My Slave - Part One  


My Slave

I am already for when my man gets in. I have dressed in my long black skirt, which has the spilt up the front, right up to about an inch from my clean-shaven pussy. I have on no underwear and on my top half; I have nothing but a light black lace blouse with only one button done up, the one at the centre of my breasts. My long red hair is tied in a high ponytail. To finish the look, I have on my black leather high-heeled boots.

As soon as he gets home, I hold him, kissing him deeply. I pull back and smile, looking deep into his soft loving eyes. I reach my fingers to his face, and gently close his eyes. He tries to speak but I traced my fingers from his eyes to his lips, telling him he was to remain silent. I tell him to stay there, and I will be back shortly.

I walk to the dresser in the bedroom. Beside it there is a box with the new things I have just bought him. I reach down, pick it up and take it back to him. I put down the box and lean into him, softly kissing him on the lips. Again he tries to speak but I touch his lips with my fingertip telling him he would know what I am going to do in just a moment.

I reach down to the box and take out a black leather collar. I place it around his neck. The surprise in his eyes as he opens them wide (and the grin on his face)! I smile at him as I reach back down to the box retrieving the black leather leash and snap it onto his collar.

He asks, “What do you think you are doing?” as he tries to pull away. I reply saying that “I have always wanted my very own Sex Slave, and you are going to be it!” I tighten my hold on him pulling him back to me. “You will do what ever I say and as soon as I say it, do you understand?” He just laughs at me. I reach to my box and pull out a black leather paddle and give him a swift whack on his thigh. That made him jump, and pay attention! “Every time you try to protest, I will spank you a little harder.”

“As you are my new Slave I will have to teach you how to be a good Slave, so get down on all fours and sit before me, before I have to spank you again” I jerk his leash downwards and make him sit at my feet. He does as he is told first time, sitting back on his knees and his hands in his lap in front of him. "Good Slave" I encourage him. "Now remember, Slaves don’t speak unless spoken too". I tell him to stay there.

I leave him sat there in the middle of the room while I go and sit on my chair at the computer table. I pat my leg and give the command ‘come’. He gets up and comes straight over to me, standing there grinning. I scowl, “Bad Slave.” I say. I grab his leash and pull down to make him get back on all fours. I pick up my paddle and give him another spank on his leg. I walk him back to the centre of the room and give the command to ‘sit’ and ‘stay’. I walk back to my chair, sit down and wait, just watching his face. I am enjoying watching him, sat there, wearing his nice new collar and leash. I tap my leg again and give the command to ‘come’. This time, he walks to me and sits down in front of me, waiting for my command. "You’re getting good at this Slave."

I open my legs, revealing my pussy to him and tell him to ‘eat me’. He is to lick and suck me slowly, but not to make me come just yet, I want to work at the computer a while. I pass the leash round my leg to hold his head in place and as soon as I feel his tongue set to work, I start to type. Every now and then, I pause to tell him he is doing well, I like what he is doing, or I don’t like what he is doing. I could stay like this for hours, I wonder if he could! I leave him sat on the floor, between my legs licking and sucking at my pussy for a while as I type away, ignoring him the best I can. I decide after about 10 minutes or so I need a break from typing and sit back to enjoy him. I have a drink and smoke as I watch him please his Mistress. I feel him kissing my lips, and sucking them into his mouth and suckling on them. God he is good. He runs his tongue up and down the length of my pussy. He flicks his tongue over and over my clit, and as I can feel myself coming to a climax I ask him to suck my lips again. God he is good at this. I tell him to lick me all over and I know I want him to make me cum. I give him the command to start working me harder and quicker. I know I am almost there, so gave him the final command to ‘lap’ at my clit and he does. It doesn’t take long for me to reach my climax. He laps and laps at me until I hold onto his head and I cum over his face. I tell him to gently lick the full length of my pussy and clean me up while I recover from my first orgasm.

Once I am rested, I tell him what a good job he has done. His ‘reward’ is to help me cook dinner! I take him by his lead to the kitchen and tell him what I want him to do, while I mindlessly play with his dick. He is soon trying to moan with pleasure as I gently run my hand up and down his stiffening shaft. Each time he does, I slap the side of his leg telling him he is my sexual plaything, for my enjoyment, not the other way round.

When the dinner is ready, I lead him back to the living room where we sit down to eat. It was a lovely meal. We eat in almost silence, watching some television with the occasional chatter. After our food is finished, I have him clear away and we sit back and relax while our meal goes down. I cant have him just sit there so I have him rub my pussy, to keep it warm of course.

I have a little more work on the computer to finish off, so I go back to my typing. He lies on the sofa to relax. I don’t let him lay there long. I tell him that I need inspiration, so get back in-between my legs and start sucking. He does as he is told and assumes his position licking and sucking at my pussy. God I wish I could just leave him down there. I just love the feel of his warm tongue licking me out. The way his tongue can fit inside me and oh my, the way he suckles on my pussy lips!

I cant finish what I am doing on the computer, I am enjoying him too much, so I tell him to remember exactly how he is sat and working me. I tell him to stand. He does. I also stand and tell him he is too over dressed. He tells me he can’t undress with his leash on. I’m not about to let him take it off just yet, so he has to undress pulling his own leash through his top. Now he is naked with only his leach and collar, showing me he truly is mine to command.

I lie back onto the settee and ask him does he remember his position before I had him strip? He does, he replies. I tell him to carry on as he was then. Again he gets back onto all fours, pulls apart my legs and again sinks his tongue into my pussy. I close my eyes and just enjoy the sensations he is administering to me. I tell him I need to cum, so start working harder and faster. He knows how I love to be suckled and to have him lap fast at my pussy lips. I feel myself coming to a climax and I start thrusting my hips across his face in time with his lapping. Soon, I explode once again on his face moaning out loud with satisfaction.

I could tell my poor Slave was getting tired, so I ask him does he want warming up by cuddling up to me? He answers he does, so I invite him under a cover I have by the settee. He climbs in and I know exactly what I have in mind for him while he is in here with me.

We just lie together for a few moments, but I soon discovered, it was a few moments too long. He is lying in my arms and slips off into s deep sleep. I don’t have the heart to wake him, so stroke his hair and let him sleep. I decide not to wake him as for his first evening as my Sex Slave he didn’t do too badly. I know before too long, I will have trained a good Slave. Its not long before I have joined him in sleep, with our bodies tangled together in warmth.

The training continues.......

Posted : 09/07/2011 7:11 pm