It was the day of graduation, and everyone was happy. My family, friends and teachers were all excited that I was about to start a new life. There was one person in particular. A person whom I felt a strong sense of security with. This man was the dean at my school. Mr. Scott Stone.
Ever since he came there second semester of my freshman year, I spent a lot of time with him. Basically, we just talked about everything. We talked about life, love, and everything in between. He was overall one of my best friends. He had given me all of his numbers (home, cell, pager, etc.), and I had often gone to his house, when he was away of course, to care for his dog. During the summers, we often hung out, and had lunch and dinner, and went to movies. He was a great guy.
The graduation ceremony went on for a few hours, and the whole time I was on stage, I couldn't help but notice him looking at me. When the ceremony was over, we were all taking pictures with our friends and family. He asked my friend to take a picture of him and me, so that he could always remember his favorite student, and best buddy. We went back to regular business, and everyone started to leave. My family said their good-byes and left, and all of us students were getting ready to go to the after-party. Mr. Stone met me in the hallway, and asked me if I was going to the after-party, and I said yes. He told me that he had a big bottle of wine and a lot of other drink mixes and stuff at his house. He said he thought that I would be safer and have more fun if I got wasted with him, and just stayed the night.
Of course I agreed, and he escorted me to my car, and I followed him back to his place. I had an overnight bag in my car already, because I intended to stay at a hotel room that we all pitched in for, so I brought that in with me when we arrived at his house. I changed into some more comfortable clothes, and we sat around in the living room looking through old year books and things. We found a picture in one of the yearbooks of the two of us together, because the honor roll students got to go on this awesome camping trip that him and a few teachers chaperoned. The weekend that we went on that fieldtrip, things heated up between him and me, and we wound up sleeping in the same tent in the same sleeping bag. Thank God no one found that out.
Anyway, we were looking at the picture, and it started to bring back a lot of comfortable memories for us. He suggested that we go take a dip in the hot tub for a while. I had my bikini in my overnight bag, so I went to put it on. When I went outside to the hot tub, Scott was already in. I climbed in, it was a little hot at first, but then it started to feel really good. He invited me to sit in his lap to get a better view of the perfect moonlit sky. So I accepted the invitation with a smile.
As we were sitting there, our bodies felt as if they became one. He slowly untied my bikini top, and turned me around to face him, and removed the rest. He started slowly sucking on my nipples, and moved down to my stomach. His head rose as he kissed me on my lips, slowly probing the inside of my mouth with his tongue. The kiss took my breath away, and made me feel so warm inside. He removed his board shorts, and laid them on the side of the hot tub. We continued to kiss eagerly, and he removed my bikini bottoms.
He picked me up and sat me on the side of the hot tub, and slowly caressed my legs. It was a bit chili outside of the warm water, so my nipples were quite erect. He slowly spread my legs apart, and kissed the inside of my thighs. He moved in towards my pussy and licked the outside ever so gently, making me want more. He used his hands to spread my lips open, and found my clit right away. Working on it for only a few seconds, he got me off. My juices flowing everywhere.
He brought me back down into the water, and I sat next to him. I took his rather large penis into my hand and began jerking him off. He told me when he was about to cum, then he lifted his body out of the water, and I took his member into my mouth and sucked it until he came in my mouth. It felt heavenly feeling his warm juices running down my throat.
He sat back down into the water and we began to kiss again. He stood up, and moved around behind me and bent me over the side of the hot tub, and began to massage my finely toned ass. He ran his hand over my vagina, and up near my anus. He massaged the area around my hole and asked if I was ready. I told him that I had never had it anal before, and he promised that he would be gentle. I felt his dick massage the entrance of my hole, and then he stuck the head in.
My ass was so tight I let out a little whimper, and he asked me if I wanted to stop. I said no, so he entered a little more. Inch by inch he entered until it was all in. The he slowly took his dick out, and then entered it a little faster than before. As the minutes went by he got faster and harder. I was in ecstasy! I was screaming out "Oh Scott! Faster, faster. Harder, harder!" He continued faster and harder, then he slowed down a little, and I was wondering why. He came in my ass so much, you would have thought that he had it built up his whole lifetime.
He suggested that we get a few towels and head in for the night. It was already 2:00am. We went in the house, and he asked me where I wanted to sleep, and I said I wanted to sleep wherever he was sleeping. He escorted me back to the bedroom that had a magnificent King sized water bed in it. He removed my towel from my grip, and laid me on the silk sheets, naked. He took his towel off, and laid down next to me. We covered up, and he wrapped his arm around me, and we tried to go to sleep.
About five minutes passed and we could hear each others' heart beats, and we could hear one another breath. The almost silence was broken by him asking my if I was tired. I asked him if he was and he said no, and I really wasn't either, so I asked him what he wanted to do. He turned on the small lamp that only let out dim light, and he looked into my eyes. He kissed me, and then went down my body kissing my breasts, my stomach, my hips, and finally the insides of my thighs again.
He spread my legs open, and separated my pussy lips with his fingers again. He teasingly licked my clit a couple of times, and then went at it full on. This was better than before, because I think that the warm water from the hot tub, kind of numbed my sensations a bit. This time I could feel every little tiny microscopic centimeter of movement. Up and down, side to side, licking ferociously on my clit, I was bucking wildly, and pushing his head into it. Over and over I came. He licked it all up, and came back up to me.
He asked me if I liked it, and then told me he had something else for me. While he was licking my clit, he had been stroking his cock, and it was considerably bigger than it had been outside. He kissed my lips, then inserted his enormous dick into my pussy. At first it hurt a little bit, because it had been a while since I'd had sex. The movement got faster, and harder, and with the movement of the water bed it was great! He ravished me to an extent that I began craving more and more. He came inside me a few times, and then we were tired. We spooned and fell asleep. Our naked bodies warming each other
Three weeks later... I found out I was pregnant. We then got married. I had the baby five months ago. We found out that we are into new things sexually, and there is more to come in a different story!

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