My Best Friend's Mom  


My name is Angelle and I am 20 years old. My best friend's mom, Ms. Andrews is a very nice and pretty lady. Ms. A as we call her is 39, and gorgeous. She was always the parent who took us skating, to the movies and allowed us to have basement parties. Well on to my story..........

To give you a brief description of myself - 5'5, 150lbs, 38dd, light brown complexion, hazel eyes, and ass for days. Ms. Andrews is of darker complexion, 5'10, around 170lbs, a nice round ass and the most beautiful brown breasts I have ever seen!(44dd)

When I returned home from college for the Christmas holidays, I ran into Ms. Andrews at the supermarket. She was wearing a red sweater with a low cut collar and some skin tight leather pants.

Ms. A - Hello Angelle how are you darling? Melissa told me that you were in town. Shame on you for not visiting me!
(She was looking delightful)

Me - Oh, Hello Ms. A, I have been busy helping my mom prepare for Christmas, I will visit Melissa this afternoon. Please accept my apologies.

Ms. A gave a very warm smile, hugged me tight and told me that she can't wait to see me this evening. I drpve straight home, took a shower and put on my skimpies outfit (short-short dkny denim shorts, a leather bandana top, and sandles). I was hoping to gain the attention of Melissa's older brother Rodney, who is too fine! As I walked up the driveway, I heard very loud music. I knocked on the door and there was no answer. I opened the door and walked into the corridor. I called out and did not get an answer. As I walked upstairs, the music became louder, I knocked on Melissa's door and didn't get an answer, Rodney's door, no answer, when I approached Ms. A's bedroom, I saw lights flashing. I opened the door and was shocked out of my mind! There lying on the bed was Ms. A watching a lesbian porn! She had her legs wide open and eyes shut tight. I should have left, but my eyes were glued to her beautiful body! Her breasts were so big, she was pinching her clit and moaning. As she began to finger herself,she was moaning and whispering really nasty things to herself. I heard her say "Yeah thats it, suck on that pussy, mmmmmm, eat mama's pussy baby, mmm, i'm gonna cum in your mouth oh, ANGELLE you fucking slut! I couldn't believe what I was hearing! This lady was fantasizing about me! She had the most intense orgasm I had ever seen in my life. I had began to pinch my nipples through my leather top and let out a soft moan. You guessed it! She heard me. She looked at me and began to play with her pussy again.

Ms. A - MMMMM, angelle, have you ever been with a woman before baby!
Me - No ma'am I have not.
Ms. A - mmmm, I need you here with me Angelle. I have been fantasizing about your pretty little mouth on my pussy. Will you suck my pussy for me baby? Come closer, please. Do you see my pussy is wet for you?
(I saw how wet her pussy was as she rubbed her clit and pinched her huge nipples. I crawled over the bed and knealt beside her)
Ms. A - Dont be afraid baby, I'm going to make love to you. You will be my little slut.
Me - okay
Ms. A - mmmm, take off that little top and shorts for baby. I'm gonna let you nurse on my breasts.
(I undressed and crawled into the bed. She took one her breasts and put it on my lip.)
"Go ahead baby, take that nip and nurse yourelf. mmmmm, yeah, thats it."
I began to suck on her big tit. I took the nipple into my mouth and bit softly on it. She took my hand and placed it between her legs. I began to stroke her inner thigh, she began to moan a little more. I moved up to her pussy. I had never felt anything more soft and wet. She began to grind on my hand. I took her clit in my fingers and stroked it softly.
"MMM, thats it you little bitch, play with my pussy! I always knew that you would be my slut."
Her tone began to turn me on. She made me lie down on the bed. She began to fuck my face with her wet pussy.
Oh yeah, eat that pussy you black bitch, fuck my pussy with your tongu. Thats it, suck it.
She grabbed by breasts and pinched my nipples. that made me suck her even harder. We finally ended up in a 69. She licked and sucked my pussy lips. Then fingered my asshole. I had never cum so hard in my life.

Ms. A visits me every weekend in my dorm room and we have very hot sex.

Posted : 09/07/2011 7:58 pm