A sultry afternoon  


A sultry afternoon (Part-2)

Ravi drew away. “Lets talk for sometime,” he said, his huge cock swaying. The girls rose reluctantly and followed suit. Ravi switched off the TV as Shikha sat beside him, fingering her nipples soaked in Ravi’s cum. Lakshmi sat opposite them, thighs spread slightly.

“Did you see me and your mom doing it?” Ravi asked Shikha.
“Yes…many times…”
“How come?”
“You don’t even bolt the door, I peeped.”
“We wanted you to see us fucking,” Ravi replied. “Did you ever see your mom stroking this?” Ravi asked, stroking his penis.
“Yesssss….” Shikha whispered.
“She did it so you could see.”
“Mmmmm….” Shikha whispered.

Lakshmi started stroking her pubic hair.
“You girls want to see us doing it?”
“Yes, daddy!”
“Then get into your room. Your mom’s gonna be here anytime.”

The girls rose. Ravi kissed Shikha’s cuntlips while stroking Lakshmi’s clit. The girls moaned. They then picked up their clothes on the way and went into Shikha’s bedroom. As they closed the door, they heard the buzzer.

“Its mom!” whispered Shikha, closing the door, but not bolting it.
“God! I’m wet!” whispered Lakshmi, drawing Shikha’s hand to her cunt. Shikha gestured Lakshmi to lie down on the bed. She then sat on Lakshmi’s soft, voluptuous thighs and started to finger-fuck her.
“I love you…” she said. She ran her fingers over Lakshmi’s semen-coated breasts. She licked her fingers.

Suddenly they fell silent.

They heard the sound of heavy breathing in the drawing room. They heard the rustle of the sari.

“Godd…looks like mom’s taking off her clothes…” Shikha whispered, getting off Lakshmi. She walked to the door and opened it a crack. The girls gaped.

Mala was slightly plumpish, chocolate-skinned. She had heavy breasts that were surprisingly firm at 45. A very thick, untrimmed thatch extended well toward her belly from her mound. Her stomach was just a bit flabby.

She drained the glass of wine that Ravi gave her in one gulp, asked for more. This time, she poured the wine into her cleavage, which Ravi licked off. The wine flowed in a single rivulet and disappeared into her mound. Ravi licked the whole course.

Mala then kneeled and started to stroke Ravi’s cock. It started to bulge and soon became an erection. Mala licked the tip of the phallus and closed her mouth on it.

Ravi moaned.

Lakshmi grabbed Shikha’s arm and yanked her away from the door. She, too, kneeled and parting Shika’s lips, started to lick her cunt in vigorous strokes. She licked her inner thighs.

Shikha moaned loudly, flinging the bedroom door open.

Mala looked at Shikha and Lakshmi.

“Come into the bedroom,” she commanded, breathing heavily.

The girls stopped and walked in.

“Sit here, facing us,” Mala said. “Don’t touch each other. Just watch us.”

Ravi lay on the bed. Mala sat on his strong thighs, her buttocks spreading.

“Lakshmi…” Mala said, “hold his cock and insert it.”
“where aunty”
“Shove his cock in my cunt.”
Shikha could not sit idle anymore. The walked over to her mother, hips swaying and started to caress Mala’s nipples while Ravi’s cock slid deep into Mala’s cunt. Mala started to fuck Ravi, closing her eyes to the lustful experience.

“You are sooo…big.. Ravi…” moaned Mala.

“Look at how big he is,” she told Shikha, stroking her young firm buttocks.

Lakshmi kneeled on the floor and inserted two fingers into her cunt. She rubbed and took out two juice-smeared fingers. She rubbed the juices on Mala’s thick nipples and aureole.

“Aaah” Mala moaned. She grabbed Lakshmi’s hand and licked her fingers clean. Lakshmi waited and then bent forward and licked Mala’s breasts. Ravi meanwhile gesticulated to Shikha.

“I want to taste your juice.”

Shikha parted her voluptuous thighs and inserted her fingers into her hole, brought them out and placed them on Ravi’s lips. He sucked her fingers off clean. Mala quickened her pace. Her cunt humped Ravi’s gorged cock.

The two girls watched, mesmerized.

“Aaaaaaahh...I’m cummmmingggggg” Ravi screamed. “Fuck harder…aaahhhhh…”

Mala sensed the explosion, quickly withdrew and sat on Ravi’s thighs. She held the glistening eight-inch rod and started to masturbate Ravi.

“Lakshmi…” she whispered, “stroke me…”
“Where, aunty?’
“My cunt…” Mala panted.

Lakshmi dipped her fingers into Mala’s cunt and started stroking it. Mala’s clit was fat.

“Aaaah” shrieked Mala, as the orgasm hit her. She shuddered, her eyes closed.

“Shikha,” she then whispered, “masturbate your dad…”

Shikha held Ravi’s rod, moist with her mom’s juices and started to move it back and forth. Ravi moaned.

“I want your saliva on it!”

Shikha spat out a gob of saliva onto her hands and greased his rod.

“I’m cummingggggg!” Ravi yelled.

Thick spurts of semen shot out of his cock and hit Mala’s breasts and then her stomach. The semi-white liquid wet Mala’s breasts and ran down her cleavage onto her belly, navel and her bushy mound.

“God…” whispered Mala, starting to smear the semen all over her. Lakshmi stopped her, pointing to Shikha. Shikha bent down and sucked the last drops as they spurt out of her father’s rod. It started to become turgid again.

Mala got off the bed. She invited the girls to lick Ravi’s cream off her body, which they did.

Ravi wanted so much to make love to his daughter, but something prevented him.

“Oh, mama, please…once…”
“I don’t think I can, but I can ask Prakash uncle..”

“You people do it sometimes, don’t you?” Shikha asked Mala.

“is he as big as dad?”
“No…but he is thick…mm” Mala sad.
“I want him. Let dad do Lakshmi”.
“Okay then, that’s settled.”
Mala picked up the phone and punched a number.

“You girls get dressed in the meantime.”

The girls wiped themselves and went into their bedrooms.

They heard Mala say on the phone, “Prakash…yes…its me…come over at once.” She waited a beat. “Of course we’ll be naked.”


When I rang the bell, I already had an erection. Ravi answered the door, dressed in denim shorts. He quickly scratched a message that said, “OUT. BACK AT 8.00PM.” and stuck it to the door and closed it from inside.

Mala entered the drawing room, naked. She gesticulated to me to take my clothes off which I did.

“Where is Shikha?” I asked.

“In the bedroom…you know, two virgins to deflower today..one for you and one for Ravi..” Mala whispered, stroking my cock.

I was sitting on the big sofa, facing away from the bedroom. The girls walked into the drawing room. Both were wearing shorts and tops and had nothing under.

“Hi, Prakash!” Shikha greeted, sitting opposite me.
“Hi!” Lakshmi said, more quietly.
I felt self-conscious and crossed my muscular thighs over my erection.

“Close your eyes for a minute Prakash,” Mala said. I did.

“Open,” she said.

Shikha was sitting where she was, but naked now. Lakshmi was sitting beside Ravi, naked, of course, and stroking his balls.

Mala asked, “Like what you see?”

“Mmmm…” I said, my erection full now.

“Go ahead, both of you,” said Mala to the girls, “lets move to the dining room.”

“You guys go where you want to. I want to be alone with Shikha.”

Ravi, Mala and Lakshmi went into the bedroom.

“Like it?” I teased Shikha.
“Mmmm” Shikha whispered coyly.

I sat beside her and started to stroke her velvet thighs. Her pale brown breasts, firm, and her smallish nipples. My cock stood erect. Shikha touched it and gasped. “Mmmm….so hot it is!”

“stand up, Shikha,” I said, which she did. “Turn around.”

I stared at her chocolate-colored buttocks, I ran my hands over them. I stroked her inner thighs. Shikha parted her thighs, signalling me to probe deeper. My hand reached her cunt.

Shikha was sopping wet.

I started to stroke her clit.

“More…more…” Shikha moaned.

I did, while smearing Shikha’s buttocks with my saliva.

Shikha moaned. She turned around and asked,” Do you like me?”
She then bent down, taking my cock in her mouth, sucking on it. I pressed, squeezed her breasts. I rubbed her deep purple nipples.

“So young…” I whispered…”so firm..”

Shikha raised her head.

“your body.”

Shikha stood up, thrust her mound provocatively at me. I rubbed it, sliding my finger into her cunt.

“That’s not what I want in there..” Shikha said.

“what do you want?’

“Your rod, Prakash.”

“Touch my breasts…do you like them?” said Shikha.

“Your ass is the best, turn around…”

Shikha did.

I hugged her from behind, so that my erection poked into her asscheeks. She instinctively moved her ass closer, so that my cock rubbed more. Some precum glistened on her firm ass.

I turned her around, and lay her on the floor gently. I opened Shikha’s cuntlips with my fingers. I slid my cock in. Her hole was tight. Virgin. And wet. My rod went in, inch by inch. Shikha stared at it for sometime.

“Oooo…ma!” she moaned. “soooo thick…”
“Like it?’

“Fuck me!”

I started to move, building a rhythm. I squeezed Shika’s breasts.

“Am I like mom?”

“Better…much better…”

“Is mom good.?”
“Yessss. she sucks so well….”

“Did she ever suck you?”


“Godddd…”moaned Shikha, giving a counter thrust to me.

“I like your cock…”

There was a scent of sex in the room. We both were bathed in sweat.

I was about to come..”
”where do you want my seed Shikha?” I gasped.

“All over meeeeeeeeeeee…”

She was exploding, too.

I came in thick streams. My semen bathed Shikha’s young breasts, face and stomach.

I strummed her clit and she moaned loudly, climaxing.

Ravi, Mala and Lakshmi came out of the bedroom.

They stood there, watching us.

“I love this,” Shikha said….

Ravi gestured to Lakshmi to lie down beside me. He was still stroking his huge cock. Lakshmi lay down beside me.

“My turn Shikha,” she whispered.
“open her cunt, Mala,” Ravi commanded. Mala bent down and stroked Lakshmi’s bush. She inserted two fingers inside, withdrew and licked the juice off. She then parted Lakshmi’s cunt with her thumb and forefinger. With the other hand, she held Ravi’s cock, and guided it inside Lakshmi’s cunt. Ravi impaled her, as Mala started to lick my juices off Shikha. She then came to me and kissed me deeply.
“Aaaah..” moaned Lakshmi. “deeper….deeper, I want to feel you deeper!”

Ravi sunk his cock all the way to the hilt.” Feel me inside you..”

“Mm” moaned Lakshmi.

Mala kneeled beside her and started to rub her breasts.

We watched, mesmerised.

Ravi started to fuck Lakshmi. Slow, gentle thrusts, which brought moans form Lakshmi. Then faster, and faster. Once he withdrew his cock, bent over so it was on Lakshmi’s lips.

“Suck it…taste your juices on my rod…”

Lakshmi licked.

“Fuck me, Ravi…Mmmmuuuaaahhhh”

Ravi entered her again and this time rammed her hard, really hard. Lakshmi gave counter-thrusts in mounting pleasure.

Ravi started to come, as Mala got me erect.

He withdrew his cock from Lakshmi. Lakshmi held his cock and furiously masturbated him. Soon, Ravi came, in thick spurts, all over Lakshmi.

Mala hugged Shikha, their breasts touching, and rubbing. Ravi stroked Lakshmi.

“Like it? Like it Lakshmi?”

“Aaaaaahhhhh” Lakshmi moaned, climaxing.

I bent down, kneeling beside Lakshmi. She held my cock.

“Lets begin all over…” Lakshmi said.

“After a break.” Mala announced.

“Lets have some wine.”

So we sat on the floor, all of us naked, as the girls were busy licking our cum from each other’s breasts.

That was a sultry afternoon….

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