My Date Part 5  


I was real anxious to see Jane, again. Last time I saw her we had a wonderful time eating at a fine restaurant. The bad thing was that my credit card was up to it’s limit, and it was declined. So Jane paid for everything, and I had to pay her back. What made things even worse for me, when we got back to her house, she spanked me. As a child my parents spanked me, but Jane was the first grown woman to spank me. At first, it was when I was late picking her up for the date. But now, it seems like she finds any excuse to spank me. This may sound strange, but I think I am starting to enjoy being spanked by Jane. Her spankings do hurt, I felt her last spanking for most of the week, but it shows that she really cares about me. I also enjoy going over her lap for an over the knee spanking. It puts my naked body close to hers.

Anyway, this is what happened on Saturday. Jane said she was inviting her girlfriends over to meet me. So when I arrived, on time, at six o’clock, her friends were already there. It was a potluck, and the food was already arranged and the table set. As I walked in, Jane quickly introduced me to everyone. One of her friends that were there was Mary, who Jane let spank me one time when I was late. Besides Mary, there were four other women besides Jane. They seemed to want to get eat real fast, and they said that I could go first. The food was good and I answered a lot of questions. I told them that I worked in research at a computer company, and I really enjoyed my work. I also told them that it was nice to meet this many women, all at the same time.

After we ate, they had me sit out in the living room while they cleaned up everything. After they were done with the clean up, they all gathered in the living room. Each woman was wearing a number, from 1 to 6, and they also gave me some packages to open, which were also numbered.

Jane said, "the packages are not for you to keep, but they contain things for a game we will play tonight. Each of my friends has brought something for the game. So start opening the packages."

I didn’t know what to expect, and the first one contained a ruler. Jane said to put it on the coffee table, and put the number from the box, next to it. The next box I unwrapped contained a wooden spoon. This also went on the table with a number. The next boxes contained a glove, a ping-pong paddle, a hairbrush, and the strap that Jane had used on me to spank me. Now I knew that I was probably in for another spanking.

Then Jane reached over and handed me one more box. When I opened this box, it had a die in it and a sheet of paper that said, "Rules of the Game."

All the women wanted me to read the rules out loud so that we could start the game. I read the rules out loud and they said:

"This is a game so that my friends can get to know you better. It is a simple game, but it should be an enjoyable game for all of my friends. When you first roll the die, it will determine who spanks you. If you notice, everyone is now wearing a number. When you roll the die, again, it will determine which spanking implement they will use. After you gave rolled the die twice, you are to pick up the spanking implement and take it to one of my friends who is wearing that number. Then you are to ask her to please spank you. Each of my friends will be allowed to spank you twenty times with the chosen implement, and in whatever position they chose. This may be bent over the couch or table, an over the knee spanking, over a chair, or whatever they choose. The game will be over once everyone has spanked you. Depending on how you roll the die, you may be spanked by the same person more than once. Once you are ready to start the game, Take off your shoes, socks, and shirt, then come over where I am seated. Jane."

This was really unexpected for me. Jane must have told her friends that she spanks me, and all of them must have joined in to think up this game. I took off my shoes, socks, and shirt, and went over to Jane.

"See how well he follows what I say to do," Jane said. "This is one of the reasons I like Clyde so much. I always spank his bare bottom, and you should, too." Jane undid my belt, unzipped my slacks, and guided them to the floor. "See, he is wearing shorts, I like that, too." Then her fingers were in the waistband of my shorts, and then I was standing naked in front of all of her friends. Jane lifted up my feet so that I could step out of my slacks and underwear. "Slowly turn around so that everyone can see your nice bottom and penis and balls." It was so embarrassing being completely naked in front of all these women. They were all commenting on how I looked.

Then all of them started saying, "Roll the die so that we may start spanking you!"

So I picked up the die and rolled a 2. I looked around the room and Cindy, a cute blonde, was wearing number 2. I rolled it again and came up with 3. On the coffee table, number 3 was the ruler.

"Clyde, now you need to go up to Cindy and ask her to spank you with the ruler," Jane said.

So I took the ruler and handed it to Cindy saying, "Cindy, please spank me with the ruler."

"I would be delighted to," Cindy replied. She got up out of her chair, grabbed my penis and said, "Follow me. I want you to bend over the end of the couch."

After I had bent over the couch, Jane said, "Spread your legs, Clyde, like I have you do for me when I spank you." It hurts more when my legs are spread in this manner, because then my whole bottom is exposed. Also, it allows them to see my penis and balls. "This goes for Cindy and everyone, before you spank Clyde, you can feel him between his legs if you wish."

Then I felt Cindy’s hands feel my balls and stroke my penis. "I see why you like him as a boyfriend," Cindy said. "Now get ready for your spanking."

SPANK. "One", I said. The ruler stung me, but it didn’t hurt very much.

SPANK. “Two,” I said.

“Does Jane spank you very often?” Cindy asked.

“She didn’t spank me on our first dates, but since I have been coming over to her house, she has found a reason to spank me sometime during each date,” I replied.

SPANK. “Three,”

“Do you like being spanked by Jane?” Cindy asked.

SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. “Four, five, six. I like to please Jane and be close to her.” I replied.

SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. “Seven, eight, nine.”

“But do you like being spanked?” Cindy asked again.

SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. “Ten, eleven, twelve. It warms my bottom and it makes me sexually excited, so I guess I like them, but the spankings give me a sore bottom.”

“They are suppose to make your bottom hurt,” Cindy said.

SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. “Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen.”

“Well, your bottom is just starting to turn red. Here’s your last four.”

SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. “Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty.”

Then Jane said, “Clyde, thank Cindy for spanking you, then get up and roll the die again.”

So I said, “Cindy, thank you for spanking me.” And I got up and rolled the die, again. This time it was the number one. I looked around the room and Mary was wearing number one. I rolled the die again, and it was #4, which was a hairbrush.

I took the hairbrush over to Mary and she said, “I’m so glad I get to spank you, again. I’m going to sit in the middle of the couch, so lie over my knees.” After I was over her knees she said, “Remember to spread those legs!” Now my penis was between her legs, and she was holding my arms in the middle of my back so I couldn’t move about. “You don’t have to count these. SWAT It was so SWAT good that Jane SWAT let me spank you. SWAT Now I am SWAT spanking my boyfriend. SWAT It has gotten SWAT closer together SWAT and I believe SWAT that he actually SWAT enjoys being SWAT spanked by me. SWAT He is treating SWAT me much better SWAT now. I believe SWAT every man SWAT needs a spanking SWAT now and then.” SWAT, SWAT, SWAT. “Stand up, now, and see who spanks you next.

I had just received my first forty spanks and I had at least sixty to go. My poor bottom was already burning. I rolled the die and got 5, which was a redhead named Sue. I rolled again and got 6, which meant the strap.

Jane said, “Sue, the best way to give him the strap is over the back of a chair. Everyone should help hold Clyde in place. He tends to move about a lot when he is strapped.” Then Jane put a chair in the middle of the room, and I bent over it. “Everyone come over here. There should be on of you on each of his arms and legs.”

So now I was being held in place by all of Jane’s friends while being strapped. They did a good job, because I jerked about a bit.

It went on like this until every one of Jane’s friends, including herself, spanked me. Although I had a very sore bottom, I still had an erection. Jane saw my state of being and said, “Clyde has been a good boy to endure this spanking. Let me reward him by jerking him off.”

Then she led me over to the couch. “Mary, hold his hands behind his back and everyone else gather round.” Jane said. Then Jane stroked my penis until I came in front of all of her friends. Since everyone had seen me naked, and had spanked me, I was told to leave my clothes off for the rest of the evening.

Before any of her friends left, they were told that they could help spank me, at any time. This was some evening, I got to meet Jane’s friends, and they really got to know me better. I had a very sore bottom, and I wondered what was going to happen to me the next time I had a date with Jane.

MY DATE-Part 6 Turning the tables

I have been going out with this woman named Jane. At first Jane spanked me if I was late for a date, then she spanked me if I displeased her during a date. And the last time I saw her, she had her friends over, and they all spanked me. I really like the way Jane and I share the same thoughts and values, and I have to admit that the spankings have been sort of a turn-on for me. It was really embarrassing to be spanked by Jane and her friends, but at the same time, it was very exciting for me.

Anyway, this time I left work with plenty of time to spare, to get to her house on time. I arrived a few minutes early, and her front door was ajar. I rang the bell, and she yelled in the background, “Come on in. I’ll be ready in a few minutes.”

On the table was the paddle. Jane probably thought that I would be late, again. So I went into her living room and sat on the couch. The minutes went by, and after a while, I went over to the table and picked up the paddle. Our date was suppose to start at 7 PM, and now it was 7:20. Jane finally came out of her bedroom. She had on a really short mini-skirt, and she looked fabulous.

“I’m sorry it took me so long, I wanted to make sure my make-up was just right.” Jane said.

“It’s not alright!” I said. “If I get spanked for being late, you should be spanked for being late.”

Jane saw that I had the paddle in my hand and said, “If you think that you are going to spank me with that paddle, you are mistaken.”

I grabbed her arm and led her over to the table where she would spank me if I were late. “What do you think you are doing?” Jane asked.

“You are going to get a bare-bottom spanking, just like what I get from you, when I am late. So hike up your skirt and bend over the table.” I put my hand on the small of her back to help Jane bend over. She hesitated, then hiked up her skirt and bent over the table. Then I bent down, grabbed the waistband of her panties, and pulled them down to her feet. “Now step out of your panties,” I said. And soon I had her small delicate panties in my hands. I then put the panties on a nearby chair. Since Jane always had me spread my legs, I said, “Now be a good girl and spread your legs.” I took the paddle and tapped the insides of her thighs until she had her legs spread like I had mine, when Jane spanked me.

I could see her sex glistening with dew, and I reached up and touched it. “What do you think you are doing?” Jane asked.

“Just the same thing you do to me, before you spank me,” I answered. “Let’s see. You were twenty minutes late, so you will receive forty swats from the paddle. Be sure to count them out loud.”

Then I started to paddle Jane. I started soft, but as I went on, I spanked her harder and harder. When I had reached thirty spanks, her white bottom had turned a nice shade of pink, and her bottom felt warm to the touch. By the time I had given her all forty spanks, her bottom was bright red, and I knew that she had really felt the sting of the paddle.

“Don’t get up yet,” I told Jane. “I want to feel your bottom and look at the effects of the paddle.” Her red bottom felt very warm, and when I felt her sex between her legs, it was very moist.

“You can get up now, and rub your bottom.” I said.

With her mini-skirt still hiked up, she stood up and rubbed her hurting red bottom. Then she came over to me and kissed me. I cupped her warm naked bottom with my hands, and we kissed for a long time.

“I was hoping that you would spank me. You see, I like to be spanked as well as spanking you. I hope that we can share in spanking each other for the rest of our lives. Why don’t we just stay here and love each other.”

That night turned out to be the best date that I have had with Jane. We made passionate love all night. Now I had found out that we both liked being spanked, and we enjoyed spanking each other. What a wonderful life we could live with each other.

My Date-Pt 7 Jane’s Mom

It was a Saturday night and I had another date with Jane. I didn’t have to work, so I allowed plenty of time to get to her house. I didn’t want to be spanked for being late, again. When I arrived, I rang the doorbell and Jane yelled out for me to go ahead and walk in. Seated on the couch were Jane and an older woman. They both stood up and Jane said, “Clyde, I would like to introduce my mother to you. And mother, this is Clyde.”

“Glad to meet you, Mrs. Miller,” I said.

“Oh, you can just call me Kathy,” her mother said. “Jane has been telling me a lot about you. Would you mind sitting on the couch by me, I have some questions to ask you?”

“Sure, I would love to visit with you,” I said.

“Good, Jane why don’t you sit in a chair over there, for now.” Kathy said. I sat down on the couch beside Jane’s mom. She didn’t seem old enough to be Jane’s mom. Kathy was wearing a white blouse and a short black skirt. “I guess you have been dating my daughter Jane for about three months, is that true?”

“Yes it is!” I replied.

“And do you like my daughter?”

“Yes, I even love her. We are so compatible with each other. We even share the same ideas and values.”

“Jane tells me that you have even met her friends.”

“I have met her friends,” I replied. I didn’t want to mention the fact that they also spanked me.

“If you like my daughter so much, why haven’t you introduced her to your friends?”

“I guess I haven’t got around to that.”

“And Jane hasn’t seen your house, yet!”

“I guess your right, she hasn’t seen my house.” I replied.

“Jane also tells me that you have already had sex with her. Is that true?”

I stared at Jane and said, “You told your mother that!”

Kathy abruptly said, “Clyde, I’m talking to you. Please answer the question. Have you had sex with her, already?”

“Yes we have,” I answered.

“Jane also tells me that she has spanked you. Is that also correct?”

“Yes it is,” I reluctantly answered. I looked over at Jane. She had a smile on her face,

“Do you want to keep seeing my daughter?”

“Very much so, Mrs. Miller,” I said.

Well, I believe that you should be spanked for how you have treated my daughter so far. You say you love her and you have had sex with her, but yet, you have NOT shared your life with her. That is disrespectful to my daughter. Don’t you agree.”

“When you put it in those terms, I guess I agree with you.”

“Although Jane now has her own house and is a grown woman, I still need to make sure my daughter is treated with respect by anyone who dates her. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, I think it is good that you care about your daughter.”

“Good. Then you agree to be spanked by me for being disrespectful to my daughter!”

I hadn’t realized that I had agreed to be spanked by Jane’s mother. “Did I agree to a spanking?” I asked.

“Yes you did. Now stand in front of me while I prepare you to be spanked.” Kathy commanded. Slowly, I got up from the couch and stood in front of her. “Put you hands on top of your head and keep them there.” Then she unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my slacks, unzipped my zipper, and pulled my slacks down to my ankles.

“I see you are wearing boxer shorts, just like Jane said you would be. But this is going to be a bare bottomed spanking, so down they go.” Kathy reached her fingertips inside the waistband of my boxer shorts, and slid them down my legs. I was now standing naked from the waist down, in front of Jane’s mom. I felt so embarrassed.

“I can already see why Jane likes you. Step out of your things so that they will be out of the way.” I lifted my feet and she completely took off my slacks and under shorts. “Jane, why don’t you take these and put them out of the way. Clyde will not be needing them, for a while.” Jane picked up my clothes and put them in a corner and sat back down in a chair across from where I was standing. “Keep you hands on your head and turn around so that I can see your bottom.”

I turned around and felt her hands on my bottom. “Jane did say that you had a firm bottom. I guess she is right about that. You may drop your arms, stand by my side, and lay over my lap.”

Kathy hiked up her skirt, and I felt like a little boy about to be spanked by his mommy. “I’m going to start you out with a hand spanking.” SPANK, SPANK, SPANK “I want my daughter to be treated with respect.” SPANK, SPANK, SPANK “Did Jane also tell you that I spank her dad.” SPANK, SPANK, SPANK.

“No,” I replied.

SPANK, SPANK, SPANK “It is good that Jane spanks you.” SPANK, SPANK, SPANK “I guess it runs in the family.” SPANK, SPANK, SPANK “Your spanking will have two more parts to it.” SPANK, SPANK, SPANK “The second part for not sharing more of your life with Jane.” SPANK, SPANK, SPANK “And the third part for having sex with her, already.” SPANK, SPANK, SPANK

Kathy spanked me for about five more minutes then said. “You can get up now, and take off your shirt. Hand it to Jane and then bring over the paddle from the table. Jane, take his shirt and then move one of your wooden chairs to the center of the room.” I took off my shirt and handed it to Jane. Then I got the paddle from the table and handed it to Kathy. “Now put your knees on the seat of the chair and bend over it.” I was now totally naked and bent over the chair, ready for Jane’s mom to paddle me.

“You would make a good husband for Jane. She told me that you even accepted a spanking from her girlfriends. Is that true.”

I felt embarrassed that Jane had told her this, but I replied, “Yes it is true, they did spank me.”

“A well-spanked man is a well-behaved man,” Kathy said. “Now get ready for 30 swats from the paddle.”

SWAT, SWAT, SWAT, SWAT, SWAT. “So you are now going to have Jane met your friends.” SWAT, SWAT, SWAT, SWAT, SWAT.

“Yes, madam,” I replied I wanted to make sure I answered Jane’s mom with respect.

“Very good.” SWAT, SWAT, SWAT, SWAT, SWAT. “And you are going to show her your house.” SWAT, SWAT, SWAT, SWAT, SWAT.

“Yes, madam,” I replied.

SWAT, SWAT, SWAT, SWAT, SWAT. “And are you always going to respect my daughter?”

“Yes, madam.” SWAT, SWAT, SWAT, SWAT, SWAT.

My bottom felt on fire, and I knew that there would be a third part to my spanking. “Now stand up and don’t rub you bottom. Walk over to the side of the couch and bend over it.”

I did so then she said to Jane, “Do you have something else that I can spank him with?”

“Yes, a strap. I have used it on him, before.” Jane replied.

“Good, go and get it.” Jane left the room to get the strap. “This will be for having sex with my daughter, already. I don’t want you to take advantage of her.”

“Here’s the strap, mom.” Jane said.

“Clyde, you will receive six strokes of the strap. I expect you to count these out and stay in place.”

SWAT. “One.” It really stung on my already well-spanked bottom.

SWAT. “Two.”

“After your six strokes, I want you to stand up and thank me for spanking you. Then bend over the couch, again. I am sure that Jane will want to give you a few more strokes of the strap. Do you understand, Clyde?”

SWAT. “Three. Yes, madam.”

“And if I hear from Jane that you have been disrespectful to her, you can expect another spanking from me. Is that understood?”

SWAT. “Four. Yes madam.”

“I hope Jane keeps going out with you.”

SWAT. “Five.”

“You seem like a nice man.”

SWAT. “Six. Thank you, madam.”

“You can stand up, rub you bottom, and thank me.”

Although I had an erection, I stood up and rubbed my bottom and said, “Thank you for spanking me, Mrs. Miller. I really do love your daughter and hope to marry her some day.”

“That is good to hear,” Kathy answered. “Now bend over the couch, again, so that Jane can finish your spanking.”

As I bent over, Jane’s mom said, “I’ll let myself out. It was good that I got to met and spank Clyde.”

“Talk to you later, mom.” Jane yelled.

I heard the door open and shut and then Jane said to me, “I am very proud of you.” SWAT “And I am glad that my mom got to spank you.” SWAT “It shows me that you really do love me.” SWAT “And you do respect me.” SWAT

“You can stand up, now.” I stood up, rubbed my poor sore bottom, and Jane threw her arms around me. We kissed and kissed, and then we made love. I wondered what my next date would be like with Jane!

MY DATE – Pt 8 Jane’s sister

I went out with Jane a couple more times, showed her my house, and she met a few of my friends. It was getting close to Thanksgiving, and she invited me to a family gathering. It would take place at her sister’s house, Connie, who lived fairly close to Jane. Since we were going out pretty steady, Jane thought that I should be included in her family events. I had met and been spanked by her mom, but had not met her dad yet, or her sister, Connie.

When Thanksgiving morning came around, I picked up Jane and we went to Connie’s house. I met George, Jane’s father, and Roger, Connie’s husband. Jane’s sister was about five years older than Jane, and also looked real cute. Roger, her husband, was about my same height and build, and he worked for the Fire Department. I guess Roger and Connie had been married for about five years.

We sat around the table, ate good food, and her family asked me a bunch of questions. I told them that I was in love with Jane and that I hoped that we would marry each other in the future. Her family was very pleasant to be around.

Around three o’clock, Jane’s mom and dad had to leave. They had another event they needed to attend. Shortly after that, Roger, Connie’s husband had to leave on a fire call. That left just Jane, Connie-Jane’s sister, and myself. They wanted to talk some more, and they had me sit in the middle of the couch, with Jane on one side of me, and Connie on the other.

Connie said, “It’s good that everyone has left. Now I can really get to know you a lot better, Clyde.”

“Okay, what else do you want to know about me?” I asked.

“Has Jane told you that I spank Roger?” Connie asked.

Spanking was never mentioned until now, and I was hoping it wasn’t going to be brought up. But I answered, “No, she hasn’t.”

“And is it true that Jane spanks you?” Connie asked.

“Yes it is,” I answered. I turned to Jane and said, “You told your sister that you spank me!”

“We keep no secrets in this family,” Jane replied.

“And our mom has recently spanked you, as well as Jane’s friends?” Connie asked.

“Yes, it is true.” I replied.

“I know that you haven’t done anything recently to deserve a spanking, but I would like to spank you, Clyde,” Connie said.

Jane jumped in and said, “You have been spanked by everyone else, let Connie spank you!”

“I will only spank you if you agree to it on your own free will.” Connie said.

“Please let Connie spank you,” Jane said.

I was hoping that I won’t be spanked on Thanksgiving, but I said to Connie, “Okay, I guess I will agree to be spanked by you.”

“Good, I didn’t want to be left out in being able to spank you. But before I spank you, let me show you and Jane the rest of the house.”

Jane showed us the bedrooms on the first floor, and then she took us down to the basement. There was what looked like a woodworking shop in the basement. “Roger is real good with working with wood. It’s just a hobby for him, but he could probably start a business of making things out of wood for people. If he see something, or even a photo of something, he can usually make it out of wood.” There were a lot of saws, hammers, and many woodworking tools.

Jane then led us to the next part of the basement. There was a room that was locked, and as Connie unlocked the door, she said, “This is a room that even our parents don’t know about. They think it is a storage room.”

When Connie opened the room, it was carpeted, and it had various paddles, whips, etc., hanging on the walls. In the middle of the room were various spanking benches, wooden horses, and other wooden devices. And on the wall, was a wooden X, and other wooden things that one could be secured to.

“I had no idea that you had a room like this in your house,” Jane said.

“Yes, I had no reason to show it to you until now. This is where I spank Roger. Roger also made most everything that is in here, except for the spanking implements, of course. And since Roger and Clyde have about the same build, they should also work real good on Clyde.”

“I still can’t get over this room,” Jane said as she was looking over the various spanking furniture,

“Clyde, you said that you would submit to a spanking from me. So I want you to take off all of your clothes, except for your under shorts, then come over to where I will be sitting.” Connie said.

I thought that I would just receive an over the knee spanking from Connie, I wasn’t expecting this! As I undressed, Connie sat on a chair and Jane stood next to her. I walked over to Connie and she said, “Keep your hands at your sides while I pull down your under shorts.” Then I felt Connie’s fingertips in the waistband of my under shorts, and she slid them down my legs. “Step out of them, please.” Now I was standing totally naked in front of Jane’s sister, with Jane watching. Next, Connie surprised me by grabbing and fondling my penis and balls. I started to have an erection and Connie said, “Good, he reacts like Roger does.” Then she released my penis and balls and said, “Turn around, and remember to keep your hands at your sides.”

I turned around, and immediately felt her hands on my bottom. “He does have a nice butt. It will be fun spanking him.” Connie said.

“I’m glad you are finally going to have a chance to spank, Clyde.” Jane replied.

Then Connie stood up, grabbed me by the penis, and led me over to a piece of spanking furniture. “This is something I really like to spank Roger on. Let’s try it on Clyde.”

The front of it looked like a stock. It had holes for my wrists and neck. But the bottom of it was about one and a half feet off the floor, and it had two small platforms that were spaced about three feet apart.

“Get up on this. Put one knee on each side, and bend over so that your neck and wrists are in the stock.” It took a little bit of maneuvering on my part, but soon my legs were spread, and I was bent over with my head and wrists in the stock. Connie closed it, and now I was held in place by the stock and was unable to see what was going on behind me.

“Jane, there are straps by his knees. Watch what I do, and secure his knee in place while I take care of his other knee.” Then I felt the straps go around each thigh, near my knee. “Also, the are ankle straps to secure his foot in place.” The I felt both feet secured to this device. Now my legs were spread wide apart, I was fully bent over, and I was secured in place.

Connie then said, “I like to spank Roger on this device because his bottom is fully exposed, and I can also easily get to his penis and balls.” With that she grabbed my penis and balls, again.

“Yes, I see what you mean,” Jane said.

“I’m going to start your spanking out with a paddle,” Connie said. Then she started to paddle me. While she was spanking me, she said to Jane, “I have already discussed this with Roger, since I found out that you spank Clyde. You can borrow this room at any time. Just call me first, to make sure I am not spanking Roger in it. I would also be willing to help spank Clyde in the future, so you will know how to use everything in the room.”

“That would be great!” Jane said. “We live so close, so it would be easy to bring Clyde over here for his spankings. Don’t you think so, Clyde.”

I was in no position to object, so I just said, “I guess so.”

“I guess so, what?” Connie said as she spanked me with the paddle.

“It would be nice to bring me here to spank me,” I said.

“That’s good to hear you say that, Clyde.” Jane said. “Connie and I will have fun spanking you in her special spanking room.”

“Let me show you what a riding crop can do.” Connie said. It stung a lot more than the paddle. I tried to pull away from it, but I was securely in place. “And if you get tired spanking him on his butt, you can use it on his balls and penis.” Then I felt her tapping my balls and penis with the crop. Being so exposed in this position and with her tapping me, I immediately had another erection. “See how he reacts to the crop.”

“Very good,” Jane said. “Let me try the crop.” Then Jane spanked me and tapped my penis and balls with the crop.

“This position lends itself to something else,” Connie said. I heard various noises behind me, and then felt a jelly or lotion being rubbed around my asshole. It actually felt good, compared to the spanking I had until now.

“Have you ever put your fingers inside of him?” Connie asked Jane.

“Put on a glove like I have on. Lubricate your fingers, and try it. Do it slowly, and start with one finger.” Connie said.

“Okay, I’ll try it!” Jane said.

“What’s nice about having him on this device, is that his butt checks are already spread wide apart for you.” Connie said.

Then I felt Jane’s finger slowly go into my asshole. It actually was a big turn-on for me. She even stuck her other finger in, then a third, and she felt around inside me.

“See how he is reacting to it,” Connie said, as she grasped my penis.

“I guess it really excites him.” Jane said.

Then Connie said, “I think Clyde has had a lot of excitement for one day. Let’s take him down off of this, then I have one last thing to do to Clyde.” They released my legs, and raised the half of the stock, so I was able to stand again. Then Connie led me by my penis to another spot on the room. “Stand still and hold out your wrists.” Connie put wrist cuffs on me, secured them to a bar above me, and raised it up. “Spread your legs” Then anklets were put on me, and a bar was secured between my legs. “This is called a spreader bar. It keeps his legs apart. Let’s also blindfold Clyde, so he can’t see what is happening.”

A blindfold was put on me, and then I felt a condom being put on my erect penis. “This is so that you don’t mess up the carpet.” Connie said. “Jane, I will spank him while you make him cum. Let’s start!”

What a sensation! I was feeling pain and pleasure at the same time. Soon I was shooting cum into the condom.

Connie took off my blindfold, and said, “You took your spanking very well. I look forward to spanking you, again.” She released me, and she showed me to the bathroom, where I could get rid of the condom and clean myself up. “You can get dressed now, we will be waiting for you upstairs.” Connie said.

When I got upstairs, Jane said that I could expect many more spankings like this one from her and Connie. She was also interested in trying the other spanking benches and spanking furniture.

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