First Foot  


I thought I'd share my first experience with feet. When I was 13 I was a horny little boy, and I had already found the joy of touching myself. I would find anyway to turn myself on so I could jerk-off, I would show it to the girls in the apartment and when the house was empty I would watch TV nude and play with it. One day I saw a show that had a close up of a girl?s foot, I was turned on in a sec. I thought about the girl?s feet all-night and jerked-off two or three times just thinking about those beautiful feet. After that I would look for feet in magazines and TV and movies. I would look at peoples feet all the time. One day my mom went to visit my aunt who was a 29-year-old hotty. She was a yoga freak and was always barefoot. She had the most beautiful feet in the world to me and I could not stop looking at them. One-day mom asked if I wanted to stay few nights at jenny?s house, as she had to go out of town. I got a boner just thinking about staying there and looking at her feet.

I told myself on the ride over that I would try to touch them and maybe kiss them. Mom dropped me off and I ran in side. She give me a big hug, I could feel her big tits press in to me. I spent most of the first day watching TV. I would lay on the floor on my belly and watch. Then it happen, I was daydreaming about her feet and I was woke up by her telling me she needed me to move so she can do her yoga. Can I watch I said? Sure, I sat on the sofa and was looking at this woman's killer body. She was wearing a tight outfit, sports bra and work out short. I was turning red, I looked down and there were the most beautiful feet. Not too big and not too small, nice high arch and long toes. I was in heaven, she did her thing and I guess she was in to it she didn?t see me staring at her feet the whole time. When she finished she said, I am going to take a shower ok? I sad I'll watch TV then. I was holding a pillow on my lap to hide my throbbing hard-on. She went in to the bathroom and I began to jerk off. I finished I a paper towel and sat back down

She came out of the bath in a robe and sat next to me. She had a bottle of lotion in her hand and begins to put some on. First her hands then her legs, as she worked down to her feet I was trying not to look, she might think I am weird but I could not stop myself I turned and there she was rubbing her feet and getting them lubed up. They looked even better wet. She turned to me and says this little boy staring at her feet. Are you ok? She asked, what?! I was shocked and did not know what to say. Are you looking at my feet? I I I, that?s all that came out. I knew you were looking at them, when I was doing my yoga. Now this just came out of my mouth. Yes I was there nice looking. I could not believe I said that, what would she do, is she going to thing I am sick? You thing they look nice? y yes. Do you think they?re pretty? I didn?t know where she was going with this but I just kept answering her. Yes, very pretty. Do you like girl?s feet? I looked down and said in a soft voice, yes I do. It?s ok you know it?s not weird to like thing about girls even feet. You are at the age when you start to like girls and thing about sex. I could not believe she was talking about this with me. I told her everything, my foot fetish and that I was looking forward to seeing her feet. She smiled at me, I guess she was faltered

She asks me the one thing I never thought would happen. Would you like to rub my feet? Wha?!!!! I said to myself. Um ya ya ok I will. She said I like it when I have my feet rubbed, it feels better then when I do it myself. She put her left foot on my knee and gives me the lotion. I put some in my hand just a little and I grabbed it and started to work. She said that feel good, ever done this before? No I said but I like it. The feel of that soft foot made me pop a tent in my pants. It felt like hours working on the one foot. Then she put the other one in my lap. It made her other foot press on my cock. She looked at me with a smile on her face and said, you do like this don?t you? Don?t tell mom ok. I wont if you don?t she said. As I worked on the other foot she started to rub the other one in my package. I came in my pants and give out a little moan. Did you like that sweetie? I didn?t say anything I just told her that I had to go to the bathroom. I cleaned up and got ready for bed. She walk me to the guestroom and helped me to bed and kissed me head and said, that was a lot of fun, we should do it again sometime. Ok I said with a smile on my face. I found out later in life that she had done things to a lot of my cousins that stayed over. One cousin told me at age 16 he fucked her. Well I never did but I did a lot with her and if you liked this one I'll share another soon.
The End

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:15 pm