boy learns to obey  


i am a 21 yr old college student in the midwest. this happened to me on a date this week. i met this hot girl in a bar and we went to my place and she had the most incredable body ive seen. she sucked me and fucked me like no one before. except at 3 am i was woken up tied up and gagged. i was scared and excited. she looked me in the eye and said its time! you didnt satisfy me and you must pay. she slapped my ass hard and tugged on my nuts. she took the gag off and said you will be a good slave! i nodded. yes she slapped me ans said you will answer me as queen!! i said yes queen. she proceeded to take her finger and stick it in my ass. never done that befoe. she smiled and drove it in deep. she then asked if i liked it. i said yes my queen. she slapped my face and said good boy. Are you thirsty? I said yes my queen she then stood over my mouth sqatted down and began to pee on me. at first i was confussed but her pee smelt good. and i opened my mouth and drankj it all. she was stroking my cock as i drank her pee. she stopped and kissed me drinking pee too. she went down and told me to pee for her i then released my urine like a fountain she drank it like a water fountain. and kissed my with my own peee. i was so hard ! she then un tied my and we snuggled up together in each others pee. we slept and through the night she peed the bed and so did i.

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:59 pm