a mothers love  


hi! my name is betty. i'm 34,although i can easily pass for 25.i think it's my girlish look,and i've always took pains to keep my skin nice,with body oils,and lotions. i have light brown,shoulder length hair,a little curly. i have nice breasts,and i'm long waisted.i must have nice legs too. i sure get looks every time i wear short shorts.like at the fourth of july picnic.i have soft green eyes. phil say's he can never tell me no if he's looking into my eyes.phil is my husband,and i have two sons.brian,15,and mark,12.
phil is a construction engineer,and spends a lot of time away from home. he can be gone from one to three weeks at a time depending on the site location. i don't mind this. i have the boys. the worst part for me is not having sex as often as i want. whitch is constantly. i have a very strong sex drive.but phil brought me some toys he picked up on one of his trips. we don't have a store like that here. we live in a small town.
phil and i bought five acres and a house about two miles out.with him away so much, and the boys in school,i took a job in a small insurance office in town. i can be home with the boys in the evenings, and don't have to sit home alone while they're in school.
this particular day is friday. mark asked if he could get off the bus at jeff's,and spend the night. i had talked to jeff's mom, and she said they would love to have him.jeff's dad,wayne,liked mark. he'd sit in the floor and play video games with them,like he were just another kid.so i gave mark permission,and sent both boys off to school.
it was slow at the office that day so my boss,gary,said if i wanted,i could leave early. that sounded good,as i had been so horny all day,and the thought of a bubble bath and my dildo, just sounded great. i finished up,and by 2:30 i was on my way.
i parked the car in the drive and went in.i kicked off my shoes at the door,and putting down my purse and keys,i headed straight for the bath.we have a large living room,joined by the dining area and kitchen. between these there's a doorway whitch enters a hall,leading to the bedrooms and bath. almost straight across from that door is the door to my son brian's room. as i turned to go down the hall to the bath i could see brian's door was ajar,and through the opening i could see most of brian's bed,and what i saw stopped me in my tracks.i thought brian would still be in school,but here he was,on his bed, totally naked. he was propped against the headboard. one hand fingering his balls,while the other slowly stroked up and down his cock. AND WHAT A COCK!!i knew since he was a small boy,he was larger than average, but i hadn't seen him naked since he was 8 or 9,and this wounderful thing he was stroking,was at least 8",and very thick.my breathing had become shorter and faster. i could feel my crotch becoming wet,and i trembled with excitement. then i realized i was staring at him,and not wanting him to know,i moved on quickly.i entered the bath and closed and locked the door,trying to be as queit as possible.i knew he would hear the water running,but maybe he wouldn't know i had saw him. i started the water,and removed my clothing. then standing in front of the mirror,as my bath ran, i looked at myself. my pulse was still quick,and my nipples tight. i ran one hand over my breasts,and slid the other between my legs. i tilted my head back and closed ny eyes, and while my hands ran wildly over my body,i picture brian's youngbody. his marvelous hunk of manhood being stroked. i became more arroused,squeezing and pulling my nipples,as i shoved ny fingers into my vagina.i wanted his large member in my mouth,and buried deep in my pussy. suddenly a wave of shock went through me. my eyes opened,and my head tilted forward again. i looked at my reflection,and in a low,hoarse voice,i said,my god betty! this is your son. mothers don't fuck their sons.i turned to the bath. water had been running out the overflow,so i turned it off. then i realized i forgot the bubble bath,so i poured some in,and swishing it around with my hand,i then stepped in.i slid down into the tub,trying to put thoughts of my son's body out of my mind,but they refused to leave.i still felt waves of desire and lust,mixed with feelings of guilt.those feelings held back my orgasm,so i gave up,finished my bath and let out the water.as i dryed,i couldn't help wondering if the sight of my naked body would excite him,or would he just see mom. thoughts of my son's erect manhood filled my head. teasing,torturing me.i tried to collect myself,and slipped on my robe,i kept on a hook by the door. as i left the bath i noticed brian's door was open wide. i looked in and brian was still on his bed,but had his pants on now. then lieing i said hi! i didn't know you were home. he said yeah. the teachers had a meeting,so we left early.my mind still pictured him as i looked. as if he still wasn't wearing jeans.i fought back the thoughts of his body as i said,hungry? yeah! a little,he said. i said how about something quick? burgers and chips ok? that's fine mom.i went into the kitchen. thoughts of my sons body, and how his big dick could please me,still filled my head.i shivered,and tried to collect myself. i had patties prepressed and in the freezer. i put them on,and sliced lettuce and tomatoes,and gathered up the rest of the stuff we needed.
all through dinner,thoughts of his body filled my mind. we made the usual small talk,and i cleared the table.thoughts of his young hard body,and his large cock tormented me.i put everything away then cupping my head in my hands,and leaned over the counter on my elbows.i have to do something. i can't stand this torture.so i made up my mind. right or wrong,if i can seduce him,i'm going to fuck my son! i went back into the bathroom,brushed my hair,and touched up my makeup. not that it mattered. i just knew,no matter what i did,he'd still just see his mom. i loosened my robe,so that when i leaned forward,it would fall away,showing one of my breasts and went out. brian was back in his bedroom,and i stepped in. want some company? sure mom! what's up? i said,oh i just thought we'd talk awhile. we're never alone together very often. i walked around his bed and lay next to him,leaning on my elbow.i said,i just wondered what's going on in your world.you know. your growing up. any girlfriends? naw. well i hang around with peggy at school. who's peggy? i said. you know. the one i was with at the picnic. oh yeah!i said. you two snuck off for a while. no hanky panky there is there? mom! he said scoldingly. i grined and reached my hand to his face,leaning forward as i did so. i turned his head toward me,giving him a full view of my ample breast,and hard nipple.as his gaze fell on my breast,i saw a look of surprise,but i could tell it aroused him. i said you are growing up,and if you don't already know, maybe it's time you learned about sex. he opened his mouth to speak,but couldn't get the words out,and his gaze was fixed on my breast. i slid my hand behind his head, and pulled him down to me his face went against my bare breast,and i could see him shake slightly. maybe from nerviousness,or excitement. i tilted my head forward,my face against his head,and said softly,it's ok. touch me,feel me. that's all he needed. his hand went to my breast, and i looked down at the front of his jeans. they were buldging,and i ran my fingers accross the buldge.i said,take it in your mouth,and i rubbed his jeans harder.i slid his zipper down as far as i could reach,and unbuttoned his fly. then pulling the top to the side,his zipper slid lower. he hadn't put his shorts on and his hard cock was nearly exposed. i grabbed the base and pulled it free. my heart jumped,and my pulse raced at the sight of him. my son had a beautiful cock! i pulled my belt loose,and grabbing the edge of the robe,i pulled it back over my hip,and let it drop,pulling my arm from the sleeve as i did,giving him a full view of my naked body.my nipple slipped from his mouth,and he turned his attention to my body. i could see the thrill and excitement on his face,and it excited me even more.i slid lower and tooked the head of his cock in my mouth. so large and smooth. i love it.i tugged at his jeans as i sucked the head of this wonderful dick,and with a little help from my son they fell to the floor.i went farther down,taking more of this huge,wonderful hunk of meat into my mouth. i lifted my head,letting it slip from my mouth, and ran my lips gently up and down the underside,flicking the tip of my tongue quickly,back and forth accross his prostate gland.i could hear his moans of pleasure,and i took him into my mouth again,going all the way down,letting him slip into my throat.his body began to quiver. i knew he wouldn't last long.i came back up,and then pumped my head up and down. his body stiffened and his hips began to shake.i stopped about halfway up and began pumping his large member with my hand.his dick began to throb,and his body erupted,spilling his semen into my hungry mouth.4,5,maybe 6 times.i swallowed,hungry for my son's cum. when he had stopped,i squeezed out the last drop,and let it slip from my mouth.then coming to a sitting position,i swung my leg accross him. he had lost most of his erection,but still had enough to get it into me.i sat down enjoying the feel of it inside me,and the taste of his semen still in my mouth.i leaned forward on my elbows,and took his face in my hands,and said,did you like that? oh,mom,he said. that was AWESOME! i smiled lovingly at him,and raising myself to my palms.i started working my hips around,and up and down. he began to stiffen again,and his massive cock pushed farther into me,filling my body with excitement. i worked my hips up and down. faster and faster. my head leaned back,my eyes closed.up and down. his huge member,like a large dagger, stabbing my body with joy. my body quivered,and i pushed my body hard against my son,as my body exploded. my mouth open,my moans of joy and pleasure seemed to fill the room.my orgasm was so intense,my body shook,and my groaning increased. and when it stopped, i slowly brought my head up to look down at my son,he had a worried look,and said,are you alright mom? i chuckled,as i realized he had never saw a woman climax.i'm fine! i said. oh. i thought i had done something wrong,he said. then leaning forward,and taking his face in my hands again,i said,you-were-AWESOME!!

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:44 pm