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hello everyone, this is naveen (name changed) back again and I thank everyone who has sent me so good feedback on my recent stories and I would also like to tell guys don’t message me asking for numbers and help regarding this, I never disclose anything and many of you might be knowing by now anyway let me introduce to the new members who don’t know me, I am naveen age 27, height 6.1 feet and medium in colour and I am from Bangalore today.

I am going to tell you my recent encounter with a teacher in Bangalore, her name is sonia and she is teacher in a reputed college in Bangalore and she is a physic teacher, she is married and fair in colour, sexy body and black and beautiful eyes, and I think she is around 28-30 years old, I receive almost 10 mails every day and around 70% of the mails are from females, so I got a mail from Sonia and she has read lot of my storys and she was very eager to know whether this things happen in real life.

We had a decent chat for a period of 1 week and we exchanged the numbers through mail and finally decided to meet one day. We both meet in a coffee day and the she started to ask me about my personal life and then I asked her what do you want from me? She said that she is married and her husband works In a MNC and most of the months he will be in night shift and he is hungry for sex and then she asked me how many do you charge for one night.

I said 5000 she looked at me and said I will pay you 10000 but to have to satisfy me, finally we both agree for this and the next day she called me and said that from today my husband is in night shift and can you come to my home by 11 pm as her husband goes to office by 10 pm in night, I took the address and at 10.30 I gave her a call and said that I am about to reach your place in few minutes, she said ok then finally and I reached near her home.

She was standing in balcony waiting for me, looking at me she gave a smile and came down stairs and opened the gate, it was a independent home and no one else was there in home too, I asked about her in-laws she said they stays separately with her husband’s elder brother, so I asked her shall we start she was shy and went inside the bedroom and I followed her and I went beside her and gave a gentle kiss on her neck and started to kiss on her back.

She was breathing heavily and then I took my hand and started to play with her boobs, they are big and the nipples were too stiff and very hard and slowly I removed her blouse and saree and now she was standing in front of me with bra and panty. She asked will you not remove your clothes, I said oh sorry and then removed my clothes and was standing in just a underwear in front of her and she was starring at my penis, I look her and said come here and sit down, she obeyed me and came and sat down.

I took her hand and placed on my cock and said her to play, she was feeling shy, I asked her why? She told I had never seen my husband cock or never I had touched it till now, I then removed my underwear and showed her the manhood, she was looking like she will eat my cock today, and I asked to open her mouth, she opened and in a fraction I inserted my cock into her mouth, and she was not comfortable and was forcing me to remove it, but I did not do that.

I forced her to suck my cock and in a few minutes she started to enjoy it, then I removed my cock from her mouth and asked her to lay on the bed and started to lick her pussy, her pussy was damn hot and tight, it was looking like she is still a virgin and as I was licking her pussy she was in heaven and she was moaning like hell, maaa paaaa was the only words coming out from her mouth, after few minutes she had a orgasm and now she was ready to be fucked.

She got up from the bed and said I want to suck your cock once again and I asked her why? She replied I loved the taste of sperm and It’s a very good cock to do so, I gave her to chance and this time she was too violent, she was biting my cock while sucking and it was paining a lot, I got bit angry and I pushed my entire cock in to their mouth and she was not able to breath and when I removed the cock her eyes were turned red and tears were flowing out of her eyes, she looked at me and asked are you animal and I said why?

I did not image that this cock will hurt so bad, I said it happen and then I removed her bra and started to play her boobs and started to suck it, it was huge melons an she was moaning, ohhhhh ouch, good, fuck me please, she was begging me to fuck her, but I wanted kept her hungry and kept on sucking her boobs, suddenly she got angry and hold my cock and placed near her pussy and ordered me fuck me now and I said what?

She said I will die if you won’t fuck me now, please fuck me hard and tear my pussy, looking at her condition I said ok, I inserted my cock but I was too tight and she was not able to control the pain and she started to cry, I applied some lubricant and tried and just in minutes half of the cock was inside her pussy, oh god she was screaming, fuck me hard, maa paa, fuck me faster, she was moving her body like a snake and I thought for a moment that she is fucking me.

She was so desperate and finally she screamed louder and louder because of this I took a towel and covered her mouth, she was screaming in pain and at the same time she was enjoying it, finally after 30 minutes I was about to cum, I asked her do you like to drink the juice and to my surprise she said yes and took the took into her mouth and I cum in her mouth and she drank the juice and she was telling me, you know what and I asked what?

She replied: you’re a animal on bed I never got pain so much when I was fucked for the first time and I never cried so much on my first night and you had made me mad today, and we both had sex for 2 more times on that night and in the early morning at 6 am she wake me up as her husband comes home by 8 in the morning, she gave a coffee and we both huge and kissed and said good bye and it was good experience me too as very rarely we get customers who are so good on bed and any woman looking for sex in Bangalore can mail me at and hope everyone will like it and guys please don’t waste your time lets enjoy and let it be secret. dont feel bad to contact lets have fun......

Posted : 29/10/2012 1:12 am