Growing Together - Part One  



Part One (Chapters 1 and 2) has been written to introduce the family members and others who are important to the story, and might be thought of as slow compared with later chapters, but please keep reading there is hot stuff to come !
Chapter One – The Buntings – Meet the Family

Doug Bunting is a successful businessman who at 43, through sheer hard work and some shrewd stock speculation is now quite wealthy. He is of moderate height, 5’10” tall, but takes care of his slim body with exercise, presenting an attractive appearance to the world. His hair is dark brown, greying at the temples and has some natural waves without being excessively so. He has a square-jawed handsome-ness with deep blue eyes. What had been laughter lines at their corners were now looking suspiciously like early signs of overwork.

Doug had become lost in his work several years previously, so much so there was less and less time for sex with his beloved Laura.

His wife, Laura, is less than beautiful but more than very attractive. Her face shows strength of character and her manner has great charm. She too is slim, well toned, with mid brown hair, blue eyes and a flawless skin. She is very warm hearted and, being subconsciously aware of the life of ease given to her by Doug, is active in the community. She helps others out of a naturally kind and generous heart, freely giving donations of money and time to local charities and individuals.

She had several months earlier for example, learned that a woman in the village had been discovered by her husband in his own marital bed, enjoying nakedly energetic sex with the man completing some building work for them. The betrayed husband immediately left home, abandoning his wife and teenage daughter. The builder had refused to support either his female lover or her daughter, and laughingly had gone on his way, pausing only to leave a bill for the completed building work. In a fit of depression the woman had disappeared to be found days later washed up on the local beach. Laura immediately contacted the local welfare services and offered the orphaned daughter, Antonia or Toni, a loving home but requiring that she do simple tasks such as helping in the kitchen, and with free accommodation.

A long driveway leads from the road up to the house passing through high gates that were electronically controlled from the house to protect their privacy. They have a heated indoor swimming pool with cubicles where guests can dry and dress. Doug has always been ambitiously determined that his family would never want for anything. Even from the earliest days of their marriage, when he was just 22 and Laura his young bride was 19, he’d promised her a life of comfort and freedom from need, and he had succeeded.

Despite Doug’s preoccupation with business affairs and Laura’s occasional frustrated irritability, they remained a very close and caring family.

Laura would often think back to her early relationship with Doug. As a young teen girl she had allowed their growing friendship to progress to the stage where she surrendered her intimate body to his frantic searching fingers. She clearly remembered the first time she had lain back for him, her panties thrown to one side, her spread legs revealing the treasure he was desperate to plunder. She had felt him stroking her swollen intimate lips, searching for the special place that was weeping for the need of him. His fingers found her, felt the welcome of her flow, pressed to demand her submission and he heard her gasp of pleasure as he penetrated her. It easily slipped inside her sheath and as he started to manipulate her opening he noticed his finger becoming coated with a thick white fluid that looked very much like his own cum.

"It looks like you have another boyfriend," he whispered in her ear.

Laura stiffened and the rhythmic motion of her thighs on his finger froze. He kissed her taut breasts, moved his finger inside her, caressed the knot of her excitement and she responded to him once more. Doug moved over her, pinning her to the ground. He put his hard cock against her wet, tight pussy, thrust at her, entered her, and they began fucking with the vigour of young teenagers.

Afterwards he had lain over her, his cock still possessing her, and finally persuaded her to tell him who was the other man. Hesitantly and afraid of his reaction, she whispered that her brother, Charles, had been doing her regularly.

She felt the jerk in his loins, the twitch of him inside as he asked how her brother had first managed to get into her, how often he did it to her, what he did and where he did it. As she relaxed with Doug and trusted him, he learned of the many times she’d had with her brother. As he listened to her whispered confession of incest, Doug swelled to another erection and fucked her again.

They dated regularly and Charles continued to screw his sister without objection from Doug, who was very much turned on by the tales that Laura told him. When they became serious in their relationship, Laura asked Doug if he wanted her brother to stop, but Doug replied he’d much rather Charles persuade a girlfriend to join in with them and make a foursome. Charles eventually met and courted Sally, and was able to talk her into a foursome. The four of them shared an orgy of intimacy.

After nearly 4 years of dating Doug and Laura were married. Their wedding was not a grand affair; neither wanted a big fuss and lavish costs, but the bride wore white and Doug looked resplendent in top hat and tails.

The reception was at a hotel where they had booked a room in which to change after the ceremony before going away. There had been a disco during the evening and the guests were first busy getting high and then sweating the alcohol out on the dance floor. Doug and Laura had spent time circulating, sitting and talking with guests as well as dancing.

After a while Laura told her new husband she was going to freshen up and might take a quick shower to cool down. Doug had grinned and asked if he should go with her, but Laura laughingly replied that if he did they would never come downstairs again.

As she reached their room she saw her brother emerge from an elevator and walk quickly up behind her. When she opened her door Charles pushed her inside, closed the door and locked it.

Laura frowned in irritation “What the hell are you doing, Charles. Get out I’m going to shower.”

Charles took her shoulders and pushed her back towards the bed "I’ve never fucked a married woman before," he said.

She started to protest but her thighs hit the side of the bed and she toppled backwards. Charles immediately lifted the skirts of her wedding dress, pulled her knees apart and stood between them. He looked hungrily past the top of her stockings to the tantalising area of smooth female thigh disappearing into the skimpy, lacy white transparent panties through which he could see her dark bush of sex hair. Pulling down his zipper he took out his already swollen cock and tugged the gusset of her panties to one side. He fell on top of her forcing Laura to struggle beneath him as he began rubbing the tip of his cock up and down her slit.

Sensing her sexual opening he pushed his knob end inside. Withdrawing, he thrust his hips forward and forced it in again, lodging half his thick length inside her. She tried to fight him off protesting he must stop, but it was to no avail. Pinning her arms above her head, watching her face then looking down as his cock disappeared into her warm wetness, relishing that he had forced her to submit he, commenced the ageless rhythm of a man fucking a woman. Laura had to lie helpless, submitting her body to his demands until he quickly reached his climax and Laura felt the familiar pulsing of his cock spurting inside her.

Charles stood and looked at his sister, her innocent bridal panties pulled to one side, her pussy lips stretched apart by his penetration and his cum running out of her.

"You bastard," she sobbed, "Get the fuck out of here; I never want to see you again."

The harsh, crude words, so unlike his sister, made Charles stand aghast at what he had done. This should have been a day of absolute joy for Laura but as she circulated looking radiantly virginal in her wedding dress, his lust for her grew. He had only known that he must share her with Doug, his basic desires causing him to rape the delicate shell of her new happiness, her gift in love to her new husband. Ashamed, he turned from her, adjusting his dress, and walked out of the door. Would she, could she, ever forgive him ?

Laura put her fingers against her hole to prevent cum running down her legs as she hurried into the bathroom. Clenching her muscle to keep the fluids inside her she quickly stripped and climbed into the shower. She expelled as much of his cum as she could and washed the smell of sex from her pussy.

They honeymooned abroad for three weeks and on returning found that Charles’ firm had transferred him to Scotland . They didn’t see him for the next 5 years during which time he had married Sally. Following that, he was transferred to the firm’s Dutch office and began to keep regularly in touch. Laura had no long-term resentment toward her brother, having forgiven him a long time ago. They even took holidays together from time to time and resumed their passionate four-way relationship whenever circumstances allowed.

Doug and Laura were blessed with a boy and a girl. Their son Carl, now a strong, healthy young man of 20, is in his second year at University and is reading medicine. A little taller than his father, he has his mother’s compassionate and caring nature.

Elizabeth – Liz – has the family brown hair and deep blue eyes. Generous lips, a beautifully warm smile and her mother’s skin tones soften her own rather square faced look. Her hair falls naturally in little waves to her shoulders and her figure is causing men to turn their heads and catch their breath.

Chapter Two - Learning Curves – Liz and her Daddy

With Doug’s tiredness and neglect of her healthy female needs Laura was looking forward to the holiday visit by her brother Charles and his wife Sally, but she could not foresee the dramatic change this would bring to their placid lives, a change that would affect all of her family. A change that would make Doug rethink his family relationships.

It began the day Liz walked in the front door several hours before her usual time, dropping her books on the hall table as she did every day. She went into the kitchen and found Toni, the small fresh faced kitchen-help preparing vegetables and asked if she had seen her mother.

"No, I’m sorry, I don’t know where she is but your Uncle Charles and Aunt Sally arrived soon after you went out this morning and she’s taken one of the cars and gone shopping. She said she wouldn’t be back until 6pm ," Toni replied.

Liz decided on a swim before doing any work and went back to her room to put on a bikini. Walking lightly on bare feet to the pool house she stopped in shock as she reached the slightly open door. She could clearly see her mother in the shallow water being held in a passionate embrace by a man. Watching in disbelief she saw the man’s hands unclip her mother’s bikini top, pull it away from her unresisting body and throw it on the side of the pool.

Her Mom’s hands slid down his body and slipped between their touching thighs. Their bodies wriggled briefly and suddenly a pair of men’s briefs followed after the bra top, with her Mom’s bikini panties close behind. Naked now, their bodies were writhing against each other and Liz heard her Mom say, "For god’s sake put it in me."

Laura’s body was gently lifted upward then slowly lowered again, "Oh yes, oh god, I need it, do it to me, give it to me," she begged.

The man held her so that her shoulders dropped backwards and Liz could see where their bodies joined, their pubic hairs blending in sexual unison. He began thrusting his hips and Liz saw a little of his erection as his hard rigid cock penetrated her mother. For the first time Liz raised her eyes to look at the face of the man and almost cried out aloud when she recognized her Uncle Charles, her mother’s brother.

Liz quietly ran back towards the house and her bedroom, and as she passed her parents’ room she saw her father putting on a loose shirt. Pausing for only a moment she hurried to her own room, stifling the sobs erupting in her chest.

Doug’s thoughts had been on Laura and the realisation of how he had allowed his business to come between his wife and himself. He seemed to have been more distant from her of late and he had the uncomfortable feeling that under the pressure of work, the flames of their love were dieing to grey ashes, and yet he did want her, he did need her.

The fleeting glimpse of his obviously distressed daughter startled Doug out of his thoughts. He too had left work early and after changing into his bathing shorts was planning a swim before cocktails.

He walked down the passage and tapped softly on his daughter’s bedroom door. There was a muffled call from inside which he took as permission to enter. Liz was sitting on her bed, her eyes enormous and glistening with unshed tears.

"What’s the matter, darling?" he asked.

‘Oh Daddy, Mommy’s doing sex with Uncle Charles in the pool," she sobbed. Liz horribly afraid that her Daddy would be appalled, terribly betrayed and leave home as she knew had happened in Toni’s own tragic family.

Doug sat on her dressing chair and held his arms out toward his daughter. With a little sob, tears now streaming down her cheeks, she ran to him. Doug pulled her onto his lap as he had done so many times in the past as a small child, with her legs on either side of his waist. He held her lovingly, stroking her back, her hair and shoulders, trying to make her feel better, wondering how he could possibly reassure Liz that they had been doing what she’d seen for many years.

The sobbing convulsions of her body made the join of her thighs move over his lap and Doug’s cock began to stiffen under their titillating effect. He knew it was wrong, willing that it would go away, trying to push it from his mind but Liz continued to move. He tried to think of something else but his aroused cock insisted on its needs. Doug looked down and saw the twin mounds of his daughter’s young breasts as they swelled into the almost inadequate bikini top.

Liz caught her Daddy looking at her breasts and almost at the same time felt something hard pushing against her. She knew instinctively that it had been her movements that caused her Daddy’s hard-on. Sobs subsiding, she sat there quietly and thought about the feelings mounting between her legs.

Tentatively Liz gave a firm thrust with her stretched crotch and felt an answering throb and push from her Daddy in return. Doug looked away, embarrassed by the uncontrollable reaction of his cock. Liz looked up at her Dad’s face for the first time in her life to see him as a man, and not as her father. Nervous and unsure about his reaction, she placed her arms around his neck and pulled closer into his shoulder.

She was fully aware of exactly what was happening and the situation they were both in. She hoped to use the feelings he now had to make her Daddy stop thinking about her Mom being with her Uncle.

She pulled him even closer. "Daddy, I love you. Don’t think about Mommy and Uncle Charles. I love you and I’ll do anything to make you feel better. Please don’t get angry and leave home. I want you so much."

She loved him and she wanted him to know that without any doubt. Liz began rocking slowly and nervously over her Dad’s hardening cock. He tried desperately to push her away but she clung to his neck.

"No. Liz, no, for God’s sake no sweetheart, please keep still. What’s happening to me is wrong. Forgive me. I can’t help it. You are so soft and beautiful but you’ve got to stop before it’s too late," Doug begged his daughter.

Liz held tightly onto her father, "I just want to make you feel better, Daddy." Pausing for a moment she pushed her bottom down harder onto her Daddy’s cock, rocking in small movements making him swell even harder. "I know you like it Daddy, I can feel you against me," she sighed. "It feels good for me too, Daddy! Please, I beg you... please!"

Without being conscious of it his hands moved to his daughter’s hips and held her as she moved. Liz kept asking her Daddy to let her make him feel better and Doug’s cock was so hard inside his loose shorts that he now found it impossible to tell his daughter to stop.

"Does this feel good Daddy?" she panted as she ground herself against him. "Do you like the feel of me there?" Liz moaned.

Doug groaned and thrust his hips at her. "It’s wonderful, darling, but I shouldn’t be doing this to you. You’ve got to get off me now, or I’ll do something that we’ll both be sorry for."

"Pretend that I’m Toni. I know you find her sexy because I’ve seen you looking at her," she gasped.

Raising the stakes Liz then removed her bikini top, pulled it over her head and threw it on the floor letting her young swelling breasts fall into full view of her Daddy.

"Do you like them?" she asked timidly.

Doug looked down, "My God," he gasped, "They’re beautiful, you’re so beautiful."

Liz leaned away from him, placed her hands on his shoulders and pulled his head down to her firm breasts. "Kiss them for me Daddy, love your little girl, please Daddy," she begged.

Doug’s put his arms around her shoulders and his mouth came in contact with his daughter’s erect nipples. A burning desire flashed to the head of his cock. Liz continued to rock back and forth on her Dad’s covered erection until she could feel her wetness seeping into her bikini panties. Reaching between them she slipped her fingers into his shorts and took his thick cock in her hand pulling it free.

It felt incredible to her touch as it throbbed and twitched, "I like the way it feels in my hand, Daddy," Liz whispered to him.

Liz allowed her hand to lightly roam over the length and thickness of the swollen cockhead. She loved the feeling of it in her palm, the way the head was so smooth against her hand, and when she tightened her grip, her Daddy groaned with a pleasure that thrilled her. Liz looked down at the swollen cock and the sight of it in her hand made her become even wetter. Moving forward and placing the tip against her bikini-covered clit, she pushed it over her hot little button.

"Oh Daddy, it feels so good, you touching me like this, I love you so much," she gasped in his ear.

Liz stood up, keeping her Dad’s cock in her grasp. Using her free hand she pulled her bikini panties down and off. Doug saw the patch of dark pubic hair that covered the join between her girlish thighs and just sat there with his rock hard cock in his daughter’s hand.

Looking straight in his eyes she said, "I really want you to forget all about Mom and Uncle Charles." Trembling, she then knelt between his legs.

Doug was speechless. He tried to make himself stop her, but couldn’t. She held his cock in her hand and with her eyes locked on his, she lowered her mouth over his large cockhead. Bending her head she opened her mouth and pressed the swollen knob past her lips and into her mouth.

His eyes closed in ecstasy as he felt the warm wetness surround him. Liz slowly moved her mouth over the head, letting her tongue lick freely over the underside. Doug moaned as if in agony.

Taking him gently out of her mouth and holding his shaft firmly in her hand she asked, "Am I doing it right? Is this how you like it?"

"It’s perfect," he gasped, "Don’t stop. Put it back in".

Small drops of pre-cum seeped from the hole. Liz let the tip of her tongue take it and pull it away, causing a thin string to form, linking her tongue to her Dad’s cock. She took him in again and quickly picked up her movements, letting the cock move freely in and out of her sucking mouth.

Gripping his shaft tightly Liz sucked hungrily making him wild with pleasure. Doug began making small pumping movements with his hips, his hands behind her head. She met each movement with her own, her hand, still wrapped around the thick shaft, milking him harder and tighter. Nothing mattered to Doug now. It didn’t matter if it was his daughter that was sucking his cock so well. All the guilt had vanished.

She took him out again, "Does Mom let you cum in her mouth, Daddy?" Liz asked. Doug, with his eyes closed told her that she did. "You can spurt in my mouth if you want to Daddy. I want you to, but not just yet." Liz stopped sucking his cock and climbed back over his lap.

He opened his eyes and nearly came straight away as he saw his daughter’s legs on each side of his thighs. Her crotch was stretched wide, her dark feminine hair covering the top of her pussy, unable to hide the erotic slit of her sex. Before lowering herself, she took his cock in her hand and slipped it along her wet sopping vaginal lips, coating the whole of his knob end with her female juices.

Lowering herself a little at a time she positioned his dick at her hole. As she lowered herself his cock pushed her lips apart and began to stretch her. Forcing herself down the rest of the way in a slow fluid movement her vagina was penetrated fully by her Daddy’s invading cock.

"Please Daddy. I want you to do it to me just like you do it to Mommy."

Placing his hands on her buttocks and cupping her small cheeks in his palms, Doug eased her up and then helped her settle back onto his cock, her curly maiden hair mingling with his own. He thrust in and out of her, hearing the squelch as his prick poked in and out of her wetness.

Her juice was running down his prick as he lifted her up, then her muscle squeezed the silky, sticky fluid down into his groin as he pulled her down again. His pubic hair was soaking from her and as she descended onto his groin, her own sex hair was in turn coated by the wetness.

"Is this how you and Mom do it?" she gasped.

"Sometimes, its one way we do it" he groaned.

The feeling of hard swollen cock rippling deep within her made Liz squirm. Humping her father’s cock even harder, she dropped a hand to her crotch, fingers twiddling with her clit. Doug’s hand gripped her ass cheeks tighter and moved her harder up and down on his cock.

"I’m nearly there, Daddeeee " she suddenly wailed.

Doug moaned. Liz quickly got off his cock and went back to her knees, stuffing his cock back in her mouth. Her fingertips were still hard at work on her clit, bringing her orgasm closer with each passing second.

She heard her Dad say. "Oh shit, Liz, I’m going to cum!"

Liz’s fingers pressed harder against herself rubbing even more frantically. Her breasts were swollen, hard, tight, her nipples swollen and puffy with a desperate need. Her lower tummy filling as her orgasm built. Her clit was rigid, every nerve seeming to reach out to be satisfied. Her funnel of desire filled. Her head snapped back as her orgasm exploded. She wailed her ecstasy as she took his cock from her mouth. Then she pushed her mouth back over the cock to suck and pump harder than before.

Doug grunted loudly and started spewing his cum into his daughter’s sucking mouth. "Oh fuck, take my cum Liz! Suck it all out!" His cock pulsated as he shot cum in her mouth and down her throat. Liz was nasally humming with his cock shoved so deeply in her mouth.

Then she shook and shuddered as she cum yet again, an after shock to the eruption that had ripped through her. His final jets hit her in the face and dripped on her breasts. Liz’s fingers were slowing now. Her orgasm was subsiding and her sensitive clit began to lessen its convulsions as her fingers stilled. She milked the last drop of cum from her Dad’s cock before letting her head drop in his lap beside the twitching shrinking manhood.

She rested for a moment and then looked upward. Wiping cum from her face Liz then licked it from her fingers with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. Her hands went to her breasts and tenderly massaged her father’s spunk into her sweet young flesh.

Watching her Doug didn’t say a word. The full realization of what happened had finally hit him. He had incestuously penetrated his innocent teen daughter. He’d relished the feeling of his rampant cock invading her virginal cunt. Then he’d fucked her mouth and shot his father’s cum into her and sprayed her face and naked breasts.

As he calmed, he wondered how his young daughter had learned to do what she had done to him. Her sucking had been so good, and his prick had slipped into her more easily than he would have expected, even though she was saturated with her own juices. Perhaps she wasn’t the inexperienced little virgin he had thought. She also knew enough to take his cock out of her cunt before he spurted cum into her, although by then she was pretty far-gone herself, and she had swallowed his spunk without hesitation or choking.

He took her hands and lifted her to her feet. Despite his feelings he couldn’t prevent himself from looking at her beautiful naked body. Her taut breasts tipped with her tiny swollen nipples - a virgin’s nipples he thought. He saw her dark maidenly patch of pubic hair covering the place where his cock had been only moments before. He was beginning to doubt if he was indeed the first male into that sweet wet place.

To be continued in

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