A Secret Wish  


At one time or another we have all wished for that special someone you only seem able to admire ..

At one time or another we all have felt a feeling where you can no longer think about everyday things without one person swamping your mind. Thay take control of your emotions and thoughts, invade in your most private and intiment moments. You yearn for them to touch you and want you. You wonder do they notice?

My bestfriend Neale will never know how i feel. how i yearn for his touch, How i imagine his kiss passionate and forceful, caressing my lips gently with his tongue pressing it deep in to my mouth an exploring my taste of mints and sugar. " Have you even listened to anything i've just said sally?" Startled i turn to Neale "Sorry, i was lost in my own thoughts." I feel a heat build up between my legs as he grabs my arm and pulls me to my feet "come on!" he shouts as he lets me go and runs ahead as i watch the muscular form of his body run ahead of me i gasp and he turns tound and faces me are "You ok?". I don't answer and run, ahead were going to be late if we don't hurry up.

I run until i hear him calling me and i stop, I want to run up to him and kiss him and enfold my arms around his neck and pull him closer against me. "Reckon we should camp here sallY?". I shake my head trying to disslodge the thoughts of him lying beside me, In a small cramped tent but i can't. "Yeah here will do fine i say through a jagged cough, As i try to clear my head. It's nearlly dusk. The light is fading between the green canopies of the trees as the sun starts to set and a insect buzzes nearby. "i'll go collect some firewood then while you set up the tent" . I wander away swamped by a million thoughts. One of which is how im going to be able to cope with him tonight sleeping beside him knowing he is there and so close, yet so far.

Camp set up, lights all faded and the fire is crackling silently in the firepit. I shiver and move a little closer to Neale, I can smell his scent on the air mixed with the earthy scent of the forest and inhale deeply. I feel his arm wrap around me and pull me closer. The silence is kept and I don't say a word incase I ruin the moment. I feel his thumb rub gently against the fabric of my jumper and I snuggle deeper into him enjoying his warmness. I feel my eyes close and I sleep soundly for an hour and half enjoying the heat emitting from his body, The way a cat would.

I awake slowly feeling a few light kisses on my lips which seems to stir me awake. I open my eyes and to see Neale bent over me kissing me so tenderly. I feel a heat build build between my legs as I feel his kisses being placed lightly on my head. I pull him towards me and he trys to pull back but then I kiss him. Sliding my tongue over his lips and lightly into his mouth tasting his sweet breathe.

It feels nice to have him hold me, He breathes heavily and moans lightly as I brush my hand over the tip of his cock before I take it out of it's hiding place a kneel between his legs kissing the tip and licking his shaft. " Oh God ." he moans as lick I his balls. Feeling his hard member as I lower my mouth down his shaft admiring his girth and his length.

He places his hand on the back of my head gripping me over his cock and helps to guide it deep into my throat. I feel it pulsing on my tongue and I suck harder taking longer strokes and as he explodes deep into my mouth I take all his come deep into the deep abyss of my gusset.

He pulls me up and kisses me exactly how I imagined he would hard and firm with the sweetness I had imagined, tasting his own cum. I slide his hands over my breats and down to a place emitting so much warmth he could feel it through my jeans. He fumbles with my buttons and zipper and then strips me of my jeans puling them down of my hips. he caresses my warmth through my panties before lowering them and getting between my legs and brushes my clit with the tip of his tongue, Sending me into a the brightest place I ever could wish for. He laps up my moisture like a cat that got the cream, Paying special attention to every crevice, nook and crannie. Sending me to another explosive orgasm.

I grab his head and pull him up and lick my juices from his lips and chin before pressing him to the ground where I straddle him and slide myself on his now very hard shaft I lower myself on to his hard cock and take him to the hilt deep inside my hot wet cunt. I slide against his thrust taking him as deep inside me as I can gasping for air as I start to feel myself getting closer to the edge, suddenly I begin to spasm and grip his cock so hard he groans loudly with pleasure. His cock starts to pulsate deep inside me burrowing his sperm deep inside my womanhood.

Breathless I lie beside him "sorry!".

"Don't be I've wanted you for a while".

Posted : 09/07/2011 10:34 pm