My Neighbor, My Husband, and I  


My Husband, My Neighbor, and I

It all started with the simple flirting on the instant messenger. And even in the beginning it was nothing. But I couldn’t help but noticing the feelings I was starting to develop for my neighbor, Joe. He had the killer body, so fit and extremely good looking. Needless to say, I upped the flirting scale to see if maybe he was starting to feel the same way. I was a little nervous but I really wanted to know. I eventually started to talk to my husband about having my neighbor over and experiment, because I didn’t really want to have an affair since my husband, Mike, has always been able to provide for my needs. However, the curiosity of Joe really had me wondering. My husband said he wouldn’t mind sharing a night with my neighbor, and if Joe’s wife wanted to, we could really share the night and bond our friendship with both of them, although already knowing from my flirting sessions with Joe, he wasn’t going to even discuss this with his wife in fear she would leave him. Of course I was a little scared to think of two men in my bed and what I was to do since I have never done anything like that before.

OK so the story goes….. One night, my husband, Joe, and I were in the hot tub. We were drinking, and I thought for sure, if I made a few comments like, “lets get naked,” the men would not hesitate. However, much to my surprise and disappointment. Neither one of them would. Then, the night ended when Joe decided to go home. Man, I was upset because Joe’s wife was out of town, and there was no way we could have been caught. The next day I shared with Joe that I was upset and that Mike would have been OK with him staying and joining us in the bedroom. I think Joe may have actually been disappointed he didn’t stay, but scared because he has never like me had an affair before and wasn’t sure how far he wanted to go. Well, a week later or so, Joe and his wife (Kathy) came over and played a few simple games with us. Kathy decided she was pretty tired, and decided to leave. Again with disappointmet, Joe walked home with Kathy. I told my husband as we stood in the kitchen when they left, that I was really wanting Joe to stay and join us for a night of fun. As I was going to shut down the lights and close the front door, in walked my neighbor, Joe, hot as ever. I couldn’t help but smile and look at my husband with a look of excitement. Why did he come back I thought. Did he want what I wanted? And how do I find out? So I started saying that the men had on too many clothes. They told me to take my shirt off and then they would remove some clothing as well. So I did. Within minutes and finishing some more wine, the three of us were walking upstairs to my bedroom. I was so scared, but the excitement was making me wet and ready. First, my husband finished undressing me as m neighbor watched hungrily. I started to finish undressing Joe and my husband caressed my breasts and Joe kissed me for the first time. The fear I had was overcome with excitement. I was with my husband’s love muscle in my mouth and my neighbor’s hard large cock in my hand stroking him and wanting more. I think he did too. Next thing I know I am so wet and horny. Mike sucking my breasts, and Joe eating my love juices. Oh it felt so good, and I love being center of attention. I couldn’t take it anymore, and seeing Joe and smelling his cologne, just made me want him inside me. Looking at my husband, he gave me the look of approval. I couldn’t help it, my pussy was wet, tingling and ready to receive him.. I rolled Joe over, and straddled myself on top of him. I felt him position himself to my opening and enter me. Oh my god I thought, he felt sooooooooooooo good. I didn’t want him to stop. As I started to feel an orgasm reach within minutes, I realized my husband watching with pure excitement and knowing from my look I was ready to cum. I road my neighbor to climax, I turned to my husband feeling I should reward him for waiting. As he drove his cock in me I felt pleasure and realized I was really turned on by all the attention. I don’t remember ever even allowing myself to feel this kind of pleasure before. I had sex six times that night, four of which were with my neighbor… and I can’t wait to do it again. And maybe soon my wish will come true, just thinking about it makes me wet and horny.

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:15 pm