My Bad Wife  


We are attending a wine gala with some noted speaker. You, my wife, are part of the sponsoring committee and so are sitting at the "head table" up on the stage. There are a large number of people seated at this long table and you are toward stage right, second from last, sitting next to amid 40's gentleman who appears European and occupies the far right seat at the table.

I am sitting out in the main floor area at a table of people I barely know, drinking wine, eating dinner, waiting to take you home and ravish you.

From time to time I look up toward the front of the room and see that you are deep in conversation with the European man. You are quite animated. You touch your hair while you talk to him. I can tell even from my distance that you are attracted. And I can see that his eyes are glued to you; as were most of the men's eyes as I escorted you in. It always gives me a thrill to see men stare at you; take in your beauty. Seeing them desire you.

I am both jealous and aroused as I watch you. Knowing your signs. Knowing how when you are randy you turn wanton.

The lights dim as the distinguished speaker begins his talk. There are slides and other multimedia. The main dining area and the stage are in deep shadow; only the speaker's podium are illuminated. The slideshow provides flickering and constantly changing light to the rest of the environment. Everyone's attention is on the speaker.

Except yours.

When I look in your direction I see that your eyes are closed. Your head back slightly. You appear to be rocking gently. The man next to you seems to be looking down into the general direction of your lap... what is going on there?

I watch as your movements intensify, still subtle and hard to discern in the light but now that I know what I'm looking for I see it clearly.

I think the man is touching you.

The speaker concludes and the houselights come up. I lose sight of you as everyone rises to applaud and then an announcement is made that a continued wine tasting and after dinner cocktail hour will be in the adjoining room. I make my way to the bar and look for you to appear. I want to know what you have been up to.

You are no where to be found. Neither is your neighbor.

I wander a bit and sip wine and chit chat. Now I really wonder what you are doing. After about 30 minutes I see you. You are flushed. You seem a little disoriented. You come to where I am standing.

"Where have you been?" I ask.

"Please take me home. I've been very bad." Is your side-stepping reply.

I see that your lips are glistening but the lipstick you had so meticulously applied before we arrived is now gone. Your skin is reddened slightly where your neck meets your shoulder. Your white skin is mottled from what appears to be heat rash...

I simply turn and walk out to get the car. You follow behind.

We get in the car. The first few minutes are silent. Your eyes are cast down. Hands in your lap. I can see that your dress is wrinkled in places. As if it has been bunched up.

"Please don't be cross," you say.

"Tell me what you've done," is my stern response.

"The man sitting next to me at the table was so interesting and...he was very attractive. We talked during the whole dinner. Honestly, I was very turned on while talking to him and he could tell. He kept touching my arm as we spoke and his fingers on my arm kept sending shivers through me. I knew you could see me talking to him and that excited me even more."

"When the lights went down he put his hand on my thigh. I couldn't believe it I was afraid that people could see but it was so dark, sometimes *I* could barely see that his hand was in my lap. He pulled my dress up a little so that his hand could touch my bare thigh. I could hardly breath as he caressed my skin. His hands so warm...I had to close my eyes."

"Darling, I'm so sorry...but when his hand reached my panties I had to spread my legs for him. Just a little. Enough that he could touch me. I was already so wet..I'm sure he could feel my desire through the silk."

"He kept gently caressing me through my panties. My pussy betrayed me...betrayed you...I almost came just from his fingers...he touched me very much like you he already knew me."

"When the lights came back on I had to pull my dress back down. He just looked at me and smiled slightly and I knew I had to have him. I know there is a small private dining room upstairs because I've had lunch there before and as everyone was moving toward the bar we went up the stairs and into the room. No one was there. He closed the door and immediately we kissed long and hard. Our tongues searching each other. His hands all over me. No restraint."

"I felt bad knowing you were waiting for me at the bar. Knowing that you wanted to take me home and make love to me but instead a stranger's hands were now inside my dress, pulling down my panties while I kissed him and rubbed the front of his pants. I really did feel bad, darling. But I was also soaking wet and unbelievably randy. You know how I get, dont you?"

You lean over and kiss me on the cheek as I'm driving and put your hand on my thigh as you whisper "I'm so sorry to have been bad tonight" in my ear. Your hand runs across my zipper and you feel my hardness. My heat.

We arrive at our home. We go inside and sit down on the sofa.

"Now tell me the rest and I'll decide on your punishment." I say. Then I kiss you full on the mouth and taste your passion. You taste of sex. You taste strange.

I break the kiss and push you back onto the sofa. I wait.

"He put me onto a table and pushed up my dress. He took my panties off and spread my legs. He could see how aroused I was. I could feel myself dripping. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He was quite large..I was surprised and a little frightened. He was clearly very hard. He started to move toward me and I said "no, not without protection" He didn't have any and neither did I. I said "I'll fix your problem" and got down on my knees and began to suck him. He was even bigger than he looked. My hand barely wrapped around it.... By that time I was almost out of control. I rubbed him all over my lips, my tongue all over his slippery tip. He wasn't going to last long and I wanted to taste his cum. Wanted to taste his desire for me.... Just as I thought I was about to get what I so desperately wanted, he pulled out of my mouth and pulled me up and back onto the table. "I want to taste you know" he said and spread my legs again and buried his face into my pussy."

"I guess he liked the way I taste as much as you do because he was licking and sucking my clit like crazy. I was going to scream. He pushed two fingers into me as he continued to work on my clit and then...I, um...and then..."

"What did you do Vanessa?"

"I, um, well, I couldn't take it. I pulled his head away from my pussy and begged him to fuck me."

"With no condom?"

"Yes, darling. I'm sorry. I'm really quite awful. I couldn't take it. I couldn't hold back. I need to be fucked and you weren't there. I need to feel his huge cock inside of me....I...I...needed to be taken."

"And did he?"

"Oh god yes. He fucked me so hard darling. He pounded your wife silly. First just standing between my spread legs. Then he turned me over and fucked me from behind. I was bent over the table."

"Take off your clothes now, my slut wife." You, of course, do so. I see you are glistening from excitement. Your pussy is swollen (newly, or still?) and reddened from sex. Your stomach is shiny in places. "Then what happened?"

"He was so hard and big inside of me. He was ramming himself inside of me. He then turned me back around so that I was facing him again. Our mouths united again as he pushed himself back inside my willing cunt. I felt him stiffening and at the last moment told him not to cum inside of me. God knows how much of his passion was already inside me though..when I was sucking him he was leaking like I've never seen...He grunted and pulled out of me just as he was he was cumming all over my stomach the shaft of his still hard cock ground against my clit and then I came as well. We came together."

"I knew you would be worried that I had disappeared so I quickly cleaned up as best I could and then hurried down to find you. So.....are you angry with me?"

"Of course I'm angry. What kind of husband isn't angry when his wife fucks a stranger while he is waiting at the bar? But you are always honest with me. You are a very bad girl. And incredibly sexy too..."

With that I kiss you deeply. My tongue in your mouth. Tasting you. Tasting the sex on your breath.

I kiss your neck. I smell cologne.

I kiss my way down your body. I taste sweat. I spread your legs. I wonder if I am spreading them in the same way as the man who was just here 30 minutes before me?... You are already breathing hard as I press my lips against the lips between your legs. The aroma of sex is now overpowering. Dizzying. I've never tasted you this way. You taste of another. Your pussy is hotter than I've ever experienced before. You are soaking wet; literally dripping with sex. You are moaning and writhing beneath me. Are you thinking about my tongue on your clit or are you remembering the cock that was just in the same pussy I am now licking? My hands under your ass squeezing you as I take back your sex and make it my own....

I roll you onto your hands and knees.

"Now *I* am going to fuck you." I look down onto the milky skin of your ass and think about the stranger who took you, my wife, in the same position only a short time before me. My hand strikes down suddenly and powerfully. I spank your right ass cheek with my right as you cry out with surprise and pain. I switch to my other hand and spank you until your ass is reddened from *my attention*. As I shove my cock into your quivering cunt and begin to fuck you with wild abandon, I continue to spank your delicious little ass.

"This is what happens when you are a bad wife..."


As we lie in bed later, I ask, "so did he say anything as you were getting dressed, or were you both too busy trying to get cleaned up and out of there."

You reply, "oh yes, I forgot to tell you that he will be hosting the wine convention that I am going to next month in France..."

Posted : 09/12/2012 8:21 pm