Married woman finally finds someone  


Gregg looked at Dorothy's thin body as she took her skirt and then her blouse off, and, moving close, wrapped an arm around her and mouthed her left nipple right through her bra. Then he unsnapped it from behind and took it off. He pulled off his thong, and as Dorothy stroked his long cock, he slipped hers off too. She secretly wished her husband could see them fucking, as long as he was not able to do anything about it. It was just a fantasy. As Gregg parted Dorothy's legs and placed his tongue-tip just inside her cleft to run it gently up and down, he was already dreaming of cheating on Jen. He couldn't wait to meet her and at least be her boyfriend or fiancee, so that sex with her sister Dorothy would continue. It would keep sex with married Dorothy hot, taboo, exciting and intense, too. Dorothy looked over at the picture of her husband. "Finally", she thought and she gulped. "Finally I'm breaking free of him and being treated like a passionate, sexy lady." Gregg lapped her pie expertly, and her knees were already raising and slamming back down. "I'm married!" she shrieked in joy and exultation. "I'm fucking married!" as she got wet and began dialating. "I know, sweetiepie." her suitor said, in tender support, while lapping in up strokes to her clit. "I know." She was almost cumming, and grasped his hair tight. The closer he brought her to cumming, the tighter she grasped his hair in her fists. He now had his lips wrapped around one of the widest clits he had ever seen. He pressed his face in as hard as he could and whined loud as he tried to suck it as close to it's base as he could. It stood up strong and proud and she ejaculated at least a half pint of fluid into his waiting mouth as she screamed, bucked and let go of him to grab at her tits. She knew she was gaping wide and sopping wet then, so there was only one thing to do: "Up." she said, waving him up onto her with her hands. Sitting up, she grasped his cock and sunk her tongue into it's pee hole. You ready for some married pussy?" she asked him, looking into Gregg's eyes. He didn't even answer. He just dropped back a bit to let the 44-year-old stick his cock into her. Before they could blink their eyes, he was hilted in her and she had locked her ankles over his butt, just like he had earlier fantasized. He was pummeling and buffeting her cervix in a way that her husband never had. She was right in the middle of ovulating, and if he impregnated her, would give this man a child even if it meant having sex with her husband to make it look like it was his. "Don't worry about getting me pregnant, sweetie." she said during a slight lull in the action as Gregg stopped fucking for a minute so that he would not cum too fast. Gregg wondered what she meant by that, and whispered in her ear. "Are you fertile?" She held his face and pointed it to hers in the semi darkness "Yes." she nodded, with a radiant smile. Gregg was surprised by the warm, loving smile. He then knew she actually wanted a child from him.., so continued to fuck her. He brought his hips up and down as slowly as he could, then gradually increasing the tempo, ending in a furious rythym. "Let me see your ring." he said to her, excitedly. She brought her hand down from his neck and he reached back for her left hand. He kissed the ring and layed her hand on her breast so that the diamond wedding ring was right beside her right nipple. He kissed, licked and sucked them both, as well as her left nipple. "I'm so glad you're married, sweetheart." he said, tightening up to prepare to cum. He began kissing her face and neck and shoulders, then. He'd have to be careful, he knew, or he would fall in love with her. "I'm glad I'm married for you too, darling!" she said, shrieking at the deep, tender thrusts of the young, enormous member in her. You saved my fucking life!" he yelled as he came. Dorothy came at the same time, screaming and pounding on his back. All she could think of as she came was the beautiful vision of Gregg and Jen, bride and groom, outdoors, side-by-side on their wedding day. She would do everything in her power to make sure that happened. So would Gregg.

Posted : 09/07/2011 10:09 pm