My Dream Of A Woman Part 1  


I was up late on New Years Eve talking on yahoo messenger with a friend of mine when it all happened. Here is my story and I hope you will enjoy it.
So anyway here I am awake at 4 am chatting with this very nice chick when all of the sudden I fall asleep without even telling her bye.
It wasn't long before my dream came to me, it was so erotic I woke up 2 hours later with cum all over my fingers.
But anyhow I am in this garden, I don't know where it is but maybe it was like the Garden Of Eden once was because this beautiful naked woman walks over to me and says she was created for me.
I am speechless as I have never had a naked woman just walk over to me and start talking like this, so I ask her name and she says her name is Kristiana. I tell her she is a beautiful woman with a beautiful name and she starts kissing my lips ever so softly it makes me cry in pleasure.
I am so intrigued by this woman that we go for a walk through fields of pretty flowers, holding hands, smiling at each other and stopping to kiss every few moments.
then we get to this waterfall, the view is so heavenly, so we take our clothes off and bathe in the stream.
We start touching each others kissable nipples while our tongues are in each others mouth.
then our mouths lower to savor the taste of each others breasts.
We are both quivering in sweet pleasure so we put our tongues in each others sexy pussys' and lick each other like ice cream on a cone. Ummm we were already feeling great but once our fingers discovered each others holes we were both moaning and cumming all over each other.
So That is where my dream ended and I woke up, now if only A naked woman would walk by my house..
I guess I will have to wait and see.

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:17 pm