hot summer day  


The hot summer days

On a hot summer I had a fight with my husband and so decided to stay in my room till he went, the time passed and after about an hour I decided to take a dip in our backyard pool with my daughter [Debby 14]. While we were going at the back my dog spike [labar] followed us but I didn’t mind as he always did so when it was swim time as he enjoyed the water a lot. When we were in the water I told asked Debby if she would to like to take few warm up laps together, to which she readily agreed but we soon tired of and I lay by the pool to rest and let spike play for a while besides us, when suddenly the door bell rang to which Deb went to answer, returning she told me that she would be in her room with her friends if I needed anything. Seeing the chance I sided my costume from my cunt and got spike to lick it and without realizing that I was groaning quiet loudly I came too a huge climax with spike inside me. Then not having the energy to attend my daughter’s guest I went to my room. On the way I heard groans and giggles from her room and not able to hide eagerness I peeped through the hole in the door and was surprised to see and hear that they were imitating me and then taking of their clothes both of them started having sex, being angry at their spying and behavior I decided to deal with her later and so waited for the next morning but even standing there I got hot and siding my panty’s from my pussy I started finger fucking my self but the fear of being discovered dragged me to my room where I ended up in my bed and slept heavily after a head throbbing climax with spike licking me clean.
The next day too was hot and so asking Deb for a bit of swim I took her to the pool and after some laps I told to give me a full body oil massage, as we often did so she without heisting agreed, and so as I took of my clothes and got ready to lie down I told her to give some special attention to my buttocks and breasts, on this she looked at me in a strange way but forgetting it she started to first just apply oil to my body and then properly massage me starting from my back as her smooth I begin to think of my little discovery yesterday, and without realizing started squirming beneath her touch as she worked on my breasts and then on my bottoms ,but then I felt a sudden pleasure between my legs which made me shudder and then the only thought that came to my mind was did she do it on purpose or did her hand reach their by mistake, this thought made me even more excited and when I felt I was going to come I quickly excused myself for a quick deep and as came in the pool she didn’t suspect a thing and then climbing back again by the side I told that she had improved on her hands and offered to give one massage to which she readily agreed ,but by the look of her face I could make out that she was doubtful. But as she took of her clothes I told her to lie on my laps and used one my favourite words “I want to massage you as I gave one when you were a king”, and then when she was all relaxed on my laps seeing my chance I caught her between my legs to which she protested but I kept my hold and told what I saw yesterday to which she was surprised, but telling that her deed was wrong I lathered her bottoms and told that she needed to be punished and was going to be spanked to this she begged to be spared but showing no mercy I spanked hard till her cheeks were pink and she was whimpering, then I let go of her and as she lay on the ground holding her butt I caught her and kissed her to which she responded back passionately and then we walked to the hall were we lay on the couch and kissed then I liked her and as we both fingered each other she came soon and then feeling a hot pointy thing between my but I saw spike and then as he liked both of us clean I took him from behind and made him enter me and his prick thrashed my clits and my Deb came in my mouth soon even spike came and I was filled from both side then totally exhausted we lay down and took turns cleaning spike.
Now we do this pretty often and with Deb’s permission we have a cam installed in her room on which I can see what they are doing and if the do something wrong Debby my little girl is punished for it.

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:07 pm