Hi i am a 25 yr. ild woman that lives in Ks, i started school in a small town. my first day there i met a girl in the lunch line, she was tall, had long brown hair and nice tits, growing up in a small towm we were taught that talking like this or feeling for the same sex,,, was wrong, but anyways,,, back to the story, she started talking to me, and we met everyday to walk around town, or cruise threw town... 7 yrs. later we were both married and living 2 hrs away from eachother. we talked on the phone, or threw the computer. one late nite while talking the subject came up of what it would be like being woith another woman. i begane to tell her that i have already tryed that out and liked it. i love being bi. and she said that who better than your bestfriend to try it out with. since we knew eachother so well. so i said ok,,, one weekend her and her hubby was doen to visit my hubby and i. her hubby and mine left to go fishing, and the fun began. we started talking and then we started tio kiss,, but while we tryed kissing all we could do was laugh. so we moved on to touching, and feeling,,,,,, i kissed her neck, and ears, and then her nipps, and she kissed my neck, and my titts, she softly touched my nipps and sucked on them, as i did the same to her. then i layed her back on the bed and started to slowly lick her pussy lips, they were soft, and wet,, and sooooooooo sweet. i slowly stuck my tongu in her and moved it in and out, she moved all over my face and ran her fingers threw my hair as i made her juices flow all over my face. she tasted so good that i couldn't get enough of her. then i layed down and she did the same to me licking and sucking that i couldn't get enough of it. we stuck a vibrater inbetween our crotches and felt the vibs. it almost made me cum in an instant. it felt so good. after about 10 min of this i had to eat her again, even this time with more tongue action, she was going wil... she told me that i was so good and kinky that she she couldn't beklieve what we have done, 2 weeks went by. and we finnally got another chance to meet up again,, and we did it over again, this time i used my love beads in her. this made her really wet, and she had such excitement. while i was putting them in her i was licking her clit slowly slidding them in her. after getting all 6 in her, i played with her clit, sucking and licking when she was about ready to climax i slowly pulled them out of her,,,, oh and man she cam so fast that i couldn't believe my eyes,,, she tasted so good... 8we are much closer now than ever.. i only hope she knows how special she is to me and how much i enjoy her juices all over me,,,, ummmm

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:03 pm