Boyfriend Stealing  


Well I thought I’d share a story with you about one of the best sexual experiences I’ve ever had. This all happened a year ago in my freshman year at school….
I had to room with this girl Vanessa, we got along well at first – but things went sour between us pretty quickly. We just tried never to be in the room at the same time & just generally agreed to disagree. At one time she did come to the room to pick change before going out with her new boyfriend Chris. Chris was a total hotty & folling around with him would totally put Vanessa over the edge. I could tell he was interested in me as well by how akward he was acting, the fact that I was in a half shirt & short-shorts probably helped to perk his interest. Vanessa came out of her room & gave me her cat look & walked out, Chris goofily said goodbye & I told him it was nice to meet him. I waited an hour to make sure the coast was clear then I went into Vanessa’s room to look for her address book – jackpot! There was Chris’s telephone number with all kinds of little hearts around it.

I waited about two weeks, by that time Vanessa’s bitchy attitude was probably driving Chris bat-shit, she was also at home visiting her parents & doing her laundry. I rolled the dice & called up Chris, told her that I was having some friends over to the room for some beers. (The friends part was a lie) He agreed & came over faster than I thought he would, luckily I had gotten ready before I called. He came over & I offered him a beer, he took it & I felt like everything was going according to plan. He asked who else was coming over & I made up some names & told him that they should be coming later. We started to talk about Vanessa & I had to shut up, I didn’t want him to know I hated her (because he might just like her ya know) He started to bitch & moan & say that she was a control freak, I nodded my head. He went on for about an hour non-stop & I fed him Sam Adams the whole time. Then he slipped & said, “She’s a total prude she won’t even blow me” then an ackward silence fell. I told him it’s OK & that he’d been drinking & I totally understand. He was starting to get shy again & I thought my chance is passing me by. He must have felt too funny because he excused himself & was starting to pick up his jacket & make for the door. I thought, ”I’ve got to kiss him at least & this could be my only chance” So on his way out the door I gave him the hopeful kiss-me look & put my arms out for a hug. He took the bait, then our lips met & we started to kiss.

He kissed me for about ten minutes straight all the while his hands went further & firther. First up & down my back, then under my shirt, then over my breasts. I lowered my hands & felt his ass. He then started to rub his leg against my crotch & I could feel his dick was hard as a rock & totally huge. I thought about how he said Vanessa wouldn’t blow him & knew that she was probably saving it for some kind of a precious moment. I figured I’d beat her to the punch, at the expense of seeming like a total slut I went for his belt. We were still kissing & he had taken off my shirt & his & he was runbbing his hard chest against mine. He then undid my bra & let my 34c breasts loose. At that point I had undid his belt & ripped open his buttonfly jeans. I pulled his pants & boxers down as I got down onto my knees. I was looking up at him smiling as dirty as I could. I then looked at his dick staring my in the face. It was bigger than any I had seen before, must’ve been a good nine & a half inches & as thick as a tube from the inside of a roll of paper-towels. I looked at it & thought, “it’s now or never Katie”. I sucked the head a little bit & tasted a little bit of cum on it. Then I tried to get as much of it into my mouth as possible, all the while swinging my head a little bit back & forth & sucking it as hard as I can. I thought, “If she does blow him I don’t want him to forget about me” I recalled a few porno movies I saw & tried to do it just like the girls in those movies. I looked up to see how I was doing & he was just smiling with his eyes closed. At that moment I saw his eyebrow twitch a bit & then felt his hand on the back of my head. I knew he was going to come, I rubbed his balls gently & felt them start to pump. Then he shot more come into my mouth than I have ever tasted, it just kept coming in spurts of three. I choked on it a bit but kept my cool, I spit out his dick & was amazed at the size & what it could do. He just leaned back against the dormroom wall & I thought, “here we go again, this fucker better not leave on me – he totally owes me one. After a moment he opened his eyes & said, “That was the most killer BJ I have ever had!, I feel like I’m going to faint.” I smiled up at him still on my hands & knees & playing with what was left of his hard on.

Then he grabbed me up by the waist & brought me to the couch. He took off my pants & laid me down with his head between my legs. I just smiled at him & asked him, “So what are you going to do know?” He then ripped my thong at the crotch & started to go down on me. He was very good at giving head & I was wet as a ripe peach. He licked my clit while gently putting a finger in there. I started to moan & rub my breast, one of his hands shot up & rubbed the other. Once I started moaning he didn’t turn it on more (like so many guys do) he just kept it the same till I came. I saw stars, I had never come during sex (oral or otherwise) & I was enjoying it. I was a lump of jelly after he was done with me, I was tingling all over & he couldn’t even touch my hand without sending shivers up my spine. He asked me to neal, I wasn’t really thinking about it & just obeyed. There I was bent over with my ripped panties around my waist with my ass in the air. I had just had a brazilian wax-job (you guessed it boys - the whole kit & kaboodle) he said, “Oh my god, that is the nicest ass I have ever seen.” He could have said anything to me as I was still reeling over the crazy orgazm I just had.

I felt his warm hands grab the back of my waist then felt his dick start to poke at me down there. I pulled it together enough to ask if he had protection, the he threw a rubber-wrapper next to my face. I told him to be gentle & he said “OK”. I felt it go in a little & grabbed at the pillow as my crotch got stretched to it’s limit, as he pulled it in & out the pain went down & he pushed it further with every thrust. I swear to god I could feel it poking the inside of my belly-button! I was in a sensual sexual heaven, every push & pull sent me higher. I had never been a big fan of doggy style I guess the guy just has to be huge to make it work. He took one of my hands & put it down there & rubbed my clit with it. I took over from there. I felt myself come again & again, this guy was the best lover I had ever had. He came once as well & went down on me from behind while he changed rubbers.

When he put it in again & started to get going I felt his dick slip out & hit me on my ass, right up my crack. He quickly grabbed it & put it back in my pussy. I then felt him start to play with my asshole, something no one has come close to doing ever. Since he was so good at everything else I let him explore more. I felt his thumb gently slide in my ass, then he asked, “You like that?”. It didn’t feel bad, so I just groaned & smiled. Then he put both his thumbs up there & it felt even better, all the while I’m still playing with myself & getting done doggy style. I started to come again (who knows how many times now) he pulled out his dick. Then he started to try to cram it in my ass, it hurt. I went with it I hoped that the pain would go down. He got about an inch in there & I started to pull away. He told me to relax & that it was worth it, then he rubbed my whole area & made sure everything was lubed from the juice of my pussy. Then he went for it again, it hurt but not as bad, then it was like something allowed it in. & I felt the whole thing slide up into my ass. I could feel every vein & bump, it still hurt – but it was so new that I wanted to go with it. He started gently & the pain did go away, then he started faster & faster. I was not really enjoying it as much as “normal” sex but I was still enjoying it. Then he grabbed my waist & started to make gorilla noises. He was about to come like crazy, he picked me up from uder my knees & screamed & grunted while I felt his dick throb in my ass as he came. The sounds of his orgasm made & the feel of that cock in me made me come hard too. It must’ve lasted like five minutes, then we both collapsed on the couch. The orgasm I had was great I don’t know if it was cause of the anal or the whole thing. We went to my room & we played with each other for the rest of the night & half of the next day. We had some more experiences but none quite as mindblowing as that one.

Posted : 09/07/2011 9:13 pm