Hot wet sex on a desk in the office  


I took a deep breath as I stood from my chair and rounded the edge of the cubicle into Michael's. The office was dark, as most of the workers on our usual partially deserted floor had gone home for the evening. Michael seemed shocked at my arrival because even though I had told him I was coming to see him, this was the first time he or I had ever acted on the hours of endless sexual innuendos with which we had engaged each other.

I locked gazes with him as I moved in front of him and climbed on the desk beside his computer, placing my bare feet on either side of his thighs, allowing my legs to fall apart and opening a passage for him to make the next move.

He touched my thigh tentatively at first, appearing to be watching for any sign that I would change my mind. I watched for a moment and then closed me eyes, tilting my head back to enjoy the sensation as his exploration of my thigh became bolder and he slipped his fingertips higher and deeper beneath my skirt. Michael stopped briefly as he used both hands to begin inching my skirt higher to gain better access. I shifted backwards from my position leaning across the top of the desk as he allowed his finger tips to brush the outline of my peach colored lace panties and then slipping them fingers quickly underneath. I knew he immediately felt my wetness and I moved my foot to his lap so I could feel him harden as he leaned in to drop a kiss on the top of the soft mound.

I arched towards the sensation, trying not to cry out, my anxiety at being discovered disappearing behind the growing desires generated by his touch.

I slid closer to the edge of the desk as I allowed him to lift my skirt higher for better access. His mouth was hot and wet as he allowed his tongue and fingers to taste my sweetness. I had not expected our initial contact to feel so intimate or so arousing and I found myself building very quickly to climax first with just the manipulation of his mouth and tongue and then again as he allowed his fingers to gently massage my core. After the sensations left me, Michael leaned backed and away, falling back into his chair and smiling with satisfaction at having given me such pleasure.

I immediately moved from the top of the desk and knelt in front of him, reaching boldly for his zipper.

Posted : 09/07/2011 11:16 pm