Mom Tastes The best- Part 3  


Story so far - My beautiful bubble butt mom agreed for anal sex! But I had

to fulfill one condition of hers before I could get her ass hole, I happily

agreed to her condition and the rest is as follows.


She turned to lay on her tummy and kept a pillow down front of her hips

under her belly so that her ass gets a little elevation and I cud get

better access to her ass hole. Her white sweaty bubble butts were shining

under yellow lamp lights the sight was so amazing I immidiately started

kissing licking and sucking both her ass cheeks, I got so carried away that

I bit her a little harder on her right butt cheek to which she cried out of

pain (aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Rajiv stooopppp aaahhhh) I stopped immidiately

got into my senses and realised what I've done I opologised to her saying I

got a little carried away, she said its ok beta but please be a little

merciful on ur mom's ass! Now carry on what u were doing. I spread her ass

cheeks and started licking her ass crack line up and down mom started

moaning after 10-12 licks up and down I stopped on her asshole and started

rimming it, while doing it I slid two of my fingers in her cunt too, mom

screamed of pleasure (ooohhh yesss son thats it! finger fuck mommy while u

lick her asshole) after licking her asshole for few minutes I darted my

toungue into her ass hole and started toungue fuck her hard within no time

my mom started cumming allover my fingers and palm (oooooohhhhh yessss u

motherfucker U know what mommy wants from u dont u? u little anal pervert,

U love mommy's ass dont u?) I said ("yes mom I do!!" urs is the best ass in

the world!)

Listening to that mom asked me to get my cock to her mouth, she sucked on

it a little spitted on it then she reached for the moisturiser she uses

every night on her face and hands before sleeping she rubbed a generous

quantity of that moisturiser on my cock and asked me to do the same to her

asshole. I obediently applied a good amount of that lotion on her asshole

and even pushed some inside with my finger. After lubricating eachother we

were ready to taste the final fruit of our incestuous quest! My mom

positoned herself on that pillow underneath her belly and spread her legs a

bit wider, I knelt between her wonderful shapely smooth thighs and kept my

hands on her ass cheeks, massaged them a little then with both the thumbs

of my hands I stretched it wide open, my mom moaned a little. I positioned

my 7.5 inch cock on my mom's ass crack and rubbed its full length on it.

Then I asked mommy (mom r u ready for this?) she said yes! I pressed the

tip of my cock head onto her asshole and with some extra pressure it just

slipped in, but the grip of my mom's virgin tight ass hole was killing me!

it was so tight that it was actually hurting me! my mom screamed slightly

(aaahhhh sssssssshaaa) I asked her if she is ok! she replied she was in lot

of pain but she is ready to bear it for me! Listening to that I applied

some more pressure on my cock and it was half way into her asshole my mom

was now crying of pain! (aaaaaaahhhh aaaaaahhhhh rajiv beta please

aaaahhhhhh stop there! dont go anyfurther or my ass will tear apart

aaaaahhhhh uffff sssssssss oh). I was in pain too because of the xtremely

tight grip of my mom's ass hole around my cock shaft!

Ignoring her appeal I made my third and final attempt to penetrate my mom's

ass hole balls deep! and as I pushed with all my energy my balls were

resting on my mom's soft smooth bubble butts! Mom started screaming in pain

(ooooohhhhh ooooooooohhh u son of a bitch, u motherfucker I never

experienced such pain while giving birth to u aaaaahhhhhhh U horny little

anal pervert I m dying of ur cock here aaaahhhhha uufffff aaaaaahhhhh oh my

god). I bent down over her right shoulder and whispered in her ear MOM dont

worry I will not start pumping my cock yet! I will rest on ur back with my

cock inside ur asshole for some minutes so that ur asshole stretches and

adjusts itself to the length and thickness of my cock, we will start

fucking only after that. It will be less painful for u. My mom stopped

screaming and whispered in my ear (oohh i love u motherfuker u r so caring

and sensitive towards me baby) she kissed my cheek and dropped her head

down to rest with my cock in her ass. While resting I was kissing her

shoulders and neck I could feel her heart throbbing on the left side of my

chest, I slipped my hands underneath her and pulled that pillow out that

she placed under her belly and started rubbing her pussy. With my other

hand I was squeezing her left tit and pinching her nipple. My mom stopped

screaming and started moaning again and this time she was moaning with her

eyes closed and her moans sounded like she was humming a love song! I could

easily make out she was loving everything I was doing to her!

After few minutes my mom said (son I think we can continue now, my pain

seems to have gone now and I think I can take ur thrust on my asshole. Fuck

me now baby! fuck mommy's asshole now.) If there would have been anymore

delay from my mom I would have lost my erection in her asshole, I guess my

mom noticed that and asked me to fuck her in time! Well I positioned my

self again my arms stretched again and I pulled my cock out only to the tip

of my cock then thrusted it inside slowly. Mom started moaning and her

right hand slipped down her belly to finger her pussy. Within no time my

strokes became constant and faster, after few minutes the sound of my balls

slapping my mom's ass cheek were allover the room (thapp thapp thapp thapp)

and my mom moaning to that (ooooohhhh oooohhhh aaahhhh aaahhhh aaahhhhhh).

Then I laid on my mom's back pulled her hand from her pussy and started

rubbing her pussy with my hand while fucking her asshole. Mom was in

heaven, her eyes were closed she was feeling every inch of my cock in her

ass hole. Suddenly her moans became loud and her right hand curved up

around my neck, she was pulling my hair kissing and licking my left ear and

cheek! I knew she was cumming and within seconds with a loud moan

(aaaaaaaaahhhhh aaaaaahhhhhh oooooohhhhh) my mom started squirting streams

of her pussy juices on to my fingers and bed and my cock was throbbing too,

I moaned into my MOm's ear (oooohhhh mom I m cumming I m gonna cum in ur

asshole MOM ooohhhhh, mommy oh ur ass is so hard and tight ooooooohhhhh) to

that my mom replied (cumon son, cum in ur mothers butthole I wanna feel ur

cumshots inside my asshole, I have never had such a sensation, give it to

me baby ahhhhhh aaahhhh oohhh) I came hard into my mom's asshole 5 hot

penetrating cum jet-streams, and my mom moaned to everyone of them! I

collapsed onto her kissed her shoulder blades and rolled-over to lay on my

back on the other side of the bed.

I almost passed out and extremely tired, with half closed eyes I remember

the last of that night's memories, which mom wearing her night

gown, tucking me into the bed with a blanket then kissing my lips softly

saying (u've worked so hard for mommy today son, now rest peacefully,

gudnite hunny) and switching the bedside lamps off. In the morning when I

woke up I was completely naked under the blanket. I streched my hands to

find my mom on the right side of the bed but she was not there, her bed was

properly done up! who else but my mom cud have done it, I remembered I

threw my clothes on the ground in hurry last night I looked every where on

the ground but they were not there, suddenly I spotted my t-shirt and

sports lower nicely done and well placed on the side table I knew that was

done by my sweet mom too! I got up quickly went to the bathroom to freshen


After freshening up I started walking towards the kitchen to get some tea

or coffee, before even reaching there I could smell cheese and mushroom

omlette and coffee in the air!! my favorite breakfast!! Who else would know

that better other than my mommy. As I reached the kitchen door I saw my

mom's back, standing in her thin night gown putting bread in the toaster

and reading news paper. I hugged her from behind kissed her neck softly and


ME: gudmorning mom!
MOM(smiling): gudmorning baby
ME(Holdling her waist): did u get good sleep last night?
MOM(giggling): I have never slept so nicely in my life before baby, thanx

to u hun!
ME(pulling and pressing her waist against my crotch with force): u will get

gud night's sleep throughout ur life now mom!
MOM(screamingly): aaahhhhh ouuccchhhhh!
ME(surprised backing myself away from her): what happended mom?
MOM(smilingly whispering): U little motherfucker dont u remember U bit my

right ass cheek last night when u got carried away??? Its still hurting me

and I cant even sit properly on that ass cheek!
ME(with a grinn): Oh thats the case! well I m so sorry mommy, I didnt ment

to hurt u! I think I can do something to make u feel better!

Saying so I lifted my mom's night gown from behind, to my surprise she was

not wearing anything underneath. Her shiny, fair, smooth skinned bubble

butts were looking flawless. Only mark she had there was left by me, my

bite mark and the redness around it was easily visible! I knelt behind her

on the ground and started kissing and licking the region were I bit her.

Mom started moaning softly, after few minutes I asked mom is she feeling

any better now! she replied (ooohh yesss son u r the best. Keep going!) As

I was licking and kissing my bite mark on her ass cheek she streched her

right hand down to grab the back of my head by my hair and slowly guided it

towards her ass crack!I hope u all could make out what she wanted me to do

now, and yess I darted my tongue into her asshole again! Oh this was the

beginning of a very good day for me. Actually the beginning of many more

good days for me and my mommy!

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Very Sexy 🙂


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