Lord of the Rings - The Golden Gate Opens  


Poor Eowyn has a bunch of secrets from her time in Edoras before the war -- involving pesky Grima.
Movie Guy's Sex Stories
Volume 6: Lord of the Rings - The Golden Gate Opens
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Eowyn/Grima, first, oral, nc, impreg
Summary: Poor Eowyn has a bunch of secrets from her time in Edoras
before the War. Grima was quite a pest!

Eowyn walked briskly across the seventh level of Minas Tirith,
taking comfort in the early morning hours that brought a lull in the
Citadel's activity. Sauron had been vanquished for nearly three months
now, but the remaining soldiers were still approaching her on a daily
basis to express gratitude for her part in winning the battle at
Pelennor Fields. She was trying to put the harsh war behind her as
quickly as possible now, though, and desired only solitude during her
morning errands.

Stepping past a stoic guard who tipped his helm respectfully, the
golden-haired damsel entered the Stewards' bathhouse, her dress
billowing playfully upon being caught by warm blasts of air gently
rolling off the tepid pool inside. At the edge sat a young girl no more
than fourteen who had been patiently waiting for her liege's arrival.

"Running a little late today, my lady?" the teenager asked
demurely, withdrawing her feet from the water and standing up.

Eowyn nodded swiftly and nervously, still a bit put off with the
idea of baring her body to anyone, even one of her own sex. Rohan
women, even those living in the halls of Meduseld, were quite
unaccustomed to the variety of luxuries that Faramir had offered his
beau while they remained in the White City. She had no idea that
women in other parts of Middle Earth could possibly afford to live so
lavishly that servants took care of every conceivable womanly need --
save the one her husband personally saw too.

Her adolescent handmaiden disrobed straight away, having been
previously clued in by the Citadel's head attendant that Eowyn was
foreign to such a pleasantry and instructed to provide as comfortable a
setting as possible. Lowering her hood, the slim female displayed a
dazzling cascade of long, auburn hair that rivaled the noblewoman's own
gilded locks. She undid the tie of her robe next, revealing in an
instant that it was the only garment standing between her and total
nudity. It glided off effortlessly, leaving the teen's small, perky
breasts and fuzzy slit naked to the world.

Emboldened, Eowyn started to undress as her servant entered the

water again, feeling a little more reassured already. Pulling her white
gown overhead, which had been arrived along with the rest of her
personal effects from Edoras only a few days ago, the older woman left
herself clad in naught but a pair of pretty, but rustic undergarments.
She snapped the clasp of her bra and let it slide off her arms to land
at her feet, then hooked a quivering thumb in the waistband of her
panties and slid them deftly to the tile below.

Utterly defenseless now, Eowyn drew near the pool and sat down at a
corner as her assistant had before. The steamy atmosphere was already
impelling drastic changes to her body which she'd rather not have
suffered, but knew were all a part of the experience. Condensation was
beginning to drip down from her chest, tickling each nipple as the
droplets ran down her skin, and the growing wetness between her legs
was almost as potent as any girl expecting a night of passion would
find herself.

"I don't see why you're so nervous..." the teen announced suddenly,
wading over to her charge with a small bag in hand. The water was
crystal clear, hiding none of the youth's budding sexual features, but
still she showed not a whit of embarrassment.

"I'm just not used to such things..." Eowyn replied softly, holding
her thighs apart lewdly as Faramir so often politely asked before
feasting on his spouse's quim. "Gondorians are so much more different
than I ever imagined..."

"Just relax..." the younger girl assured, pulling a small metal
instrument and bar of soap from her pouch before setting it aside on
the ledge. "Soon, you'll fit right in..."

Eowyn tried not to make a sound as the child spread a rich lather
across her pubic hair, knowing regardless that her clitoris was
probably peeking out and wondering if it was time for Fun again. The
razor blade traveled gently across her crotch, slowly wiping away the
yellow tuft with a practiced finesse. She was certain this new look
would take some adjustment, but at least had the volition to try and
harmonize with her new kin.

"There we go, all done!" the teenager said brightly after a few
tense minutes, cupping some of the water in her hands and splashing it
soothingly over Eowyn's bare vagina, catching the Princess quite off
guard. Her loins reacted instantly to the hot lapping sensation,
engorging themselves in a proud display of libido that startled their
master. Hurriedly, she pushed off and immersed herself completely in
the bath, realizing too late that the unblemished fluid hid her
privates no better than it did her companion's.

"You shouldn't get in so quick!" her handmaiden admonished lightly,
whirling around with the soap and massaging the suds along Eowyn's
back. "It might not be good for the baby!"

"Yes, you're right..." the fraught royal answered sadly, glad the
expression of grief that passed over her face was mercifully hidden.
Like all of Minas Tirith's citizens, the petite juvenile was eagerly
awaiting the next heir in the line of the Stewards. Only Eowyn was
worried about the impending birth of her offspring, being honestly
unsure that her husband had been the one to plant a seed in her belly.


Eowyn's days in the Mark before the War of the Ring were a time of
fragile tranquility. She had been vaguely aware of horrors being
inflicted on her people, but never really let herself understand why
orcish raiding parties would often slaughter the men of a village and
merely "beat up" the women, remaining distant from the plight of her
people within the safety of Edoras. That peace all came crashing to a
brutal halt with the arrival of Grima Wormtongue.

He made Eowyn's days a nightmare, especially for one so used to
seclusion when taking care of the primal urges her chaste status
prohibited acting on. She had been well-versed in self-pleasure since
before her chest and pubes had even sprouted, gingerly petting her
nether mound while the strange new sensations carried her away. Later
on, she graduated to rubbing her tiny knuckles across her blossoming
girlhood, then finally to ramming a solitary finger up the sensitive
hole to achieve her first climax. After that, the boredom of royal life
seemed to melt away in a delicious haze of marathon masturbation
sessions she took great pains to hide from the guardsmen.

As the days passed with this unbidden stranger slowly weaving his
art into her uncle's mind, Eowyn was quite annoyed to have to alter her
habits to keep from being discovered by the lecherous prowler. Still,
all the precaution she could muster did not prevent the dainty blonde
from occasionally finding the door to her room curiously ajar after
orgasming spectacularly all over the sheets.

When finally perturbed enough to seek out the peeping tom, she kept
watch on the entrance as she started frigging, ramming a slender finger
up her neglected quim in the hopes of achieving a resplendent orgasm.
Just as she was about to come hard, though, Eowyn caught the filthy
scoundrel watching as he pounded his meat. Appalled, she bolted right
up, enduring an excruciating flame-out rather than risk letting him get
off to her secret doings before hastily shooing him away and slamming
the door. It was only after he snickered behind the closed barrier that
she realized she hadn't even thought to cover up while walking over.
Although annoyed, she conceded that the close-up view of her genitals
would probably fuel his fantasies for a good couple of weeks and keep
the pest out of her bedchamber.

Grima did not stop there, however, being only encouraged by her
reluctance to rat him out and risk reliving the incident. Several
times, Eowyn returned to her quarters to discover he had made quite a
mess of her underthings, no doubt rubbing himself with a pair of her
panties while sniffing another, then shooting white goo all over the
bureau's contents. Only once did she forget to check her apparel for
trespass, and the awful feeling of pulling on what she thought to be a
fresh set only to feel slimy cum seep into the outer folds of her pussy
was enough to firmly implant caution for even the most mundane of her
daily tasks.

Similar "accidents" began to appear on the young girl's sheets and
pillows, forcing Eowyn to routinely wash her own linens to prevent a
nosy guard from noticing the stiff patches and informing Theoden about
his niece's apparent nocturnal activities. Rather than reveal to anyone
what was going on, she simply took it in stride, unable to believe that
anything Grima could do would be more demeaning than having the house
of Eorl know their most chaste had been so taken advantage of. Keeping
her mouth shut only caused the situation to get worse, however. Soon
there was a constant barrage of rough groping when mere cloth no longer
held his interest. He had a keen eye for others, and always took
advantage of her out of sight of the honorable soldiers who would have
defied even the King himself to protect their fair Lady.

Thus, Wormtongue copped all the free feels he desired, usually
while Eowyn was most vulnerable. It started innocently, a bump here or
there to conceal a hand wandering over the cheeks of her ass. As she
caught on, he would grow even bolder, slipping his hand down the top of
her white dress to fondle the unprotected mounds, or reaching lower and
probing the warmth of her concealed pussy. Each embarrassing encounter
would begin with a momentary twinge of sexual please which Eowyn
silently cursed her body for, then end with a violated huff and furious

It came to the point where the heiress of Rohan dreaded having to
visit the royal privy to pee, knowing he could easily slip inside and
get a good, long look while she sat undefended. If there was nothing at
hand to throw at the disgraceful bugger, Eowyn would simply have no
choice but to turn her head aside and ignore the crimson flush in her
cheeks as she kept both legs wide open to finish, redressing in abject
humiliation as soon as she dared.

She had to be careful when dropping off to sleep, because that was
always her most tender state. The first time Grima intruded after dark,
Eowyn woke with a shock to discover his hand up her dress, and two
small digits furiously fingering her helpless pink box. After she
slapped him harshly, he slunk away, but not before making a point of
letting her see him lick the musky cream from his hand. A few days
later, he was at it again, and she drifted out of a very erotic dream
to find him brazenly lapping up her delicious honey. The persistent
blight gave up eating her tasty snatch only after a repeated raps on
the head, finishing by sucking on the protruding clitoris hard enough
to make Eomund's daughter shriek from having her most sensitive area
overloaded with sheer, brute stimulation.

As time went on, he got worse and even more bold. Once during
dinner in the feast hall, he managed to secure a seat besides his love
despite Eowyn's best efforts. Then, to her horror, the wretched spy
grabbed her hand and shoved it firmly down his pants. He held it tight
to his tool to ensure she jacked him off good, knowing the proper lady
would dare not protest in a room full of people. She begrudgingly
acquiesced, more simply holding on as he guided her womanly touch. It
was degrading beyond words to have to try and sit still as he pasted
her palm and fingers with spunk, which was only compounded by the work
it took to keep them carefully hidden for the rest of the meal.

Grima took to blatantly humping the princess like a mindless brute
if the opportunity happened to arise, the first such occurrence taking
place when the Princess was idyllically spending a leisurely afternoon
in the library of Edoras. When finally presented with a window of time
alone with her, he pounced, yanking Eowyn out of her chair and onto the
table before the poor woman knew what was going on. Feeling an
insistent pressure on her rear end, she at first thought he was really
going to penetrate, but the lackey of Isengard was content to merely
rub his shaft along the silken garment stretched tight over her butt,
paying no heed as she struggled to free herself from the dry fuck.

Eowyn thought it couldn't possibly get any worse, at least until he
began stealing into her bedroom at night and performing similarly, this
time thrusting his pelvis into her shielded crotch until the entire
front of her robes were soaked. He was much heavier than she had
realized, and there was really no escape once the lecherous male had
decided he wanted to enjoy her body. The most degrading point was after
he had finished, leaving her vagina throbbing from the friction as if
she had actually been raped.

Towards the end of his stay, Worm seemed to sense that his time was
coming to an end, and forced himself on the hapless female in even more
outrageous ways. One awful evening, she had tried to take advantage of
one of Grima's visits to Orthanc to enjoy a relaxing bath. His
disappearance was a ploy, however, and even as the prim girl disrobed
he was feasting on the delights of her shimmering flesh. After closing
her eyes and letting the warm water caress her often-pawed breasts and
vagina, Eowyn was rudely shocked into consciousness when warm blasts of
cum began to coat her pretty face. Swatting furiously at the laughing
sneak, she managed to give him an excellent view of her dripping muff
while rising to scare him off. Even worse, she resuming bathing and
realized only later on that she had done so in contaminated water,
giving the small gametes ample time to burrow into one of her eggs and
leave her with an unplanned gift.


Such worries proved to be unfounded by that fateful night, and the
crescendo that changed her life. Eowyn had already been dozing soundly
when Grima crept inside unbidden. With all pretensions of what he
really wanted gone, the underhanded spy quietly lifted the sheets off
and hiked up her sheer nightgown, exposing the golden bush he wanted
nothing more than to swiftly desecrate. He was so erect by the sight of
her flower that had he means to freeze the flow of time outside the
room, he would surely have ravaged her loose and broken, too used to
ever be able to fully oblige a man again. As Eowyn started to stir from
the cool breeze blowing across her crotch, he rushed ahead, leaping
right atop the surprised maiden and trying to ram his member home.

She gasped in astonishment as he missed and jabbed her abdomen,
then again as the second attempt sailed too low, falling beneath her
pink folds and leaving the tip perpendicular to her rear entrance. It
would have been possible, if difficult, for him to simply go ahead and
begin to pound Eowyn's butt from this perspective, but both of them
knew the only place he would really feel at home was at the other end
of her perineum -- the inviting honeypot no man had yet enjoyed.

Wormtongue had just adjusted and positioned the head inside her
vestal passage when instinct graciously look over for the frazzled
female. Fully awake now, Eowyn quickly brought her knee upwards and
aimed for his vulnerable jewels. Connecting instead with his side, she
stopped the intrusion that would have broken her chastity right then at
the cost of letting the over-aroused male spurt messily over her pubic
hair and stomach. Momentarily relieved, she grudgingly permitted the
abominable act while struggling to gain her senses.

Grima spread the sticky fluid heartily up and down her quivering
slit with the tip of his rod, panting with excitement as he saw his
beloved's resolve give way at last. Eowyn could feel semen begin to
permeate her untouched channel and realized that it was already too
late. He had chosen the worst time to make his final push, and she
couldn't have been more fertile. A small rivulet of baby-making cream
would be just as potent than if she let him pump the stuff in her belly
for the rest of the night. Distraught and ashamed, she let her legs
fall open to indicate that all resistance had ceased. The golden maiden
was finally ready to have sex.

With a triumphant smirk that threatened to split his face in two,
Wormtongue held the fair lady's thighs wide enough apart to facilitate
the rough entry she was about to receive. He sighed with gratification
as he forced her rosy petals open with his dick, cum lubricating the
difficult ingress. Eowyn cried out loudly, contorting her body to try
and accommodate the encroaching shaft as her vaginal duct was stretched
open. Her constrictive tunnel struggled valiantly to discharge the
invader, but the steady plunge continued unabated with the defensive
mechanism serving only to massage her rapist's tool. Upon reaching her
maidenhead, he pulled out a bit and repeatedly rammed the fragile
barrier again, eliciting moans of protest from the soon-to-be impure
female. Then, with one hard shove, he pierced the hymen and sank the
rest of the way into her deepest recesses.

Eowyn let a single tear escape as she was defiled, but fought hard
not to weep openly even as he continued to thrust in and out of her
tight aperture with elated shouts of glee. The back and forth motion
rocked her small frame easily, cajoling her breasts to sway seductively
under the thin night-dress. Yet worse, though, was knowing that her
slick vaginal walls were blithely caressing and stimulating Grima's
cock, completely betraying her! Not that there was much room, though,
with the prone young lady's mons bulging obscenely with each poke as if
to display to the world the appeal of the heiress of Rohan's tight,
inexperienced quim.

Every forceful lunge caused a shudder to run up the stunning
blonde's spine as Wormtongue burrowed into new, more secret places
inside her body. Eowyn could hear the slick rhythm of his fleshy pole
slamming into her plump labia, knowing full well that the silky coating
facilitating their lovemaking was as much her own juices as his. Though
she dared not look and give him the satisfaction of being caught
watching her purity fade away, Edoras' finest shield-maiden could
already detect a familiar throbbing from her partner's instrument.

The bloating sensation increased as the eager male pumped harder,
loosening her up to penetrate even deeper. Eowyn winced visibly as the
little worm ravaged her womanhood, vaguely aware her skin was growing
wet with perspiration from the frenzied pace. Her partner, however,
seemed to be near the end in the capacity to enjoy such a fine gift.
Moving his hands from either side of her body, he wrapped them around
her back and pulled himself closer, burrowing in even deeper from the
advantageous reposition.

Gasping sharply as her uterus opened up in an attempt to conceive a
child, Eowyn's plaintive moans set Grima off explosively. Unable to
contain himself any longer, the interloper continued plowing her pelvis
with nary a thought to the imminent desecration. Within seconds, he was
erupting in a thick helping of semen, inundating every inch of her
fertile walls with the viscous proof of his conquest. She groaned as
the moderate-sized rod expanded in the throes of climax, sensing the
increased pressure in her abdomen as ejaculate filled her reproductive
canal to capacity.

At last, the filthy urchin was spent, exiting Eowyn's depths with a
noticeably fulfilled sigh. She wondered briefly how much her formerly
prim orifice had swollen, and then discovered in shock that she was
shamelessly leaking semen all over the bed, her battered vulva far from
able to stem the flow of excess juices from spilling out. Grima managed
to distract his lover's disgrace, though, by shifting his relatively
shorter body upwards so he could taste her lips. She balked when he
pressed her tongue into her mouth, but the feeling of his slick tool
oozing all over her stomach only reinforced the dreaded thought that
she was now carrying enough of his seed to get pregnant thrice over.
Making out with the despicable man paled in comparison, and wasn't even
worth fighting to prevent.

This continued for some time, all the while Eowyn dreading the
moment when Worm would become erect again and resume shafting her
sopping honey-fountain. As me moved on, licking her cheeks and neck,
she had to hold back a groan of disgust, but an insistent prodding at
her middle hinted that her avid mate was ready to couple once again.

Now, though, he seemed more interested in his love's slim behind
than the tight vice that was now oozing copiously over the mattress.
Not having ever considered that she might lose her anal virginity as
well, Eowyn buried her face in her pillow and sobbed quietly as she was
rolled over, creamy cheeks spread open so the puckered opening could be
divulged. Grima took his time teasing her, spearing her buttocks apart
with his cock but not actually entering.

Eowyn arched her back and raised her head when it finally pierced
her rear sphincter, unable to hold back any longer and letting out a
mournful wail as the raging spike pummeled her behind, sinking in
deeper with every passing second. The shapely female's ass was forced
to stretch to impossible limits, all the while enduring Grima's
mirthful vocalizations expressing the joy of being able to profaning
both her passages in one fell swoop. With naught else left but to see
it through, she gripped the bedposts firmly and braced herself for an
instruction in sodomy.

The fist time he totally bottomed out in her bowels, Eowyn was sure
the tip would burst through her innards and emerge from her raw pussy
in a grotesque spectacle. Miraculously, it seemed, her butt managed to
contain the encroaching rod, although she could perceive by the
progressive ease in which Wormtongue began to fuck her that no other
man would ever be able to enjoy her posterior as much should she even
allow it again. Her worn cunny had already suffered much from the fuck,
now gaping open lewdly as no unmarried girl's was meant to, and it
looked as though her backside was about to sustain the same fate.

Grunting and panting loud enough to drown out the sounds of Grima's
thighs slapping wetly against her jutting fanny, the beleaguered
Princess attempted to ride out every shred of humiliation brought out
by this unnatural perversion of kosher sex she was taught as a little
girl. He reached underneath her rippling body, dirty hands roaming over
the unwilling flesh. When the probing digits started roughly mauling
her magnificent tits, Eowyn acquiesced willingly, hoping the added
stimulation would help him shoot her bum full of spunk quicker and
bring the nightmare to an end.

It took time, but eventually the feel of her hindquarters massaging
his dick got to her uncle's evil advisor. With tremendous fanfare, Worm
chortled loudly as his penis pulsed wildly in Eowyn's rectum, pressing
the twin flaps closed on his rock-hard member to maximize the pleasure.
As she gasped sharply from the new sensations, he quickly filled her
back hole with sperm, relishing the trenchant feel of his woman trying
instinctively to desperately back off and prohibit the warm goo from
drenching her insides. Completely victorious, the greasy-haired thug
slid out, watching intently as his seed soon followed.


Certain that she would be forced to submit to Grima forever more,
Eowyn allowed herself to gracefully succumb to inviting the allure of
unconsciousness. It did not last long -- only until the next morning
when he arrived for the first of many encore coital visits. Dazed from
the nightmare of being freshly deflowered, the hapless maiden at first
fought his advances, but upon feeling the erect member slide into her
sex without resistance, the sister of Eomer remembered what had
transpired. Groaning, she let him lift her legs up onto his shoulders
before entering her womanhood anew, the saturated tunnel churning
erotically with every ramming motion from lingering mixture of sexual
juices coating both his cock and her pussy.

With her harrowing loss of innocence already passed, Eowyn could
relax as she was forcibly made love to. There was no pain as her vagina
was stimulated for the second time, allowing the princess to open and
up let her body react naturally to the effects of being intimate.
Though the disgusting dunlending finished much quicker than it would
have taken to get her off, she was still shocked by the dull warmth
that swelled in her abdomen even while being ravished.

After splashing the beauty's innards with more jets of fresh cum,
Wormtongue kept his stiffy embedded deep in Eowyn's gooey cunny,
maintaining an erection just at the thought of what stopping her box up
with sperm could mean. From then on, she was his total whore, willing
to submit to anything in order to keep the kingdom from discovering the
bastard had probably knocked her up. For the rest of his stay at
Edoras, her vessel was nearly continually filled with semen.

He followed her everywhere, pouncing on every barest hint of nudity
as an excuse to initiate hardcore, vigorous intercourse. Not daring to
shoo him away when the need to undress came, Eowyn would simply bend
over regretfully and slide her panties down, knowing the fiend would
immediately press her against the bureau and stick his meat between her
pursed folds. Being helplessly pillaged in her own chambers was awful,
but knowing that he was enjoying the feeling of her smooth behind
slapping loudly into his belly made the scene even more demeaning.

She had to wash her sheets every morning now, with Worm banging her
at night as much as, if not more than during the day. After inserting
his penis in her nether lips seconds after they both slipped under the
covers, it was only a matter of minutes before Eowyn's snatch was
spilling sticky cum over the linens. He would usually get it up again
before she could drop off to sleep, pummeling her from behind while she
groaned and spread wider so he could hurry up and finish.

In her half-awake state, it was impossible to resist the repressed
cries of her body's built up tension. Needing greatly to experience the
daily climaxes he was depriving her of, the weary female would attempt
to block out the identity of her unwished-for lover, deftly pushing
back with each thrust. He knew when she wanted to come, and always
obliged for the extra control it imparted him. Even the young lady's
grunting -- which was somewhat of a cross between half-hearted
protesting and steady endurance of her plight -- changed tone.

Normally, she grit her teeth and tolerated the trespass, but her
vocal chords would always betray her when their master was about to get
her jollies, lashing out in emphatic moaning that Grima teased her
mercilessly about. There was no way to fool him when her skin became
sweaty and the tell-tale shudder indicated she had just orgasmed. He
had total control over when she could enjoy her own body now.

It was as if they were a bizzaro-replica of a happily married pair.
The whole night, he would wake her up every few hours for a speedy hump,
using her juices to slide himself quickly to a messy finish. By the
time dawn rolled around, he would duke her up the butt one final time
before planting a wet smooch on her lips and heaving off the for day's
work of lies and falsehoods. He would always return by midday in
anticipation of bedding her again, all washed up and ready for a
lunchtime quickie.

Eowyn never had time alone to bathe anymore herself, even though
she strove diligently to give him the slip often enough to rest her
constantly in-use privates. Grima was banging the golden-haired female
sometimes six or seven times a day, not even giving the semen in her
slimy hole time to dry before pumping a fresh load in. When she finally
did get a few minutes of blissful solitude in order to sooth her quim,
he would invariably slip inside the bathhouse with a bursting grin
before joining in and having it off with her soapy flesh.

There was no reason for her to masturbate any longer - Wormtongue
took care of that himself by occasionally asking her to perform that
most private act for his own amusement. And though she was at first
convinced the weeks of nonstop pussy-pounding would have rendered her
sterile, her own touch quickly brought back an explosive flood of
sexual gratification. Eowyn would have rather been gangbanged by a
troop of orcs than to let him command her to come, but she had been
without a good self-frig in so long, the urge was irresistible.

Sitting down at the head of her bed while Grima watched from the
other side, the ravishing blonde spread her legs and began to tease her
labia, shuddering as the long-missed sensations grew. Watching lewdly,
her voyeur wasted no time in whipping out his shaft and shamelessly
beating it in front of her, relishing the sight of his fancy getting
wet in front of him. Head swimming, Eowyn proceeded to finger herself
roughly, amazed at the vigor with which she could pummel her crotch now
that the hymen was gone.

Sweat streaming from her pores, she moaned brazenly, helpless to
but ride out the torrents of pleasure engulfing her body. Worm laughed
as he stood up on the mattress and slowly approached, muffling her
exultant cries by shoving his cock into her open mouth. Eowyn continued
to jab her cunt with energetic stabs, taking the forced blowjob in
stride and augmenting it with her own sounds of ecstasy vibrating along
the fleshy cylinder. Just as she screamed in rapture, climaxing all
over the sheets with euphoric glee, Grima loosed his cream in her oral
cavity, grunting as she swallowed it obediently in her woozy state
before wiping the tip over her cheeks and lips.

The King's niece had never swallowed when he had her fellate him
before, but had sealed the deal upon allowing an orgasm to drag her
down even further into depravity. Wormtongue's new favorite flagrancy
of the monarchy was to sneak Eowyn into her uncle's throne room after
dark, then order Eowyn to suck on his dick as he occupied the honored
seat. After making sure she swallowed every drop of his seed, he would
lean back and watch the fair lass lick her lips clean, patiently
waiting for him to become ready again.

Upon being so informed, Eowyn would dutifully yield to the second
part of the routine and hike up her dress, straddling Grima with her
creamy thighs before sinking down on his prick. Riding her master put
the burden on her, and she performed admirably in order to get him to
shoot another seminal blast in her womb all the quicker. Hips pounding
on his thighs as she slammed his rod home, the princess played the
part of Worm's servant well enough to completely drain him - as well
as get her own rocks off in the process. Often, he would get it up
again during the short walk back to her chambers, then gleefully plow
her butt once they were settled in.

On several occasions she would be forced to entertain some guests
from the tower of Orthanc. These uninvited heathens came at sporadic
intervals to work their scum and villainy into the fair city, and were
generally the kind of foul dunlending savages she had always feared
getting trapped by in the wilderness. One curious look from their
haggard, evil faces, though, and she would immediately bend over the
nearest waist-level object and ask what hole they would like to stick
it in. The men were dreadfully amoral, and would have probably just as
likely slit her throat than pound her inviting sex.

Putting out for Saruman's personal guards was a wholly different
undertaking than simply letting Grima shoot his squirt. They took great
pleasure in letting Eowyn know she was powerless to resist any demand,
thrusting onto the poor girl a slew of disgraceful perversions. On the
thankfully few occasions in which the barbarians were at Edoras, she
would have to spend several hours a day placating their cocks with her
tight tunnel, all the while enduring enthusiastic spanking that left
her bottom red and sore by the end. Each new lover seemed bigger than
Worm even at his most aroused, causing her to wonder how loose she was
becoming by the constant stretching.

Battered cunny dripping semen with every step, Eowyn would then be
forced to entertain them by inserting various unusual objects up her
worn box, pretending to orgasm every few minutes to raucous cheers and
applause. When ordered to hump one of the bulging posts of her bed,
the polished wooden column expanding her mons grotesquely as she rode,
faking it was not hard at all. But occasionally, her repressed libido
surfaced if she happened to be sliding something smaller into her slimy
twat such as a candle or hairbrush handle. The dunlendings didn't seem
to ever notice when she was really in the throes of climax and not just
acting, which was at least a little comfort. After submitting to a
round of titty-fucking with each male cruelly pinching her nipples to
erection and later a bout of double penetration that left her barely
able to walk, her disgraceful guests would saddle up to make their
rounds about the kingdom sowing seeds of malice.

Fellow passerby thought nothing of their female liege following
the strange emissaries, totally clueless that she was almost constantly
on her knees, swallowing their rods and trying desperately to suck the
cream out while her practiced hand ran up and down the shaft. They
plied her with bottles of strong wine along the way, confusing a woman
who was perfectly willing to get on her back and spread her legs, but
nonetheless humored the rouges without question. By the end of the
afternoon, she was so fatigued from the day's debauchery that when
Grima finally had her alone to himself, she slept through yet another
bout of full vaginal intercourse while he contentedly hammered away.

Just when she was growing accustomed to getting laid at any time
and any place within the golden hall, Eowyn was made to suffer one last
insult to her femininity by her honorless mate. Upon hearing from
Saruman about the imminent arrival of Gandalf, he realized his fun with
the royal girl was at an end and conspired to submit her to something
truly shocking. After downing his courage in an uncharacteristic bout
of drinking at the tavern, the cruel male sauntered back up to the
Golden Hall to set things into motion.

Eowyn followed dutifully when he beckoned, still groggy from being
bopped twice that morning before even getting out of bed. She thought
that perhaps he was going to take her for another exhibitionist whirl,
as he often did when too exhausted to screw because the folds of his
dainty spouse's vagina had been pulling at his cock for several hours
the night before.

The alehouse patrons were always pleased when he arrived with the
mysterious blindfolded wench, unwittingly knowing they were about to
have a go at the royal niece's quim. Worm would make an elaborate show
of parting her womanhood to reveal the pink innards, selling his
woman's attributes like a petty merchant, then collect money from the
drunks while they each had a turn. She could already taste the dirty
cocks her mouth would soon be sucking and the firm rods thrusting in
her pussy and ass until both holes were leaking copiously. But when her
guide meandered their path away from the city proper and down towards
the stables at Edoras' outskirts, she knew what was in store. He was
about to abuse the Rohirric people's love of horses in the worst
possible fashion.

Trembling, she let Grima guide her into one of the stalls, leaning
over the tiny door and spreading wide to ease the beast's entry. As
Worm lifted her dress to reveal the dainty globes and inviting nether
slot, she grudgingly raised her buttocks high, presenting her honeypot
like a true mare so that it would at least be over quickly. The horse
understood the gesture right away. Locking its front hooves on the wall
to either side, it began stabbing the head of its knobby, long phallus
instinctually forth, probing roughly between her open vee. Eowyn
quaked, tears falling fast from her eyes as the brute tried to mate
with her, but stayed the course as the frightfully large penis inched
closer to her slick hole.

Finally, her equine partner found its mark, ramming its horribly
long member deep inside her in one thrust. She had been loosened up a
bit already by Wormtongue relentlessly hammering her pussy literally at
will, but this was above and beyond anything she had ever experienced.
The horse slammed past Eowyn's cervix with little effort, causing her
to cry out in surprise as the quadruped stretched her comparatively
tiny slit to new extremes. Every successive, jerky push caused her to
buckle uncontrollably as the massive cylinder continued to enter her,
totally uncaring as to its lover's pleasure.

The beast did not last long, able to viciously pound her twat for
only twenty seconds or so before erupting in Eowyn's womb with watery
streams of forbidden cum. She moaned in deep anguish as the leathery
pole spurted voluminous amounts of seed in her most private place,
holding the taboo spunk inside with its still-pulsing shaft. Just when
she thought it was too much to handle, Grima appeared to take her mind
off the explosive pressure in her loins by having her mouth service his
tool while she waited for the horse's own rod to soften.

Both males finished around the same time, the pallid dunlending
pasting her face with male cream just as the horse at last slid out.
For an appalling few seconds, Eowyn actually seemed to be urinating
horse semen as the slimy fluid was finally allowed to escape, a sight
which Worm pointed out with a snide jeer. He kissed her forehead one
last time, then turned to leave, leaving a wake of evil laughter as he
departed her life forever. Even as she started cleaning the load of
sperm from her face and between the legs with a blanket from the stall,
however, the freed maiden could already hear the war-horn announcing
the arrival of three visitors on horseback.


Since then, she had never been able to enjoy sexual pleasure by the
hand of another. That first night alone in the houses of healing after
the battle, Eowyn had agreed to let Faramir have her utterly. Having to
lay there and let him pound away at her twat while feeling not a bit of
gratification whatsoever was cruel enough, but to then have to appease
his pride with plaintive cries to convince him she was still virginal
was almost too much. Even after marrying the Prince and immersing
herself in the affection of marital bliss, their twice-daily coitus
could do nothing to rouse her passion. Night after night, Eowyn would
simply lay back and let her husband enjoy himself, being sure to
serenade him with seductive moans to conceal her sterility.

The open wound had been impeding her life long enough, and the
Stewardress of Minas Tirith was finally ready to put it behind her. As
the golden maiden let her young attendant's hands work the grime from
her body, she suddenly felt an torturously wicked, but stirringly
attractive proposition form in her mind. The limber female's slender
digits had just begun to cleanse Eowyn's nether areas, and as the elder
woman's mind had been drifting away from her earlier sexual experience
to the more recent (and pleasant) ones, the end result was that her
naughty bits began to respond in a way that had been tragically missing
from her life for the last few months.

Eowyn let out an uncontrolled gasp, knowing how lascivious she
sounded to be getting off from something like this, but at the same
time unable to deny the growing fire in her loins. The innocent
handservant continued on, either consciously ignoring the tender sough
or obliviously persisting on. After sliding her extremities between the
noblewoman's legs and across her now-shaved pubic area, the juvenile at
last sought the warm crack between them, running a slippery finger
through the bulging labia as if there was nothing more natural.

The moment she felt the gentle tingle in her crotch once again,
Eowyn totally lost control, vocally erupting in a rasp of lust. Her
youthful partner smiled uncertainly, blushing at the knowledge of what
her ministrations were causing, but momentarily unaware that the juices
running down the swooning newlywed's thighs were no longer merely soap
and water. The savior of Rohan now had no choice but to act on her
perverse fantasy.

As the adolescent girl rose up to lather her Highness' creamy
breasts, Eowyn suddenly took the teen's cheeks in her palms and bent
down, locking their lips together in a stunning explosion of wanton
desire. Her generous globes swayed seductively between them, the
nipples playfully bumping together with her lover's in delightful
sparks of ecstasy.

The adolescent's eyes fluttered wide open in blank surprise, but
she made no effort to affront her mistress by refusing the kiss.
Shivers from confused feelings began to reverberate through her own
budding genitals as the princess continued, the sound of their furious
foreplay drowning out even the echo of the water lapping against the
pool's edge. She eventually gave up fighting the intruding tongue as
well, allowing it to freely explore her oral cavity.

With great reluctance, Eowyn broke away with a last, endearing
smooch, saliva dangling in a fine rope between their lips until deftly
snapping in half. The servant-girl was flushed and giddy, more
bewildered than frightened. "My Lady...!" she exclaimed in exasperated
shock, moving a bit away from the voracious royal.

"You seem to know your way around a woman's body..." Eowyn replied
swiftly, trying urgently to make up for her own inexpertise in the
lesbian realm. She took a step closer as she spoke, closing the gap
between them once again until their bodies were nearly touching. The
teenager did not resist, and allowed the bar of soap to be cajoled from
her grasp. "I want to learn.." the White Lady continued, faltering as
her face reddened from the thought of the suggestion she was about to
pose. "*Everything* about my Gondorian counterparts...."

Without waiting for a response, she reached behind and caressed her
handmaiden's firm buttocks in a soothing gesture, then swiftly inserted
a slick finger in the teen's vice-like passage. A delighted moan was
her reward, and the youth buckled instantly under the duress, groping
Eowyn's naked flesh just to keep from collapsing from the pleasure.
Smiling, the radiant blonde leaned in close and pressed her mouth
against the bath-maiden's ear, relishing the precious coos each swish
of her practiced digits brought.

"I think..." she whispered gently, petting the girl's glistening
skin and she continued to masturbate her. "I'm really going to enjoy
these bathing sessions of ours..."

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