I am a pure blood. I know many of you have seen Hermophrodites on television, some may actually know one, but I am different. It all started centuries ago in ancient Greece when the gods ruled...

My grandmother was a beautiful woman. She was petite with a nice curvaceous body, the desire of all mortal men and priestess of Aphrodite. Truthfully though, she was the horniest woman ever. She would have sex with anyone or anything to please herself. This is where I begin...

As my grandmother was out one beautiful day, she wandered into a forest of live trees. These trees were part human and part tree, a cursed thing created by Pan from hunters poaching he cursed them to be the homes of such animals that they killed. As my grandmother walked through the forest, her legs rubbing together and teasing her pussy, she became very horny. Not knowing the company she was in, she thought she was alone as she reached between her legs and began to please herself.

Now, the trees not having had the pleasure of a woman for years saw and seized this opportunity. One of them reached out and wrapped his branch around her body, clutching her tight to not let her run. He pulled her to him and did not wait to thrust his dick in her, a hard, rough dick covered in tree bark. The roughness of the thing actually intensified her pleasure. Then another tree thrust his dick in her ass. She was at their mercy.

As one finished, he passed her to the next in line for the fucking. They continued until the entire forrest had been pleased, even some had been pleased numerous times. When they were done, she was raw, slightly bleeding from their rough bark and extremely sore. She laid there on the ground with a smile and slept that night in the forrest with her attackers.

Within nine months, my grandmother had given birth to my mother. My mother was born like her father's kind, asexual, a hermophrodite, able to reproduce without a man's seed, but with my grandmother's beauty. The priestesses thought she was a blessing of fertility and my mother became the temple whore, having sex with both men and women as duty to her goddess. The offspring spawned from this are what you now know as hermophrodites.

I came along with my mother's first asexual reproduction. I was born of my mother alone with no father. I too became a priestess until the day Rome fell. I remained out of the public eye as my mother had warned me, she and I like our grandfathers will carry their immortality, but as a gift from our goddess as an act of mercy for all our faithful years, we were granted immortal beauty and would never age.

Today, I live in Atlanta, in a little loft downtown. My mother is in London. I am 5'8", 125 pounds, black hair and blue eyes. My breasts are a perfect 32C and I have a body perfect for modeling, but unfortunately have a dick as well.

Right now I'm new to town, but I think I just made some great friends. Last night, I was at the local IHOP when a woman approached me. She was bisexual and could not ignore my beauty and had to come on to me. I was wearing tight leather pants, with my dick tucked inside my pussy, and a white crop top with a leopard skin jacket.

"Excuse me," she said, "but I couldn't take my eyes off you. I think you're beautiful."

"Thank you," I said in my soft silky voice. "You're rather pretty yourself." She must've been an inch or so taller than I, with a very slender body, but still teasing curves and a 30B breast size, blonde hair and green eyes. I whispered to her, "Are you...? You know!" She blushed and smiled and whispered back, "Yes, I'm actually bisexual." We both giggled. I was getting horny. "So am I!" I said. Then she turned a little serious, "Are you into group things?" I grinned devilishly, "I'm into anythings." Then she asked me if I would like to come back to her place, that she and some friends were having a party. I said sure. We got up and left in her new Honda Accord. She had a nice pad downtown with soft romantic lighting and gentle archetecture. There was no living room furniture, only a giant bed infront of the tele. Her friends had already began to get acquainted and were making out on the bed.

She spoke up and said, "Excuse me, everyone! I've brought a new friend tonight. Everyone, this is... Um, what's your name?" "Leigh," I replied. "I'm Emily," she said"Everyone, this is Leigh." Everyone seemed really nice, but more importantly very hot. There were two men on the bed making out with each other with their shirts off and incredibly built bodies. There was another athletic blonde making out with a black guy. And a curvaceous red head making out with a slender brunette Jennifer Love Hewitt look alike.

Everyone was busy with their friend and Emily turned to me and started kissing me full on the mouth. She was a great kisser and I kissed back. She unzipped my leather pants to reveal my pantiless bottom. As she slipped my pants off, my dick popped out, rock hard and wet from my own juices. It was staring her straight in the face as she slid down my smooth body sliding the pants off. She saw immediately what I was, looked up with her pretty green eyes, smiled and said, "Leigh, you just became my new best friend." And with that, she took my dick in her mouth and began to suck, taking the whole 7 inch shaft in and then licking my clit with the tip of her tongue as she fingered me.

Sporadically, others began to notice and came over. The blonde kissed me full in the mouth, passing on a fresh load of the black guy's cum which tasted like salty sugary honey; our lips and tongues intertwined for a while, sharing this feast of cum. The black guy came over and Emily guided me down to sit on him as he laid under me waiting to shove his eight inches into my aching pussy.

The gay guys were next to notice and they came over. Emily traded places with one of them who took me in his mouth as the other one began rimming my ass with his tongue. Emily stood in front of me and spread her legs with her pussy lips open wide, she had a marvelously large clit and I took it in my mouth and began sucking and flicking. The red head then came over and laid on the kitchen table just above me as she spread her lips wide and Emily began eating her out. Her brunette friend sat down on my black fucker and he began eating her out and savoring her freshly fucked cunt with a new load of one of the gay men's cum in it. Without warning, my rimmer stopped licking and suddenly just thrust his cock in my ass. It felt extremly pleasing and painful. Meanwhile as if on cue, his boyfriend turned and thrust his ass down on my dick and my blonde kissing buddy took his shaft in her mouth.

We all lasted through the night, cumming, eating, sucking, fucking. Exchanging positions as we went, each taking turns in another's spot with me and my body being the center of gravity. It was a mess of dicks and pussies fucking and having fun. It was the best fuck of my life yet!

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