Midnight Romp  


Midnight Romp Part one: "Oral"
I applied at a college outside a slightly large militery base. I found an appartment relatively close to the school and decided to bike every night instead of drive. I went to night school and my class let out at 10:30. Afterwards I would usually go home, take an evening swim, wash and go to bed. Tonight was no different. I put on my bikini, grabbed a towl, and walked to the pool. It was a really hot night so I decided to swim naked. The thought of getting caught made it exciting. The thought of masturbating AND getting caught was even more exciting, So I sat beside the pool and slowly pushed my middle finger into my warm hole. "Nice", said a man's voice.
My heart raced as I looked up, expecting to see a cop. It was a VERY attractive, naked man. He had short blonde hair, blue eyes, and was VERY built. His dick was hard and came all the way up to his belly-button. He told me that he had been looking out his window, and was wondering when I would be taking my nightly swim. Turned out that he had been watching me since I moved in three months ago. I was a little afraid, but excitement took over. He told me that he had been watching my "little show", and asked if I could use some help. Being that I was EXTREMLY horny, and there was a very good looking man wanting to "help" me...I couldn't resist. All I could say was, "Sure"! He laughed and pulled me up. Next thing I know, his tongue is in my mouth, gently massaging and sucking my own tongue. I felt my pussy get instantly wet. He reached down and, grabbing my ass, pulled me to him. I inhaled deeply, as my heart beat faster and faster. He stopped kissing me and began to push my head down, guiding me toward his massive cock.
I didn't know if I could take it all at first, so I started slowly by licking the head. I began sucking and licking down the shaft and then gently took one of his nuts in my mouth. After playing with it for a while, I licked my way back to his head and began to suck harder, making a popping sound each time I let go, then plunging my mouth back around his head, taking a little more in each time. I used my hands to stroke, and match the rythm of my sucking. I could feel his dick begin to swell, and suddenly shoot it's warm fluid into my mouth. I tried to swallow all of it, but it just kept coming. I sucked and sucked until it stopped, and then I sucked some more. He grabbed my hair and made me stop. I thought he was angry, but he just smiled and pulled me back up to eye level. "Now it's your turn," he said. The kissing started and I could feel my pussy getting wet again. He lowered a hand to my wet orifice and slipped in a finger. Slowly at first, in and out, in and out. Then he jammed his finger in me once, twice, three times, hard and quick. Then slowly again. Then he stopped, looked around, and led me to a pool chair. He sat me down in the chair and pulled me to the edge. Then he sucked each breast, gently nibbling on my nipples. Squeezing with one hand, and finding my moist cunt with the other. He began finger fucking me harder, and faster, and then not so fast, and then slowly. He kissed my stomach and traced his tongue down to my small patch of pubic hair, and then to my swelling nodule. He matched his fingers and tongue in perfect rythm, fast, slow. Finally, I gasped loudly and arched my back as the orgasm rocked my body. He lightly sucked the clit a few more times and gave me a few more slow thrusts before reaching up and kissing me.
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Posted : 09/07/2011 8:02 pm