A married woman finally finds someone (5 part story)  


Gregg lay gently on top of her and thought of the womb he had just filled with semen. Another man's wife's womb. He knew as well as anyone else, though, that actions speak louder than words, and the married woman underneath him had spread her legs even after pledging her fidelity before both her husband and God. Those words were meaningless, now, as Gregg slowly shrank inside her and they french kissed as his sperm searched for the entrances to her fallopians. Dorothy's wedding vows always had been meaningless, actually. She had always been half-looking/half-not for someone better than her husband. Sure, she liked his money and his reliability (that's why she married him), but some women need more than that and some don't realize it until later in life. They need excitement, romance, love and sex. Something new. Gregg was perfect for her, she realized. Someone who could supply what her husband could not. She would not have to give up any of the choice rewards of being married to her husband, either, so if she played her cards right, she knew, she could have the best of both worlds. "When do you have to be back?" he whispered in her ear. His cock was now flaccid so he turned off of her and sat beside her. She looked at the evening hue streaming into the room and said, "He'll be back around 7. What time is it?" "Twenty minutes of six" Gregg told her. Dorothy sprung up and kissed him. "Put your clothes on. There's just enough time for me to drive you to Jen's." They both dressed, checked the carpet for stains, and before they left, right in front of the door, Gregg asked, "Can I kiss your cunt one more time?" "Where have you been all my life?" Dorothy answered, lifting her skirt and pulling her thong to the side. Greg actually kissed it 3 times, seeing, smelling and tasting both his cum and hers. "Thanks, sweetheart." he said and they headed for the car. Gregg actually loved the sneaking, lying and planning part of cheating. Dorothy would learn to love it too. On the way to Jen's house (she rented with another female), Gregg told his married date some of the fascinating, tangled stories of his wonderful, covert relations with married women. Dorothy sucked in every word, wanting to learn the ropes backward and forward. "Where are you going to say you were today?" he asked her. "He probably won't ask..." she responded. "...but if he does, I'll just tell him I was with a girlfriend." "Is he going to believe that?" "Oh yeah..." she assured him. "Okay. A word to the wise though: Get one of your girlfriends to back you up on that in case he ever asks her, and also think of a story about what you did while you were with her, in case he asks that." "That's good advice, dear..." Dorothy told him, "... but I already had that planned out." "I underestimated you." he said, sexily, brushing a thumb back and forth over her right nipple. "No you didn't..." she commented. "You're just into this as much as I am!" They kissed and she reached for his crotch as she kept one eye on the road. "So how far to Jen's?" She looked at her watch. "Oh.., about five more minutes. I'm going to call her now and tell her I met you in the frame shop where you work and that you can suggest some frames for her paintings. She's been thinking a lot about that." Gregg just looked out the window and wondered if he could pull this off. Dorothy called ahead and when they pulled up Jen's driveway, Jen was there with open arms, ready to volumnously greet her older sister. "Jen, this is Gregg, the frame man I told you about." she said, hugging Jen. "Gregg? This is my sister, Jen." Gregg put on his best show of charm, appearing stunned and extremely interested in Jen. "Are you trying to fix me up, Dot?" Jen whispered in her sister's ear, giggling as they walked up to the house. Gregg and Jen went in a separate room together to discuss the framing, and almost instantly, Gregg commented, "Your sister didn't tell me how beautiful you are!" Jen noticeably blushed. Within five minutes, Dorothy heard a bang from in the room and ran in to inspect. Gregg was already leaning over Jen with two of her blouse buttons undone. They had knocked over an easel with a painting as Gregg made his move. Dorothy had been right: Jen was very receptive to Gregg's overatures. "Oh! Excuse me!" said Dorothy, and she winked at Jen and left. "I think my sister is trying to fix me up." commented Jen. "Well..," added Gregg. "I hope she doesn't change her mind!" By the time Jen drove Gregg home, they had kissed and decided to see eachother. They exchanged phone numbers and Jen was on cloud nine. Immediately after dropping him off, Jen called Dorothy on her cell phone to report the good news. She was on top of the world. "I thought you'd like him.., but I didn't want to say anything." said Dorothy. "Well, I owe you one." Jen said, and hung up. "You certainly do, you foolish little cunt." said Dorothy, almost home. "You owe me your husband." She thought with perverse amusement how Gregg would now have to invent excuses and cover-stories for Jen if he and Dorothy were going to rendezvous. She wondered how good at that he actually was. The first thing Gregg would try to get from Jen was a full body, frontal nude pic of her, standing. Dorothy had demanded it of him and it was destined for her bedroom wall, as a trophy. Every time Dorothy would look at that 26" x 18" pic of her sister, naked, she would laugh at her ass and get wet thinking how she had completely dominated, defiled and decieved her. "If you do the homework and pay attention, you get to enjoy the power.", she knew. Dorothy was thinking of wiping her cunt and douching before her realtor husband got home (he would go out again, later, to his Elks meeting), but decided not to. One reason was that she wanted to bear Gregg's child and rear it in her and her husband's fabulous home, giving it all the benefits of wealth. The other reason was that she just loved the thrill of the chase. Would he smell the rotting, dying sperm wafting through her panties and up from under her skirt as she walked through the house? The little beings that had been deposited in her with such passion and love just hours ago? She totally doubted it. He wouldn't know what the scent was even if he smelled it. Anyway, she wanted a little bit of Gregg to enter her husband too, and she knew that would happen when his scent travelled into his nose. Gregg couldn't wait for the next night, when he would receive a call from Jen, telling him if she could meet him that night for dinner. She had told him that it would either be that night or the next. He flopped down on his back, naked, getting ready to take a shower and considered what a mind-blower Dorothy was. He was going to get married! He couldn't believe it.., and he already had someone to cheat with who would never in a million years blow his cover. Someone who wanted a sustained, intense, discreet relationship. He felt his cock, amazed, as always, at that magical, sensitizing feeling that a man's cock has when it is freshly-saturated with female cum. Not just female cum this time, for him, either, but married female cum. The best kind.

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