Beach Fun  


This happened to me when I was a freshman in college. It was Spring Break time, and me and a few of my buddies flew down to Florida to party and to have some fun. I was doing okay in college, and we wanted to have fun and meet some chicks at the beach.

The beach was full of women of all ages tanning themselves in the great Florida sun. A lot of them were lying face down with their tops undone so that their backs would get a no line tan. I thought I would have some fun by buying a large soaker water gun. I would find a woman who looked like she was sleeping or dozing, and then I would squirt a lot of water at her face. It was great! Usually, all of the sudden cold water on her face would startle her and she would rise up and put her hands on her face. In doing so, I was usually able to see her naked breasts. Because the water startled the women, I was able to see their naked breasts and quickly run away until I found another sleeping woman.

This was great fun for me and the men who were on the beach who were able to see the startled women. Most of the time it worked very well, and I was doing it to woman after woman. I was on the part of the beach where there were some nearby houses. I squirted a woman with some water, saw her nice round naked breasts, and ran away. But this time, a woman stopped me by grabbing my arm. She was about my same height and very strong.

"I've been watching what you have been doing to the women on the beach. I want to have a good talk with you." She had such a strong grip on my arm that I had no choice but to go with her to a nearby house. Once inside, she threw me down on a chair and stood over me. She stood about six feet tall, had a wonderful smooth tan on her body, was very muscular, and almost looked like a bodybuilder. I would guess her age to be in her late twenties or early thirties.

She towered over me and said, "I have been observing you squirt water on women, and then getting a look at their bare breasts. Not only is that disrespectful to women, but it is also against the law. I should call the police, right now, and have you arrested for disorderly conduct and fourth degree rape."

"No, please don't call the cops on me!" I pleaded.

"That would be a good way to teach you a lesson. You would probably spend your entire spring break in jail."

"I'll apologize to the women, or anything you want. Just don't call the cops." I said.

"You'll do anything?"

"Yes I would!" I exclaimed.

"If you apologize to the women and take a spanking from me, I won't call the police."

"A spanking? But I am a freshman in college."

"Either you take a spanking from me or I will call the police. Which will it be?"

"What type of spanking?" I asked.

"It would be severe and on your bare ass. You would have to agree to submit to the entire spanking, without complaint, or else I will call the police to come here and pick you up. You aren't the first boy I have spanked for disrespecting women, and you won't be my last, either."

"I guess I will agree to be spanked." I said.

"I thought you would. Come along with me to my back playroom." She grabbed my arm again, and escorted me to a back room. The room had paddles and stuff hanging from the walls, and in the middle of the room was some odd shaped furniture. "You will address me as 'Ma'am' during your spanking and you are only to speak when spoken to. If you talk out of line, your spanking will be more severe and last longer. Do you still agree to be spanked or shall I call the police?"

"I still agree to be spanked." I said.

"The first thing I want you to do is to take off your T-shirt and shoes."

I hesitated and she grabbed a paddle that was hanging on the wall and gave me a swat. "Hurry up. I don't have all day." She said. Soon I had my shirt and shoes off. "Now stick out your arms." She up wrist cuffs on me, and soon my wrists were secured to ropes above my head. She went over to the wall and pressed a button and soon my arms were stretched above my head.

"Now let's see what you look like naked." Then she slipped off my swim trunks. I was now completely naked and she was now securing ankle cuffs on me. "Spread your legs!" She commanded. I did so and she still said, "A little bit more." She took a spreader bar and connected it to my ankles. Now I was completely vulnerable to what she wanted to do to me.

I felt her hands squeezing my bottom and she said, "My, you have a nice firm ass. It will be fun to spank it." Then she went around to the front of me. I had an erection and after seeing it, she went over to a table in the room and got a shoelace. She tied it tightly around the base of my cock and balls and said, "This should make you more aware that you are totally naked in front of me, and now under my control." The shoelace did make me acutely aware that I was a helpless naked male about to be spanked by this woman I had just met.

She picked up the paddle again, and went in back of me. Then my spanking began. SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! "What state do you live in?" She asked.

SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! "Minnesota." I replied.

Then she gave me a really hard hit from the paddle. "How are you suppose to address me?"

"Ma'am. Sorry, Ma'am." I said real fast.

SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! "That's better. And where do you go to college?"

SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! "University of Minnesota, ma'am."

SWAT! SWAT! SWAT!" What year are you and what is your major."

SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! "I am a freshman and I hope to become a chemical scientist. Ma'am."

SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! "Well, I need to teach you to respect women. You can't go through life treating women as just sex objects."

SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! "I think I am learning my lesson, ma'am."

SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! "Good for you! Your ass is beginning to turn pink, so now I am going to release you but continue your spanking over the horse. When I release you, keep your hands above your head and stay in place."

First she disconnected the speader bar from my legs, then lowered the ropes from the ceiling and released my hands. She grabbed hold of my still erect cock, and led me over to a padded wooden horse. She had me lay on it so that my legs were spread and my stomach was resting on the padded part. My wrists and ankles were attached to the legs so that I was unable to move, again.

She grabbed a ridding crop from the wall and said, "I like to spank men and boys in this position because I have full access to your body, and I can spank you all over." With that, I felt the crop hitting my inner thighs and my cock and balls. I tried to react to the crop, but I was unable to because I was secured in place.

Then she started to give me small stinging hits around my asshole, up and down my back, and all over me. I was soon moaning and was moving about. "Stay in one place and take this like a man." She said.

"Yes, ma'am." I tried not to move about, but the crop really stung me. My whole body felt on fire. She kept hitting me with the riding crop as she told me she was a self-appointed keeper of the peace for the beach. She said she spanked the most boys during spring break and whenever the colleges were on break.

"For the last part of your spanking I will use the cane. But first, I want to move you to a different position." She released me from the horse and led me over to another piece of furniture. It was made of wood, had a padded shelf and the top slopped down. "Knell on this and bend over it." Then she secured my hands, again, secured a belt around my waist, and put a strap around each of my knees. Now I could not move.

"Have you ever been caned before?" She asked.

"No, ma'am."

"I'm going to give you six strokes of the cane. This way anyone will be able to see that I have spanked you. The welts should be able to be seen for a whole week." Then she began to cane me. Although I thought that I could withstand a lot of pain, the strokes really did hurt. I actually yelled out when she gave me the last stroke.

Then she came around in front of me and released one arm. "Hold still while I write something on your arm. If you move about, I will give you six more strokes of the cane." I didn't want to be caned anymore, so I held still while she wrote on the inside of my arm, "I've been spanked by Jane."

"I used a permanent magic marker and this should be able to be seen for the entire week you are here in Florida. If you want it removed, stop by here on Friday and I will use something special on it to remove it. I want you to apologize to the women you sprayed with water and show them your arm. If they want to see your spanked ass, I want you to uncover it for them so that they can at least see you cane marks. Do you understand, Clyde?"

Jane gave me a swat with a paddle, "Yes, ma'am."

"Okay, I will now release you. Please stand at attention until I tell you that you can get dressed."

It felt so good to know that my spanking was coming to an end. I stood at attention as Jane undid the shoestring that was tied around my cock and balls. "You can get dressed, now. Then go and apologize to the women that you sprayed with water."

It was real humiliating to be seen with that writing on my arm. Many women had me show them my bare ass with the welts left over from my caning. This really taught me to treat women with more respect.

On Friday, I dropped by Jane's place, again. You could still see the writing on my arm. Before she removed the writing from my arm, she had me lower my swim trunks and bend over her lap for a last spanking.

Spank. Spank. Spank. "I hear that you have been a good boy." Spank. Spank. Spank.

"Yes ma'am." Spank. Spank. Spank.

"I hope you have learned your lesson!" Spank. Spank. Spank.

"Yes, ma'am." Spank. Spank. Spank.

"Will you ever disrespect women, again?" Spank. Spank. Spank.

"No, ma'am." Spank. Spank. Spank.

"Then you can stand up and pull up your pants."

I was so glad that this was only a short spanking and that I wasn't taken into her playroom to be caned, again.

"Now hold out your arm and I will remove the writing."

Now the writing would no longer embarrass me on my arm. I was so glad when I got back to Minnesota and back to school. This experience really made an impression on me, in more ways than one. I now have a lot more respect for women.

Posted : 09/07/2011 11:03 pm