Chance meetings can be so much fun.  


Two’s company…….

Part One

The day out.

…Three’s a crowd, but four is… well read on and make your own mind up. But, please don’t ask me what I think, I’m still coming down and can’t think straight yet.

Erotica; Probably the best exhibition or show in London of the year. Usually held around the middle of November, when it is cold and miserable out, but the heat in the Grand Hall; Olympia, near Earls Court, South West London, goes off the scale.

I had managed to get two of the hottest tickets in town. You have to get them early, otherwise you will be disappointed. We got there early and waited by the main entrance doors until the place opened. Experience told us that if you got there on time, you would queue up for ages and that isn’t for me thanks.

The cavernous doors slid open and Jenni and I entered into a realm of fantasy and sexual charge, shared by every body else in the milling throng. We ditched our coats at the cloakroom and entered the halls dressed how we would love to be all the time. Jenni had a burgundy and black bustier, pushing her gorgeous tits up and together, exposing her nipples for all to admire, over a very short black leather skirt, under that was a spider-web body stocking that was open at the crotch. It would have pleased me to be wearing nothing more than a cock ring, but decency prohibits; I had a pair of cut-down jeans on with a carefully ripped tee shirt.

Erotica is the sex industry’s annual exhibition in the UK. Hundreds of stalls selling everything from aphrodisiacs to Zoot suits, cram together in the central hall. Toys from modest to gigantic proportions jostled for position on overloaded shelves. Lotions, potions and more lube than you could shake a stick at were being sold at an alarming rate. It is the clothing and costume sellers that hold my fancy though, but we had decided before we entered, that we would watch the first floor show before doing the rounds.

I wanted to get Jenni a leather neck collar with an elongated front, possibly with a metal ring for attachments and rings on the collar for her cuffs to clip onto. We were also looking for a brocade dress that had to be open at the front to her navel perhaps with flaps at the back that could be clipped up to expose her beautiful arse. It needed to be a heavy fabric, full length and beautiful to look at so it didn’t get over whelmed by Jenni’s natural elegance.

We found a table at the front, immediately before the slightly raised stage. Music softly played; Cameramen had positioned themselves to either side. The floorshows of Erotica are legendary and worth waiting half an hour for. It gave me time to get to the bar and buy us a couple of overpriced drinks. I sat Jenni down and was treated to a flash of her aureoles and hardened nipples poking over the edge of her bustier. I got an immediate hard on knowing that, if I could see her fantastic tits, then every man within a couple of feet would also be treated to the same view. Many men fantasize about their lady being serviced by some stud while they watch; just knowing that other, red-blooded men would be appreciating her gorgeous figure and assets was enough for me just then.

It took nearly all of the half-hour to fight my way to the front of the bar, grab some drinks then fight my way back to our table. I eventually got there to find Jenni engrossed in conversation with a redheaded woman who had claimed the other two chairs on our table, placing her bags on one seat while occupying the other.

“Sorry, didn’t know we had company, otherwise I would have got you a drink.”

The redhead turned and focused a pair of deep green eyes on me. She squinted a little from the stage light that most likely made me a silhouette.

“This is Sally”. Jenni introduced us and I checked her out, typically male you understand. Although not a raving beauty, Sally was quite trim in her halter necked top and short miniskirt. The dolphin tattoo on her breast kept drawing my eye, which then spread all too easily on her cleavage. Nice tits I decided.

“Call me Sal. Trevor will be over in a minute, he went to get us a drink.”

Further conversation was impossible; a sudden and loud blast announced the start of the floorshow with a pyrotechnic thunder flash booster from either side of the curtained centre backstage.

A Chinese girl, dressed up in a stylised military uniform and patent leather boots that stopped somewhere near her crotch, marched to the front, a scant three foot from our table.

“Ladies and Gentlemen...” She bawled at the top of her very powerful lungs through the sound system.

“My name is Lucy, your host for the evening...” She waved and whipped up the crowd.

“Welcome to the fourth Erotica in London.”

The audience clapped, whistled and called in anticipation.

“After long and often painful negotiations…” She rubbed her arse in mock pain.

“We have, for the first time in England, obtained the first, the one and only, full nudity licence.” As she screamed the last few words, she grabbed her uniform and yanked it off, Velcro letting the garment part to reveal her complete nudity underneath. All that she had on while the tumultuous applause washed over her, was her boots that did indeed almost reach her upper thighs, a belly jewel and a clit stud with a coloured stone, sparkling in the harsh stage lights. I noticed as I took her loveliness in, that she was totally hair less, not even eyebrows, not a single hair on her body. God! I thought she is so fucking hot!

Lucy treated us to a very erotic dance with a black partner with a large shlong. Then the show went on, non-stop. A pair of American twins performed some dual masturbation techniques on themselves, parting labia and whipping clits as they simulated full lesbian sex. Too many others contributed to the show to mention here and far too many scenarios were offered for titillation to be described, except to say, the show was a blast and a veritable orgy of naked dancers.

Sally’s Trevor had slid into the chair next to me, but I had been so engrossed in the floorshow, that I hadn’t noticed his arrival.

“Wow!” He said, making me jump a little.

“That was fantastic.” I turned and smiled, partly still unsettled by his sudden outburst, but also because he had grasped Sally’s breast in an unconscious reaction to the stimulation of the show. I guess he realised when my eye was drawn to where his hand rested. He grinned sheepishly, jiggled her tits and then let them go.

“Robin.” I stuck out a hand, we shook and he introduced himself, not knowing we had already done the intro’s. We talked for a short while, letting the girls flick through the show magazine.

But, the lure of the merchandise and the need for some retail therapy was too loud to be denied, we left them to their personal tour. We visited every outlet, the poles held something of an attraction, doubling as they did as a coffee table, then extending from floor to ceiling, turning into a slick pole. The demonstrations added to the attraction of course, being a typical male, scantily clad women gyrating and performing have always had a certain fascination and the image of a pole in your front room helped.

We looked at the luxury shower cum bath enclosures. Turning into steam baths or all over needle showers complete with music, lights and whirlpool bath. As you can imagine, the price had an out of this world tag, but still, I had us in there, just imaginary though.

We toured the crowded stands, trying this and that as we went, seeing what it did for our libido. Gradually, our bags were filling with toys and top ups to our dwindling marital aids. Then I saw it! The very thing I had been hoping to find. A leather harness and then, on the same stall, a studded leather neck band with just the right shape with two loops for her cuffs and another for nipple clips to pass through. At fifty pounds it was a bit heavy, but worth every penny. The harness was something else and rather more expensive, it had to be tried on there and then.

Jenni stepped into a changing booth curtained off in a corner and poked her head around the edge of the curtain after a while, whispering for me to come and see. The place was crowded and I really couldn’t get near enough so I asked her to step out. Jenni is not an exhibitionist normally, but shocked me when she stepped out of the booth. The harness was a perfect fit, circulating her tits, holding them up and apart before looping back to meet at the back before passing in two straps between her legs, making her pussy lips pout. She looked fantastic and drew admiring stares from just about every guy in the store. I just nodded my approval and she, somewhat self consciously backed into the changing area. Tired, foot sore and laden with full bags, we happily got everything together, collected our coats and made our way to the tube station to return home.

The platform at Olympia was damp and slick from the drizzle that steadily fell, fortunately, the wait for a train was mercifully short and hundreds of people carrying their white carrier bags with the Erotica logo got on and waited for the short link trip to Earls Court to get moving.

When we eventually got on the Piccadilly line, Trevor and Sally got in the same carriage and sat with us in a four-seat section of the carriage. Sally sat opposite me and next to Jenni while Trevor sat opposite Jenni, next to me. The conversation started up as the train rattled and bounced through the dark tunnels.

To our surprise, they only lived a few stops on from us in Orpington, small world I thought. Had been married for nearly twenty years and decided at an early stage, that children were definitely off the menu, preferring to enjoy themselves.

Trevor launched into a lengthy description of his job and I admit that I tuned out for a while, just nodding and making the right noises at what seemed to be the right places. By himself and allowed to ramble on, he could be considered to be very boring. The trip home had all the prospects of being tedious and I didn’t relish it one bit.

My wandering attention got snapped back into place when I noticed Sally’s hand on Jenni’s leg. Her sky-blue long coat had opened to reveal the spider-web body stocking and Sally had her hand resting about an inch from Jenni’s snatch. To make matters even more interesting, Jenni had swung around to face Sally and hooked her leg up on the seat. I knew that Sally would have an uninterrupted view of Jenni’s slit and so would Trevor who was diametrically opposed. They were talking animatedly, although I couldn’t quite catch what was being said. I guess Trevor saw where my attention had gone to because his words petered out and he looked down at his wife’s hand and where it was resting.

It was almost comical; the reaction of two guys when Sally realised that we had gone quiet and looked to see what we were up to. Trevor and I in unison, swung back to face each other, speaking at the same time in an effort to hide or interest. An observer would have thought it farcical and I admit to having a smirk spreading across my face. I also forgave him the occasional glance up Jenni’s skirt to see her twat through the slit of the body stocking and the proximity of Sally’s fingers. I glanced at Jenni who just smiled at me with a twinkle in her eye.

Eventually, we got to Charing Cross and got on the same train home. The seating arrangement was as before. Jenni and Sally seemed to have hit it off; a sneak glance from time to time had them touching each other in ways that seemed beyond what could be considered just friendly.

I heard myself invite them over for some supper and a few drinks. My car would be at the station and I could give them a lift home later if they liked. Trevor hesitated for a split second, but Sally answered for him in the affirmative; the evening was set.

Throughout the remaining journey, the two girls forgot about us and carried on talking, occasionally laughing out loud and enjoying each other’s company. I had plans and thought that the coming evening would be just great if I could just swing it.

Two’s Company…

Part two

The evening in.

The car sat forlorn and alone in the dark car park, waiting faithfully for our return. It was cold and wet, the drizzle hadn’t let up all day and a cold north wind had driven the moisture to soak into every nook and cranny.

It was only a short drive to our house, it took almost as long to get the girls in the back. The main draw back to owning a coupe is having only two doors and fold down front seats. There is an upside though; I got a wonderful view as Jenni folded herself in backwards. Her tits, being pushed up by the bustier were forced up even further as she bent at the waist.

The house welcomed us with warmth and the promise of food; drink and a whole lot more if I had anything to do with it.

Jenni took Sally and Trevor’s coats and hung them in the hall. They followed me to the living room and I waved a hand, indicating that they should sit on the settee. It was gratifying, seeing the involuntary intake of breath and a slight wince as Sally’s naked pussy made contact with the coldness of the leather. I wasn’t certain until that point, whether she had panties on or not. Try as I might, the angle to see up her skirt had never been quite right.

Pizza was ordered and I dug out a couple of bottles of Shiraz to go with the meal. I hit the remote for the player and music wafted from the multi-speaker system in the ceiling.

We settled and got comfortable, chatting about whatever came to mind. I wanted the ambient mood to be relaxed and the wine helped to create just the atmosphere I knew would be conducive to getting the girls to perform.

“So, what did you buy at Erotica?” I thought to get the ball rolling and as an entrée, it served as anything else would.

Sally started to unpack her bag, giggling as she put a rabbit to one side and a tube of silicon lubricant with it on the table. Then she brought out two pairs of leather handcuffs. I had an immediate idea for those. A lace trimmed blindfold followed and a paddle completed the set. We complimented them on their purchases and Jenni dived into our bag of goodies.

The leather harness came out first and I saw the envy in Sally’s eyes as she looked at it. Then the collar with the rings followed out of the bag, Sally almost grabbed it to try it on.

“Why don’t you girls model for us, show everything to its best eh?” The idea was just what Sally had been waiting for and she very nearly jumped up. “Why not show Sally some of your other gear babe?”

They left us to ourselves and went to the bedroom. I had a feeling they would be there for some time. Trevor and I enjoyed another glass of wine while we waited. It was some twenty minutes later that the girls re-entered.

Jenni had her new harness on, the loops holding up her breasts and pulling them apart with a strap that passed down the back before splitting around her anus to separate and pass between her pussy lips and the top of her legs. The effect was to push her lips together and make them pout in the most seductive way. She had also put on her silver nipple rings that clamp on to encircle her aureoles.

She had lent the new leather collar to Sally; it was all she had on. The collar looked great on her, but the most striking thing was her tattoo. I had seen the dolphin on the top of her breast, but naked, I could see that it was only part of a scene. Seaweed fronds had been tattooed from her mons, twisting and turning in curlicues up to her breasts. She looked fantastic and I guess my jaw dropped for a moment. It was more a work of art than a tattoo

Trevor’s eyes were large and round at the sight of these two beautiful women, virtually naked that stood before us. An extended moment passed until I took charge of the situation.

Come here Sally; stand in the centre of the room. She complied obediently, showing little hesitation. Jenni, get the whip and two blindfolds, bring the cuffs and do it quickly. Her training came to the fore and she hurried to fulfil my wishes. She returned in a within a minute with the things I had ordered.

Put a blindfold on Sally Jenni and then come here to me. Jenni put Sally’s new lacy frilled blind on over her eyes and then scurried to stand in front of me. Her years of training were paying off, but were about to be put to the test. She had never been treated as a slave in front of anyone before, but she seemed not to be too troubled by Trevor’s hungry gaze on her body.

I took the blindfold from her and placed it over her eyes. Then I looped her cuff link chain through the ring of her collar and fastened her hands, restricting her movements. The effect was to push her tits together and the harness bit into the soft flesh of her orbs.

I stood her next to Sally in the centre of the room while Trevor and I admired them. Then, with no warning, I swished the whip and flicked it across Jenni’s buttocks. She gasped, not from pain, it is a soft leather and if done properly, can be sensual in anticipation and the implied threat that it could be harsh if I wanted it to be.

My next swish caught her tits making them bounce a little and I growled. “You have tasted Sally haven’t you?” Jenni shook her head in denial, but we both knew it to be a lie and part of the game.

“Don’t lie to me bitch, you know I will find out.” And I lashed her breasts again, the sound realistic as if I was flaying her skin off.

“Steady on”. Trevor advised.

I motioned to him to follow me out of the room so I could show him that the whip did not hurt, it just sounded violent. I also told him that I wanted Sally to believe it would hurt and that he should follow my lead.

The girls still stood as we had left them. Jenni quivered in anticipation, Sally just quivered.

With a wink to Trevor I ordered him to strip in my best authoritative voice. It was important to keep the illusion of sternness as far as the two women were concerned. His clothes hit the floor in an untidy heap.

“Jenni; spread you legs and be prepared to be examined.” She complied, but was not quick enough and received a lash that hit her clit. She cried out and made sure her legs were wide. I could see Sally flinch at the sound, but she remained stock still.

“Trevor, make her wet, use your fingers and make her wet. Do it now.” He glanced at me and crawled across the floor, then knelt in front of Jenni and slid his hand over her crack. She moaned at the foreign touch and her knees almost gave out. She was already wet from the lashing she had received.

Sally said something, but I didn’t quite catch it.

“What did you say?”

“What’s happening?” She asked in a tremulous voice. She shook from head to toe.

“You do not speak until spoken to; is that understood?”

She nodded.

“What did I just say to you?”

“I..I mustn’t speak unless spoken to.”

“Remember it unless you want the same treatment as Jenni.”

Trevor had stopped rubbing Jenni’s twat I noticed and had been watching the interaction between Sally and me. I could see the gleam in his eye at the possibility of his wife getting a lashing. Instead, in one of those inspired moments, I lashed him across his bare back. He did exactly as I predicted and returned to rubbing Jenni’s swollen lips, spreading her slickness over his hand. I had three sub missives on my hands; this would be a night to remember.

“Push your thumb into her.” She winced as his thumb entered her vagina and cried out again.

“It’s a shame you are blindfolded Sally; you should see you husband’s hand rubbing Jenni’s cunt. It looks fantastic from here.” Sally shook even harder and looked in danger of falling over.

Silently, I stepped around the back of her supported her body and folded her knees until she was kneeling, I figured that she would not collapse in this position and was at the perfect height to receive my cock when I was ready.

“Kneel Jenni; kneel on the floor with your knees apart. Trevor, you keep on finger fucking her while she does it. Do it now.” The alacrity of her movement was gratifying to see, but it caught Trevor out a little and he received another lash across his buttocks for not staying up with the flow. He cried out in surprise and shoved his hand back in between Jenni’s parted lips and thumb fucked her some more.

I grabbed their new cuffs that were still on the table and gave them to Sally and told her to put one on each wrist and to leave the ends of them loose. She fumbled a bit with the catches, but managed to get the manacles on as I instructed.

“Put your hands behind you Sally.” She did as she was told and then wished that she hadn’t because I clipped the loose ends around her ankles. She looked fantastic, her breasts pushed forward where she had to lean back a little. Her knees had parted to keep her balance; she still trembled, not knowing what was happening. She could hear Jenni’s loud moans as Trevor’s thumb frigged her mercilessly.

Jenni would not hold out much longer, her breathing was becoming ragged and gasping. Much more of Trevor’s thumb and she would be gushing all over the carpet.

“Trevor, take your hand out of Jenni and get Sally to suck it clean.” His whole wrist and thumb glistened from Jenni’s juices; Sally obediently opened her mouth and had no choice in tasting the product of Jenni’s glands. Greedily, as if craving some attention, she sucked of Trevor’s thumb, licking of the excess and relishing the musky taste.

“Lay down Jenni, flat on your back and spread your legs wide.” She hastened to do it, but it wasn’t quick enough for my liking, so, her clit received two lashes of the multi-strung whip. She squealed and managed to lie as I had ordered.

“Trevor; guide Sally between Jenni’s knees and help her lay on her front. I want her to suck Jenni off.” Trevor carefully rolled Sally onto her stomach and helped her shuffle forward until her mouth closed over Jenni’s shaven mound. Sally’s tongue flicked out and stroked, making Jenni squirm with delight. I instructed Trevor to manoeuvre himself under Sally and fuck her while she feasted on the copious flow from Jenni. It took some doing, but he managed to wriggle under Sally’s parted and bound legs and then, bend his cock downwards and into the slick hole of his wife.

I stood back and admired the scene, pleased with the sight and allowed it to continue for a while. Jenni’s was almost drowning Sally with her noisy cum as she went through wave upon wave of orgasm.

But, good things need must come to an end. It was time to rearrange them and for some good old fashioned fucking to happen.

I draped Jenni over the arm of the settee and told her to stay there. Then undid the manacles from Sally’s ankles and laid her on the settee with her mound under Jenni’s nose. Trevor was next and I positioned him at Jenni’s crack with the head of his cock just poised at her entrance. For a second, they stayed motionless in a frozen tableau until, I cracked Trevor’s arse with the whip a little harder than before. He shoved forward in an involuntary reaction, driving his cock deep into Jenni’s cunt, the force pushed her forward so that her mouth encountered Sally’s waiting mound.

A few more cracks set the rhythm. Trevor pistoned into Jenni, making her ass cheeks quake with the brutal force of his thrusts. In turn she lashed Sally with her tongue and once again, I was pleased with the effect.

I left them to it for a moment and went to the bedroom for one more toy. They were still engaged as I had left them. Sally was thrashing her head from side to side in the throes of an ecstatic and explosive orgasm. Jenni’s tongue had nearly driven her out of her mind.

So engrossed were they had they didn’t realise I had returned, that is until I timed my moment and pushed a lubricated but plug into Trevor on a back stroke. His anus gave little resistance, but the effect was devastating. His thrust forward buried him deeper than he had been before causing Jenni to surge forward and bury her mouth on Sally’s mound.

Trevor’s thrust became urgent and staccato but I knew he would not be able to come just yet; the pressure in his ass would prevent that release. He groaned at the intrusion and thrust even harder. I allowed them the shared pleasure for a little longer while I retrieved yet another toy. This one was special in the effect I knew it would have on Jenni. It was a very small, but powerful vibrator, only four inches long and slim. When applied to her clit, she could not control her body and would shoot a stream of girl come in a long flood, just as if she were pissing.

“Stop now Trevor and stand up.” He hurried to obey, but found standing erect a little difficult. The pressure on his bladder from the plug would be uncomfortable, but I didn’t care. A swish from the whip had him standing to attention with his cock at right angles to his torso.

“Get up Jenni.” She stood a little shakily and waited obediently for her next command.

“Sally, get up from the couch and lay on the floor on your back.” She swung her legs around and searched for the floor. The blindfold was doing its job admirably. Slowly and uncertainly, she complied. I knelt beside her and then told her she was going to swallow Trevor’s spunk.

“I…I don’t.”

“Don’t what?” I asked incredulous. “I don’t swallow.”

“I see.” I stood up and then as hard as I dared, lashed her beautiful tits just once. She had not expected the strike and squealed in surprise and shock.

“You will now bitch, and what’s more, you will from now on, when ever Trevor demands it, do you understand?”

She nodded, but I wanted to hear it, so she received another slash of the whip, hitting her pouting pussy lips in a vicious swipe that had her cry out, yes I will.

“Will what?”

“I will swallow whenever Trevor demands.”

“Good, now open your mouth.” She lay there with her mouth wide open, ready to receive whatever entered it.

“Jenni, you know what to do with this.” I gave her the tiny vibe. She knew and knelt with her pussy directly over Sally’s mouth. Then she started massaging her clit with the little demon we called the finger.

My cock out, I had to fuck this woman who was about to become a come slut and knelt between her parted knees and forced my length into her. She gasped and quivered as I slid into her and then again and again, fucking her deep and enjoying the slickness of her soaked pussy.

The vibrator buzzed like an angry wasp and I could see that Jenni was almost there, I didn’t want to miss seeing Sally’s mouth get filled with girl cream so scrambled around to get a great view.

Then it happened, suddenly and with only the familiar cry from Jenni as a gush of amber nectar rushed from her body and hit the back of Sally’s mouth. She could never hope to take the whole amount, but tried to get as much as she could. Her mouth filled to the brim.

“Swallow it slut, or do you want me to beat you?”

She swallowed in one huge gulp and then licked her lips. It was a divine moment.

“Trevor, you must jerk off into Jenni’s mouth. Jenni, You must not swallow, understood?”

“Yes master.” Trevor, began to rub his uncut cock, wanking it against Jenni’s tongue Until, he gasped and shot the first load right to the back of Jenni’s throat. Bravely, Jenni denied the automotive response to swallow and collected the next spurts until he was entirely spent.

“Now kiss Sally.” She bent and shuffled down so that she could connect mouth to mouth. “Now give Sally the load.”

Jenni rose slightly so there were a few inches between them and allowed Trevor’s come to spill from her lips and onto Sally’s extended tongue. The globules slid slowly to the back of her tongue, collecting in a pool of milky white liquid.

“Watch Trevor, come closer and watch as Sally swallows you cum.” He crawled over and then watched fascinated as she swallowed his seed with an open mouth.

“So who wants my load?”

The question was answered with silence.

“Hmm, shall it be you Trevor? Or will it be Sally with her wonderful mouth or will it be Jenni?”

Then I answered my own question and turned Sally over. Her ass presented its self.

“Kneel back slut.” She did so with alacrity.

My cock was primed and aching to fuck something, her cunt was the object of my choice, but that was not going to be enough. I took the now quiet finger from Jenni’s hands, turned it on and pushed it into her anus as I slid into her.

She screamed in pleasure as my forward thrust pushed the small vibrator deeper into her ass. It slid out partially as I drew back and then popped back in as my stomach connected with the vibrating end on the return thrust. I set a regular pace that was just a little slower than her heart beat; it was one I could maintain for a while. Trevor had taken some initiative at last and was filling Jenni’s throat with his cock. She has the best technique and he had already grown rock hard. Seeing his wife double penetrated might have helped.

That familiar roiling in my balls started to build, but I wanted to fuck Sally’s ass so I pulled out both the dildo and my cock. It slid into her anus with no resistance and she screamed as she shot her own come across the floor. The application of the dildo to her clit finished the job; she was almost to the point of collapse. It didn’t matter though because my own explosion had arrived and I filled her guts with my seed. Spurt after spurt emptied into her, into the depths of her gorgeous ass.

Trevor had his cock all the way down Jenni’s throat now and he was just coming down from his second orgasm. Jenni wiped her lips and chin of his overspill and licked the residue off of her fingers before I instructed her to suck my spunk out of Sally’s ass.

We calmed down and eventually dressed. We had to sort out whose toys were whose but eventually it all got sorted out.

I drove them home, sally blew me as I drove which was nice and she made sure that not a drop was spilled.

I declined their offer of a repeat of the night, explaining that it is a rule with Jenni and I that we never revisit a couple. That way, no difficult liaisons occur and attachments cannot be formed. I did however, give them the number of a swinging club we occasionally go to and promised to introduce them when we next went.

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