Co-worker helps new girl discover some of the recreational possibilities of living in  


The heavy lock turned with a loud clunk as Jessy closed the front doors to the pool hall.

“Finally! Just a few more closing items and we’re out of here,” she said to her closing partner, Bronwen.

“And what a night it was,” Bronwen replied, sifting through the change from the tip jar, counting and changing in the coins for larger bills. “Looks like we pulled in $382 in tips between the two of us.”

“Cool. I could really use the money. I need to buy Christmas presents for my family by Thanksgiving.” Jessy walked around the room checking for stray pool balls, empty beer bottles and spit cups, before getting out the vacuum cleaner to do a quick cleaning of the black carpet.

“Why Thanksgiving?” Bronwen asked as she sorted the empty beer bottles and washed the few remaining glasses.

Jessy stepped on the button on the vacuum cleaner to silence it. “What was that?”

“I was just wondering why you needed to buy your gifts by Thanksgiving?”

“That’s when my brother and sister and their kids fly into town and we have our big family get-together. With their kids, they all like to have Christmas at their home. Being the baby of the family, I don’t get much voice in when our family celebrates holidays. Y’know... I have no kids or anyone else, but I do have to drive home to Hartford and put on the happy family face for Thanksgiving.” Jessy used the index fingers of both hands to push up the corners of her mouth, emphasizing the mask she needed at home.

“Well, it’s nice your family gets together, anyway. My family doesn’t do anything together, not that we’ve ever really been all that much ‘together’ anyway.” The look of disappointment in Bronwen’s face was apparent, but Jessy couldn’t really know how deep the sadness went for Bronwen. Nodding her understanding, Jessy went back to her vacuuming. When she was done, she packed the vacuum away in the closet and looked over the room. Bronwen had done all the dishes, counted down the register and dropped the deposit in the safe for the night. Jessy’s half of the tip jar was laid out on the bar for her.

“So, Jessy, what brought you to Bennington in the first place?” Bronwen asked as she sorted loose bottles into their respective empty boxes.

“I followed a guy up here who was going to Southern Vermont College. He dropped out and dropped me all at the same time.” Jessy made herself comfortable on a bar stool and played with the coins on the counter.

Bronwen nodded and smiled a knowing smile. “So why are you still here?”

“That’s a good question. I don’t want to go home, but Bennington sucks. There’s nothing to do here.”

“Except Sue Z Cues.”

“Right, except Sue Z Cues. But we work here. It’s cool Danielle hired us and all, not being 21 yet. I love this scene. But its 2am and I’m still looking for something to do. All our customers drove to New York an hour ago to keep drinking and partying. Don’t you ever still want to do something after work?”

Bronwen hefted the empty keg of Cider Jack on her shoulder, her slender arms showing their strength, and walked it over to the cellar door. “You can tell you ain’t from around here, Jessy.” and she disappeared behind the door.

Jessy listened as Bronwen’s footsteps faded and wondered what Bronwen had meant by her departing comment. She heard the clang of the keg hitting the cold floor and Bronwen’s steps coming back up the stairs.

Bronwen opened the door and looked at Jessy. “Well, are you just going to sit there, or are you going to help me carry the rest of the empty kegs and cases down the stairs?” Bronwen’s voice was playful, but stern. A pang of guilt hit Jessy for not thinking what should could have been doing to get them out of there, but she wasn’t in a hurry to go home. Regardless, for some strange reason, she couldn’t help but want to please Bronwen and follow her orders.

Jessy quickly picked up three empty cases as Bronwen grabbed another two empty kegs. Bronwen had been working here at Sue Z Cues for two years now. Next week, on Halloween, was her 21st birthday. Jessy looked at her bartending mentor as they walked down the stairs. They were about the same height at around 5' 7", but Bronwen had long blonde hair and a well endowed chest. Like the other bartenders, she wore short cut shirts and a low slung mini-skirt so both her navel piercing and her sacral tattoo displayed proudly as she reached up for new liquor bottles and bent over into the cooler for beers. Danielle had never made any secret about the fact she liked to hire good looking bartenders - both male and female - to work behind the bar. It seemed to work for Sue Z Cues. Even without a bouncer, there was never a fist thrown and working the bar was always fun.

Jessy was flattered she had been hired when she thought about the other bartenders. She didn’t have the blonde hair or boobs to boast of that Bronwen brought to the job, but she had her own, high cheeked, dark haired beauty about her. She was more evenly proportioned, almost a little on the boyish side. Sue Z Cues attracted an alternative crowd in addition to the pool players. Since she started two months ago, Jessy had actually been hit on by more women than men in this small Vermont town.

At first it bothered her. She wasn’t attracted to women, and she complained to Danielle. Her boss’s reaction wasn’t exactly what she had expected.

“Well, Jessy, I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to, but our clients come from all different walks of life, and Sue Z Cues does have quite the lesbian following. If it makes you uncomfortable, politely tell them so. But, you know, flirting never hurt anyone, and you’ll make better money if you flirt with ALL the customers.”

When she told her boyfriend about her boss’s instructions, his response was even more further from her expectations.

“I don’t want you working someplace where guys are hitting on you all the time. Maybe you should apply to work at the Price Chopper.”

“Ray! It’s a bartending job. It pays a lot better than working at a grocery store. It’s not like I sleep with any of the customers. It’s just flirting.”

“Well, feel free to bring home any of the women you flirt with, but I better never catch you flirting with the guys.”

Jessy consoled herself with the fact Danielle had wisely informed her on hiring her, Ray was not welcome - or any other future boyfriends - at the bar while Jessy was working. If he was going to be her ride home, he could be there while she was closing, but never while the store was open and she was working. “It is not safe for your attentions to be on something other than your job while you’re bartending,” Danielle explained. “Besides, you’ll sell more booze and make better tips if you at least seem available.” As the months went on, Jessy actually began to be more comfortable with all the attention from the customers, even the female ones. It seemed all in good fun, and the more she played along, the more she seemed like part of the team behind the bar putting on a show for the customers. It was quite the ego booster, and had made breaking up with Ray that much more palatable when it finally happened.

Jessy found a lot of the rules of Sue Z Cues a bit strange. Some seemed kind of weird, like the “no boyfriend” rule, while others were exceptionally lenient. The day she was hired, Danielle handed her a key to the main door and told her she was welcome to use the pool hall any time she wanted, so long as she cleaned up after herself. She and Ray took advantage of that after smoking a few joints one evening at their apartment.

“Don’t you have a key to the pool hall?” he asked.

“Yeah.” Jessy replied with a stoned giggle.

“Why don’t we go down and play some pool.”

“Ray, it’s 3AM!”

“Exactly! No one will be there. We can play strip 9-Ball!!”

And that is exactly what they did. Jessy turned only the light on over the pool table furthest from the door. No one outside, should they be walking by that early in the morning, would be able to see what was going on at the pool table.

Having free table time any time she wanted at the pool hall, Jessy had become quite the shot, even after only two months. Dropping the 3, 6 or 9 required the other person to remove an article of clothing. Pretty soon, Ray was completely naked and Jessy had lost her shirt and bra.

Ray walked around the table, reaching into the pockets as he walked around the table, his penis wagging with his semi-stoned swagger.

“That’s it, Ray. You do a great job at the ‘walk of shame.’” Jessy taunted.

Ray started exaggerating this dip of his body as he reached into the pockets, rolling the balls down to the foot of the table as he retrieved them from the pockets. Returning to the foot of the table, he spent a great deal of time bouncing the balls around in the rack and pressing them tight with his hands. Not being satisfied he repeated the procedure a number of times, finally moving the rack up the table and away from the balls, spinning it between the palms of his hands and reaching up to hang the rack on the table lights. As he did, his dick slid up and lay on the rail of the table.

“No breaking from that end of the table,” Jessy scolded as she stared at his erection reaching the edge of the cushion.

Ray looked down and, as he dropped down from his toes, his penis fell off the rail and he laughed. “Not to worry, it’s your break anyway. I think you might be hustling me, little lady.”

Jessy took her game seriously. She picked up a house cue, set her feet apart to balance her stance and started practice strokes on the cue, aiming at the rack of balls on the foot spot.

Ray swaggered up to the head of the table, watching Jessy’s small boobs swing with the stroke of the cue as he walked up behind her.

“I think you have been sharking me with those sexy boobs swinging around on each break,” he said as he reached around her torso and covered each one with a hand.

Jessy stopped her practice strokes. “Maybe I’m stroking the wrong thing as she moved her bridge hand to Ray’s hard shaft. She stroked it a few times and Ray groaned. The weed was wearing off, but his horniness was increasing with the idea of being in this public place alone with Jessy.

“I don’t want to play 9 Ball anymore, Jessy,” he said as he started unzipping her jeans.

He fucked her as he laid her body over the head rail of the table. Between the buzz she had going and the fact she was being screwed in the place she worked by her boyfriend after hours, it only took a few strokes before she started squeezing on Ray’s dick with her contractions. Her pussy walls clamping down on his dick and the bright lights shining off her sweaty back put Ray over the edge. He pumped away at her from behind until he pulled out and dropped back against the wall behind him, exhausted by the thrill of it all.

Jessy continued to lay exhausted over the table, her arms up over her head stretched out across the table, cum dripping out from between her legs down the table blinds. When she finally returned to reality, the first thing that went through her head was Danielle’s words, “Be sure to clean up after yourself if you are here outside our normal hours.”

“So do you have any plans for the evening?”

Bronwen’s voice brought Jessy back to the present as she moved her gaze from table 8 where she and Ray had fucked only a month ago to the eyes of her co-worker now sitting on the bar stool next to her.

“I don’t know. I’ll probably go home, pop myself some pop corn, watch a DVD I’ve seen a hundred times and get to sleep around 5.”

Bronwen studied her co-worker; her eyes looked carefully into Jessy’s eyes. Could she trust Jessy?

“Okay, city girl, you can do that. Or...” Bronwen set the bait as her voice trailed.

Bronwen now had Jessy’s rapt attention.

“Or what, Bronwen?”

“Or I can introduce you to some country fun.”

“Exactly what do you mean by country fun?”

Bronwen just kept looking into Jessy’s green eyes. Sometimes these new girls didn’t want to bend what they saw as the rules.

“Let’s call it a country dare. Do you trust me?”

Jessy kept Bronwen’s stare and thought a moment. “Should I trust you?”

“Probably not.” Bronwen got up out of her seat and walked back into the office breaking the gaze for the first time since presenting her challenge. She knew Jessy would need a little time to think about the possibilities, time to allow the curiosity to grow. When she came back out she had in her hands a scrap of felt left over from the recovering of one of the pool tables. “I do, however, promise you’ll have a good time.”

As Jessy stared at Bronwen a jolt ran through her body which electrified her senses and concentrated in her pussy. “What’s happening?” she thought to herself as she looked at Bronwen from head to toe. While she had grown accustomed to the advances of patrons, it had always seemed like being an actor in a play. She had never really considered following through, but the thought did intrigue her. She knew dating any customer, male or female, could complicate what was generally a fun job. Now Bronwen, Sue Z Cues’ blonde bomb bar mistress was standing in front of her with what looked like might become a blindfold hanging from her right hand. She was wearing fuck-you boots with 4" heals on top of a 2" platform which zipped up the inside of each of her long, strong legs, ending just before the bottom of her plaid mini-skirt. The skirt, when she bent over far enough, gave a number of the evenings’ customers a view of her thong covered and shaved pussy. Even that grooming technique had not escaped Jessy’s historically straight-minded notice when they had worked together in the past. Bronwen’s short shirt, as always, showed off her navel piercing and sacral tattoo. This particular shirt was also cut in a low swoop so her ample cleavage just about burst out of her bra and through the top of her shirt. It’s short sleeves clung tightly to the biceps, just slightly larger than one would expect on a woman like this, if only because they had become accustomed to swinging full kegs like Jessy had only ever seen the big delivery guys and Danielle swing. Bronwen’s face was adorned by a huge mischievous smile that said both “we are going to have fun” as well as “what we are about to do is probably illegal.” With that final assessment, Jessy knew what her response had to be.

“I’m all yours for the evening.”

“Be careful what you wish for, Jessy,” Bronwen chided as she stepped behind her prey and, as expected, tied the table cloth tight around her eyes. Bringing her lips close to Jessy’s ear from behind her voice became a whisper as her breath pushed her next words past Jessy’s ears and deep into her senses. “You just might get it.” Jessy felt she might melt right were she stood into a puddle on the black carpeted floor.

Bronwen tested the tension on the blindfold with a tug from the back and waved her hand in front of Jessy’s face to make sure she couldn’t see through the makeshift blindfold. Confident Jessy was in her control, she leaned in to whisper in Jessy’s ear.

“While some may think losing sight means something is taken away, I want you to realize it can actually be a gift. Remember, dear Jessy, it is better to give than to receive. Give up those eyes for me for just a little while, and I’ll show you things you could never believe with your eyes.”

Bronwen took Jessy’s hands and led her to one of the bar stools. She ushered the sight-deprived girl to sit for a moment and, resting her hand on a shoulder, indicated she should wait for a moment.

Without her sight, Jessy’s other senses turned up to compensate. She heard Bronwen’s boots clunk a path to the cellar door and walk down the stairs. Even with the door closed behind her, Jessy could hear Bronwen open the walk-in cooler door and moments later return back up the stairs. She could hear bottles clinking as though Bronwen had returned with a case of beer.

“Where are your keys, Jessy?”

Jessy stood up off the stool and reached deep into her front jeans pocket and retrieved a set of keys, handing them towards Bronwen’s voice.

“I’m going to go outside for a moment to move your truck into the parking lot so it won’t get towed from the street tonight. Then I’ll bring my car up in front of the door. You’ll walk out with me and I’ll take you out tonight.”

Bronwen paused and waited for a response from Jessy. Hearing none, but also not noting any concern on her blindfolded friend’s face she continued.

“I want you to feel you can trust me, but I am also going to ask you to do things you have probably never done before or maybe even considered. Do you understand?”

Jessy nodded. The excitement of not knowing was building the excitement in her body and she didn’t want it to stop any time soon. If she could trust Bronwen behind the bar where they could both get hurt or even arrested with the tight liquor laws, she intuitively felt she could trust Bronwen with almost anything.

“Some of my instructions will be oral, and sometimes, once I remove your blindfold, they will be written. This dare is also a bit of a game and, even though I am giving the instructions, you can quit the game at any time and I won’t think any less of you. Do you understand?”

Jessy nodded again. The excitement between her legs had increased so much she had to cross them tightly to keep control of them. She almost thought she could smell her arousal over the stale beer smell permeating the bar.

Jessy’s movements were all observed by Bronwen. She smiled, licked her lips in anticipation and continued. “So that you can always feel you have control over this, even though I am making the rules for our game as we go along, you are going to have an escape word. Have you ever used an escape word?”

Jessy had not and she wagged her head to indicate so. It had never occurred to her she might need such a thing. She had never been with someone who had commanded her so powerfully and completely - in any situation - and the prospect only intrigued Jessy further.

“That’s okay,” Bronwen assured. “All it is is a word which we both agree to in advance. If either one of us says the word, the game stops. No questions asked. No honor lost. Tonight’s escape word will be...” Bronwen thought for a moment for a word which was simple and memorable. Then she thought about where she was going to take Jessy. “...apples.”

Jessy nodded.

“Tell me what the escape word is,” Bronwen commanded.

“Apples,” Jessy answered.

“Good. The next time that word is spoken, it will be the escape word. I don’t think you will use it frivolously. Will you?”

“No, Bronwen, I will not use it frivolously.”

“Excellent.” Bronwen’s knowing smile widened. Not just because Jessy had just given her permission to play, but how obediently Jessy had just consented. “You wait right there. I’ll be right back.”

Jessy listened as Bronwen picked Jessy’s keys up off the bar, walked across the open room, unlocked the heavy bolt of the front door, then locked it again after it closed behind her.

In an effort to not psych herself out about what was to come in her evening, Jessy turned her remaining senses to her environment. The room bore a dingy scent, a mixture of stale beer and cigarette smoke which hung in the dampness of the cool autumn air. There was another smell mingling with the familiar scent she learned the first day she opened the bar by herself. It took her a while to place it, but when she realized it was most definitely the scent of her arousal, she shifted her attention to her ears. The cooling fan of the draft cooler ticked against its metal side. Somewhere down the room, she could hear the hum of a ballast from one of the fluorescent lights around the room. She remembered hearing the same sounds, equally intensified when she and Ray were in the bar alone, under the influence of marijuana, as they were now with her eyesight ‘taken’ from her. A gift, Bronwen had told her. By giving her eyes to Bronwen, she was about to receive whatever Bronwen was going to offer. While she knew she should be scared, the more she tried to be scared, the more she was aroused by the anticipation of what lay ahead for the evening.

Jessy had wondered about Bronwen’s preferences when she first met her. In her two months at Sue Z Cues, she had never heard Bronwen mention a boyfriend. Bronwen and Katrina, another of Sue Z Cues’ bartenders, were inseparable. They often hugged or held hands. Jessy even knew the two would sometimes sleep together, but the way they talked about it, it always seemed more innocent than sexual. Besides, Katrina had a boyfriend and some of their escapades had been entertaining talk while closing. Bronwen was the free spirit of Sue Z Cues, and her tips showed it. Thinking about Danielle’s encouragement to flirt with everyone, Bronwen seemed to have epitomized the flirtatious bartender Danielle wanted behind her bar.

In spite of the worry, Bennington was just too boring, and Jessy was enraptured by the idea of doing something daring with this woman who kept people’s eyes on her until they lost track of how many beers they had. To stop now, to even think about saying “apples,” was the furthest thing from Jessy’s mind. She wanted what the evening had to offer. No, she needed what Bronwen could give her.

The door lock opened with a thud and Bronwen walked toward Jessy. She took Jessy’s hand in hers asking, “Are you ready?”

“Yes, Bronwen.” Jessy’s voice nearly failed her. She lifted herself off the bar stool and, with her hand in Bronwen’s, allowed herself to be led out the front door.

Bronwen kept hold of her hand as the door was locked for the evening’s final time. Jessy heard Bronwen tug on the door handles to make sure they were secure, then felt herself being pulled to Bronwen’s tricked out Honda Civic which was running and parked at the curb right in front of the building. Jessy knew it had to be close to 3am by now and it was unlikely anyone was on the streets of downtown, much less watching them get to the car. Bronwen opened the door and protected Jessy’s head with her hand as she helped her into the low car. The door closed behind Jessy and, a moment later, she heard Bronwen open the driver’s door and slide into her own leather seat.

The car had purple lights on inside which glowed enough Jessy could see they were on through the cloth of her blindfold. Bronwen put a P!nk CD in the player and turned up the music so all Jessy could hear was the steady beat of the powerful music.

For a while, Jessy thought she knew where they were as Bronwen weaved around the streets of town. Soon, it only seemed like they were going in circles, then Bronwen slowed, the car turned to the right and Jessy could feel they were driving on gravel. The car and stereo turned off simultaneously.

“Keep the blindfold on, Jessy.” Bronwen ordered politely but sternly.

“Yes, Bronwen.”

“Is there anything you want to say?” Bronwen asked, hoping Jessy wouldn’t use the escape word just yet but knowledgably allowing Jessy enough time to control the situation if she needed to.

“No, not that I can think of.” Jessy’s trust in Bronwen deepened as she realized the respect she had just been given.

“Okay, then. I’m going to come around and help you out of the car. We are going to walk for a little bit. I am going to get a box out of the back of the car and you will carry it. You will not set it down until I tell you to do so. I will be behind you as we walk and I will steer you with your shoulders. Once we get to where we are going, I will give you the next set of instructions. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Bronwen.”

“Good. I’ll be around to get you out in just a moment.”

Jessy listened as Bronwen got out of the car, opened the trunk, then came around to her door and helped her out of the car. Jessy was led to the back of the Civic, and held out her arms. Bronwen lifted something out of the back of the car and put it in Jessy’s outstretched arms. It was a case of beer. Even after only two months on the job, Jessy knew exactly what a case of beer felt like, and it was no mistaking on this. It was still cold, which meant Bronwen had taken it out of cold storage at the bar.

As promised, Bronwen turned Jessy around and, putting a hand on each shoulder, directed Jessy where to walk. At first they walked kind of straight and down a small hill, but then, every few feet they turned one direction or another. Sometimes it seemed as though they were retracing their own steps. It was quiet all around them. On two different occasions, Jessy could hear cars pass within 100' on the road. It was obvious they were outside by the smell of the air and the sound of crickets chirping. After a few minutes Bronwen stopped them.

“Put the beer down,” Bronwen directed.

Jessy complied. She could hear Bronwen open the case, then remove and open two of the beers. The pressure releasing as they were opened was loud compared to their environment. She felt Bronwen grab her right hand and place a cold beer in it.

“Drink up. It’s Smirnoff Ice, your favorite.” Bronwen was right. It was Jessy’s favorite choice when they could get away with drinking at the bar. Danielle would often turn a blind eye so long as there was no chance of anyone getting caught or ratted on. But a whole case? The wrath of her new boss struck more fear in her than the sound of cars driving close enough they should be able to see the two young women.

As Jessy was reaching the end of her bottle, she could hear Bronwen opening another pair of bottles. She felt the empty being pulled from her hand and a new cold one put in its place.

“Drink this one too. When you are done drinking your second, you may take the blindfold off. I will leave a message for you. Follow the directions. I’ll see you in a bit.”

With that, Jessy could hear Bronwen pick up the case of beer and walk away. She tried to swallow the cold, sweet beverage as quietly as she could so she could listen to Bronwen’s footsteps. They walked away, but sometimes they sounded like they were coming back, only to go away again. She heard Bronwen walk around all different directions. It seemed unthinkable that Bronwen wouldn’t know exactly where she was going to walk to, but then Jessy figured Bronwen was just trying to keep her disoriented.

Trying to be quiet and feeling quite full from her first bottle, Jessy drank as fast as she could so she could continue with Bronwen’s dare. On finishing her liquid hourglass she triumphantly ripped off the blindfold. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to her surroundings.

She was in the middle of a cornfield! There was a small clearing with paths leading off in three different directions. In front of her was a six pack with only two bottles of Smirnoff and a note stuck in-between the bottle necks.

Dear Jessy,

Welcome to Bronwen’s version of country fun. You are standing in the middle of the Apple Barn’s cornfield maze. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find me at the rendezvous point. Look around. You will see something of mine. Follow my trail through the maze. Bring the beer with you to keep yourself refreshed!


The full October moon was lighting the sky, even making reading the note from Bronwen easy. Only a few clouds moved through the inky sky. Jessy slowly turned around in her spot, looking for something of Bronwen’s.

It didn’t take long to notice Bronwen’s bright white shirt hung from an ear of corn on a stalk down one of the paths. Jessy bent down and picked up her six pack and put her empty in it, then walked down the maze path to Bronwen’s shirt. She took it from its hanging point and buried her face in the cloth. It smelled of Sue Z Cues - that same old beer and stale cigarette smell, but it also smelled distinctly of Bronwen, sweet with a light perfumed air. Jessy became heady from the scent and thinking about the craziness of this country dare.

The path continued for a while until there was a place to either continue straight or turn right. Jessy strained her eyes, looking for Bronwen’s next clue. Down the right hand path was an empty beer bottle, so she followed that path until she could pick that up. As she wandered around the paths, the full moon overhead continued to light everything brightly even as the corn stalks stood almost 3 feet over her head.

Every time Jessy came to a point in the maze where she had to make a decision, Bronwen had left something just in her sight: a bottle opener - with a note telling Jessy to be sure to finish her next two beers, Bronwen’s bra, her skirt, three more empty bottles, two wide leather bracelets and her thong. As Jessy picked up the thong, and smelled it with her eyes closed, a vision of Bronwen standing naked except for her pair of thigh high fuck-me boots came clearly into Jessy’s head. On opening her eyes, the vision stood before her, smiling.

“I think you are a bit over dressed for running the maize maze in the moonlight.”

Jessy could only stare in admiration. Bronwen had a gorgeous body. The corn stood taller than either of them. The passing cars could not see this beautiful woman. She was standing there only for Jessy.

“Um, Bronwen, I’ve never been into girls,” Jessy caught the words as they came out of her mouth realizing her brain was in sharp opposition to her now dripping pussy.

“Have you ever tried?”


“Did you like the maze?”

“Yeah, this is cool with the moonlight and all.”

“Have you ever tried a cornfield maze before?”

“No, can’t say that I have.” Jessy knew where Bronwen’s argument was going from the start, but she needed the delay to have her nerves settle some. “Is this what all country women do for fun around here?”

“I don’t know about ALL country women, but this one has always loved running the cornfield maze in the moonlight after hours. It is not every day, however, that I can get another beautiful woman to join me. Why don’t you put all that stuff down and let me show you what else there is to be discovered when there’s ‘nothing to do.’”

For a moment Jessy didn’t move. How could she refuse Bronwen? So she set Bronwen’s cloths down in the path along with her bottles and walked towards this woman who commanded her so masterfully, yet with such compassion.

Bronwen waited patiently for her new friend to approach her. She could see the arousal in Jessy’s eyes, and smell her arousal - a musky aroma which smelled distinctly of sex and grew stronger as the clothed girl approached.

Bronwen kept her hands by her sides until Jessy was within an inch of her body. Jessy looked down at Bronwen’s ample breasts. When she did, Bronwen reached down for one of Jessy’s hands, bringing it up and placing it on one of her globes.

“All mine, all real. Go ahead. Do whatever inspires you.”

Jessy moved her hand around, and lightly shaped and squeezed Bronwen’s one breast than the other. With both hands she explored even more, backing up so she could watch Bronwen’s nipples rise to attention as her thumbs rubbed over them. One part of her brain asking her if she was now a lesbian, yet another part was listening to the feedback from her body which was telling her how phenomenally exciting and erotic this all was.


Jessy looked up at Bronwen’s face.

“Stop worrying about whether you are a lesbian or not. I don’t think you are. You are a beautiful woman with a body that wants to feel good. There’s nothing wrong with that. Try to stop thinking about all those things you have been taught over the years and just listen to what your body tells you. I can see you like this - and who wouldn’t?” Bronwen wrapped her arms around Jessy’s waist and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Jessy melted at the kiss. Her head swam with the words she was hearing and the sensations she was feeling. She had to wrap her own arms around Bronwen to keep herself from collapsing. In no time her hands moved down to Bronwen’s full round, naked ass. She explored those globes as she had explored Bronwen’s breasts moments earlier. A long low moan came from deep inside her.


Bronwen took the cue of Jessy’s transformation and untucked her shirt from her jeans. She let her hands explore up Jessy’s back and unhooked the back of her bra. Jessy’s only response was to move her hands in more directions, exploring and touching, feeling the soft skin of her new discovery. Bronwen interrupted Jessy’s exploring for only a moment when, in one smooth motion, she lifted her shirt up over her head along with the bra. She leaned back from their embrace to admire the porcelain, smooth skin of Jessy’s body in the white light of the moon.

Jessy’s breasts were evenly proportioned B cups, with small areolas and perky nipples which pointed up to the stars. Bronwen slid down Jessy’s body, and knelt on the ground of the corn field with the tops of her boots protecting her knees. Taking one breast in her mouth she sucked strongly. With her hands she ran her fingers in and around the waist band of Jessy’s jeans, slipping them inside and hanging them from the front.

With her breasts receiving the most expert attention they had ever experienced, Jessy dropped her head back in pure joy. She held onto Bronwen’s shoulders, with long, thick, blonde hair covering them to maintain her balance. She could feel Bronwen’s hands exploring around the top of her jeans and her mind gave in to plead for Bronwen to go further. “Please...”

Bronwen stopped her ministrations on Jessy’s perky breasts. “Please, what, Jessy?”

“Please take them off. Please.” Jessy’s begging inspired Bronwen.

“Yes, my love, we’ll take them off.” Bronwen sat back on the heels of her boots and slowly unbuttoned Jessy’s fly. Bronwen leaned her face inside and inhaled deeply. Jessy swooned from the eroticism of seeing this beautiful woman burying her face inside her jeans. Keeping her face at Jessy’s sex, Bronwen peeled the tight jeans down from around her ass and thighs. Once at her ankles, Jessy lifted one leg at a time so she could step out of her jeans. Underneath she was wearing light cotton panties with small flowers on them. Bronwen had left them on and now ran a finger inside the leg band of one leg and then the other, brushing lightly on either side of Jessy’s swelling sex, then taking the finger out.

“Can I have these?” Bronwen asked, tugging at the waistband of Jessy’s panties.

“Huh?” The question was unexpected by Jessy.

“May I keep your panties, love?” Bronwen clarified.

“Only if I can have yours.”

“Of course you can have mine.”

“Isn’t it uncomfortable wearing a thong?”

“No, not at all. It makes me feel very sexy. You’d get used to them if you wore them.”

Bronwen pulled Jessy’s panties down and off then pulled Jessy down to be with her. Together they leaned in for a deep, passionate kiss. If Jessy had any apprehensions remaining, they disappeared with that kiss. Their tongues probed deep, intertwining, exploring deep and dancing together.

Without breaking the kiss, they both fell down to the ground, hands moving, grabbing stroking everywhere. Jessy found she wanted to knead Bronwen’s breasts more than anything else, while Bronwen intertwined one hand in Jessy’s hair and pulled at it, and with the other, slipped two fingers between Jessy’s legs, easily sliding them past Jessy’s very wet lips, deep into her cunt.

Jessy broke the kiss first. “Uhung.” Bronwen’s fingers began stroking in and out, curling forward against Jessy’s g-spot. The rest of what Jessy spoke was completely incoherent as Bronwen’s thumb joined in on a rhythmic thumping of Jessy’s clit as her hand moved back and forth.

As her first climax built and released, Jessy clenched Bronwen’s hand with her thighs so tightly, all Bronwen could do was wiggle her fingers a bit, as the walls of Jessy’s vagina contracted and loosened, pushing out a stream of juices past Bronwen’s hand and down her own legs. Jessy buried her face in Bronwen’s next, moaning and muffling her screams.

After what seemed an eternity to Jessy, she finally loosened her grip on Bronwen’s hand and rolled back on her back exhausted. Bronwen moved down to clean up Jessy’s ejaculations with her soft warm tongue.

“Oh, my god, Bronwen. I don’t think I can handle that.” Jessy said as she realized what Bronwen was doing.

“You’re not going to deny me this delicious evening treat, are you?”

“No.” Jessy sighed. “You did tell me it is better to give than to receive when we started this dare. Is that true?”

“Hmmmm.” Bronwen thought as she left trails with her tongue on Jessy’s thighs. “You know, now that you mention it, I might have been wrong on that one. Think you might like to find out?”

“ Mmm. Yes. I think I would like to do that. But...”

“But you’ve never even thought about doing it before tonight?” Bronwen crawled back up next to her evening’s lover.


“Well, don’t worry. Most women just know how to make another woman feel wonderful. I have a feeling about you, Jessy. I have a feeling you will know just exactly how to give.”

Jessy glowed at hearing her name come from the lips of her new lover. With the encouragement, she slowly worked her way down Bronwen’s voluptuous body. She had to stop at those breasts and pay homage to each one as she passed. She left a trail of light butterfly kisses down Bronwen’s abdomen, planting a special one on Bronwen’s piercing.

Bronwen lay back on the cool ground, first looking at the moon and swearing the man in it had winked at her. She then closed her eyes as her novice lover discovered and explored. The awe and curiosity of virgins were thrilling to the more experienced woman.

As Jessy reached Bronwen’s dripping wet sex, something sparkling caught her eye. Bronwen slowly parted her legs, and staring Jessy in the face was a sparkling stud piercing the hood of Bronwen’s clitoris. Jessy stuck out her tongue and gently nudged the jewelry.

“Ooohh.” Bronwen let out a low moan.

Jessy was surprised at the sweet, light taste of Bronwen’s juices which she sampled from the stud. Her body suddenly craved more, so she flattened out her tongue and ran it clean from as far back as her head and the ground would let her, back up, over and past Bronwen’s jewelry back to her belly button piercing. What a wonderful taste!! Jessy couldn’t get enough of it so she worked her tongue around the outside of Bronwen’s swollen lips and down the inside of her thighs to the tops of those high zippered boots. Bronwen’s shaved pussy was smooth enabling Jessy to lap at it with pure abandon.

With Bronwen now clean of her juices on the outside Jessy knew exactly where to get more and it dripped like honey from inside Bronwen. Jessy plunged her tongue deep into Bronwen’s cunt, causing Bronwen to lift her hips high up off the ground.

“Yesssss... Jessssssy. You are... an pro... fesssssion... al... pusssssy llllick... er,” Bronwen hissed in encouragement, trying to hold back her orgasm as Jessy tongue fucked her pussy.

Bronwen’s words only urged Jessy on faster. Jessy plunged her tongue deep, then nodded up with her head as she came back, rubbing the stud in Bronwen’s clit hood with her nose. Now kneeling in the dirt between Bronwen’s legs, Jessy held Bronwen’s honey pot to her face by holding firmly to each cheek of Bronwen’s ass - trying hard to keep her face buried in the sweet nectar. Finally, Bronwen could stand it no longer, and with a long howl at the moon, her orgasm ripped through her body, giving a flood of sweet juices to Jessy. Jessy lapped and licked as fast as she could, trying to keep even a drop of the precious fluid from dripping to the ground.

Jessy was still lapping, searching for more as Bronwen came down from her last few shudders of tiny orgasm when Bronwen reached down, cradling Jessy’s wet chin and smiling face in her hand.

“Come here, love.”

Jessy crawled over Bronwen’s body and Bronwen wrapped her arms around her co-worker and pulled her in for a hug. “See. You knew exactly what to do.” Jessy hugged Bronwen deeper, feeling a great comfort in words she had never hear from a lover before. Things seemed so right at that moment.

The cool autumn air made its presence known to the two women as the heat of their passion was whisked off into the field around them. Jessy shuddered, and Bronwen began to feel the cold of the damp earth beneath her creep into her bare skin.

They dressed in between kisses, Jessy donning Bronwen’s thong, while Bronwen tucked Jessy’s cotton panties in her cleavage.

“You know, I think you are right about it being better to give than receive, but I’m confused as to when I was giving and when I was receiving.”

Bronwen smiled a knowing smile as she zipped her skirt.

Jessy looked around, the effects of her drinking and their sex making her head dizzy. “How do we get out of here?”

“Don’t worry, I know the way. Every fall I run through this maze when the moon’s out and the skies are clear. I could find my way out with my eyes closed.”

“I dare you to do that with me some time.”

“I’ll take that dare.” Bronwen exclaimed, reaching out for Jessy’s hand and smiling.

Jessy just smiled back and the two wound their way out of the cornfield maze together by the light of the harvest moon.

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