Face sitting by Canadian Aunt Becky  


John saw his Aunt Becky walk down the stairs, and move into the living room. His jaws crunched at
the mouthful of Cheerios and milk as his lust filled eyes followed her massive buttocks. Her
gown was a little snug around her body considering it was sleepwear and should've been loose for
comfort. Her bubble butt wiggled in slow, gyrating movements under the thin fabric of her
gown, her panty line marginally visible to a casual onlooker. John's adrenalin was rushing
through his veins, his hard on attaining throbbing proportions. Becky went over to the window
and looked out, stretching her hands, yawning..her gown hugging her buttocks closer now. John
stopped chewing staring at the huge mounds that jutted out of her gown, revealing a very visible
panty line. Becky was in her mid 40's, a full figured woman weighing 220 lbs and stood at 5' 7".
Her body had retained the firmness and natural curves despite her extra pounds, her waist still
hovering at about 29". But it was the curve at her hip that took the cake. Becky was whopping
44" around her hips, she was not only wide but had volume too...her massive buttocks stuck out
from where her spine ended, a gentle slope that reached its highest point at the middle of her

John always wondered how she would look in trousers or jeans but Becky always chose to wear long
skirts that were generally loose. Becky turned around and walked over to the dining table, John
now resuming to munch on the Cheerios. "Mornin' Johnny, how did you sleep?" She asked while
walking over. "Slept well, as I usually do" John responded gouging down a spoonful of the
cereals. "Ahhh...need some coffee" She said helping herself to a mug and pouring some into it.
John glanced at her...she didn't have large breasts for a woman her size, actually pretty small
at around 32", unsure what the cup size was. Her fore arms and upper arms were thick but had a
feminine demeanor. "Have some shopping to do today..Marianne's supposed to give me company" She
said referring to his mother. "She told me about it, planning on Eaton center for the boxing day
sale" John muttered looking up. "Yeah...I'll see if I can get some deals on a MP3 player for
Mark" She said. Mark was his 22 year old cousin who chose to stay back in Edmonton with his
friends rather than give his mom company. Becky stood by the table sipping coffee...John
wondered how Aunt Becky managed to keep her belly down to low proportions. She didn't have
washboard abs but certainly had very little protrusion there...genetics he guessed. The weight
seemed to distribute itself over her arms, shoulders, her large backside and her very thick
thighs. "Well I guess I'll start getting ready now, Marianne might be looking for me soon" she
said moving towards the stairs and walking up. Johns eyes were glued to her butt cheeks as they
gyrated beneath the fabric as she took her steps up. "My gawd, if she sits on my face, I'd be
dead meat" he thought to himself, gray thoughts clouding his mind. He watched as she completed
her ascent up the stairs, his thoughts blurred. "God almighty...please so something" he
whispered to himself, shaking his head and gobbled another spoonful, munching on it in

He was reading his stuff on Molecular Biology when he heard the bell ring. John climbed down the
stairs from his bedroom, came over to the door and peered through the eye piece. "Oh they're
back" he said to himself opening the door only to find Aunt Becky there with a couple of bags.
"Marianne had some unfinished business with her friends and decided to visit them in Etobicoke"
Becky said moving in.."She'll be back by evening...Oh I'm Ok" she said when John motioned to
help her with her bags. Becky walked into the living room, bags in hand as John begun his
perverted stares on her plump behind. He closed the door, eyes fixated on the rotund mounds of
flesh. "I need to get a shower" she said climbing up the stairs, John followed her relishing the
movements of her ass cheeks wondering if she wore snugly fitting panties or the loose ones. "The
snug ones wouldn't take the pressure for long" Johns naughty thoughts running in his mind. John
quickly got back to his room, sporting a hard on that was hard to conceal. "Oh Jesus Christ..."
he whispered throwing himself on the bed. He had to do something, Aunt Becky was driving him
nuts. The phone rang and John grabbed it, his thoughts disturbed. "Hey Johnny....I might get
late at Uncle Dave's place...might have to come in the morning tomorrow" his mothers voice
through the earpiece. "Ok mom, I'll ask Aunt Becky to fix me something" He said..."Have fun and
see ya tomorrow" He said, ending the call.

He had very little choice, John masturbated over and over. He had seen Aunt Becky, visually
undressed her while she had prepared dinner for him. He thought of how she would look just in
her panties, and if she walked from one end of the room to another..and how her butt would plop
right out as she would peel her panties down. John masturbated furiously...relaxing when he
ejaculated and fell into deep sleep. "John...." he awoke to a jerk, opening his eyes. Aunt Becky
was staring down at him. John got up, checking his watch...6:15 in the morning..he had a few
hours before his exams on Molecular Biology. "Yes, Aunt Becky" he murmured in partial
consciousness. "The wash basin is leaking, think you can fix it" she asked. "I'll try" he said
getting off his bed in his pajamas and followed her into the guest room. "Oh lord, not again" he
thought as he watched her backside with lusty thoughts. John got down on his knees and ducked
under the wash basin to investigate the leak as Becky stood next to him. "Looks like something
minor..." he said, turning back and looking up at her. "Well I saw some tools here the last
time" Becky said bending and opening the small closet to check. John, on his knees, watched in
awe as he saw her entire backside opened up in front of him. She fished around looking for tools
as her bubble butt shook feebly...she wasn't wearing panties. The next few minutes were pure
heaven, as John tried to memorize every detail of Becky's large buttocks, her gown fabric
draping her, revealing the humongous proportions. Becky turned around with a wrench in hand and
looked down at John...seeing his eyes transfixed on her hips. "Are you okay John?" she quizzed
watching his eyes, now wide open. John looked away, embarrassment creeping up into him not
knowing what to say. "John...??" Becky asked again. Gathering courage John muttered "I can't
help it Aunt Becky...I'm sorry. I'm just going crazy". Becky was confused..."Why what happened
Johnny?". John breathed heavily..."I can't, you might get offended" he said. "Well try me" Becky

The hell with it John, say it...his mind urged him. "Aunt Becky, I can help but get turned on
every time I see your backside, I'm sorry...I just don't know how to control myself". Becky's
facial expressions turned to surprise, her face turning beet. "Johnny, that's not very nice you
know, I'm you Aunt for Christ's sake". John looked up at her "Aunt Becky...I'll go psycho if I
can't.." he paused. "Can't what Johnny?" snapped Becky. "Aunt Becky, I really, really want to
kiss you there...I dream of it everyday. I even jerked off yesterday night...please don't
mention this to mom" John pleaded. "Boy, you need counseling, how can you even think of
that...besides you're just 20, that's half my age" She retorted now shaking. "Please Aunt Becky,
just this once...I would swear to god no one has to know about this......" the argument
continued for the next few minutes, Becky unconvinced on the morality of the whole issue. "Okay,
okay, age aside..you're still my nephew John" Mary argued. John sat quiet, not knowing how to
counter argue. "I just can't stop thinking about it" John said. "Do you know how fat I am
there...you think you would like it?? And I'm not a young teenager Johnny" Becky questioned.
"All I know is I'm crazy about it Aunt Becky" John repeated. "Okay fine....this stays right here
between you and me..I'm leaving for Edmonton tomorrow..thats the last you'll see of me for the
next couple of years at least" She said. "I don't want you thinking of this anymore after I'm
gone...just once more boy and I'll take you to task...is that understood?" She asked. "But will
you let me kiss you there...just this once" John pleadingly asked. Becky shook her head..."Ok
what do you want me to do...I'm not going to get naked here, no way" she stated. "You just want
to see my bum, right?" she said. "If you're feeling awkward, you could turn around and remove
your gown...I won't ask you to face me I promise" John suggested. "No games young man" Becky
said turning around and lifting her gown over her head.

Still on his knees, Johns eyes savored the exposed full figured, thick body. Becky removed the
gown and threw it on the tiled floor of the bathroom. "Here you go..." she said. Her shoulders
were large, a few small folds around the waist but her body was curvy in the perfect
proportions. Though part of her back had freckles, her skin was mostly smooth, white and clear.
John saw the massive buttocks....ones he had always imagined. She was really big...he wondered
if she had every facesat her ex husband when she was this big. Her skin mostly smooth all over
her butt cheeks except for the few dimples caused by the fat. He could see that she had not been
in a swimsuit..her body devoid of any tan lines. Her thighs were thick but well proportioned,
she had longer legs than her torso...more like an athlete. "This better be fast Johnny, I ain't
gonna stand here all day for you" she urged when she sensed no reaction from him. John moved
forward and plastered his mouth over her buttocks, starting with the top and all around, kissing
every inch...soft kissing sounds emanated as he gently sucked on her flesh and released. He
continued relishing the feeling for a few minutes...licking the skin occasionally. Becky didn't
as much as flinch during the ordeal as John attended to every inch of her 44" buttocks. The
buttocks were firm...he felt that as he moved his hands gently squeezing it as he kissed. His
hands moved all over her backside...down on her thick legs and back up. He began to kiss the top
of her crack, licking...trying to nude open the cheeks so he could kiss the insides of her
cleft. "Careful there Johnny..you're getting too close" Becky interrupted. Unhindered, John
gently begun to part her large buttocks, smelling her...letting her musky, stale aroma fill him.
He kissed her cleft and the part of her hidden cheeks..licking occasionally. His face was now
stuffed inside her deep cleft, kissing her deep dark regions, a strong musky odour filling his
nose."Johnny...you must stop now..you're making me uncomfortable" Becky spoke. Ignoring her,
Johns lips explored deeper, trying to find the anus, licking her crevice with long, strokeful
licks. He parted her huge butt cheeks using both his hands, licking the bottom of her cleft
until he felt her bone...his hands gently pushing her calves until she parted her legs slightly.
"Johnny....you have to stop now" Beck said but showing no signs of resisting his advances. He
looked up her back...Aunt Becky stood with her hands on her hips, legs apart. Her butt cleft
around the anus was very deep and it took quite an effort to push her buttocks apart and find
it. His nostrils filled with the smell of faeces but it only added to Johns excitement. John now
licked her most intimate region, the flesh around her anus..feeling strands of anal hair touch
his tongue. He had never expected hair in the cleft when she had very little body hair but it
never bothered Johnny who now enjoyed his once in a life time experience. Bits of anal hair
entered his mouth when he kissed and sucked on her inner flesh. He licked...and licked, cleaning
her crevice..now ready for the final plunge.

In a final effort, John parted her fleshy buttocks open and stuffed his face deep inside. He
stuck his tongue out, this time feeling a soft, smooth flesh touch the tip of his tongue. "Uhhh
ohh..." Becky flinched as she felt his wet tongue touch her anus. Unable to stand straight on
her legs, she took her hands off her hips and rested them on the wall for support. Pleasure
sensations ran up her body at lightening speed....her face flushing, feeling her pulse on her
temples. "Marks father never did this to me" she wondered thinking of her ex husband and the
pleasure she had missed...that she was now experiencing. John licked around and over her anus,
tasting her sensitive, private part..his nostrils now accustomed to the musky smell of her anus.
Becky felt uncontrollable sensations in her entire body, she had never ever experienced such
bliss...trying hard now to control herself from moaning. In throes of lust, John shot out his
tongue, entering her anus...reaching her deep confines. Becky closed her eyes, clamping her
teeth down hard trying to control herself. His tongue went in deep and far...sucking around the
anus and tonguing deep. A subtly bitter taste entered his mouth, John now taking in all that his
Aunt had to give. "Ooh lord..." Becky whispered as Johns tongue snaked inside her anus reaching
as far as her colon. John placed his hands on Becky's butt as he drove his mouth deeper, as far
as he could go, his entire face now engulfed inside her buttocks. His mouth was filled with her
anal aroma, Johnny sucked...trying to draw out the remnants of her faeces from Becky's morning
visit to the toilet. "You must stop now Johnny" Becky protested. Nothing could stop him now as
he tongue fucked his aunt and sucked her anus in intervals. John closed his eyes and resumed
frenching her anus and sucking it hard...intermittently parting her buttocks to get a breath of
fresh air. He looked into her parted cheeks, down her cleft which was light brown...the anus was
pink from the sucking and the area around it turning deep pink from his hard kisses...then
resuming his licking. She turned her head and looked down at John whose face was hidden inside
the confines of her cleft. His hands roamed her thighs, they felt hard, the skin felt smooth.
Thoughts raced in Becky's mind, she was enjoying her feelings but was it right? "Ooohhhh...."
she whimpered as John rolled his lips around her anus and sucked. This was too much pleasure, a
different kind, something that made her lose her senses. The next ten minutes saw John's face
stuffed inside her buttocks, kissing, licking and tonguing around the anus...observing his
Aunt's body language that didn't seem to protest anymore.

He held her right calf and raised it until her foot was resting on the bath tub, her left leg
still on the floor. This parted her buttocks, opening her cleft. John shoved his face in the
open divide, his tongue instantly connecting with her anus now, sending it in deep. Becky went
into throes of enjoyment, now feeling herself getting wet as John hungrily rolled his lips again
around the anus and sucked hard. There was no point in her stopping him anymore, the pleasure
unimaginable and too great to let go. John frenched his Aunt's anus, now not worrying how to
hold her buttocks apart, his face moving in and out of her opened cleft, digging deep, cleaning
her inside...then licking her entire crevice starting from the top until he reached her anus.
John felt extreme pleasure, the feeling of being on his knees, his face stuffed up his Aunts
backside was just too much. Her fleshy buttocks concealed his face with ease and her anal aroma
was an aphrodisiac more potent than any available in the market. John treasured the moment..his
face buried in her massive glutes for the next ten minutes. Becky felt herself getting full of
juices when John disengaged from tonguing her anus, held her by the hips and turned her around,
her thick, black bush inches from his face. He had broken his promise that he wouldn't see her
front but his dark side robbed him of any wismom. John looked up at her face, her eyes were shut
tight. His eyes roamed her frontal body for the next few seconds, examining her small breasts,
nipples now swollen and erect. He was right, she didn't have much of a belly for a woman her
size..a few small folds below her navel and she had stretch marks just above herbush.
Nevertheless, she looked great and well proportioned though bigger breasts would've helped. He'd
never expected to see a full bush considering most girls he'd dated were shaved...but Aunt Becky
had a thick growth, a large "V" that sank between her huge thighs. John took his chances, he'd
never eaten a full bush but what the heck. He pushed her legs until she parted them
slightly...her eyes still closed.

John pushed his face between her legs and opened his mouth, wet pubic hair filling him instantly,
a taste of pungent slime and sweat on his tongue. "Johnny no...please" said Becky, a look of
horror on her face, her eyes now wide open in surprise as she looked down at him. She tried to
push his head away in a feeble attempt that deceived her real intentions..she had loved men
going down on her; just that this was her nephew...her sister's son. John stuck his tongue out,
through her thick pubic hair and touched her urethral opening, gently flicking his tongue over
it and down until it touched her clitoris. What surprised him was the firmness of her clitoris
and the protrusion which was almost an inch, by far the largest clit he had experienced ever.
Becky was breathing heavily, pleasure sensations hammering at her brain...subconsciously opening
her legs wider. Closing his mouth around the hard, inch long clitoris, Johnny sucked and sucked
hard. Becky's hands which were initially faking an attempt to push his face away now grasped his
hair in a firm hold...her head now looking up, eyes clamped shut as she spread her legs wider.
Johnny felt his mouth fill with pubic hair, his saliva mixing with her juices as her sucked her
clitoris. He drank down the putrid mixture of juices, feeling a few strands of her pubic hair
going down his throat. With her legs standing open wide, he had enough space to innovate his
technique as her turned his head and held her fleshy labia between his lips kissing it, gently
drawing it in and sucking on it. He looked up trying to read his Aunt's expressions unable to do
so as Becky's head was looking up the ceiling, eyes firmly shut. Johnny sucked her labia and her
clitoris trying to derive some reaction from his Aunt who seemed stoic...he began to feel her
hips move slightly. Encouraged now, John licked further down into her vagina only to realize
he'd reached the wettest spot so far. Turning his head right under her, John clamped his mouth
over her juice drenched vagina, sending his tongue into her, his hands now holding her buttocks
for support. His breath streaked over her clitoris, his eyes barely able to look up at her.
Becky gathered her confidence, opening her eyes and looking down at John, only catching his eyes
that were barely visible. Johnny sucked at her vagina, feeling the glue like consistency of her
juices enter his mouth drinking it down. His tongue embedded deep into her vagina tasted a sour,
briny texture, a familiar taste he'd experienced when eating Rhonda, his girlfriend. But the
difference here being Rhonda was nowhere close to being hairy and not as thick as Aunt Becky.

John sucked her vagina clean, moving back up and opening his mouth as wide as possible, trying to
accommodate as much of her genitals in his mouth as he could, her urethral opening, her clitoris
and a part of her vagina. His mouth began to suck on it, slowly sucking as though masticating
her privates. Becky could see his face, his eyes looking up and locked with hers. She was
overridden with surprise and pleasure watching John's mouth attempting to consume the top half
of her hairy pussy, mouth wide open. She peaked into a strong orgasm, her hips bucking as his
head bobbed back and forth from her pushes. John held on to his act, gripping her large buttocks
which were flexed and no longer soft as before. She released a moan, her hands sinking into his
scalp, holding him tight as though she would rip a bunch of hair right off. He realized she was
cumming hard and bore the brunt, Becky's hips now rocking his face hard. John stopped licking in
the last few seconds as his Aunt ravaged his face, closing his eyes and letting the feeling sink
in. He enjoyed every second, every moment as his Aunt furiously face-fucked him, her buttocks
flexing as hard as possible, her hips gyrating his mouth in a frenzy. He felt a hard push and
Becky stopped abruptly, her legs, hips and mid section going into an uncontrollable shivering
motion, "Oh lord....." she moaned. Thick coats of cum entered his mouth, a large volume that was
quite unnatural, he'd heard of squirting but this was pure vaginal, slime. John drank down the
offering feeling its lush texture line his oral cavity and his throat. He sucked gently on her
clitoris discovering more on his way down, ingesting it and relishing the taste. John cleaned
his Aunt, using his full tongue and licking her swollen labia and the vagina with long strokes.
He felt the grip loosen on his hair and looked up, seeing Becky's face flushed red, her nipples
erect. In a grand finale, John moved under his Aunt's open legs and came up behind her, parting
her buttocks and licking her anus clean in slow, deliberate licks, spanning her entire cleft.

John hurriedly got up and slipped, his cum on the tiled floor. He had ejaculated with no effort
from his hands, just the experience overbearing. Grabbing some tissue, he wiped it off the
tiles, taking it with him as he sped out of the bathroom and the guest room. His feelings were
mixed, his family were orthodox Catholics and what happened today was blasphemy. He was sure
Aunt Becky would feel the same..what started off with him just kissing her buttocks had gone way
too far. He thought of her expressionless, red face as her ran out of the bathroom, a feeling of
guilt creeping in. John took a quick shower, he had to get to school for his exams. When he got
back from school, his mom greeted him at the door sporting a wide smile from ear to ear..telling
him he'd just missed Aunt Becky who had left due to something important coming up. He wondered
if he'd ever see her again his conscience killing him.."I'm sorry god" he thought to himself.

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The two hottest babes in town had me in their bedroom. i had gone to their place as we had been friends for a long time and so it was just one of those chill out summer holiday days when there's not much to do except call and hang out with mates
On this occasion, however, the sisters had planned something different

"Do you mind me asking" asked Deb "what is your favourite sexual turn on?"

"er..." i replied rather tentatively "i dont really want to say"

"come on cutie" said Lynn "we wont get embarassed"

"well, i have a huge fantasy for facesitting"

"you like sitting on someone's face?" asked Deb

"no, i like a girl to sit on my face. completely smothering me so my face is trapped between her soft cheeks"

Both sisters looked at each other and smiled in a wicked way

"what's wrong? is that embarassing?" i asked

"not at all" said Lynn "its just we have never sat on a boys face before and that would be a new experience for us. Have you ever been sat on?"

"well, sort of" i said "by accident. My aunt didnt realise i was where i was on the bench at her place. she wore a skirt which i always thought was quite short...and..."

"go on" enthused Deb

"she thought i was the other way round. she was just resting and thought she was sitting on my feet... until she started talking to me..."

"You mean she was sat on your face?" asked Lynn

"oh yeah" i went on "she sat right down and best of all she had lifted her skirt as she was sitting down. all i saw was the view right up her skirt. her red panties were descending for what seemed a lifetime onto my face. they were slightly stained too and as she sat, i think she had just been to the toilet for a pee, because the smell... well..." i noticed the girls were giggling. they were looking towards my groin and i hadnt realised what this facesitting account was doing to me!

"you get turned on by facesitting and the peeing, dont you?" asked Deb

"Ha" called Lynn "you'll be saying you get turned on by farts too next!"

"well i have one brewing right now" laughed Deb "in fact..."

as she said this she stood up and walked to where i was laid out on their bed. she sat, facing my head just over my face in her jeans and let out a fart right on my nose. she then sat right down and wriggled "smell that then. as if thats going to turn you on... its ME!" she giggled. Her giggles stopped however when she realised i had placed my arms around her thighs as she sat there and was pulling her down

"wow!" cried Lynn "He DOES like it doesnt he". The fact Deb was sitting on my face and had farted on my face was really making my cock grow ever bigger against my shorts! it was so obvious to these sisters

Deb pulled off. but instead of moving away, she proceeded to pull her jeans down... she wore nothing underneath... then she stood, legs either side of my head, facing my head, and looked down at me "you like the view mister?" she asked with a knowing smile

"oh my god" i could hardly speak

Deb opened her thighs slightly wider and i got a great view of her pussy lips and ass cheeks, especially as she was starting to lower herself on my face. she kept her gaze on me as she sat slowly down. then, just before she sat on me, she pulled her pussy lips open and closed the lips round my nose, rubbing her clitoral hood as she did so. her ass hovered just above my mouth. i could see her face through her thighs. "smell that pussy. does that turn you on?" she asked with a smile

as i was about to speak she pulled her ass cheeks open and sat her bum hole on my mouth. omg! i had my nose inside her pussy and my mouth right under her bum hole. she started riding my face slowly back and to. i couldnt speak. her bum hole twitched against my lips and my nose started to work as as a penetrator inside her pussy (the smell btw was absolutely stunning).

"you've got him good and proper" called Lynn "go on sis, sit on his face ad cum all over it"

I couldnt believe it. i could just about hear what Lynn said as Debs thighs were squeezing my face now. my nose slid in and out of her pussy, in and out, side to side, moving in a circle...any way i could to try and make her cum. she was riding to a faster rhythm now and moaning which was also a huge turn on as she sat squarely on my face. I then slid my tongue against her bum hole and slid it just inside...

Deb squirmed "oh god Lynn" she moaned "his tongue is... its... its in my bum hole...ohhhhhhhhhhh godddd"

I could just about make out a moan from Lynn now. she was actually sitting watching this and playing with herself over the fact her sister was sitting on my face and making herself cum. I could just see Deb's face. her pussy lips were right over my nose and her pubic hair brushed my eyes. My tongue slid right inside her bum hole now. deep inside. it tasted dirty but somehow sexy at the same time. i slid my tongue tip all around her hole and in and out. she bucked against my face then slid her fingers against her pussy again and started rubbing herself on my nose. "oooohhhhhhhhh" she yelled... and then it happened

Deb had got caught up in the moment and,, without warning, apart from a slight twitching sensation, she farted right into my mouth. "sorrrrrrrry" she cried but remained on my face. her gas hit the back of my mouth but i was trapped there. she was using my mouth almost as a toilet but didnt sway from the fact she was also about to cum on my face either...

"did you fart Deb?" asked Lynn with a giggle

"mmmmmmm" replied Deb "there's more where that came from toooo..." she started to flood my nose with cum juices and continued to let out little farts in my mouth. i decided to lick her bum hole as she farted. she loved it and started to wriggle against my mouth as i tongued her over and over again. She rode my face wildly and all i could feel were her juices spilling into and onto my face. she must have cum at least 4 times... and continued to sit there

"we're not finished with you yet big boy" purred Deb, taking small amounts of air as she relaxed on my face. she let out one more small fart and said "smell that you horny bastard and pulled her cheeks over my nose, plopping her bumhole right onto my nose and sliding down it as she farted. it smelt really bad but still my cock bulged. as she sat on my nose she somehow swivelled round to face my feet. she sat right on my face. i could just hear her sister...

"Come on sis, room for one more" as she said this she walked over to where we were and hitched her skirt up facing my head...

Deb slid forward slightly and i saw right up Lynn's skirt. she wore white panties and i could see they were glistening with her juices as she had obviously cum whilst watching us

"I am so wanting a pee horny boy..." said Lynn and sat right down on my face! i had two of the hottest sisters sat on my face. Deb pulled her cheeks over my chin and rubbed herself against it as Lynn sat facing the other way and smothered my nose and brow. she grabbed my hair and started to ride her panties onto my face...

Within moments i heard "ooohhhh goddddd" it was Lynn "prepare to taste my pee" and she suddenly spasmed. her panties started to bulge over my nose and eyes and suddenly i felt a trickle of pee slide into my face and down into my mouth "swallow it all" she cried out

Deb continued to sit and rub her pussy against my chin until she came again on my lower face. Lynn peed for all she was worth and continued to sit on my face rubbing her soaking panties on my nose and eyes. they stung but my god it was so worth it. we stayed in this position for another hour until my cock could take no more. they then swapped round and let me cum as they sat and watched ...

Posted : 09/11/2012 10:02 am