My Cabin Experience  


Every summer, it is nice to be able to drive up north to a cabin, and be away from computers, telephones, and other distractions. It is even more fun when the cabin is located on a lake. I had been dating a woman called Nancy for a few months and she owned such a cabin. So one weekend, she invited up to her cabin. The cabin was about a three-hour drive from where Nancy lived, and we decided that both of us would leave work early on Friday, and spend the weekend at the cabin. Nancy would have her car all loaded with groceries and stuff for the cabin, and I would drive her car.

I arrived at her house around two in the afternoon and she was all set to go. I parked my car in her garage, threw my bag into her trunk, and off we went. The three-hour trip to the cabin allowed us to talk about how things were going for each other and our relationship. I really like Nancy because we share the same values and views on many subjects.

I had never been to her cabin before, and seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere. The cabin was located on a lake, and although there were neighboring cabins, they weren't very close to her cabin. So I was looking forward to a lot of privacy, and just being close to Nancy.

Once inside, it was mainly one big room with a fireplace, a small kitchen along part of one wall, and three doors off the main room, which lead to two small bedrooms and a bathroom. The bathroom was very cramped with a shower stall, small sink, and a toilet. The bedrooms each had a twin bed and a small dresser. There were no phones, no television, but the cabin did have lights and electricity. There was a large window to see the lake, and the cabin had large beams that were low and overhead.

We unloaded the car, had something quick to eat, and then went swimming. Nancy had a dock and a small boat, and the water was cool, but it felt good. Nancy left the lake before I did, to prepare the cabin for the evening. I got out of the lake, dried off, and went into the cabin. Nancy had pulled a table and chair in the middle of the room, under a beam.

"Come over here and close your eyes," Nancy said. "I have a surprise for you."

I felt cuffs being put on my wrists, Nancy had me raise my arms over my head, and she secured my wrists to an overhead beam.

"You can open your eyes now. I like you in this position." Then Nancy took out the contents of one of her bags and placed them on the nearby table. The table was now covered with paddles, and riding crops that I had bought for her at a saddle shop. I also saw the cock and ball harness, which I had hoped that Nancy had forgot to bring along. Next, Nancy slid off my swimming trunks. Since I was not wearing a shirt, I was now standing completely naked in front of her with my arms secured above my head.

"Spread your legs so that I can put this on you," Nancy said, holding up the cock and ball harness. I felt like a horse being readied for a ride, but I got an instant erection with her fondling me and putting the cock and ball harness on me. Nancy gave my ass a few whacks from one of the paddles when I heard a knock on the cabin door.

"Stay right where you are, Clyde. I have just begun, but I guess you have no choice."

I could hear the conversation she having with two women who had come to the door, and it was her friends called Sue and Liz, who lived a few cabins down the road. Sue and Liz had seen Nancy's car and had stopped by to visit. Nancy told Sue and Liz that she was here with her new boyfriend, and to my embarrassment, invited them in.

"Clyde, I'd like you to meet my friends from down the road, Sue and Liz."

"Glad to meet you." Is all that I could say. I was still erect from Nancy putting the cock and ball harness, just a few minutes ago.

Sue and Liz looked closely at my cock and balls, and then Liz asked, "What is this?" Liz was now handling my penis and moving it to see the harness.

"It's a cock and ball harness. I use it on Clyde to keep him erect longer. It also makes his cock and balls stick out more." Nancy said.

Then they noticed the spanking stuff on the table beside me. "Do you also spank him?" Sue asked.

"Yes, in fact, Clyde bought most of that stuff I use to spank him." Nancy said. "Would you like to spank him?"

"Yes, I would!" Both Liz and Sue said at the same time.

"Well, I usually start Clyde out with a hand spanking." Nancy said. "So Sue, why don't you sit in the middle of the couch so that you can give him an over the knee spanking." Sue was a few years younger than I was, and she was wearing a halter-top and some very short shorts.

Next, I felt Nancy disconnecting my wristcuffs from the overhead beam. "I think I'll leave the wristcuffs on you, we may need them later. Clyde, go over to Sue and lay on her lap so she can spank you." I felt so embarrassed, walking over to Sue, completely naked, and going over her lap. To make things worst, Nancy said, "Be sure you put your penis between Sue's legs so that she will have complete control of you."

Then Sue started to spank me. Sue wasn't spanking me very hard, but it was giving me an even bigger erection, to be spanked by a younger woman like this. Sue must have noticed because she said, "I think he is enjoying this, because he seems to be growing bigger between my legs."

"You can make him squirm even more if you alternate between spanking him and tickling him." Nancy said. "He also gets excited when you run your hands all over on his spanked ass."

Now it was a real turn on for me because Sue was alternating between pleasure and pain while spanking me. I began to wiggle about and I could feel Sue's thighs tighten around my erect penis. Then Nancy said, "Liz, you hold Clyde's feet and I will hold his hands so he won't fidget so much."

I felt both helpless and humiliated because I was being held in place by my girlfriend and a strange woman, while being tickled and spanked by a woman I had just met. Also, my butt was starting to feel warm from the spanking I was receiving.

"Look, his ass is turning a nice pink color," Liz said.

"Sue, why don't you stop spanking Clyde for now," Nancy said, "and let Liz spank him. Clyde, stand up and come over here and stand under the beam."

It felt good that my spanking was temporary stopped, but I didn't want to be secured under the beam again. Soon, my arms were secured to the overhead beam, and I was standing completely naked in front of these three women. "Liz, pick something from the table to spank Clyde with." Nancy said. "Clyde, spread your legs apart. I have something new to try on you."

Nancy went to her bedroom and pulled out a spreader bar, "Sue, help me attach this to his ankles so that he keeps his legs apart." With my legs spread like this, I was very aware of my cock and balls dandling between my legs. "You can start spanking him, Liz." Then my spanking started again.

Liz was using a paddle with holes in it, and it really stung my ass. Nancy reached over and grabbed a riding crop from the table, and then started to hit me on the tender insides of my thighs. Meanwhile, Sue grabbed a paddle from the table and was also spanking me.

All of this was making my ass feel hot, and I had a big erection. Nancy saw how excited I was, and had Sue stop spanking me and concentrate on my front side. While Liz was still spanking me, Sue was pulling on my nipples, and Nancy was stroking my penis and balls. It didn't take long with all three women working on me like this, and I exploded. My cum went all over Nancy's hands, and she went to the bathroom to get a wash rag to clean me up. Nancy also took off the cock and ball harness, but left me tied to the beam with my legs spread.

Nancy then told Liz and Sue that we would be in the cabin all weekend, and she invited them over around seven o'clock on Saturday evening. Then they finally left the cabin and now it was just Nancy and I, but I was still completely naked with my legs spread wide apart and my arms attached to the overhead beam.

"I like you in this position," Nancy said as she rubbed a cool lotion on my well-spanked red ass and on the insides of my thighs. It felt really good and soothing. "I'm going to let you down from the beam, now. Why don't you go right to bed? I think you are going to have a very busy day, tomorrow."

My Cabin Experience – Part 2

When I woke up on Saturday morning, I was a little sore from the spanking I had received on Friday night. I had a good night sleep, because I was totally exhausted from the ordeal I went through with Nancy and her two friends.

I also woke up to the smell of fresh bacon and eggs being prepared for breakfast. Nancy had gotten up early and had made us a good breakfast. Nancy asked how I was doing, and I told her I was doing fine and was looking forward to doing things with her.

We decided to spend time on the lake on her boat. Nancy owned a large boat that could seat at least six passengers and it also had a small kitchen and small bed under the deck. We took food with us, and we spent a leisurely day on the lake. The lake had many small islands in it and they were sort of romantic because they had many trees and were very secluded. We had lunch on one of the islands, and that island had a clearing with a campfire and logs to sit on. It was so nice to be alone with Nancy, and to be away from the rush of the outside world, and to hear nature all around us. Nancy and I enjoy many of the same thoughts and ideas, so it was fun being with her like this.

The time went by real fast, and soon Nancy noticed that it was 6:30 pm. She said we needed to pack things up real fast and head back to her cabin. She reminded me that Liz and Sue were going to meet us at the cabin at 7:00 pm. After we were on the boat, we ate some sandwiches on the way back. Once we reached the dock, Nancy said, “Stay in the boat. I want to take Liz and Sue on a boat ride.” Nancy took some of the leftover food to the cabin with some other stuff.

I felt relieved that we were going on a boat ride. At least I wouldn’t be humiliated or spanked again by Nancy and her two friends, Liz and Sue.

Soon, I saw all three of them walking down from the cabin to the boat. Each of them was carrying a large bag, and soon all of us were on the boat for what I thought would be a long nice boat ride. To my surprise, Nancy docked the boat a one of the islands. “Let’s get out of the boat and have some fun exploring this island.” Nancy said. So all of them grabbed their bags and we followed Nancy into the middle of the island. We reached a small clearing and Nancy said, “Let’s stop here. This should work out great for us this evening.” The clearing had some logs to sit on, and a small place for a fire. The women seated themselves on one log and opened their bags and were pulling stuff out of them.

I had just sat down on another log when Nancy said, “Clyde, come over and stand in front of us.” It was a nice warm day, so I was just wearing shorts and a t-shirt. “Now take off all of your clothes," Nancy said. “Do it right now, or else we will help you out.” I felt real embarrassed, even though Liz and Sue had seen me naked last night. I slowly took off my t-shirt and shorts, and all I had covering me was a pair of skimpy briefs. I guess I didn’t move fast enough because soon Liz and Sue were pulling the briefs off of me. I wanted to run and get away from this situation, but I had no where to run to. I was on a very small and very isolated island in the middle of the lake.

“Clyde, stand still with your hands at your sides so that we can examine you," Nancy said. I felt that I had no choice but to let them examine my naked body. As the women’s hands caressed my body, I started to have an erection.

“Look at him, he’s starting to get big for us.” Liz commented as she stroked my penis.

“Look, you can also see some faint lines from the spanking we gave him,” Sue said.

Their hands seemed to be exploring every inch of my whole body. Then Nancy said, “Bend over, so that we can see even more of your body and see what your nice ass looks like.”

I was afraid that this might led to another spanking, so I stood still and said, “I’m not moving. I’m staying just the way I am.”

“I was afraid you might say that," Nancy said. “Let’s take Clyde over to a tree and tie him up.”

Then Nancy grabbed my erect penis and pulled me to a tree. Liz took some rope and soon my arms were wrapped around the tree and my wrists were tied together. Sue spread my legs apart, putting them on each side of the tree trunk, and tied them so that my legs were kept spread apart. Now I was at the mercy of these three women. I was very aware of my erection with my legs spread, and I felt sort of scared because I was outside on an island, in the middle of a lake. Nancy had a small pillow, and she put it between the tree and my stomach. This made my ass really stick out. I felt many hands on my ass again.

“This should teach you to do whatever we tell you to do!” Nancy said. Then they started to spank me. My ass was already sort of sore from the spanking I had received last night. Although I couldn’t see what they were using, it seemed like they had brought a number of different spanking implements with them. With all three of them spanking me at the same time, my poor ass felt very warm and tender in a short time. One of them was occasionally using a riding crop, and was spanking the tender insides of my legs. Now and then, I felt the crop hit my exposed penis and balls.

“That’s to make sure you don’t fall asleep on us.” One of them would say.

The spanking went on and on. Finally I pleaded, "Please stop!"

"Do you promise to do whatever we tell you?" Nancy asked.

"Yes," I answered. "Please quit spanking me."

I soon felt my arms and legs being untied from the tree. It felt good, knowing that my spanking was over with. Nancy led me by my penis to the end of one log that was lying on the ground. She placed a pillow near the end of the log and said, "Clyde, please sit on the pillow with a foot on each side of the log. Then lay back on the log. Sue, why don't you secure his arms to the top of the log." I didn't want to be spanked again, so I assumed the position that Nancy wanted. My legs were widely spread, I was lying my back with my arms secured, and the pillow raised up my ass so that my penis and balls were completely exposed.

"Now let's have some fun with Clyde." Nancy said. Then all three of them were playing with my penis and balls, pinching my nipples, and tickling me. It didn't take long, and then I had a full-blown erection.

Soon, I was breathing hard and I could tell I was close to an orgasm. As Liz and Sue watched, Nancy started to take her hand and run it up and down the shaft of my penis. I couldn't help myself, and soon there was cum all over my stomach. I felt exhausted, and Sue cleaned up the mess I made.

Now the sun was setting and it was turning dark. "I have an idea," Nancy said. "Let's take him back to the cabin, just as he is. Completely naked."

Liz and Sue agreed, and soon they untied my arms and I was walking down to the boat. I really felt embarrassed, and wondered if anyone would see me. While we were walking back to the boat, Sue got on her cell phone and called some of her friends. "Come over to Nancy's cabin. She brought up her boyfriend and we are having some fun with him. Okay, we'll see him soon. Bye."

To make matters worst, they had me sit in the back of the boat where anyone on the lake would see me. Luckily for me, there were no other boats on the lake. I was so happy when we pulled up to Nancy's dock. Once I got out of the boat, they secured my arms behind my back, and escorted me up to the cabin. I was embarrassed again when the cabin door was opened and there were two strange women sitting on the couch.

I was still completely naked, and they were eyeing me up and down. "Clyde and Nancy, these are my two friends Pat and Carol."

"Glad to meet you!" Nancy said. "Clyde, stand in the middle of the room and spread your legs."

I didn't want to be spanked again, so I did as I was told. "Pat and Carol, you are welcome to examine him," Nancy said. Now I had hands all over me, again. I didn't mean to, but I reacted by putting my legs together. "Liz and Sue," Nancy said, "put the speaderbar on Clyde, so he keeps his legs apart."

My legs were forced apart, and now my legs were secured so that I couldn't close them.

"Look how red is ass is." Carol said. "What happened?"

"We tied him to a tree and spanked him." Nancy said.

"Can we have him bend over a chair so that we can examine his ass more closely?" Pat asked.

"Sure, let me get a chair." Nancy said. After Nancy placed the chair in front of me, she said, "Clyde, bend over the chair so that we can thoroughly examine your ass."

I had learned my lesson from the last time and didn't want to be spanked again, so I bent over the chair. I immediately felt two hands pull my ass checks apart. I really felt humiliated being examined like this, especially in front of two women who I had just met.

"This usually gets his attention." Carol said. Then I felt a finger slip into my asshole and feel around my insides. Soon, the one finger slipped out and was replaced by two fingers. This instantly gave a very big erection. I even got more aroused when the fingers started to move up and down in my ass.

They must have noticed my erection because someone grabbed my penis and balls and said, "He is getting a big erection. Let's have him stand up, again."

"Clyde, please stand up, again." Nancy said.

As I stood up, the women giggled and soon their hands were all over my cock and balls, and also the inside of my thighs. My arms were still secured behind my back, and my legs were wide spread. With this many women working on me at the same time, in a few minutes I was squirting my cum all over them. Nancy ran into the bathroom and got a wet cloth to clean me up. Then they released my arms and released my ankles from the spreaderbar. I was so tired from being on the island and now this ordeal that I laid down totally exhausted, on the floor.

The women talked among themselves for about a half an hour, and then everyone left the cabin. I was glad when just Nancy and I were the only ones left in the cabin, and I slowly got up and went to the bedroom. At least nothing else would happen to me and I could get a good night's sleep.

My Cabin Experience – Part 3

Sunday morning I woke up and was very tired from my evening ordeal on Saturday. I had never been naked and used by five women at the same time. Nancy let me sleep in and I didn’t even wake up until eleven o’clock in the morning. When I woke up, Nancy was fixing a nice brunch for the two of us.

Both Nancy and I had jobs that we needed to be at on early Monday morning, so we decided to drive back later in that afternoon. It would be a three hour drive back to the cities, and we didn’t want to be too tired on Monday morning.

After brunch, we talked about how I felt about this trip to the cabin. Nancy did admit that her friends were a bit wild, but it was nice that I was willing to do what they wanted me to do. I told her that I felt that I had no choice, and I actually liked the attention of her friends. We sat around and talked some more, but soon it was time to pack up to leave.

I helped Nancy clean up the cabin, and load the suitcases and bags into the trunk of Nancy’s car. Since I had driven her car up to the cabin, I was walking around to the driver’s side when a car pulled up behind Nancy’s car. Out jumped her two friends, Liz and Sue.

“We were hoping to catch the two of you before you left for the cities.” Liz said.

“We wanted you to know that we had so much fun with your new boyfriend”, Sue said, “and we hope that you bring him up to your cabin, again.”

“How is Clyde doing?” Liz asked Nancy.

“I think he survived okay.” Nancy said. “Clyde, bend over the hood of the car so that they can examine you.”

I just wanted to get home and relax, so I said, “Can’t this wait until next time.” Then, I started to open the driver’s door to get into the car. Nancy ran around the car, pulled me from the driver’s seat, and had me stand by the hood of the car.

“That has just earned you a spanking.” Nancy said. “Liz, you deal with Clyde while I pull the spanking stuff from the trunk of the car.”

“Clyde, pull down your pants and underwear and bend over the car.” I know the road that Nancy lived on didn’t have many cars, but I still felt embarrassed exposing myself like this.

I guess I hesitated too long because Nancy said, “If you don’t hurry up, your spanking will last longer.” So I dropped my pants and underwear and bent over the car. It was a sunny day, and the car felt very warm. Then I felt many hands examining and caressing my ass.

“I see that he still has marks from his spanking, yesterday.” Sue said.

“But his ass isn’t very red.” Liz said. “Let’s make it red, again.”

I had held my legs somewhat together, because I didn’t want them to see that I was starting to get an erection, already. “Clyde, spread your legs so that we can spank all of you better.” Nancy said.

When I spread my legs Sue must have seen my erection because she said, “Look at him. He’s getting hard already.” Then I felt hands grabbing my penis and balls.

“Here’s a paddle for each of you.” Nancy said. “Let’s start spanking him.”

Then my spanking started. Liz and Sue were spanking each of my cheeks and Nancy had a riding crop and was hitting me on my tender inner thighs and sometimes on my penis and balls. Now my ass was beginning to feel as warm as the hood of the car.

I started to squirm about a bit, and said, “Please stop. I’ve had enough.”

“Clyde, stay bent over while they ask you a few questions.” Nancy said.

I felt two more swats from a paddle, and then Liz asked, “Will you come up to Nancy’s cabin, again?”

“Yes I will.” I replied.


“Will you let us spank you and use you, again?” Sue asked.


I had no other choice but to say, “Yes I will.”


“And you will do everything we tell you to do?” Liz asked.


“Yes I will.” I said. I just wanted to get this over with and drive home.

“Then stand up, and take off your shirt.” Nancy said. Once my shirt was off, Nancy said, “Now put your hands behind your back.” I felt a rope around my wrists, and soon my arms were bound together. “Now turn around and face us.”

Liz and Sue quickly went down to my feet and took off my shoes and socks, and then my pants and underwear. I was now completely naked in front of these three women. I was very aware of my erection when Nancy said, “Clyde, spread your legs and bend backwards over the car, unless you want another spanking.”

“Please don’t spank me again.” I said as I leaned over the car. My warm and recently spanked ass was now against the warm side of the car. I was also aware of what I looked like. My erect penis and balls were now high in the air and my legs were spread so that the women had easy access to me.

‘Let’s see how long we can keep him like this before he cums.” Liz said. Then they began to stroke my penis and balls. Just as I was about to explode, they would stop and then tickle my nipples, or run their hands up and down the sides of my body.

They kept doing this to me over and over again until I said, “Please, let me cum.”

“Liz and Sue, I think he’s had enough for today. Go ahead and let him explode.” Nancy said.

Liz and Sue stroked my penis until I exploded all over myself. Nancy grabbed a towel and cleaned me up. Nancy then said, “Clyde, stay right where you are while I say goodbye to them.” I felt so exposed, but I stayed where I was so Nancy won’t spank me, again.

I heard Nancy tell them that we would probably come up to the cabin in two weeks and that they had an open invitation to drop by if they saw her car. Then they finally drove off.

Nancy untied my hands and let me get dressed, again. I was now so worn out that Nancy drove home. I hadn’t expected that all of this would happen when I went with her to the cabin.


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