Harness Up Parts 1-4  


I meant a woman that I really liked a few years after I finished college. I had gone out with her on several dates and then at the end of my last date, she told me that she liked to be in control of the men she dated. She also wanted me to shave my pubic hair before my next date with her. I didn't know what she was up to, and since I really liked her, I shaved my pubic hair before my next date. Lack of hair down there made me very aware of my cock and balls.

When I went to her house to pick her up for our next date, she invited me into her house. Nancy immediately sat down on her couch and pulled me to stand in front of her. "Clyde, if you are going to keep dating me, I want to start a new ritual before we start a date. I will invite you into my house, I will sit on the couch and you will stand in front of me. Next, you will unbuckle your belt, unzip your slacks, and let them fall to the floor. Then take your arms and put them behind your back. You will not move or say anything until I tell you to. Now, you can either stop dating me and walk out the door right now, or you can start the ritual."

I really wanted to keep dating Nancy, so I said, "I really like you, so I guess you want me to drop my pants?"

"That's right, start your new ritual." I felt sort of funny standing in front of a woman that I had just barely dated, and now I was standing in front of her with only my under shorts on. I was even more surprised when I felt her fingertips inside the waistband of my shorts, and now they were at my feet. "Step out of one side of your pants and then spread your legs. Remember, keep your arms behind your back."

I was now completely naked from the waist down, and was starting to have an erection. Then Nancy started to analyze the shaving job I did on my pubic hair. "You missed a few places when you shaved, so I am going to clean you up a bit." Nancy reached over to a table next to the couch and now she had a razor in her hand. She proceeded to shave the few hairs I had left behind, and now I really felt like a little boy with a completely hairless pubic area. Next Nancy put the razor on the table and grabbed a thing that had three thin strips of leather and some metal snaps on it. I had never seen anything like that before.

"I call this my cock and ball harness. I use it on all of the men that date me. If you are going to keep dating me, I will be the only one to put it on you, and also the only one to take it off of you. Clyde, you are never to take it off for any reason. So let me put it on you."

"Okay." I said. First, one strap went around the base of my cock. Then the second strap snapped on between my cock and my balls. The third strap snapped in and went between my balls. Nancy was holding on to my cock and balls as she was putting the harness on me, so now I had a full erection.

"You can pull up your pants and we can now leave on our date. Once we get back from eating out, a movie, or whatever; I want you to take off all of your clothes and I will show you the rest of the ritual."

Now I had an erection, I had this harness on me, and I was very aware of my cock and balls since I no longer had any pubic hair. I think the harness held my erection throughout my date with Nancy, and I was glad that she only wanted to go out and eat. Soon we were headed back to her house.

Once we were inside, Nancy said, "Please take off all of your clothes so that we can continue with your new ritual." I felt embarrassed being completely naked in front of Nancy wearing this new cock and ball harness, and she still had all of her clothes on. "Now stand in front of me with your legs spread and your arms behind your back." Nancy continued to stroke my cock and balls until I had a full erection. "I will now be in control of your body, and you will only cum when I want you to. Now get on the floor on all fours, so that I can use you as a table for my legs."

Nancy then proceeded to watch television while I was in this position. I felt very strange being completely naked on all fours, wearing this cock and ball harness, and having an erection in front of my new girlfriend. After about a half-hour, she said, "Clyde, I now want you to stand up with your back towards me and your hands behind your back." She reached over to the table near the couch and put a pair of handcuffs on me. Nancy also fondled my ass and said, "You do have a nice ass, but I will deal with that on another date. Now turn around and spread your legs."

I don't know where it came from, but now Nancy had a spreader bar in her hands. Soon it was fastened to my ankles and I felt totally at the mercy of Nancy. "Now I want to see how well you react to me!" She soon was stroking my cock and balls again, until I was almost ready to cum. Then she would stop and admire my cock and balls. She did this several times and then finally let me cum. I really exploded and it felt so good.

"This is what the ritual will be like," Nancy said while she was taking off the harness and the spreader bar. "If you resist in anyway, I will spank your naked butt. So I want you at my house next week at 7 PM for another date. You can get dressed now and leave."

I had many other dates with Nancy. And yes, if I didn't act correctly on the date or didn't do what she said to do, she would give me a spanking. Sometimes the spanking was given to me over the end of a couch, and sometimes I would be spanked while bound spread eagle on her bed.

One time I took a few days off of work to drive her to a farm where some friends of her lived. They were a nice couple where the wife was also dominant. We arrived to the farm late one evening, so I didn't have much time to meet the couple before we went to bed. Of course, Nancy and I slept in separate bedrooms. In the morning, I smelled breakfast, so I put on my robe over my pajamas to get something to eat. The husband was already doing farm chores, and his wife, Julie, had made a nice warm breakfast for Nancy and me. Nancy and Julie must have gotten up a little bit before me, because both of them were fully dressed. After I had eaten, Nancy said, "Clyde, why don't you take your shower, now. After your shower, come out in just your pajamas so that I can prepare you for the rest of the day."

I was hoping that I wouldn't be harnessed up on this short vacation, especially not in front of another woman who I had just met. After my shower, I found both Nancy and Julie talking to each other in the living room. I went over to Nancy and stood in front of her.

"First, I want you to take off your pajama top, give it to me, and then put your arms behind your back." Nancy said. "Julie, this is a little ritual I have with Clyde at the beginning of each date." Next I felt her fingertips in the waistband of my pajama bottoms, and then they were on the floor. Julie was now sitting next to Nancy and I was feeling quite embarrassed standing completely naked in front of the two women.

"Now step out of your pajama bottoms and spread your legs." Nancy said.

"Clyde is completely shaved. He looks so nice like that!" Julie said.

"Yes, he has to keep himself well shaven, otherwise he gets spanked. Now watch me put his cock and ball harness on him." Nancy said. Then Nancy put the harness on me. She seemed to take more time than usual, and I ended up with a full erection.

"Is it okay if I examine the harness you just put on him?" Julie asked. And now this woman who I had just met was thoroughly examining my erect cock and balls.

"Stand directly in front of Julie so that Julie can examine you better." Nancy said. So I moved over in front of Julie and stood with my legs spread and my arms behind my back.

"He obeys you very well," Julie said. "You are lucky to have found a man like Clyde."

"Yes, I have taught him to follow my orders, otherwise he gets spanked. Maybe we can spank him later on today."

"Yes, I would like that," Julie said.

"Clyde, as soon as Julie is through examining you, you can get dressed and join us for farm chores." Nancy said.

After a few more minutes of Julie fondling my cock and balls, she said, "You can get dressed now. I am really glad to have met you."

The rest of the morning went pretty good, but after lunch Nancy asked Julie if she wanted some target practice. She agreed and then the women took me downstairs to the basement. There was a wooden horse with a saddle on it. Next to it were many riding crops, riding bats, whips and paddles. "Clyde, we want you to take off all of your clothes and bend over the saddle. This way we can have target practice on your naked ass. Hurry up."

Nancy had spanked me before, but never with another woman participating, and never over a saddle. They positioned me so that neither my legs nor my hands reached the floor. Then my spanking started. My ass was really stinging since I wasn't used to being spanked by two women and by these different spanking implements. I made the mistake of kicking up my feet.

"Let me get some rope so that we can secure him to the saddle." Julie said. Nancy took some rope and secured my wrists while Julie secured my ankles. Now I was completely at their mercy. They continued to spank me until my ass felt like it was on fire. Then, I felt the ropes being released from my wrists and ankles.

"Before you stand up, put your arms behind your back," Nancy said. I felt ropes around my wrists again. "Now turn around and spread your legs." Now each of the women grabbed an ankle and tied it to the leg of the wooden horse.

"Clyde took his spanking very well." Nancy said. "For a reward, why don't you milk him, Julie."

"I'd be glad to." Julie said. Then Julie stroked my cock and balls until I had another erection and then I came in her hands. I felt really embarrassed that I was spanked by this woman who I had just met, and now I had just cum in her hands.

Nancy took off my cock and ball harness and said, "Why don't you lay down in your bedroom, Clyde. You have had quite a day already. I'll harness you up again before we eat dinner."

It felt good to lay on the bed on my stomach without wearing the harness. It felt like I wouldn't be able to sit down for a day or two. The two women used me for more of their pleasure as this so called vacation continued for a few days.

Nancy was quite the girlfriend!

Harness Up, Part 2

I got a call from Nancy, my girlfriend, that I should pick her up on Saturday at 5 PM, as opposed to our usual 7 PM date time. We were going over to eat at one of her girlfriend's house. She also told me that it could be a very special night, and that anything could happen. Also, since we had been dating for a couple of months, she wanted me to meet some of her friends.

It sounded like it would be a fun date for me, so I was looking forward to meet with her friend. I arrived exactly at 5 PM at Nancy's house. In the past I had been spanked if I was late, so I made sure that I was on time. When Nancy opened the door, I expected to be shown in, drop my pants, and have Nancy put the cock and ball harness on me. Instead, Nancy greeted me at the door holding a large duffel type bag in her hands

"We'll need what's in here for later on. I'm so glad that you are willing to meet my friends."

Since she didn't have me wearing the cock and ball harness, I was also looking forward to meeting her friend. "I am also happy that I will be able to start to meet your friends." I said to Nancy.

On the car trip over to her friend's house, we talked about how the week had gone for each of us, and we made other small conversation. I really liked dating Nancy because we seemed to share the same ideas and same values.

We got to her friend's house, and a nice young woman named Linda greeted us at the door. Linda had us go through the dining room so we could talk in the living room before we ate. I thought it was very strange that there were four place settings on the large round dining room table, when I thought it would be just Nancy an myself eating with her friend, Linda.

I was even more surprised when we got to the living room. Already seated were two more women that I had never met before. "These are my other two friends, Martha and Jenny."

"Glad to meet you!" I pleasantly said to them.

They told me that they had heard so much about me from Nancy, and were glad they finally had a chance to meet me.

Then Nancy said, "Clyde, this meal will be different for you. Were you wondering why there are only four place settings and there are five of us? That's because you are going to serve my girlfriends and me dinner. It will be a way for them to get to know you better. I brought some special clothes for you to wear while you serve us. Let's go into another room so that you are prepared to serve us properly."

Nancy took me into one of the bedrooms with the bag she had brought with us. I thought that she would pull a tux or something, but she lay out on the bed what looked like a maid's outfit. There were black panties, a large white apron, and a black thing with a very small frilly skirt.

"Put these on and then join us again in the living room." Nancy said.

I felt so humiliated putting this maid's outfit. The skirt didn't go far below my waist, so I was glad for the black panties, even though the material was quite thin. I was also happy for the large white apron, since it covered up the front of my panties. I didn't expect it, but now I had a big erection, since I had never worn women's clothes before.

"Hurry out so that we can see you!" I heard from the living room.

So I walked into the living room and everyone applauded. They had me turn around and bend over so they could see how cute I looked. They commented on my nice ass and how they were looking forward to having me serve them dinner.

"Come over here and stand in front of me." Nancy said. "I need to harness you up before you serve us." I thought that it was enough to just serve these women in this maid's outfit, but now I would be embarrassed even more by Nancy putting a cock and ball harness on me in front of her girlfriends that I had just met. Her girlfriends sat next to Nancy so that they could have a good look at me. I stood as I usually do with my arms behind my back.

Nancy moved away the apron and next I felt her fingertips in the black panties. "Why don't you step out of the panties, you won't be needing them anymore." Now I was almost completely naked standing in front of three women and my erection was very obvious to them. "Spread your legs so that I can properly snap this cock and ball harness on you." Once it was on me Nancy said to the other women, "Let's eat now. You can examine Clyde as he serves us dinner."

Linda took me into the kitchen and showed me what she had made for them to eat. She also showed me her serving utensils and the drinks they were to have. "You should first start by pouring us wine and water, then salad, the meat, and at the end, dessert. I look forward to you serving me." Linda said.

It was a large round wooden table in the dining room, and there was plenty of space between the women. But before I started to pour the wine, Nancy said, "Leave your glasses right where they are, don't help Clyde out. This way he will be force to lean over the table to pour the drinks."

Jenny was the first woman I poured the wine for. Now with only the apron covering my erection, when I leaned over to pour the wine, I was completely exposed to Jenny. "Is it okay if I touch him?" Jenny asked.

"That's why he is serving us dinner." Nancy said. "This way you get to know him better."

I jumped a little as I felt her fingers grasp my cock and balls. "Don't spill anything," Nancy said, "or we will spank you after dessert."

As I went around and served each of the women, all of them at least touched or fondled my cock and balls. Martha and Linda had me turn around so that they could see and feel my ass. I felt completely at the mercy of these four women. The touching from these women while I was serving them was sometimes too much for me, and I did spill some of the water and food. Nancy then reminded me that I would be spanked after they had eaten.

For dessert they had a different form of jello, which I had to put in little bowls near the center of the table. "It will be interesting to see your nice ass turn red," Jenny said as she rubbed my ass while filling up her jello bowl.

After they had finished eating Nancy said, "Linda, why don't you help Clyde clear the table. I think the table would make a good spot to spank him." Soon, Linda and the other women were helping me clear the table. Nancy removed some of the chairs and then had me go over to her. She undid the apron, and took off my maid's outfit. I was now standing totally naked in front of these women, knowing that they were going to spank me. Nancy reached into the bag again and brought out four paddles. "Clyde, why don't you give each of my friends a paddle, so that they can spank you."

As I gave each woman a paddle, Martha said, "Your Clyde obeys you very well."

"Yes," Nancy said, "I have trained him very well in the short time we have been dating."

I felt very vulnerable, being completely naked and handing each woman a paddle that they would soon be using on my bare ass.

"Now bend over the table, spread your legs, and put your arms far out in front of you," Nancy said. I assumed the position and waited for the sting of the paddle. "I like to spank him with his legs spread because you can watch his cock and balls dangle and bounce about as you spank him. I want each of you to spank him ten times, five on each cheek, like this."

Then my spanking started. After Nancy's ten spanks my ass felt warm. "Martha, now it's your turn." When Martha spanked me, it wasn't as hard as Nancy, so I thought I might get through the spanking without much pain. Then it was Jenny's turn. The force of Jenny's first spank was much more that what I expected. I stood up and rubbed my ass.

Nancy said, "Clyde, you know that you aren't suppose to get out of position during a spanking. So Jenny, that one won't count, so you can spank him ten more times. And Martha, since you have already spanked him, why don't you go around the table and hold his arms so he will stay in position. Clyde, assume the position, again."

I leaned over the table and stretched my arms out. This time Martha leaned over and grasped my arms to hold me in position. The top of Martha's dress opened up a little and I could see her breasts, which was sort of a turn on for me. So I was maintaining an erection while I was being spanked. Jenny's spanking made me squirm about, but Martha did a good job of holding me in place.

When Linda spanked me, my ass was now sensitive and sore. I was so glad when her ten spanks were completed. "Martha, you can release Clyde's arms so he can stand up and face us. Stand with your legs spread and your hands behind your back." I still had a good erection from seeing Martha's breasts. "Clyde, you have been very good in serving us and accepting a spanking from us. I am going to let my friends draw straws, and whoever gets the smallest one will milk you."

Nancy reached in her gag and pulled out three straws. She covered the ends, and her three friends drew them from her. Martha won. "The rest of you can watch as she milks him. He is a real squirter."

"I'll get a wash rag, so that he won't make a mess." Linda said.

Then Martha started to stroke my erection as the others watched. It didn't take too much time and soon I came into the wash rag. Martha cleaned me up a bit as Nancy said, "Clyde, you can go into the kitchen and eat, if you feel like eating. Don't get dressed yet. We are going to do girl talk in the living room."

Although my ass was on fire and I felt exhausted, I still ate in the kitchen. I didn't sit down, but stood up as I ate.

After about a half-hour, Nancy called me to go back into the living room. While still naked, she had me go around and thank each of her friends for spanking me and allowing me to serve them dinner. Everyone of her friends had me turn around so that they could see and feel my well-spanked ass. Finally, Nancy said that I could get dressed and we would be leaving soon. She packed up her bag and soon we left Linda's house.

That was a date to remember!

Harness Up, Part 3

I made reservations at a very good place to eat that Nancy really liked. I was looking forward to a nice dinner with just Nancy and myself. That way we would be able to talk about our relationship. I arrived at Nancy's house right on time, and rang her doorbell. To my surprise, a strange woman answered the door.

"Hi, I'm Ann. You must be Clyde. Nancy called me to come over here and let you in since she is running late at work. Please come in and sit down."

I had never met Ann before but I was glad that she answered the door, otherwise I would be waiting outside for Nancy.

Once I sat down, Ann said, "I live very close to here. Nancy gave me her keys to her house so that I can watch over the place when she is gone on vacation or she is expecting a special delivery."

Then the phone rang and Ann answered it. The way Ann talked, it sounded like it was Nancy. Ann talked on the phone a while and then handed me the phone. Sure enough, it was Nancy. She told me that she had to work late at work, but suggested that I take Ann out to eat since I had reservations. She would grab something quick to eat on her way home and probably would be waiting for us, once we returned to her house.

Then Nancy surprised me with her next statement. "Have Ann harness you up before you go out. I told her where I keep the harness, and you should help her to put it on you. Once you get back from dinner, I want to make sure you are wearing it. Now give the phone back to Ann."

While I was on the phone to Nancy, Ann had slipped into Nancy's bedroom and came out with the harness in her hands. I gave her the phone, and she talked to Nancy a little bit longer. Finally, Ann hung up the phone and said, "Well, I guess I need to put this on you before we eat. Can you show me how it works?"

I showed Ann how it snapped together, and explained that the big loop went around the base of my cock, and another strap separated my balls. "Okay, I think I understand how it works. Now drop your pants."

I was just getting used to Nancy putting the harness on me before a date, but this was a woman I had just met. With much hesitation, I lower my pants, raised my shirt in front, and put my arms behind me. Now I was standing in front of Ann with only my briefs on, from the waist down.

"Nancy said she always puts it on you before a date, so here I go." Then I felt her fingertips in my waistband, and my briefs were on the floor with my pants. I was starting to have an erection but I still kept my arms behind my back and my legs spread.

"My, you are nicely shaved down here."

"Yes, Nancy likes me that way." I said.

As I stood there, I felt Ann's hands examining my cock and balls. After she had examined me for a while, Ann said, "I'm going to put it on you now. Please hold still." Since Ann wasn't used to putting the harness on me, it took her a longer time and I had a full blown erection by the time it was fastened on me. "Okay, pull up your pants so that we can go out to eat."

On the way to the restaurant, Ann asked me many embarrassing questions about how it felt to wear the harness. I told her it made me very conscious about my cock and balls. It also made me keep my erection for a long time. I felt very embarrassed talking to a woman I had just met about my most private parts.

Dinner went well. We had good food and we mostly talked about Nancy and myself. Nancy had told her about me and that we practiced a ritual where Nancy would put a cock and ball harness on me. Ann wasn't sure that the ritual was for real until she found the harness in Nancy's bedroom and then put it on me. Ann told me that she was glad that Nancy had to work late because she had a chance to really get to know me and to eat at this great restaurant.

Soon we were back at Nancy's house, again. Nancy greeted at the door and invited both of us in. "Clyde, why don't you undress now so that we can continue your ritual."

"But what about Ann?" I asked.

"Don't worry about her. I want her to stay to get to know you better."

Once we got back to Nancy's house after a date, she always had me take off all of my clothes. Then she would play with my body, but up until now, it had only been with only Nancy and me.

"Have you seen his nice ass yet?" Nancy asked Ann.

"No, I only was concerned about putting on his harness."

"Clyde, once you are undressed, come over here!" Nancy said.

First, Nancy examined my cock and balls to make sure the harness was put on me correctly. Then she said, "Turn around so that we can examine your ass." Then I felt four hands all over my ass. They were separating my cheeks and grasping my ass. "Now get down on your knees, bend over, put your head on the floor, and spread your legs." Nancy said.

I really felt embarrassed. Now Ann, a woman I had just met, was viewing my whole naked body, even my most intimate parts.

"Stay in that position, Clyde. I want to try something since Ann is here." Nancy said. She left the room and came back in a few minutes. "Here Ann, put on these gloves. Let's lube him up and then stick our fingers into him." Next I felt a cool lube between my cheeks, and then around my asshole. I gasped as I felt a finger go inside of me. "Stay still," Nancy said to me. I couldn't tell whose finger it was, but I felt it explore my insides. That finger was finally withdrawn, and then I felt another finger go inside of me. I was surprised because this was turning me on and I was having a bigger erection. I felt my cock and balls strain against the harness that was on me. Then whomever had a finger in me slipped another finger into me. The fingers were slowly going in and out and it was driving me nuts.

Nancy and Ann must of seen the effect that this was having on me because Nancy said, "Clyde, turn around and face us." I was now facing them with my arms behind my back and my legs spread. Although their fingers were no longer inside of me, it still felt like they were in me.

"Look at his nice erection!" Ann said.

"Would you like to relieve him of it?" Nancy asked.

"I'd love to." Ann answered.

Then Ann started to stroke my cock and balls. I was already highly excited from their fingers being inside of me, and soon I was squirting cum into Ann's hands.

"Clyde, why don't you clean yourself up while we talk." Nancy said. So I went to the shower and washed myself off.

When I returned, Nancy informed me that since Ann was between boyfriends, that she would be going out on dates with us and would be sharing in the rituals that we had developed. The rest of the evening I spent serving Nancy and Ann in the nude, and doing whatever they requested

I thought, "What have I gotten myself into?"

Harness Up, Part 4

I was having a hard time at work. I had to stay late on every night to get everything completed. The phone was ringing off the hook and I didn't have time to answer phone calls. Nancy had been calling me, but I was unable to answer her calls or return them. She finally left me a message on my voicemail telling me that I should pick her up at one o'clock on Saturday, for a date. She said that she had something special planned for me, and she was looking forward to see me again.

I rang her doorbell, and Nancy answered the door wearing a robe and wet hair. "Go into the living room and Ann will take care of you while I finish getting ready."

In the living room, Ann was sitting in the middle of one of Nancy's long couches. "Stand in front of me so that I can harness you up for your date." I was hoping that this date would be with just Nancy and myself, but now it appears that Ann will come along. So I went over and stood in front of Ann, dropped my pants, and put my arms behind my back. Ann lowered my briefs and fastened the cock and ball harness on me. This gave me a big erection, and I started to pull my pants back on.

"I didn't tell you that you could get dressed yet. Lower your pants right now! In fact, step out of them." Ann said. I stepped out of my pants and briefs, put them beside me, and put my arms behind my back.

"Nancy told me that you haven't had time to talk to her on the phone and you haven't been returning her phone calls. Is that true?" Ann asked.

"Yes, but…" I started to explain why and Ann cut me off.

"I only want a yes or no answer."

"Yes," I said.

"Do you feel that is a way to treat a woman that you are dating?"

"No," I said.

"Then, do you feel that you should change your behavior towards Nancy?"

"Yes," I said.

"I was hoping you would agree. Now I want you to lay over my lap so that I can spank you."

Ann's statement shocked me. "But…" I said.

"Get over my lap right now or else your spanking will be worst." Ann was wearing a short skirt and she raised it up even higher and said, "Lay so that your legs are on one side and your chest on the other side, and your penis is between my legs. Put your arms out in front of you."

Lying this way put my weight mainly on the couch, and I could feel her thighs squeeze my cock and balls.

"My, you do have a nice looking ass. Too bad I need to turn it red." Ann stroked my ass for a while then started to spank me. She would also drive me nuts by sometimes caressing my ass in-between spanks. After a few hand spanks, she started to spank me harder. This made me squirm about and I could feel her squeeze her thighs together tighter, so that I would stay in place. "Don't squirm about, Clyde, or else I'll use a paddle on you!"

So although me ass felt on fire, I tried my best to stay in place. I could also feel my erection growing bigger between her thighs.

Finally, Nancy came into the room. "What are you doing?" Nancy asked.

"I'm spanking Clyde for not returning your phone calls." Ann replied. "See how nice and pink his ass is."

Now I felt Nancy's hands on my ass. "Yes, it is a nice color." Nancy said. "Why don't you quit for now so that we can go on our special shopping trip."

"Okay, Clyde. Get up and get dressed so that we can go shopping." Ann said.

When I got up, I had a big erection, but I had to get dressed real quick so that I could take them on this special shopping trip. I thought it was unusual because Nancy was wearing a western style blouse and jeans that made her look real nice.

Nancy had me drive to a certain location, without telling where they were going shopping. When we finally arrived, it was a shop that sold horse saddles and gear. I thought that Nancy was going to buy her friend Julie, who has horses, a gift. Once inside, Nancy and Ann pulled some items off the walls of the store and went over to the young woman who was at the cash register.

"I called on Friday and this morning about using a back room to try out some of your items." Nancy told the clerk.

"Yes, I remember your call. Sometimes people do want to try out our products before they purchase them." The clerk said. She lead us to a door and once opened, it was a large room where they kept their inventory. "There is a wooden horse in the corner, if you need it. I'll be at the register, if you need any help in using our equipment, or if you wonder about the price." Then she shut the door as she left the room.

"Clyde, please strip for us then bend over the horse so that we can try out these spanking implements. You really reacted to them when we went to Julie's farm." Nancy said.

I remembered how much they hurt when I was spanked over a saddle at Julie's farm. "But I was just spanked by Ann." I pleaded.

"Both of us are going to spank you, and then you are going to buy these spanking implements, so we can use them at my house."

So I reluctantly took off my clothes and bent over the wooden horse. "Spread your legs so that we can get to your dangling cock and balls." Nancy said.

Then they started to spank me with the various implements. It really hurt when they would use the riding crop between my legs, and tap my cock and balls that were dangling in the open. Since I couldn't see what they were using on me, they would tell me what they were using. After a few strokes from each implement, they would examine what marks it left on my exposed ass and ask me how it felt. Some of the implements really stung my ass and it felt like it was on fire. Nancy and Ann commented on how red it was getting.

Then the door opened. It was the young female clerk. "Sorry to interrupt, but do you have any questions or need any help?" I felt so embarrassed for this young female clerk to see me bent over the wooden horse with a well-spanked ass.

"Come right on in and look at the effect they have on him." Nancy said.

I felt two small hands on my ass as the clerk said, "Yes, you have turned his ass into a nice shade of red." Then they talked about the various implements that they had used to spank me. "What's this?" The store clerk asked as I felt her hands between my legs.

"It's a cock and ball harness I make him wear when I am with him." Nancy said. "Clyde, stand up and turn around so that she can examine it."

First this young store clerk was examining my spanked ass, and now I had to turn around so that she could handle my cock and balls. She lifted up my cock to examine the harness and how it was fitted on me.

"I haven't seen anything like this before," the clerk said. "I have an idea that you might be interested in." Then she got out two wooden crates and put a blanket on them. "Let's have him lie on his back with his legs spread."

"Clyde, follow her directions." Nancy said.

So next I was lying on these wooden boxes, with legs spread, and my cock and balls standing straight up in the air. The clerk stroked my cock again and said, "He looks so nice like this. I'll be right back with some things to try on him." She came back with some things that had small leather strips and another thing that had a big ball of feathers at the end.

"We sell these as key chains," the clerk said referring to the things with the leather strips. "They work good to spank the inner thighs and to rub over his cock. This other thing with the feathers is good for tickling him at the same time. Try it and see for yourself."

The clerk handed Ann and Nancy the things to try on me. What a sensation I felt. It was pain and pleasure mixed together. The clerk grasped my cock again and said, "See, he is growing bigger and bigger."

The clerk kept stroking my cock as Nancy and Ann used their new toys on me.

"I can't stand it any longer!" I blurted out.

"Do you want to do the honors of relieving him from his suffering?" Nancy asked the clerk.

"I'd be delighted to," she said.

She stroked my cock vigorously for a while, and then I erupted in her hand. "There is a towel I keep in here that I can clean him up with." The clerk said. So soon she was cleaning my sperm that as all over my bare body.

"Take your time. I'll be at the cash register when you have decided what you want." The clerk said. And she left the room.

While I was getting dressed, Nancy and Ann decided what implements they liked the best and gave them to me to buy. Each of them also wanted their own set of implements that they used on my cock and balls.

"Good choice," the clerk said to me as I was paying her for the items. "I hope you come back again. It is fun for me to work with my clients so that they get what they need."

"We'll probably be back," Nancy told her. "It is nice to try things out before you buy them."

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