My Friends sister part 2  


Part 2……….

…..Before we left the storage room we waited for my cock to calm down. Once I was limp enough to go outside we ran to the blanket and gathered our things. We headed to my truck and I flored it out of the parking lot, but had to slow down while on the main road because of traffic. She reached over slipped a hand in my trunks. My cock grew immediately and she began stroking it. As I kept driving she quickened the pace. I was feeling great by the time I hit the main road to my house. She pumped her hand faster each minute. Finally I blew my load, cum flowed out of my cock at free will. The inside of my trunks was stained and when she pulled her hand out her hand was covered. She licked it all off her fingers and licked my cock clean.
I pulled my truck up to my house and parked it. We ran into the house and went straight to my room. There we kissed passionately for a while. She breathed very softly now and was leaning back towards my bed. My cock already hardened again, I was ready to have her. I started to kiss her neck, she moaned lightly. I nibbled at her earlobe and she moaned louder. I lifted her top off her body and gazed at her young tits. They were soft and beautiful. Her nipples were hardened and I went right at them. As I circled my thumb around one I sucked on the other. I played with her nipple with my tongue and she begged for me to fuck her. I grinned and knew she was mine for the taking. I reached in her bottom half of the suit and began to finger her. I rubbed her clit over and over. Faster each time until she came. Her juices flowed into her swim suit. I was ready to fuck her now but wanted to taste her again. I pulled her bottoms off leaving her completely nude in front of me on my bed. I was so turned on now I wanted to blow my load there. I kept it in and kissed her. She grabbed onto my butt and pulled me closer. She told me she wanted me and I chuckled. I bean to kiss her lower inch by inch. I stopped at her belly button and circled it with my tongue. She giggled as it tickled her and pushed my head lower. I reached her love box and circled the clit with my tongue. I then kissed her inner thigh then her pussy lips. After teasing her for a few minutes I stuck my tongue inside her. She tasted sweet. My finger was on her clit while the other was playing with a nipple. He started to scream as I pressed the clit and continued thrust my tongue inside her. She came and screamed loud. Moaning with ecstasy and cuming. Now it was my turn to feel her insides. I removed my trunks to reveal my cock; it was aching to be put inside her so I did just that. She was so wet it slid in like there was nothing there. I began thrust slowly and long. Making her moan and breathe hard. She said not to go too fast because it was painful when I did. I kept a slow steady pace. She grabbed onto my butt and pulled me in with each thrust. She screamed loud and moaned as she hit her first orgasm from fucking her. She wrapped her legs around me as another one hit her. She pushed me back and sat up on me. She fucked me while I laid there and enjoyed this feeling. She grabbed onto her tits and screamed and leaned back as I grabbed a hold of her ass and she came again. I took control now and flipped her over. I started to fuck her doggy style. She moaned and moaned obviously enjoying this the most as I would hit her outer and inner clit a lot. I grabbed a hold of her hips and thrusted faster. She moaned that she wanted more, so I gave it all I could. She began to hit her final orgasm and I was weakening from holding back my cum. I finally came. My cum shot deep inside her. For about two minutes I did nothing but shoot cum deep in her pussy. We laid in each others arms as we recovered. Kissing every now and then I could tell this summer was going to be the best one I ever had.

The end!

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:16 pm