My Date-Part 13 New Years Eve  


For Christmas, I got many spanking implements from Jane’s family and coworkers. I also proposed to Jane, and Jane accepted. Jane also got a spanking apparatus from her sister. I also got spanked by all the women in Jane’s family, as well as all of the other men in Jane’s family. So to me, it turned out to be a different type of Christmas.

Now it was time to celebrate the New Year. Jane and I decided that we would celebrate it together, just the two of us. We could talk about our new engagement, and we could just be together.

I didn’t want to give Jane an excuse to spank me again, so I arrived on time to her house. Since we were engaged and all of that, Jane said that I could just ring the doorbell and let myself in. On the table by the couch were the spanking implements that I had received for Christmas and some ankle and wrist cuffs. We had decided to leave my spanking implements at Jane’s house, so I won’t have to transport them back and forth. In the middle of the living room were both the spanking apparatus Jane had received for Christmas and a wooden padded horse.

When Jane finally entered the living room, she looked beautiful! Her hair was real nice looking, and she had on a short tight dress.

“You look beautiful!” I said.

“I’m glad you noticed!” Jane said. Then Jane sat on the couch beside me.

“Since it is just the two of us alone together, I want to start out tonight discussing our relationship with each other.”

“I was hoping that you were going to say that. I feel that would be very important to me, too.” Jane replied.

“As you know, I love you very much. I have finally found someone who shares the same likes and dislikes, my same values, and is fun to be around.”

“I feel the same way, too.” Jane said.

“Because I love you so much, I have accepted being spanked by you, your friends, your family, and your coworkers. I do feel that these spankings have helped bring us closer together, and have enhanced our lovemaking.”

“I was hoping you would say that.” Jane said.

“At first I allowed myself to be spanked because I wanted to keep going out with you, but now they have taken on a deeper meaning. I feel that they show me that you really do care about me. That I am important in your life.”

“Yes, I agree.” Jane said.

“Now I know that you are the president of a club of women who likes to spank men, and you and your friends like to spank me. But remember that time I spanked you for being late for a date?”

“Yes I do.”

“You said you enjoyed being spanked, and liked the idea that I finally got up the nerve to spank you. Do you still feel that way?”

“Yes I do. I like being in control when I spank you, but I also liked it when you took control and finally spanked me.”

“As our relationship progresses, do you feel that we could share more in spanking each other. When I feel that you have been naughty, or haven’t done something right, would you accept a spanking from me?” I asked Jane.

“I guess it would be more of a balanced relationship that way. But as you agreed to when you proposed to me, I want to make sure you still agree to receive a spanking from me at anytime or anywhere. Otherwise this engagement is off.” Jane said.

“Yes, I still agree to be spanked by you, anytime or anyplace. But now, you would also accept a spanking from me, from time to time.”

“I would agree with what you said. It should bring our relationship closer together. It also should enhance our lovemaking.” Jane said.

“Then I propose, as a way to usher in the New Year and our new relationship, that you accept a spanking from me.” I said.

“Only if you agree to be spanked by me, afterwards.” Jane said.

“Sounds good to me! Also, why is the wooden horse still here? I thought Jane brought it over just for that spanking club you had?”

“Jane originally brought it over just for the meeting, but then she said that I could keep it. She knows how much I enjoy spanking you, so now it is mine.” Jane said.

“That’s good, because that’s what I want to use when I spank you. But first, I need to prepare you for your spanking. Please stand up." Then I stood up and went in back of her. I unzipped the back of her dress and helped her take it off. Next I unsnapped her bra in back, and helped her off with it. "Now put your hands on top of your head." Then I slowly grasped the waistband of her panties and pulled them down her legs. "Step out of your panties and then separate your legs." Then I put my hand between her legs and felt her sex. I wanted Jane to feel the same way that I feel when Jane examines me before a spanking.

I sat down on the couch, again, and said, "You can take your hands down from atop your head, but extend them out in front of you so that I may attach the wrist cuffs on them." Now Jane was all set to go over to the wooden spanking horse. "Follow me so that I can get you in position for your spanking." After we reached the wooden horse, Jane slowly bent over it. I first attached the wristcuffs to the legs of the wooden horse. "Spread your legs," I said. Then I secured her legs to the legs of the horse. Now Jane presented me with a pretty picture and the perfect target. With her legs spread apart, you could clearly see her sex, and her nice round bottom was raised up high.

"I'm going to start you out with the paddle that has holes in it," I said. I knew how it stung my poor bottom, and I wanted Jane to feel it, too.

SMACK Jane jerked a bit and said, "Ouch. That paddle really does sting." SMACK Jane moved around a bit more. SMACK "Are you done spanking me yet?" Jane asked.

"I have only just began," I replied. "Plus, your spanking rules for me should apply to you. Do not say anything unless you are asked to. Also, if you move around too much, I will increase your punishment."

"Okay, I guess so," Jane replied.

SMACK "Always address me as Sir, when I spank you, Jane."

SMACK "Yes, sir," Jane said. SMACK Jane wasn't moving about so much, now. SMACK It was nice to see her white bottom cheeks turn a nice pink color. SMACK

I put down the paddle and picked up the riding crop. WACK "Ouch. What did you change to?" Jane asked.

WACK, WACK "I told you not to speak unless spoken to. That is the riding crop." WACK, WACK, WACK.

Then I took the end of the riding crop and rubbed it against her sex. Jane wiggled about and sighed. WACK, WACK, WACK. Then I rubbed her sex with it, again. WACK, WACK, WACK.

This time I felt her sex with my fingers. I instantly felt her female dew on my fingers. Then I raised up the crop, again. WACK, WACK, WACK. Jane was now cooing and wiggling back and forth. WACK, WACK, WACK.

"Don't stop! Don't stop!" Jane yelled out. WACK, WACK, WACK.

Now her bottom was pink with red stripes. WACK, WACK, WACK.

Then I felt her sex with my fingers, again. I felt even more dew, and she shuttered and then relaxed while still secured to the horse. I immediately released her, she kissed me real hard, and then we went over to the couch and made love. It was quite the New Years celebration for me. It seemed like we could make love forever.

But then Jane got up and said,"Now it is time for me to spank you!"

My Date-Part 14 New Years-Cont

It was New Years Eve. Jane, who I am engaged to, just let me spank her. This was different, because Jane usually spanks me. Anyway, after her spanking, she became very excited and we made love. I was hoping that we could make love into the New Year, but then Jane announced that it was my turn to be spanked. When we made love, both of us had no clothes on, so I was ready to be spanked.

Jane sat down on the couch and had me stand beside her. "Your spanking will be in three parts. First, I want you to bend over my knee for a hand spanking." I actually liked it when Jane spanked me this way. She would open her legs so that my penis was between her legs, and then she closed her legs again. This held me in place. Also, as she spanked me and I moved about, it was a real turn-on for me. I now had my feet on the floor and my hands on the floor in front of me.

Then my spanking started. SPANK "I am so glad we found each other," Jane said. SPANK SPANK "I really do like" SPANK to spank you", SPANK "and I think that you" SPANK "like to be spanked by me." SPANK "Is that correct, Clyde?" SPANK

Usually I liked being spanked by Jane. So I said, "Yes, madam." Jane always wants me to address her as madam when I am being spanked by her.

SPANK "And I also like it," SPANK "when you spank me now and then." SPANK "But I like it best," SPANK "when I am spanking you." SPANK

I guess that I have to admit that I do like being spanked by Jane more than when I spank her. But it is fun to switch places now and then. So I answered, "Yes, madam."

SPANK "I am so glad that I am engaged to you." SPANK "This way I will be able," SPANK "to spank you everyday." SPANK

I hadn't thought of that when I had proposed to Jane, but I answered, "Yes, madam."

SPANK "And now I will be able," SPANK "to bring in the New Year," SPANK "by spanking you." SPANK

Then Jane gave me about twenty spanks right in a row with no pause in between. I wiggled about a little bit, but she held me tight between her thighs.

"You can stand up now, Clyde." Jane said.

Jane then went into the kitchen and brought out a straight back wooden chair. "For the second part of your spanking, I want you to bend over the back of the chair and hold on to the seat." While I did so, Jane went over to the couch and reached under it. She pulled out a long bar with a cuff attached to each end. "That's right, you haven't seen this yet. All of the girls got together and gave me this as a Christmas present at work. It is called a speader bar. They had heard me complain that you don't always keep your legs spread when I spank you, so this solves the problem. What's even better, is that they got me two of these. That way when you come to see me at work, I can spank you with your legs spread apart there, too. So spread those legs!"

I guess it was true. Jane likes to spank me with my legs spread apart. But that makes me feel so exposed and vulnerable, So I tend to put my legs slowly together, again. I thought Jane never noticed that, but I guess she did. I was bent over the chair with my legs spread apart and Jane said, "Spread them a little more." Now my legs really felt spread apart. I next felt Jane put the anklets on me. "Now try to put your legs together." I tried and nothing much happened. Now my bottom was stretched wide apart for my spanking, and my penis and balls were hanging down between my legs. "I'm going to use the paddle with holes in it for this part of your spanking."

I hated that paddle, because it stung so much more than the others did. But then Jane started to spank me with it. After only a few swats of that paddle, I began to move from side to side. "Stay in one place, or you'll get even more swats from this paddle." So I did the best I could to stay still while Jane spanked me. After about ten minutes of this, Jane said, "Now I am going to use the wooden spoon on you. That way I make sure your whole bottom is bright red, even your most tender places."

Then I felt the spoon on the insides of my thighs, between my legs, and on the tender skin around my bottom hole. I was really getting a thorough spanking. My poor bottom felt on fire, all over. But then Jane quit spanking me. I felt her release my legs, and she said, "You can stand up now. Help me move the spanking contraption, that my sister gave me, in front of the television." I stood up, went over to the spanking contraption, put the wheels down, and rolled it in front of the TV.

"We have about ten minutes until midnight and the New Year. So hurry up and get on this, I will turn on the television, and I will count down the New Year by caning you." As I put down the wheels on the thing, Jane turned on the television. I pulled out the stool to climb up on it, and soon I was in place. Her sister's husband had made this as a Christmas present for Jane. It was made out of wood and was very ingenious. It was like being on your hands and knees in an elevated position. I put my elbows and knees down in these wooden boxes for them, and my arms and legs were strapped into place. Jane then turned a crank, which spread apart my legs even more. I wasn't looking forward to being caned in this position. I could see the TV and there was about two minutes until the New Year. Everyone was celebrating.

"When they get down to the final countdown, I am going to give you a stroke of the cane for every second starting at ten. Get ready to celebrate the New Year."

Of course I couldn't move, so I had to watch and wait. 60 seconds! "Be sure and countdown with me," Jane said.

Then Ten SWAT, Nine SWAT, Eight SWAT, Seven SWAT, Six SWAT, Five SWAT, Four SWAT, Three SWAT, Two SWAT, One SWAT, Happy New Year!!! SWAT.

My bottom felt like ten red hot rods had been laid on it. The cane had really stung my bottom. "You look real good with a nice red bottom, with eleven red stripes on it. This has truly been a wonderful way to celebrate the New Year for me." Jane said. "Don't you agree, Clyde?"

I didn't want anymore strokes of the cane, so I just said, "Yes, madam."

Then Jane cranked the thing so that my legs weren't so far apart. She released the Velcro straps that were holding me in place, and I climbed down from the contraption. Although my bottom was very tender, we made love, again, as we saw others celebrate the New Year on television. I sure will remember this New Years celebration for many years to come.


It is now after Christmas, and I am now engaged to marry Jane. We had decided that I would pick her up at her work, right after I was done with my work. We didn't set any specific time, and we were going to go out to eat. I had tried to go out with her at noon one time, and I was so late showing up, Jane wasn't able to eat with me. She had to go to an important meeting. So I was hoping this would work out a lot better.

After I had arrived at Jane's company, I went directly to her secretary's office. Tami was her secretary's name, and she was about twenty-one years old. I had met Tami before, when came to have lunch with Jane.

"Is Jane in? She should be expecting me." I said.

"Jane said you probably would be by at the end of the day," Tami said. "She is out of her office right now, but she should be back, shortly. Here is a letter she left for me to give to you. Jane wanted me to make sure you read it, and that you follow her directions."

I opened the envelope that the letter was in, and the letter read as follows, "Clyde- I am looking forward to eating out with you. If you are reading this letter, I must not be back in my office, yet. Last time you came to the office, you were late, and I started to spank you. But then I was called away to a meeting, and I had Tami spank you. But Robin came in, and finished your spanking. But now, Tami wants to spank you, again, and complete your spanking. Please allow her to spank you, and follow all of her orders. I should be back, shortly."

I was looking forward to taking Jane out to eat. I didn't think that I would be spanked at her work. But I knew that if I didn't let Tami spank me, that I would get a real hard spanking from Jane later. I turned to Tami and said, "I read the letter and I understand that I am supposed to be spanked by you."

"That is correct. I never got to really spank you, the last time you were here." Tami said.

"Okay," I said. "How do you want to spank me?"

"I think I'll have you bend over the desk," Tami said. "But first, let me prepare you for your spanking. Please put your hands above your head and face me."

Then she came over to me and first took off my belt. Next, she unbuttoned my sacks, unzipped the zipper, and slowly pushed my slacks down to my ankles. Then I felt her fingertips in the waistband of my undershorts, and they joined my slacks at my ankles.

"Lift up one of your feet." I did, and then she first slid off my shoe, took off my sock, and slid off my slacks and undershorts from that leg. "Now the other leg." And she did the same thing to my other leg. I was now standing naked from the waist down in front of her. Although she had seen me naked before, at least then, Jane had me bent over her desk. "Let's complete this by taking off your shirt. Keep your hands on your head while I unbutton it for you." After my shirt was unbuttoned, Tami said, "You can remove your hands from your head and take off your shirt. Then bend over the desk for me and grab the other side."

Now I was completely naked, and bent over Tami's desk. "Stay there while I get some things from Jane's office." Off Tami went to Jane's office. When she returned, she put a bunch of paddles and spanking implements next to me. "These are some of your Christmas presents that Jane brought here from home. You must have had an unusual Christmas. Oops, I forgot something." Then she went back into Jane's office, again. This time she came out carrying the speader bar for my legs.

"Jane said to make sure I kept your legs spread with this. So spread your legs wide apart." I didn't like being spanked with my legs spread far apart. The speader bar allowed me to be spanked in my most tender parts, and it left my penis and balls hanging between my legs, out in the open. Tami connected the straps of the speader bar to my ankles, and now I had to keep my legs spread wide apart. Then I felt her fingers touch my penis and balls and Tami said, " I now see why Jane wanted me to use the speader bar, when I spanked you. Let's see. Last time I suppose to spank you for fifteen minutes. How about I spank you for fifteen minutes or until Jane comes back."

"Yes, madam," Is all that I thought I could say.

"I like the way Jane has trained you to be so respectful to women, especially while you are being spanked. I think I will start with this paddle."

Tami picked up a small paddle next to me, and then my spanking started, SPANK "I am so glad SPANK to hear that you SPANK are now engaged to Jane. SPANK I know that Jane SPANK enjoys spanking you SPANK and you must SPANK enjoy being spanked SPANK by Jane, SPANK It is also nice that SPANK Jane allows others SPANK to spank you. SPANK I hope to find SPANK a boyfriend SPANK that also allows me SPANK to spank him." SPANK.

Then I heard Tami's office door open. A female voice said, "I'm sorry to interrupt, but I have some important papers for Jane." This was so embarrassing for me, being completely naked, and being spanked by Tami, and having another female employee seeing me like this.

"Go ahead and put the papers on Jane's desk in her office. This is Clyde, Jane's fiancée', and Jane is letting me spank him." Tami said. She put her hand on the small of my back so that I would stay bent over her desk.

When the woman returned from Jane's office, she said, "I hope that I get a chance to get to know Clyde better, but right now I better let you continue with his spanking. Be sure Jane knows that I left her some papers."

"I'll do that," Tami said. The door closed again and Tami said, "That was Carol. She is another of the important women in this company. Carol, Robin, and Jane are the main women who run this place."

Then Tami put down the paddle she was using on me and picked up a paddle with holes in it. "But I better stop talking and continue on with your spanking."

Then SPANK, that paddle really stung me. I wiggled a little bit to shake off the sting. SPANK "I guess this paddle really SPANK makes as impression SPANK on you. SPANK I'll have to SPANK remember that if I get SPANK to spank you again." SPANK Now my bottom felt like it was heating up and becoming real tender.

SPANK "I see that SPANK your bottom is SPANK now turning red. SPANK I really do like SPANK this paddle." SPANK

Tami continued to spank me for another five minutes with this paddle. Then she exchanged it for a riding crop. She used that on the insides of my thighs, and even between my legs. Now my poor bottom was really warm and tender. After what seemed like an eternity of Tami spanking me with the crop, she finally laid it down and said, "I guess your fifteen minutes are up. Stay in position until I undo the leg speader." Then I felt her hands on my bottom. "Your bottom not only looks like it is red and on fire, but it also feels quite warm." I next felt her take off the straps that held my feet wide apart with the speader bar. I was finally able to put my legs together, again. "You can stand up, now. But Jane wants you to stand in one corner of her room when I am finished with your spanking. So follow me."

We entered Jane's office and Tami showed me the corner Jane wanted me to stand in. "Jane wants you to stand in this corner, with your arms at your sides. I will keep your clothes in my office. Jane should be here shortly." Jane's office door soon closed, and I was left in Jane's office, completely naked, with a red, well-spanked bottom.

In a few minutes, Jane's office door opened again. My back was towards the door, so I didn't know who entered. Then I felt hands on my bottom and a voice said, "This is Robin. I was in the same meeting that Jane was in, and she should be here shortly. In the meantime, I am going to sit down in a chair, and I expect you to come over to me and bend over my knees for a spanking."

Robin sat on a chair, hiked up her skirt, and soon I was bent over her knees. Robin said, "I see that SPANK Tami has done SPANK a good job in spanking you. SPANK I am also SPANK glad that you SPANK proposed to Jane SPANK on Christmas. SPANK It has made SPANK Jane very happy. SPANK I hope you will SPANK be stopping by SPANK the office, more often. SPANK so stand up SPANK now, and SPANK stand in the corner. SPANK SPANK SPANK Jane wants to see you in the corner when she comes back from her meeting."

So I stood up, and walked back to the corner, again. I heard Jane's office door open, again, and Robin said, "Stay there in the corner, and I hope to see you around the office more often."

Now my bottom was hurting, again, and it felt on fire. I kept my hands at my sides, and waited. After what seemed like an eternity, Jane's door opened again. This time Jane said, "I see that Tami gave you a good spanking. I hope that you have been a good boy, but before we go out, I want you to bend over the desk for ten swats of the paddle from me. So bend over the desk, now."

I wasn't looking forward to another paddling. When I turned around, Jane was standing there with a paddle already in her hands. "Do I have to? I just got a fifteen minute spanking from Tami and an over the knee spanking from Robin." I complained.

"Yes you have to. And for complaining, you will now receive twelve swats of the paddle."

So I bent over her desk for another paddling. "Spread your legs far apart and keep them spread. Otherwise, I will get the speader bar." So I spread my legs far apart and awaited my fate. Luckily for me, I didn't have to count the spanks. Jane spanked me swiftly without mercy. After I received my twelve swats of the paddle, she said, "You can stand up, now, and then go into Tami's office to get your clothes and get dressed. I will join you in a minute or two."

Then I went into Tami's office and got dressed. I felt really embarrassed having to ask Tami for my clothes and dressing in front of her. But soon Jane entered Tami's office, and then we left to eat out.

All I was expecting was to pick Jane up at her office and eating out. What I got was a spanking from three women. I never know what to expect. I better be in my best behavior when I eat with Jane.

MY DATE - Part 16 Shopping with Jane

Since I am engaged to Jane, she thought it would be appropriate for me to go shopping with her. This way I would be able to get to know her tastes in colors and styles of clothes. Jane also told me that she would value what I thought about various outfits that she was going to try on. Also, I would find out her sizes, so I could buy her clothing in the future.

It was a Saturday and I was right on time when I picked her up at her house. We had the whole day to spend together, so there was no rush. We went to a large shopping center near Jane's house, with many, many stores. At first we went to general clothing stores, and Jane looked at light jackets, dresses and skirts. Jane bought some clothes that really looked good on her.

About two o'clock, we went to the food court and had a quick lunch, and then we were off shopping, again. This time we were going to stores that were exclusively for women. As the day was dragging on, I felt sort of out of place, and usually I was the only male in the store. It also seemed like Jane was taking more and more time in deciding what to try on. I was getting agitated, and was wanting Jane to quit shopping. I was hoping that her shopping spree would be over, and that we could start having fun, together.

Anyway, I started asking her, "Are you done, yet?" and "When will you be through?" and "Don't you realize what time it is?" and "Haven't you shopped enough for one day?" and so on.

Jane must have become very frustrated with my questions and my behavior because she sat down on a chair and said, "Clyde, come over here this instant. Put you hands above your head and don't say a word."

I did so and then Jane started to undo my belt, unzip my zipper, and drop my slacks. The women in the store began to gather around to see what was going on. Then Jane put her fingertips in the waistband of my shorts, and soon they were also at my ankles. I was so embarrassed! I was now standing naked from the waist down, in a women's store, with many women gathered around me.

"Bend over my knees for a spanking," Jane said to me. "I will not tolerate your questions and your behavior, when I am shopping!"

Jane proceeded to spank me in front of all of the women who were gathered around. Luckily for me, she was just using her hand. Spank, Spank, and Spank.

Then I heard a strange female voice say, "I'm a clerk here at the store. You are creating quite a scene and disrupting business. We have a backroom that is equipped to handle this behavior. Please quit spanking him, and follow me to this backroom."

"Clyde, get up for now. Pull your pants up, and follow the sales clerk to the backroom," Jane said.

I was happy for the spanking to be stopped, especially since so many other women were watching me being spanked. As I was following the sales clerk to the back room, the clerk said, "Now and then we get shoplifters in the store. This is where we interrogate them and sometimes even punish them." Then she opened a door and I was surprised what I saw. On the wall were some paddles and a cane. In the middle of the room was a pillory.

"We usually put suspected shoplifters in the pillory, that way we can do a comprehensive search of them." The sales clerk said. "Then if we find something, and we usually do, we tell them that we will either call the police or they can take a spanking. Most agree to the spanking. So you can use this room to spank him. There is no rush, we will be open for another three hours."

"Thank you very much," Jane said to the sales clerk. "I should be done spanking him in about a half hour. I'll let you know when I am done with the room."

"No rush," the sales clerk said. "Enjoy spanking him." Then she walked out of the room and shut the door.

"Clyde, go over to the pillory and stick you hands and head in it." I did so and soon I was secured in the pillory. They were low enough so that I had to bend over at my waist. Then I felt Jane take down my slacks and under shorts, but this time I had to step out of them. "Spread your legs for me." Now I was in a position like how Jane likes to spank me. I was naked from the waist down, bent over with my legs spread apart, and secured so I couldn't move.

"Now I will be able to give you the thorough spanking that you deserve. I want to make sure that if I take you shopping with me again, you will never behave like you did today. Do you understand?"

"Yes, madam," I replied. I never expected this when Jane and I entered this store. Then my spanking started again. Jane paddled me and paddled me. The pillory did a good job of keeping me bent over and in position.

After about twenty minutes of my spanking, I heard the door open. The sales clerk said, " I see his spanking is going well. His ass is a nice red color." I felt so embarrassed, having this young sales clerk looking at me.

"Would you like to spank him?" Jane asked the clerk.

"I would love to. Very rarely do we catch a man shoplifting in the store. This should be fun!" The clerk said.

Then she started to spank me. She paddled me as hard as what Jane had been paddling me. I could tell that she was an experienced spanker because she paddled me on the insides of my thighs and even between my legs.

After about ten minutes of her spanking me, she said, "Thank you for letting me spank him. I need to get back to the sales floor. I'll see you later."

Then Jane said to me, "Clyde. Thank her for spanking you."

So I regrettably said, "Thank you for spanking me."

"I was happy to help you out. See you later." Then the sales clerk left the room again.

"For the last part of your spanking, and since they have a cane on the wall, I will give you six strokes of the cane. Please count them out loud for me."

My poor bottom was already hurting, so I wasn't looking forward to the cane. At least I was held in place by the pillory. I felt Jane tap my bottom with the cane, the whistle, then SWAT.

"One. Thank you, Jane." It felt like a hundred bees had stung me in a straight line. SWAT.

"Two. Thank you, Jane." It really hurt. I really don't like it when Jane uses a cane on me. SWAT.

"Three. Thank you, Jane." I started to sway my hips back and forth to get rid of the pain.

"Quit moving," Jane said, "Unless you want an extra stroke." So I quit moving. SWAT.

"Four. Thank you, Jane." Now it felt like I won't be able to sit down for a week. SWAT.

"Five. Thank you, Jane."

"Only one stroke left," Jane said. "You are taking your spanking very well." SWAT.

"Six. Thank you, Jane." Then I felt Jane's hands feeling the six welts from the cane.

"That should make sure you never misbehave when you go shopping with me." Jane then came around in front of me and gave me a kiss. I was next released from the pillory.

"You can pull up your pants, now. I am not done shopping in this store. So you better behave, or I will pull you in here, again, for another spanking." Jane said.

Then we left the backroom, and Jane continued her shopping. When I saw the sales clerk, again, she said, "I see that she is done spanking you." She said it out loud, and many of the women in the store looked at me and smirked. "I was happy to help her out with your spanking."

I was so happy when we left that store. Jane said that when I proposed to her, that I could expect a spanking anytime and anyplace she decided to spank me. I didn't expect this!

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