knew what she was feeling, and hoped she would ease her longing in the way a single woman must do.

I walked over to Don and kissed him lovingly. "You dirty old man you" I chuckled and reached for the leg of his shorts. He stood still as my hand slid up his leg, finding his rampant need. I snapped open his shorts and pulled them down, quickly making him naked below his waist. I stood by the arm of the couch and eased my shorts and panties down, stepped out of them, and stood offering my sex.

"Daddy ?" I said, as I lay back over the arm of the couch, my head and shoulders on the seat, my thighs held high, my feet just touching the carpet. "Daddy ? " I repeated.

Don came to me easing me apart, revealing my submissive offering. His fingers slid along my slit discovering my wetness. He grinned down at me "Well, who’s a Daddy’s girl then?"

His bulbous knob worked up and down my slickness then with long practice he held it to my hole and slid into me. My back arched as I felt him stretch and penetrate, fill me, move in me.

I thought I detected a creak of bed springs above my head where Susan had her room. Then a sudden cry echoed down the staircase. A female’s cry. A cry of release.

He bent over me his cock moving in an out of my cunt and whispered "What’s your name, little girl?"

"Susan" I croaked and we exploded together.

Chapter Three – Samantha plays it safe for her daughter

A day after what happened following Don’s tickling game with his young daughter he flew to Europe.

The weather was miserable, the rain pouring down in complete contrast to the heat of a few days ago. Peter was in his room playing his music (MUSIC ????) I wondered at the racket bouncing off the walls inside his room. It was mid-morning and Susan had just showered and walked by my room with a huge bath towel wrapped around her. I followed her into her own room and quietly closed the door. Susan turned to look at me, a surprised look on her face. "Mummy?" she said.

"Darling, Darling if you don’t mind I think it’s time for us to have a girl to girl chat. Is that OK?"

Susan frowned in a puzzled way "But …. What about Mummy?"

"A couple of things, dear. First about taking care of your health. Checking yourself as a growing woman must do – regularly."

"I don’t understand – what do you mean?"

"Your figure is filling out now, Susan; you are leaving girlhood behind and growing into a beautiful young woman. Your breasts are quite large now and you must make sure by regular checking that you don’t get any lumps in them." Susan’s cheeks flushed as her mother continued "So I would like to show you how to do the checks. If you’ll let me that is."

"You … you mean … I’m sorry?" Susan stammered "what do you mean?"

"I‘d like you to let me show you how to feel your breasts to check for those awful lumps that some women get."

"You mean … for YOU to touch them?" Susan was scarlet by now.

"Yes, dear. You don’t have to. If you like I’ll show you with mine and then you can check your own privately if you want to do that."

Susan stood, her mind whirling … her MOTHER wanted to touch her breasts?

"Susan, let’s not be silly about this. We are both female. Your health is more important than any modesty. Look we’ll see to mine first and because you haven’t any clothes under that towel I will make myself the same."

I quickly pulled my T over my head. I wore no bra and my breasts fell loose. I pulled at my shorts and briefs and stood naked in front of my daughter.

Susan gaped at me. Even after having two children, my figure is trim and taut for my age. She saw my breasts, the darker rose of my nipples. I saw her eyes travel down my tummy to my bush of sex hair covering the V of my sex lips. I smiled and turned, displaying myself to my daughter. "There you see, two women together what is there to be embarrassed about? Now Susan drop your towel and don’t be a silly girl."

Her fingers relaxed their grip and the towel fell. Her breasts were perfect cups, standing out from her chest. Her nipples were tiny and soft. Her tummy flat. A dark drift of hair rising from her sex lips.

"Now then shall we start with me or with you?" I asked briskly

Susan’s blue eyes were enormous. "I don’t know Mummy whatever you say."

"Me first then. Here, watch what I do." My fingers squeezed gently on my left breast, moving from place to place. Then my right breast. "Now you do it to me Susan, be gentle but firm. Make sure you FEEL, not just TOUCH."

Susan reached out. "No, dear, more firm than that. Let me show you on yours. May I do that?"

Susan nodded, incapable of speech. My fingers touched one breast and I felt her shiver. She gasped. I saw her look down as her nipples hardened; they seemed to reach out to me, asking to be touched. I continued to gently but firmly squeeze her breast then moved to the other one.

"Good they are clear. Now try mine again just as I’ve shown you."

Her hands reached out, her fingers felt and probed and my own nipples hardened at her touch. Her fingers brushed one and I gasped.

"Don’t stop Susan, please be thorough" and I reached out to her, again feeling at her young pert breasts.

Susan was breathing heavily now, her arms trembling, shivering. My fingers scratched lightly over her hard nipples and she caught her breath, a whimper, a gasp, her need growing as she closed her eyes.

"Darling I know how you are feeling. Please let me take care of you. Please may I? I won’t hurt you. Let me take care of what you are feeling."

Susan made no reply. She stood with her hands still on my breasts. My fingers slipped from one breast. Down, down over her tummy and she nearly giggled as it tickled. My fingers, for the first time not her own fingers, were stroking gently on her mound. My fingers were probing in between. My hands were encouraging, suggesting by touch that she open. Her feet moved apart. I wanted more space. Again her feet obeyed.

My finger slipped along her private lips and felt her. Her wetness was saying "please, please" and my finger found her begging need. As my fingers left her she whimpered "please don’t leave me like this please let me finish."

I pushed her and as she felt her bed at her thighs she fell backwards.

"Get in the middle." And she shuffled so that she lay, helplessly surrendered as my fingers explored her.

I kissed her. Light kisses. Gentle kisses. On her eyes, her ears, her neck, her cheeks and then so softly on her lips. Kisses like thistledown, caressing her. Her breasts were tight. So tight. Kisses on them. On her tummy. My gentle hands pulling her apart. Opening her. Exposing her. She was helpless to deny my hands.

The tips of my fingers were drifting like a summer breeze over the silken skin of her inner thigh. I heard her "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah" at each touch.

"Touch me, oh please, please Mummy touch it for me" she croaked.

I knew as she stiffened under my touch she was nearly there. Her hardness was high in her soaking slit. Growing with my every touch. My finger was rimming her girl’s hole.

"Mummyyyyyyyy" and as she called out I brushed her swollen clit. Just one touch. So sensitive. Responding to being a woman. Her hips lifted. She thrust at my finger to make it feel more on her bud. She screamed. Her thighs thrust at my fingers not wanting to lose the ecstatic moment. Then she collapsed.

I held her close. Held her in love as she came down from her pinnacle. My tears of love for my daughter wet my cheeks.

"Darling Susan. Oh my sweet, beautiful baby. You and I are so much alike. We both have great love to share. I think I must get you on the pill as quickly as we can. Before your adoring Daddy comes home."

Chapter four – Peter has an accident and Mum helps out.

Later in the week we were in the park and Peter fell out of a tree I ran to him, my stomach a knot of anxiety. He started to get to his feet hugging his left arm.

"Peter, Peter are you hurt?" I reached out to help him stand and he cried out in pain. His arm was agony.

"Ahhhhh don’t touch it Mum, it HURTS."

I called Susan and we helped him stumble to the car. The hospital checked him, x-rayed him and soon he reappeared, pale faced, a plaster cast encasing his arm from just below his elbow to his thumb tip. He had fractured a bone in his arm and wrist. The plaster nurse told me that on no account must water get inside the plaster, nor should the plaster be allowed to get wet. After getting an appointment for a check-up I drove us home.

That evening Peter said he’d like to take a hot bath to ease his bumps and bangs before going to bed, so I ran him a bath and offered to help undress him, but he insisted he could manage.

"OK then but I’ll sit in my bedroom and read. Leave the bathroom door open and if you need me just call."

Half an hour later – "Muummm. Mum just a minute". I ran to him. He stood there holding his towel in front of him. "Mum I can’t get my back dry." I told him to turn around and used another towel.

"Peter, can you get your sleeping shorts on? Shall I help you?"

He blushed "No, no … its ok Mum I can do that it’s OK" and I hid my tiny smile.

"How did it go in the bath? Can you manage that tomorrow?"

"It wasn’t very easy. I nearly got my arm in the water, then I was slipping about. I think I’ll try a shower tomorrow. Can we wrap something round the plaster, Mum?"

"Yes I’ll fix up something. Now take these two painkillers and go to bed early and try to sleep."

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The following morning, Susan was still asleep. I was sitting in my robe at the breakfast table drinking coffee and reading the morning paper. Peter appeared in his shorts looking refreshed from sleep.

"Hi, darling. I’ve worked out something for your arm. Now have your breakfast and we’ll see about getting you showered."

Soon we were in Peter’s bedroom and I put his arm inside a small plastic bag, totally covering the plaster, and taped it tightly closed with a double ring of sellotape above the plaster.

"Now then, can you manage? Shall I help you shower?"

"Peter blushed a bright red. "No. I can do it."

"Well I don’t think it’s going to be so easy for you. Why don’t you let me sponge you down at least?"

"Muuuummmmm nooooo. Honest. I can do it."

I shrugged and said "Well I’ll be outside the door. If you want me just call."

The shower was turned on and ten minutes later, after the sound of things being dropped in the shower, it was turned off. I waited impatiently and then he was again asking my help to dry his back.

I opened the door and glanced in the shower. Susan’s present of an expensively perfumed shower gel lay on the floor. The top broken off. The contents oozing all over the floor from a careless foot. The shower room floor was puddled with water. There was shampoo still in his hair.

"PETER! This is RIDICULOUS. What is all this damned MESS? I am your MOTHER. I gave birth to you, I changed your diapers. I washed and bathed you for years. You have nothing I haven’t seen before. Now get in my shower and wait for me."

"But Mum ……."


Peter, rather shame faced, disappeared.

I quickly mopped the floor, washed away Susan’s precious shower gel and went to my bathroom. Peter stood, a towel clutched nervously over his lower stomach. I slipped off my robe and Peter gaped at my brief bra, and as he looked down he must have seen the obvious dark shadow of my female hair covering my sex. He flushed and licked dry lips.

"NOW. Get in that shower."

Our shower tray was tiled, four feet square with curtains enclosing it. He stepped inside the tray.


He turned his back and held the towel to me. I stepped in the tray with him and swished the curtains closed, turning the water on. I took the shower head on its long flexible pipe and began to spray the water in his hair, watching as the remains of the shampoo was washed away. The shower spray cleansed his back. Then I directed the spray between the cheeks of his ass. I squeezed Don’s shower gel onto the round puffy cleansing pad I used on myself and rubbed on his back, under his arms, over his lower firm rounded cheeks.

"Right, turn around. Front now."

I heard him gulp as he timidly turned to face me. I saw him look at my breasts in my soaking bra. He looked down. My panties were now almost see through with being so wet.

I soaped his chest, under his arms, down over his stomach. I knelt in front of him.

"Right one foot. Now the other one," I gently washed each side of his swelling manhood. Over his thighs. I was so close as I washed him he must have been able to feel my breath on his cock.

I suddenly saw the effect I was having on my young son. I saw the dark curls surrounding his cock. Saw it starting to swell To stiffen. To harden. It was inches from my mouth. It twitched in front of me. If it had been my husband I would have opened my mouth to enclose him, to suck on him. My hand, holding the soapy pad, rested high on his thigh. I gently moved the pad. His cock lurched in front of me. I did it and again it leapt, out of his ability to control it. I blew on it and heard him groan.

I stood and said "now neck and ears and face."

I moved close to him. I suddenly felt the hard throbbing end of him touch my naked stomach. "Oh HELLL did he press it at me?"

The shower head was on the wall behind him. I had to push him backwards with my own body to reach it. His cock was digging into my tummy. I took the shower head and said "Close your eyes while I get the soap off."

I stayed in contact as I sprayed him, directing the jet down between us, almost stinging over his sensitive cock.

"One place still to wash, Peter … shall I? Or do you want to? Shall I make it clean for you?"

He couldn’t speak. His whole body was trembling, shaking. My own body was flushed, the heat rising inside me. I was tingling, itchy with the wanting for him.

"If you don’t tell me, I will have to do it for you, Peter" I whispered. There was no response as he stood trembling in front of me, eyes tightly closed.

The soapy pad slipped gently down his side to his hip. I stood back and brushed over his engorged cock. Over his balls. I came close to him and did his ass cheeks. His dick was now pushing at me, throbbing and jerking on my tummy.

"Peter, shall I soap you or will you?" He nodded.

One of my hands pulled on his buttock, the other slipped between his cheeks. There was the slippery feel of the soap over his asshole. I was teasing, smoothing him.

I stepped back. my fingers now between his legs. I cupped his balls and gently massaged them. He nearly fell as my soft fingers held his prick and slipped along its length. I was massaging it, pulling his skin over the end.

He must have felt his climax building up. His thighs were jerking at me and suddenly his balls exploded his cum on my tummy, trickled down and on my panties, covering my hand.

I heard him groan, heard the higher pitch as his tension built and the sobbing release as I received his cum.

As his dick softened in my hand I held him close and whispered in his ear "Who is Mummy’s big man then. Oh, Peter you are magnificent. I am so proud of you. Now, tomorrow when its shower time there is no more nonsense with towels is there?" and I kissed my son tenderly on his lips.

Chapter Five – Don returns home

There was great excitement in the house because Don was flying home.

Susan and I had made sure the house was sparkling, with freshly cut flowers in the hall and living room. The house was fragrant. A simple meal of Chinese flavoured chicken breast and a small green salad waited in the ‘fridge. A chilled, light French white wine, stoppered and ready to pour. Cool fresh sheets were on our bed. The house was ready to welcome him home after the impersonal hotel rooms he had used for the last four weeks.

Peter was on a school trip to France but he’d been told by phone, and I had promised him that Dad would ring him as soon as he was home, and to make sure he had his mobile switched on.

We waited excitedly at the exit from Customs, the mature wife no less excited that her young teen daughter. It was Susan who first saw him, pushing his airport trolley laden with suitcases and carrier bags.

"Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" she screamed and ran to him, arms outstretched. He grinned and stood, bracing himself as she literally flung herself into his arms.

He staggered, laughing with her and kissed her, hugged her close, his eyes seeking mine. He waggled his fingers at me behind Susan’s back and I laughed as I saw his face lighting up in love and happiness as I responded.

Susan let go and hugged his arm as he pushed his trolley. He stopped again and as Susan at last let him loose, he enclosed me in a bear hug, kissing my cheek then my lips. The three of us left the terminal and I led them to my car. As I threaded my way through the traffic around the International airport, Susan had non-stop questions for her Daddy about what he had seen, what he had done, had he taken photographs?

After our meal we finished the wine (Susan was allowed a glass too) and sat and talked, and Don was brought up to date with all the happenings at home. Susan was soon ready to fall asleep and reluctantly, with many yawns, kissed us both and went to bed.

We were at last alone. Don reached out for me and I melted in his strong arms. Very soon his hand was sliding up my skirt, my body yearning for his intimate touch, the longing for him to rip my panties from me was almost too much, but I was able to gasp "Let me make sure she’s asleep." As I quietly climbed the stairs I could feel my soaking panties between my legs. She was sound asleep.

"She is well away, Darling" and I slid into Don’s arms and willingly surrendered to his desperate need.

It was quick, urgent, frantic and explosive. Afterwards we lay side by side on the floor, touching and whispering our love. My blouse was pushed high, my bra just below it exposing my breasts, my skirt round my waist and my panties pulled to one side. There had been no time, no need to undress. Don’s trousers were simply unsnapped and his undershorts still in place, his limp wet cock peeping out of the fly. Suddenly I had to pull my panties to cover between my legs, wiping. "Oh god I’m going to leak all over the carpet in a minute" I giggled "I must get cleaned up."

I was in the shower soaping my upper body as he stepped in with me. I dropped my hand to wash his cum from my hairs but he pushed me back against the tiled wall.

"Let me do that" and began to kiss me. My arms went round his neck and held him tightly to my breasts, his hand between us, feeling between my legs, finding my hole, inserting, moving, stimulating my core.

He whispered in my ear "Wash me" and my hands dropped, found him, held it, washed over it, felt it stir. I knew he would take me again at any moment and urgently said "Bed. In bed. Take me to bed." Reluctantly he took his finger out of me and turned off the water.

Fluffy warm towels. Hurried blotting of fevered skin.

Then he lifted me in his strong arms and threw me on the bed. I knew what he wanted, what role I had to play. I put an arm over my breasts, a hand covered my sex. "No. Please no. Please not again. Don’t do it. I don’t want it."

He took my wrists and pulled my hands away, uncovering my nakedness. "No. No. Not again" I begged. He nudged between my knees with his own, and I let him force me apart. Don knelt between my spread thighs and looked down at my heaving stomach, the sex hairs shrouding my intimate slit. He held my arms above my head and looked at me, flushed with need. My nipples were hard and reaching up to him.

"You know what I’m going to do, don’t you?"

"No. Not that again. You did it to me downstairs. Please not again."

"Tell me what I am going to do to you."

"No, Don. No I don’t want it."

"Then Sammy I will tell you. I am going to fuck you." I moaned. "I am going to fuck your cunt with my cock." I whimpered, helpless beneath him.

He held my hands with one of his and lowered the other over my nipples, my tummy,

He riffled his fingers in my female hairs, slipped between and found my desperate hole. He took hold of his hard cock and slid it up and down along my slit, pausing to rim my hole with his knob end, then to my hard clit, then back. I was gasping now, moaning, my head flicking from side to side my eyes closed.

"Tell me" he ordered.

I swallowed and tried to speak, my voice a dry croak. I swallowed again.

"Tell me" he demanded.

My voice was a whisper "Fuck me please."

"Tell me properly."

I moaned again "Please fuck my cunt." And he slid it into me.

I was soaking. My own need flowing from me. My hips lifted as I felt him possess the hidden place between my legs. He thrust, his bone rubbed on my clit. I moved against him. Once again I had surrendered, desperate to feel the demands of my man, the force of him as he worked his magical cock inside me. We swept each other to another huge climax of love.

A little later he took me once more, and we slept in each other’s arms.

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Chapter Six – Don shows his love for his daughter.

Don very quickly put in hand all of the business matters that needed his attention, made sure his senior staff knew what needed to be done, and decided to take a week away from his office.

I was delighted to have him at home and decided that in bed that night, I would confess my new relationships with Peter and Susan.

After a relaxed supper we turned on the TV to watch a film. As Don sat in his chair Susan went over and sat on his lap, her cheek snuggled into his shoulder. Don looked at me and raised his eyebrows as I caught his look. I gave a small smile and raised my own. He put his arm around Susan’s waist and I knew he felt her warm taut figure beneath her flimsy T shirt.. It had been a hot summer’s day and we were all dressed in light cool tops and shorts, Susan’s so short that I wouldn’t let her wear them to go out in. They were definitely "Rape Me" shorts if ever I had seen any.

Don must have felt the pressure of Susan’s breast as it pressed against his chest. I saw her move in his lap, wriggling to settle herself and he would have felt his cock become trapped beneath her bare thigh. I knew from long experience it would twitch and swell.

He cleared his throat and I looked at him, saw a familiar tenseness around his eyes. Again he looked at me and raised his eyebrows, opening his mouth as I saw him, and mouthing a silent "Ahhhhhhhhhhh." I gave a tiny shrug of my shoulders and couldn’t resist grinning at him.

Susan again adjusted her position and this time Don couldn’t stop the automatic reaction of his dick to the pressure. He joined his hands over Susan’s stomach and lifted her slightly to try to ease himself beneath her. I could see he had become blatantly hard. It was no use; as he lowered her he was trapped against her bare thigh, close, very close to her sex.. His cock gave a huge throb and Susan stiffened in his lap making, him again leap and press more firmly on her young thigh.

Susan glanced at me, her eyes startled as she realised I was watching, her deep blush covering her face. She shivered in her daddy’s arms. She stood up and said "Gosh Mummy I feel so tired I’m going to bed. Goodnight."

"Kiss your Daddy then and see you in the morning."

Susan turned, her face on fire. She had to bend to kiss her daddy and couldn’t help seeing this huge bulge in his shorts. She closed her eyes as she kissed him, trying not to look. The she turned and ran from the room, her eyes downcast and avoiding looking into mine.

Don’s head fell back on his chair and his hand reached inside his shorts, making himself more comfortable.

"Darling, I think you need to take me to bed, but first I want to tell you something about me and the children when you were away."

Quietly and simply I told my husband about me and Susan, and then me and Peter. Don was holding his hand still in his lap, obviously afraid to touch himself as he knew he would erupt. He could never have imagined anything so erotic.

"So Darling, I’ve put Susan on the pill. She is safe. I think she needs to be helped, to be shown that what you and me do, is done in love, and that she should learn in LOVE and not scrabbling about in the back of an older boy’s car just to satisfy his curiosity and scorecard."

"But, but Sam, are you saying she … I mean … I’m not sure how to put it. How do you mean ‘needs to be helped’?"

"Don you really don’t think it was entirely accidental she was wearing those indecent shorts when she sat on your lap do you. And weeks ago when you were tickling her on the floor here, I was watching her. She nearly orgasmed as you lay on top of her. Oh no, your daughter is ready. She is your wife’s daughter – and she needs to be loved as your wife needs to be loved. If it isn’t you, it’ll be some scruffy drug taking yobbo who’ll infect her with god knows what. Now come on, take me to bed. I know what YOU need and you need it NOW."

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Don and I had always left our bedroom door open since the children had first slept in their own rooms. As children do, they would become frightened of the dark, would want to run to Mummy and Daddy and share their bed or would call out. There was always a soft light burning at the head of the stairs so they could use the toilet or safely find us when befuddled with sleep.

As Don began to kiss and touch and feel and finger, and as I became wanton, became desperate for him to possess me, our door was open. When he began his long powerful thrusts, our bed yielding rhythmically under my hips, as my moans of pleasure escaped without either of us realising, Susan must have lain awake and alone in her bed, listening.

The night was hot and neither of us wore night clothes, we had no covering. We lay nude in our passionate, intimate, body searching love.

I was suddenly aware of her peeking around the door frame. She would have clearly seen her dad’s strong masculine hips, thrusting between her mum’s legs, spread wide to give him total possession. She would have known that whatever she had felt press on her was now buried deep inside her mum’s special hole. Going in and out. She must have shivered and I saw her fingers feel at her own private place. She was moving her finger in and out to her daddy’s rhythm.

I could no longer hold back. Susan watching me, impaled on her daddy’s cock pushed me over the edge.

"Don … Don … don’t stop… .Don …. Don … pleASEEE YES, YES, YES, YES" and my hips lifted high, powering at her daddy’s.

Her own nub swelled under her finger and she was cumming and cumming in time with me. She tried to swallow her noise but I heard her wail of release, and she ran back to her bed where she lay panting and shaking at what she had seen and felt.

As I calmed and Don held me in loving arms, I whispered "She was watching. She saw us. I think she climaxed." Don groaned at the thought.

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The following evening after Susan had gone to bed we talked about her.

Don’s excitement and physical reaction to my suggestion (VERY plain to see) was one of disbelief that his daughter could possibly want him sexually, coupled with a masculine conflict between protectiveness and desire.

He knew that I had been loved in this way by my own father, and that I was grateful for his courage and the risk he had taken in loving me.

I was grateful (and still am) that the learning I had at my daddy’s hands (and other body parts) had taught me that when young boys wanted to feel me, uncover me, try to make me suck them, open for them and surrender my girl’s private places, was to satisfy them and not me. I was an object of exploration. I was a score on a card they kept. Someone to brag about. Someone to have sex with and then move on to the next virgin.

My daddy loved me. My daddy taught me in love. My daddy showed me in love.

My daddy was gentle. Boys had been rough, desperation making them pinch and hurt while I tried to fight them off. Boys made me want to be with girls.

Daddy changed that. But not before I was seduced by an older girl. A wonderfully releasing experience.

Don needed my reassurance about my own deep and enduring love for him. He wanted my reassurance that my life with my daddy had suffered no scars. That my seduction had been an experience to treasure and not to think of with horror and despair. I reassured him.

The next night following my advice he went to our daughter’s bedroom. I crept down the passage after him. To watch.

Susan was asleep under a sheet her arms above her head on this hot night. He leant over her and gently, so very gently, eased back the sheet. She lay on her back, her small breasts flattened by her posture. Tiny, virgin girl’s nipples, soft in her sleep. Her tummy falling from her rib cage. With shaking fingers I saw him as he peeled more sheet from her and saw in the gentle light from the passage, and in the bright moonlight, the shadow of her girly hairs. Her legs were relaxed, slightly parted, and he looked at the heart stopping gap between her legs, the exquisite curve of her mound as it disappeared into the mystery that was a young woman. He wore only his sleeping shorts and I could see the familiar rigid manhood strain against them. He removed the sheet and stood at the foot of her bed, seeing her laid innocently in front of him. A young woman’s naked body in all of its sweet, agonising beauty.

Don carefully lowered himself to lie beside her and bent his head over her lips, his hand poised over her breast. He kissed her lips, a lover’s soft kiss. She moved on her bed, restless, perhaps caught in a dream. He kissed her lips again, her cheek, the corner of her eye and she disturbed, eyelids fluttering. His hand moved to the side of her head and held her gently. He kissed her lips again. For a moment there was a soft response to him, the return of his kiss. Her eyes opened wide in alarm. Her hands came down to push the intruder away.

"Susan….Susan don’t be scared it’s me, Daddy."

Her hands on his shoulders she now saw his face. "Daddy? Daddy is everything OK? Why are you here?"

She gave a little squeal as she realised she was naked in front of him and her fingers searched for her sheet to cover herself from his male eyes. The sheet lay on the floor, out of her reach.

"Darling please don’t be afraid I’m not going to hurt you. Please trust me."

She instinctively put a hand over her female sex, her arms covering her breasts.

"But why are you here Daddy? Where’s Mummy?"

"She’s in bed fast asleep. Susan I want to ask you something. Will you tell me please? Please let me ask you. When you peeked at Mummy and me in bed last night, did you like to see us? You know what we were doing don’t you?"

"No. No. I didn’t peek. I don’t know what you’re saying. Daddy it wasn’t anything."

"Mummy saw you standing watching. Did you like to see. Was it exciting to see?"

Susan must have felt hot to her toes. "Daddy I’m sorry I know I shouldn’t have. Are you mad at me. I’m really sorry honest I am. I promise I won’t do it again."

"Darling, oh my baby girl we didn’t mind. We felt sad that you were all by yourself and something really, really important to Mummy and Daddy, you couldn’t share with us. Now please, please trust me. Did you like to peek?"

Susan was starting to shiver despite the heat of the night. "Yes."

"Did it excite you. Did it make you feel like a lady and not like a girl?"


Don stroked her face, her brown hair and held her cheek as he kissed her lips again. He trailed his fingers down her cheek, down her neck, along her shoulder.

"We liked it too. We liked it that you were there." And he drifted his fingers down to the arm protecting her breasts and moved it to lie beside her. She lay unresisting. He kissed her lips yet again and this time felt just the slightest response from her. His finger tips barely touched her skin as he moved towards a nipple. His nails grazed across her it and it sprang up, hard, pointing proudly. She caught her breath and he felt the violent shaking of her body. Bending his head he kissed her nearest nipple as he grazed with his finger tips on the other. Her head was restless. Small mewling noises came from her.

As he kissed and began to suckle he let his fingers move towards the treasure hidden from him. There was the maidenly fuzz of her mound and he let his very finger tips riffle in the hairs. Not letting them touch her skin. The hairs moved and her follicles were gently stimulated, flashing the sensations along her nerves towards her clitoris. As she felt her clit swell she didn’t realise her hips lifted for more touch.

Her trapped arm found its way under her Daddy’s shoulder and she clung to him. Her other arm reaching across to hold his head to her breast. Pins and needles danced between her legs. An itch that needed to be scratched.

"Dad... Daddy … .Daddyyyyyy Ohhhhh" she said, a rising of her "Ohhhhh" as the itch became a need.

His palm lay over her mound, his middle finger reached down and round. His thumb and little finger put pressure on her inner thighs and she opened obediently to the touch, spreading in sweet surrender.

His fingertip brushed along her swelling lips. He felt her wetness welcome him. He felt for her, found her, found the source of her need, slipped his finger round and around.

Her head was rolling from side to side. Incoherent noises spilling from her dry lips. Her hips were lifting to his hand and she moved towards his finger. His thumb brushed the top of her and he felt the rigid clit demand he finish her. His touch was enough. She bucked and writhed beneath him, her voice wailing into the quiet room.

She collapsed and he held her as she panted and whimpered in his arms. Slowly, slowly, she calmed. She closed her eyes. She slept.

He carefully released her and covered her with her sheet. He saw a little smile on her lips as she lay.

After her release I crept down the passage to our bed. I lay there and as Don joined me I turned to my husband. He stroked my face. I could smell Susan’s excitement on his fingers.

"I saw. I heard her. I know she did it. Don, Don you didn’t hurt her did you. Is she OK?"

"Yes my love. She had her climax. My fingers only. Not inside her. She’s asleep now."

I felt my husband press against me. My hand reached down and held him in my hand.

I turned on my back and looked at him in the moonlight.

"Daddy?" I said.

He pulled me apart and raped me. I adored this part.

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