Beachfront Fantasy  


At a beachfront hotel in the Bahamas, there was no wind on this quiet evening. The moon was in quarter phase and you could hear the gentle splashing of the waves against the beach. It was after midnight, so the normal crowd noise at this beautiful resort was at a minimum. We sat on the balcony of our 9th floor hotel room facing the gentle Caribbean. We both had just finished a relaxing shower, and now were facing each other on the balcony, sitting in the chairs. Both of us were wearing light bathrobes enjoying each other’s sight, when I let my robe slip open and slipped two fingers into my pussy.

"Watch me cum" I said as I began to rub my clit. I spread my legs so you would have a good view of what I was about to do. As I gently fingered my clit with one hand, I moved the other to my hard nipples, taking turns gently pinching them and circling them with the tips of my fingers. You started to get up to come to me, but I told you to stay, relax and watch.

It was then that you opened your robe to expose your hard dick. The sight of your big cock was too much for me to ignore. I stopped fingering myself and walked over to your chair. "Mind if I sit?" I asked. Before you could answer, I positioned myself over your hard cock and slowly slid it into my wet pussy. I sat down on it and began moving up and down on it. My erect nipples rubbed against your chest as I continued to ride your cock.

The only sounds were the soft crashing of the waves and an occasional faint sound of music coming from somewhere out in the now somewhat dimmed lights of the vast hotel complex.

We kissed passionately, and I wanted to take your tongue as deep into my mouth as your cock was up inside of me. We began to rock and move our bodies together in a steady rhythm, heightening our mutual pleasure.

You pulled gently out of my pussy and we walked hand in hand to our large bed. We laid down together and you rolled me over onto my stomach. Wasting no time, I raised my ass up to you. "How did you know this was one of my favorite positions?" I whispered. You answered by thrusting your hard, wet cock deep into my wanting pussy. As you continued to fuck me, you reached around and grabbed my tits. You knew that my breasts were very sensitive and that rubbing them while fucking me would take me over the top. I started to climax and as I came my pussy muscles tightened around your cock. Soon, your hot cum exploded into me.

Exhausted by this lovemaking, we laid in each other's arms as the sounds of the ocean lulled us to sleep.

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:10 pm