Ewron, Lady of Magic  


My name is Ewron.
I am a Elf of Perfect Stature.
I am beautiful and lets say when a Human Male sees me he gos goo goo for my Breasts which are bigger then most Woman.
I leave clevage for them to get horny over.
well one day i was wanderering the forest when i saw a small light ahead.. being a curious person i am i walked toward it.
Seeing 4 men.. 2 of them Elves like me.
Human females had said that Male elves could wish wat size cock they wanted and got granted that.
One of the males stood up and walked over near me.. Next thing i knew he was on top of me..
I screamed and slapped him but his friends came to join him..
He took of his pants.. this definatly was one of the elves..
His cock was 2 ft and was huge..
he lifted up my Dress and Grinded his 2 footer in me..
Letting out a Scream of pain he ripped open my Dress top and started massageing my breasts.
he kept trying and trying to get the whole thing in.. thats when i poped his whole cock was in me.
I felt a Peircing pain Zoom through me and Next thing i knew his cock was in my mouth and a human was grinding me.. massaging my breasts like the other.
then A hot liquid erupted in my mouth.. It tasted good.
I started sucking the cock that delivered the Cum dry.. not letting a drip go..
next thing i knew Cum erupted in me and i had a orgasm..
Then the elf from before got off me and pushed the human aside he stuck his huge cock in me and cum erupted. it dripped from my bludging pussy.
My breasts became hard and I screamed.
but the world came black..
Nine months later i reilize I had a child a elf.. His name is named him bandit.
For i never knew his Father..
I told Him Stories about his Father even though i never knew him or sene his face.

Posted : 09/07/2011 9:01 pm