Computer Glitch  


I’m 30 years old, single male and I work for a large company that sells scientific computer products to businesses. This means I spend most of my day in a small cubicle along with a lot of other people. My job is to work out any bugs that may be in any of the programs that we offer to clients. So most of my day is spent in front of a computer or on the telephone. I tend to work long hours so I don’t get much time to socialize with the opposite sex.

Our company has a large lunchroom where we can either bring in our own food or they also serve hot food. But I tend to either sit alone or with the other guys who work on the same programs I work on.

Anyway, to my surprise, Cathy came up and sat down next to me during lunch. Cathy is about five years older than me, but is always is fashionably dressed, and looks very young for her age. Cathy started working for the company about a year ago, and is very good at writing our manuals for the programs that the company sells. This means that she needs a good background in both English and science.

After the usual hello and how are you, Cathy asked, “Could you come over to my house, tomorrow, and work on my home computer. It has been acting slow, lately, and some of the programs have not been working properly. Can you help me out?”

“If I am not working late tomorrow, I’d be happy to help you out.” I said. I consider myself to be a real computer wiz, and I had been interested in getting to know Cathy for a long time. I just never got up the courage to talk to her.

“Good!” Cathy exclaimed. “I can make you a good meal to eat while you work on my computer, and we can also get to know each other better. I better let you finish your lunch, and then you can follow me home, tomorrow.”

This gave me time to gather up my repair programs, plus I downloaded some new programs that are supposed to make a computer run faster and better.

The next day was Tuesday, and I didn’t have to work late. So I followed Cathy home to a very nice looking townhouse. When I walked through her door, I was amazed how nice and clean, and well organized her house looked. My house tends to be cluttered with stuff all over, and not very clean. But since I live alone, no one can complain but myself.

Cathy showed me the computer room and I started repairing her computer. “I’ll start making us something to eat,” Cathy said. “I’ll call you when it is ready.” So I started working on her computer. And yes, it was working very slowly and certain programs didn’t work very well. So I started by using my repair programs on her computer. It took a while, but things started to work faster on her computer. “Supper’s ready.” I heard Cathy said.

When I sat down to eat, I was really surprised at what Cathy had made. It was a roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and cream corn. It tasted really good. For desert. Cathy served me a homemade cake. We were able to talk while we were eating and I found out more information on what Cathy likes to cook and eat. Then it was back to her computer. After I thought her computer was fixed, I put on the new programs that I had found on the net to make her computer work even faster and better.

While those programs were being loaded and installed, I was able to talk some more with Cathy. I found out that she used to be a junior high teacher teacher at a private school. She had taught English and Science to 7 – 9th graders. But the enrollment of students had gone down and she wasn’t paid very well, so she switched to this higher paying job.

So it was a nice evening for me, and I got to know Cathy better. Back at work, Cathy smiled at me during the rest of the week, and thanked me for working on her computer. But on Friday, she didn’t make eye contact with me and seemed very cold towards me.

Then on Monday of the following week, Cathy asked, “Can you come over to my house after work? I want you to look at my computer, again.”

“Sure.” I said. I was looking forward to another great meal and good conversation with Cathy.

After work and once we got to her townhouse, she said, “Just have a seat on the couch and I want to show you something.” She went into her kitchen and brought out a bill from a computer repair company. “After you worked on my computer, it completely froze up, and I took it into this company to get it repaired. I think you would be interested in what they said was wrong with it.”

Under comments about the computer, it read, “ Three programs were recently loaded on the computer that caused the problems. Each program had multiple viruses and worms that disabled the computer. Furthermore, part of your hardrive was erased and many of your applications were scrambled. The computer is working okay now, with no worms or viruses, but your applications should be reinstalled and hopefully you have backed up your data. About 50% of your information was lost due to the three programs recently installed on your hardrive. Cost of the repair, $300.00.”

I was shocked by what I read. It was true that I had not tested these new programs on my computer before I installed them onto Cathy’s computer, but I had obtained them from a source on the net that I have never had a problem with.

“I feel that most or all of the repair costs should be paid by you, since you installed those corrupt programs on my computer.” Cathy said. “Second, I will have to spend many hours putting programs and information back on my computer, and I feel that you should compensate me for my loss. Do you agree?”

“I guess so, but I didn’t think any of my programs would harm your computer.” I replied. “Also, I have no money in savings and I am living paycheck to paycheck, so I can’t pay you back right now.”

“When I taught school, if any of the boys in my class got in trouble, they had to stay after school and were spanked.” Cathy said. “I’m willing to let you pay me back as little as ten dollars a week, but only if you agree to a weekly spanking until you pay me back. I would also add an additional weekly spanking for every hour I spend putting programs and information back on my computer.”

“You don’t need to spank me. I can help you get your computer back up and running.” I said.

“You caused all my problems in the first place, and I don’t want you to touch my computer, again.” Cathy said. “Either you agree to be spanked every week until you pay me back, or I will let everyone at work know what you did to my computer and you will probably lose your job.”

“Please don’t tell the others at work about what problems I caused on your computer.” I looked into my wallet and found fifteen dollars. “ Here’s fifteen dollars. I’ll pay you back as soon as possible. Please don’t spank me.”

“I accept your fifteen dollars, but I expect you to experience your first spanking right now. I will teach you how to submit to your weekly spankings until you pay me back. Also, I will add an additional spanking for every hour I spend reloading programs and restoring my data. Are you ready for your first spanking?”

“This seems ridiculous for a grown man to be spanked for this, but I guess I agree.” I said. “What do you want me to do?”

“When you arrive at my house for your spanking, I want you to first take off all of your clothes and fold them and lay them on the couch. Then I want you to stand in the corner with you hands on your head and your legs spread apart. So start stripping right now!”

I felt very embarrassed taking off all of my clothes in front of one of my co-workers. I slowly took off my clothes and folded them and placed them on the couch. When I was down to my shorts, I hesitated.

“I always spanked my students on the bare skin, and your going to be spanked the same way.” Cathy said. “So hurry up and take off your shorts.”

As I took off my shorts, I was now aware that I had a large erection. As I tried to cover it Cathy said, “Most of the boys I spanked also had erections, so don’t try to cover it up with your hands.” Then I felt her guide me over to the corner of the room. “Now put your hands on your head and spread your legs.”

Now I felt totally exposed and completely under Cathy’s control. “Spread your legs a little further apart.” My erect penis and balls were sticking straight out between my legs. “Stay there and don’t move while I prepare myself for your spanking. Also, only look straight ahead into the corner.”

I heard Cathy leave the living room and then she returned and placed many items on the coffee table in front of the couch. “You can turn around and walk over here and stand next to me.” When I turned around, I was surprised to see several paddles and hairbrushes on the coffee table. Cathy had also changed her clothes. She was now wearing a white blouse with short sleeves and a very short black leather skirt and was seated in the middle of the couch.

Cathy hiked up her leather skirt and I could see that she was wearing pantyhose. “Now lay on the couch so that your weight is on the couch and your penis falls between my thighs.” I now had many mixed emotions going through my mind and body as I lay over her lap. I could feel her nice warm nylon covered thighs move together to trap my erect penis between her legs. I was now also aware of her perfume and that I was totally naked and under her complete control. This also brought back memories when I was a naughty little boy and was spanked over the knee of my mom.

“I will first start with a hand spanking, but you will eventually experience my hairbrush and paddles.” Then, to my surprise, I felt her hands all over my bottom. “Spread your legs apart so that I can spank your most sensitive areas. You have a very spankable butt and I want to make sure I turn every inch of it a nice shade of red.”

Then my spanking started. It was strange because I felt both pleasure and pain. After several spanks, Cathy would rub my bottom and tell me that I really deserved this spanking. Her hand spanks graduated from being firm and soft to very hard. This made the lower half of my body feel very warm and I began to wiggle about. “If you keep wiggling, I will need to change your position.” Cathy said.

But her hand spanks were beginning to hurt, and I continued to wiggle. My spanking stopped and Cathy said, “Since you continue to wiggle, I want you to stand up and then bend over the side of the couch.”

As I walked over to the side of the couch, I saw Cathy pick up the hairbrush and walk over towards me. I next felt her hand on my back as she guided me to bend all the way over the side of the couch. Now my head and arms were on the couch cushions, and my poor bare bottom was sticking way up in the air. Then I felt her hairbrush tapping my inner thighs, “Spread your legs wide apart for me.” Now I felt completely vulnerable with my penis and balls hanging completely exposed between my legs.

My spanking started again, but this time with her hairbrush. The spanks also hurt a lot more than with her hand. So I started to put my hands in back of me to protect my poor bottom. I also turned my head to watch her spank me. “Keep your hands away from your bare butt and keep your head forward, or I will make your spanking even more severe.” I didn’t want to a more severe spanking, so I slowly put my hands back on the couch cushions and faced forward.

Cathy then replaced the hairbrush with a round leather paddle from the coffee table. She held it close to my face so that I would have a good look at it. “I will now give you a five minute spanking with this paddle. Be sure to stay in place” Then I felt this new paddle not only on my poor bare bottom, but also on the back and insides of my thighs. Sometimes, Cathy would flick the paddle so that it would hit my penis and balls. She would also use her hands to sooth my poor bottom. So I was never sure if I would feel pain or pleasure. It really gave me a weird feeling.

Finally Cathy quit spanking me with the leather paddle and then picked up a longer wooden paddle with holes in it. “This is a paddle I reserved for my most naughty students. Since this is your first spanking from me, I will only give you ten swats from this paddle. But I want you to count out loud after each swat, and also say ‘Thank you, Cathy’ after each swat. If you rise up or rub your ass, the swat will not count and will be repeated. Are you all set for this last part of your spanking?”

“I guess so!” I replied. “I have no choice.”

“Keep your head forward and steady yourself.” Cathy said.


The paddle really hurt, but I said, “One, Thank you Cathy.” I wasn’t sure if I would be able to take ten swats from this paddle.


“Two, Thank you Cathy.”

“Clyde. I want you to set aside every Monday evening for your spanking.”


“Three, Thank you Cathy.”

“You will follow me home after work for your spanking.” Cathy said. “Once you enter my house, I expect you to strip down and stand in the corner.”


“Four, Thank you Cathy.”

“Until you have paid me back, I expect you to follow, without protest, my every command.”


“Five, Thank you Cathy.”

“We are halfway through with this paddle. You’re doing very well!”


“Six, Thank you Cathy.”

“You will become my own special spanking boy!”


“Seven, Thank you Cathy.” I had to hold on tight to the couch to stay in position.

“I hope you pay me back slowly, so that I can spank you for many months.”


“Eight, Thank you Cathy.”

“Now I will give you two quick and hard swats. Please stay in position.”


“Nine and ten. Thank you Cathy.”

Then I felt her hands all over my bottom. “I will stop your spanking now, because it looks like you have had enough and you are now bright red. I will also give you a choice. You can either stand in the corner for five minutes or you can go over my lap and I will rub cool lotion on your red butt.”

My poor bottom was really burning hot, so I said, “I guess I will go over your lap for the lotion.”

“Good choice. Now stand up and lay over my lap with your legs apart.”

I was on the verge of crying, so I didn’t hesitate to lie over her lap. The lotion felt very cold at first, but it felt very good. And I had no choice but to hold still as her hands even went between my legs and caressed me everywhere.

“Now stand up, get dressed, and leave my house. You will probably need a pillow to sit on during work tomorrow. I look forward to your spanking next Monday!”

So I quickly dressed and left Cathy’s house.

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