My New Job  


I'm in my thirties and I have worked at advertising agencies all of my life. Advertising has been a male dominated, so I have tended to treat women with little respect in my other jobs. Since I have won several awards in the industry, the women I worked with were either my personal secretaries or were in entry-level positions.

My own private life was the same way. Since I made a lot of money, drove new cars, and always wore expensive clothes; women would literally fall at my feet. They would do anything I wanted them to do without questioning me.

At my other jobs, women would get my coffee for me, return client calls, run personal errands for me, and they made life real easy for me. If they were dressed real nice, I would pat them on their behind and tell them how hot they looked. None of the women ever complained and I got used to this type of work atmosphere.

Then I got a job offer I couldn't refuse. It was for a small advertising agency that had some big international clients. I was offered a job where I would get double my current pay, and now my work would be seen on an international basis. I signed a contract for they job, and started there two weeks ago.

What was different about this job was that I was the only man working there. Carol, the boss of the agency, had her own office. I worked in a center cubicle, with Karen on one side and Judy on the other side. In the middle of the company was a large conference room where we showed our work to our clients. On the other side of the conference room were three more cubicles, where our support staff worked. Also, when you first came into the office was a desk where Kay, the receptionist worked.

Kay would take phone messages for me and everyone else in the company. So I didn't have my own secretary to run personal errands and get coffee for me. Whenever Karen or Judy would walk past my cubicle, I would ask them to get coffee for me and I would usually pat them on their behinds and tell them how hot they looked.

It was Friday morning and when Carol, my boss arrived, and she asked me to attend a meeting with her at 4 PM in the conference room. Carol didn't say what it was going to be about, but I assured her that I would be there. So I went about my work as usual, figuring that it was probably a meeting about a client I was working on.

When 4 PM rolled around, I walked into the conference room. At the head of the table was Carol, and on both sides of her were Karen and Judy. I was surprised because I originally thought that the meeting was just going to be between Carol and myself.

"Jim, come on in and have a seat. We need to have a serious discussion with you." Carol said.

I took a seat and asked, "Is there a problem I am not aware of?"

"Just sit there and hear us out, then we will allow you to speak," Carol said.

The clients that I had been working with loved my ideas, so I knew this meeting was not about my work. "Okay, I'll listen. What are your concerns."

Then Carol said, "Every since you started to work here, I have gotten complaints from the entire staff on how badly you treat them. Our clients like your work, but the employees here don't like you. You seem to treat all women with very little respect. Although I am considered the boss of the company, Karen and Judy own as much stock as I do and have an equal say in how this company is run. You should be getting coffee for them, not the other way around."

I started to say, "I'm sorry, but…"

"Keep quiet and let me finish," Carol said. "You make rude remarks about how "hot" they look and to make matters worst, you have been slapping them on their behinds. This behavior will not be tolerated around here."

"I'm sorry they feel that way. It was just accepted behavior in the other ad agencies that I worked at." I responded.

"Did you read your contract before you signed it?" Carol asked.

"I read it over real fast," I said. "I didn't notice anything unusual."

"First of all, the first 90 days of your employment, you are on probation. You also can be fired during that time for no apparent reason. It also said that by signing the agreement that you will submit to any disciplinary action during that time period. Karen, Judy and I have discussed you employment here and have come up with a plan to deal with your situation. Are you set to hear it?" Carol said.

"I guess so."

"We will give you a choice. Either you are fired right now or you accept our disciplinary action. So what will it be?" Carol asked.

I knew that if I worked at another ad agency that I wouldn't get the same salary as I did here. Also, I really liked working here because of their international clients. Besides, the disciplinary action couldn't be that bad so I said, "I would like to keep my job, here, so what would be the disciplinary action?"

"Since you have treated Karen, Judy and the female staff so poorly, we are going to help you remember to treat all women with respect. We have decided to give you a bare bottom spanking. So you can either accept from us a spanking or you can walk out the door right now and consider yourself fired."

"You are kidding, aren't you?" I asked. "Why don't you cut my pay in half for two weeks?"

"It’s either a spanking to teach you to respect the women who work here or you are fired." Carol said.

The conference room had glass all around it and the inside blinds were pulled shut, but I knew the rest would still be able to hear my spanking. Most of the staff worked well past 5 o'clock, so it would be very humiliating to me for the whole female to hear me being spanked.

"If you have to spank me, can't it wait until all the staff has left the building. It would be very humiliating for me." I pleaded.

"You have humiliated the whole female staff, and now they will be able to hear you being humiliated by receiving a spanking." Carol said. "So are you ready to be spanked?"

"I guess so," I replied.

"First, go over to the corner cabinet over there and place on the table everything that is in the bottom drawer." Carol said. When I opened the drawer, I was surprised to see six different paddles. Some had holes in them, some were made out of wood and leather, and they were in various shapes and sizes. I placed all six paddles on the conference room table and each of them quickly grabbed a paddle.

"Stand before us and first take off your shirt and tie. Next, since this is going to be a bare bottom spanking, take off your slacks and underwear. Neatly place them by the cabinet in the corner." Carol said.

I felt very embarrassed having to take off my clothes in front of three women my own age. I neatly put my clothes in the corner. The only thing I had on were my shoes and socks.

"Karen will spank you first. So go over to her with your hands behind your back and ask her to spank you." Carol said.

I walked over to Karen and said, "Please spank me."

I didn't mean to, but I had an erection. Karen said, "Before I spank you let's take care of this so you don't have an accident and mess up our clothes." Karen reached into her purse and pulled out a condom. "Keep your hands behind your back while I put this on you." Now I was beginning to feel like a little boy being spanked because I was naughty. Karen hiked up her already short skirt and said, "Bend over my lap for your spanking." Soon both hands and feet were on the floor and I was over Karen's lap. My spanking began with Karen paddling first one cheek than the other. Carol and Judy also walked over to watch me being spanked. Sometimes my spanking would stop for a short period of time while I felt all six hands feeling and rubbing my bottom.

"This should change your behavior so that you treat women with more respect around the office," Judy said. "Karen, that's enough for now. Jim, stand up and walk over to Judy and ask her to spank you."

I was hoping that I was only going to be spanked by Karen, but I stood up and walked over to Judy. "Judy, please spank me," I said.

"I'd be happy to, Jim. Please bend over my lap." Judy said. Then my spanking began again. Now the spanks were beginning to hurt and I felt my poor bottom getting warm. "Look how red his bottom is getting!" Judy said. And again, I felt all of their hands on my sore bottom.

"Now it's my turn." Carol said. "Jim, stand up and come over here and ask me to spank you."

I got up and painfully walked over to Carol. "I'm sorry I humiliated the female staff. Please spank me, Carol."

"Now you will receive a spanking you deserve. Bend over my lap." Once I was over her lap and Carol started to spank me she said, "You probably needed a spanking like this a long time ago. I hope this experience will teach you a lesson." My poor bottom was really beginning to hurt and I began to squirm about. "Lay still, or your spanking will last even longer." So although my bottom was really hurting, I kept as still as I could.

My spanking stopped and Carol said, "For the last part of your spanking, I want you to stand up and walk over to and face the conference room table. I want you to spread you legs and bend over the table as far as you can."

I felt so exposed like this, with my private parts hanging down. I saw each of the women replace their previous paddles with wooden paddles that had holes in them.

Then Carol said, "Each of us will give you a swat of the paddle until you have been well spanked. Please count each one and say 'Thank you' after each one. Be sure and stay in the bent over position."

When the first swat hit, it stung a whole lot more than just being spanked across their knees. I stood up and grabbed at my sore bottom.

"Bend back down, again and be sure to count and say Thank You." Carol said.

So I reluctantly bent down again. This time I felt the swat and said, "One, Thank you."

"That's a lot better," Judy said.

SWAT! "Two, Thank you." I did pretty well until I got up to ten. I stood up and rubbed my bottom.

"Karen and Judy, go over to Jim and hold his arms down while I give him his final swats. This way he will be forced to stay in position."

Then I felt Karen and Judy grab my arms and hold me in place. Carol proceeded to swat me five times with the paddle. Now my bottom was really hurting.

"Stay in position while we examine your bottom and see if you need a further spanking." Carol said. I felt all six of their hands rubbing and examining my bottom. "Jim, I want you to report to the conference room next week at the same time. If there are any more complaints about your attitude or behavior towards the women who work here, I will let them also spank you. Is that understood, Jim."

"Yes it is," I replied. "I have learned my painful lesson. I will now treat all women with a lot more respect."

"Good! After we leave the room, and can stand up and get dressed. Be sure and put the paddles away for next time."

After examining my bottom some more, they left the conference room. I could hear the other female employees applaud as they left the room. I gathered up the paddles, put them away and got dressed. I felt like all eyes were on me as I quickly left the conference room to go to the restroom across the hall. I got rid of the condom and saw my really red bottom in the mirror. I never wanted to be spanked like this, again.

Posted : 09/07/2011 11:09 pm