My Wife is Office Exhibitionist  


I am Rekha and I am going to narrate true incidence of my life. I am working in a private concern as Personal Assistant for many years. By the way let me tell you something about me.I am 28 and married to loving husband who too works in public sector company. We have been married for about 4 years now and have one son. Initially our married life was very exciting and we used to fuck almost daily, except for those four days each woman has. Even in this period he used to fuck me saying it’s impossible for him to do away without sex. I maintain my figure with regular exercise and managed to retain my stats 38 – 26 –38. I have firm breasts and I am very proud of those globes. They make every male look at me twice and I have trouble shaking away many such lechers. I have nice ass and it sways as I walk that too is troublesome for me. To say in short- I have nice seductive figure. Of late after about 3 years of marriage our sex decreased and now we fuck once a week or at the most twice a week. I don’t understand why this happens and I tried to see to it. I started to read some sexy stories and I loved those on exhibitionism and wives. The stories in which the husband gets excited watching his wife making love to other person excited me much.I never talked about this to my hubby but something changed with the change in my working department. I have been working in a company in the admin deptt. My basic job was secretarial in nature. After a few years of working, we found that the owners of the company had decided to sell the company and we found that our top boss was a young energetic man by the name of Dc. Dc was a great guy full of energy and in no time he had the company moving. Dc was tall, 5’8” and had nice stout body with pleasing smile and sweet talk. He always looked happy and joyful. I got all this through my collogues and when ever I used to see him, something in me turned on and I really thought of being close to this man and was secretly admiring him. Few times he visited my department and I thought he hardly noticed me.A few months later his secretary went on maternity leave and the HR guys started hunting for a temp hand. There was an internal hunt and I decided to apply and I got the job. At the final interview with DC , he told me plainly that the work would be hard and with long hours and that he expected his secretary to be smartly dressed for work. By smartly dressed he made it clear that they should be smart, classy and revealing. He gave me a day to decide. I had decided to join but needed my husbands approval. The reasons for working for DC was obvious. I wanted to be near this handsome person and found that talking and being with him was making my panties damp. That night after a hard fuck with my husband ( as I was excited with the thought) I told him bout my decision to work for Dc. At first he was silent and then he asked me the real reason for working for Dc . With great reluctance I told him that I found Dc handsome. I was afraid that he would get angry with me but , to my surprise he started to get hard again and taking me in his arms he started to fuck me again. He was hard within no time and his cock was like a steel bar. He spread my legs and put his cock in my cunt asking me for more details. I told him, “ Dc wants me to wear revealing clothes that will show off the cleavage in my breasts. He wants me to wear the sari tightly so that my ass is prominently visible. Ohh dear I would love to wear such clothes for him. Do you have any objection dear?”
I found that he was very much excited and he fucked me vigorously holding me tightly in his strong arms. This was so different than the earlier fucking and I knew he loved the idea of me showing off my assets to my boss. He did not say this but his cock told me everything. He fucked me hard and deep. And when he came in my cunt he kissed me all over my face and pressed my boobs hard. After that he lay on my body and told me, “ Rekha this is fantastic! Did you see how we fucked today? The idea of you exposing your body to your Dc really excited me. I knew you too were dreaming of Dc when we fucked. Go ahead and do it.”I did not understand his words “ Go ahead and do it!” But I gathered that he wont have any objection even if I fucked my boss. So I too decided to wear the clothes as per my Dc’s code. The next morning before going to work , he fucked me again and told me it was okay to work for Dc and he did not mind me wearing revealing clothes to work, once again.The next day I told Dc that I would work for him and his condition were acceptable. He smiled at me and told me to start working for him. That day I was wearing pink semitransparent sari and matching blouse of thin material. I had black bra and dark pink panties. I knew that the bra was clearly visible even over my paloo. The blouse had low cut neck and deep back cut. Dc watched me with smile and said that I have already started working for him with a wink. My heart skipped a beat as I looked at him and I knew he liked what I wore.The whole day was hectic trying to figure out the place and system of working and before going home I purposely asked DC what was the Dress Code to be. He told me that he preferred his secretary to wear saris and churidars. The saris are to be worn just below the navel and the blouse should give a hint of cleavage. At times the back of the blouse should be deep. And the sari should be tied tightly around the ass. The chuirdar kameez should also be tight fitting with cleavage and back showing.
The material of both blouse and kameez should be thin so that the bra could be seen.“ You are wearing such a nice sari but next time wear it below your naval so that your belly button is visible. Choose the bright color. You must be wondering why I tell you to wear such clothes but I can just tell you that it gives me energy when such lady is working with me. I know you will be doing just fine!” And with that he patted by back casually. His touch sent shivers through my body and my cunt oozed juice, dampening my panties. I was very much excited with all this and wanted to tell it to my husband when I went home.In the night I told my husband what Dc talked to me. I told him that he has told me to wear the sari below my naval so that my belly button is visible. When I told him this he got immediate hard on and he grabbed me and kissed me passionately. “ Rekha! You are really sexy and you should wear such revealing clothes. I get excited when you tell me how other males admire your body. It makes me hard. I was going to suggest you this but was afraid you may not like it. But now since the ice is broken let me tell you that I love to see you sexually happy. Do anything with Dc, I wont mind. Just remember one thing! Don’t spoil our married life as you do this and that has to be just physical thing with no strings attached. Ok?”“Yes I understand. But I wont fuck him. At least I have not thought about it so far. Just flirting that’s all. Your cock is hard. My pussy is dripping wet. Just see it.” I spread my legs to show him my dripping pussy. He put one finger inside and believe me, his finger was dripping when he took it out.
I caught hold of his extra hard cock and took it to my mouth. I had never sucked him before but today was different. With the new found pleasure we both were really horny. That night he fucked me twice and both time we both came hard. I had never experienced such a mind-blowing orgasm in my life! I sucked his cock and he came on my boobs. He spread his come over the big globes and we loved it.The next day I went to work in a sari. It was a light pink colored sari and my husband himself suggested me to wear it. I wore the sari in front of him as per his liking. He asked me to wear matching blouse of transparent material. Before that he handed me the Red colored Bra that he had selected for me. The bra was clearly visible through the thin material of blouse and looked really inviting. The blouse was deep at the back and in front too, it just showed off my cleavage. I wound the sari tightly around my body, especially near my ass and off course below my naval. He admired it and said, ” Ohhhhh Rekha! Your ass looks so prominent! Its so tempting t will caress it. Ohhh look at the belly button! It’s so deep and sexy. I think today he will definitely make advances at you. Tell me all about it when you come back.” He then kissed me lovingly and rubbed his hands over my back whispering that he loved me and wanted me to seduce Dc. I applied dark tan lipstick to my lips and the earrings that I chose were circular and big. I looked in the mirror and I knew I was looking really sexyi left for the office putting the 4” high heels and that made my ass sway to far left and right and it gave me exciting feeling. As I entered Dc’s cabin his eyes showed approval. He looked at me from head to toe and his eyes stopped at my cleavage and then belly button. He asked me to turn around and as I swirled around he admired my provocative ass and said that I looked very nice and sexy. I asked him if I had dressed as per his code and every thing was OK. He said yes but that still some improvements were needed. After that we got to work. The day passed off swiftly it was a busy day and we could not talk much about each other. At the end of the day I asked him about the improvements I needed in dress code. He mentioned that the sari paloo must be kept loose and not pinned up and the sari should be tied very tight around the ass. As I left for the day he told me that he liked my work and dress sense very much.
He saw me off at the door and gently caressed my ass as I left and commented that I had a nice tight ass. I smiled and left swinging my ass even more knowing that he was watching me.That evening my husband wanted to know what happened and I put him off till bedtime. That night as I told my husband bout DC watching my large tits, bare back and my nice ass. I also told him that while leaving the office he caressed my ass. This made him real hard and he asked me if I liked it. ” Yes dear! I loved his hands on my ass and wanted him to knead the flesh too.” He rubbed his hands over my ass, ” like this?” ” Yes but harder. DC is so strong you know. Rub them harder.” He caught my but flesh in his hands and squeezed tightly. I moaned with the pleasure and my choot started to ooze juice, for Dc. My husband then undressed me and asked me to stand naked before him. He proceeded to look at me from all the angles and admired me. I was so excited with all this that I thought I may come there and then. I rubbed my choot with my middle finger as my husband watched me. Looking at me rubbing myself made him very hard and he came near me and asked me to hold his lund while I rubbed my choot. ” Rekha! Show your body to Dc. Show him your boobs, ass and even choot. The way you are telling me! I know you love his cock. Do you know how big it is? Must be bigger and longer than mine. Yes rub your pussy for Dc.
Imagine this to be Dc’s lund!” This gave me explosive orgasm! The way my husband was talking! And the rubbing and watching! I had never had such a intense orgasm. After that I sucked his cock and made him fuck my tits. He rubbed his cock all over my tits and then I pressed them together and he inserted his cock in the passage and fucked my boobs hard. His cock rubbed on the skin and nipples and gave me second orgasm! He too came on my boobs and rubbed the come with his cock all over the surface. I loved the feeling of hot come on my skin and I urged him to fuck me. I mentioned bout the unpinned paloo and he became hard a gain. I then told him about the sari being tied tight around the ass and he turned me around and for the first time started to fuck my ass. As I told my husband in elaborate detail of my boss caressing and complimenting me on my nice tight ass and me walking away with swinging hips. He lubricated my ass and fucked me in the ass as never before. He came in my ass and at the same time really squeezed my large tits. I too soon came and as we lay side-by-side totally satisfied.The next day I went to work in my tight churidar. The material was quite thin and my bra could be seen and the neck was slightly deep. At work I left my chunni on my chair and entered Dc’s room. He was quite happy as I modeled for him and only commented that my sandals needed some improvement. During the day as we worked I figured out that he needed me to bend over exposing my large tits as I handed over papers to him. I also figured out that he liked to caress my ass as he instructed me on some work related procedures. And he liked to see me swing my hips as I left his room. Before lunch he called me and gave me an address and asked me to go and get myself some sandals.

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Apparently the shop owner was known to him and was expecting me. Since it was lunchtime the shop was deserted and the shop owner brought out the selection for me to choose from. All of them were high heels with the minimum being 5″. DC chose this for me. As I bent over to try the sandals I noticed the shop owner looking at my exposed tits. I decided to give him a good show. I moved my chunni aside and bent over so that he could have a good look at my fleshy tits. He requested me to let him allow the high heels for trial and asked me to put my feet inside. I purposely showed him that I couldn’t put them on without his help. So he caught my feet in his hands and put on the high heels. While doing so he caressed them and tried to touch the upper part of my feet too. This made me wet and I wanted to tease him more. I tried the high heels and I walked in his shop with the high heels, and with a swing in my hips. As I came near him I stumbled and pretended to lose my balance. He caught me by the shoulders and while doing so his chest touched my breasts. He looked at me with apology but I thanked him for preventing me from falling and smiled at him. I looked at his crotch and could see sizeable bulge. I was glad I did it! The high heels made my legs look longer and made my legs and ass feel tighter. There was also a definite swing in my ass as I walked. I asked him how it looked and was the fitting alright? “Yes Madam! Its absolutely fine and you look and walk beautifully. But practice it out before you go out as these are 4 inch heels.” As I prepared to leave the shop wearing the high heels he stopped me and said he had a small gift for me from Dc. As I sat on the chair, he sat in front of me on the mattress and gently removed the high heeled sandals , and put on a silver chain around my ankles. He admired this and said that these things make me look smarter (sexy). As I was leaving the shop he called me in the inside room and asked me to phone Dc to tell him I had selected one. I did that and while I was talking to
Dc the shop keeper was looking at my round ass and cleavage of boobs. His bulge had increased and I felt pity for him that I could not do anything for him. So before I left his shop I gave him a tight hug pressing my boobs on his chest and squeezing his lund in my fist over his pants. He moaned loudly and I felt his cock squirt. But I ignored that as I was not in a position to do more than that. Back at the office Dc was quite pleased with the new sandals and very happy to see the silver chain round my ankles. He told me that I was only to wear high heels in the office. And some time later I was to have my nose pierced and have a few extra piercing in my ears. That evening as I showed my new high heels to my husband and told him about the piercing and the shop incidence, he got extremely turned on and we had a great fuck with me wearing my high heels all the time. Our sex life was spiced up after I started to wear clothes for Dc. We talked about me flirting with Dc and my husband used to get instant hard on! The idea of me getting fucked by Dc was now deep-rooted in my husbands mind and that made him fuck me with newfound lust. So we both were looking forward to meet Dc intimately. My husband one evening came to pick me up from work. He came in my office and I introduced him to my boss, Dc. We all chatted, specially my husband and Dc. Dc told my husband that I was very efficient in my work. He also asked him about his opinion on the dress code he had suggested. My husband told him that he too liked me wearing such revealing clothes and proceeded to tell him, ” sir! She has a nice body and she looks beautiful in such type of dresses. The high heels you bought her makes her walk nicely, seductively I mean.” As he was talking to Dc, Dc came near me and started to caress my ass in front of my husband. I was at first shocked about this but noticed that my husband did not object this but was enjoying it. His palm pressed into my ass cheeks and I felt him over my chudidar.
Dc, noticing that my husband did not mind, really got into it and started to rub my ass hard and even run his fingers through the crack of my ass. This sent a shiver through me and I was close to orgasm. My husband watched this with great interest and I could see his bulge growing. Dc then started to finger my ass hole through my clothes and I came with a soft moan. My husband smiled at Dc and continued to talk to him. As I came with excitement I lost my balance and fell against Dc’s shoulders. He caught me and took me in his arms pressing his chest over my boobs. I started rubbing my large tits against his chest and smilingly looked at my husband. All the time the two men continued their conversation, as if nothing had happened. I just heard my husband invite DC home for dinner Saturday night.When we reached home, my husband tore off my clothes, and fucked me hard on the front room carpet. His lund felt very big and hard in my tight choot that I came many times. My husband seemed to be very turned on and kept pounding my choot and biting my neck and tits leaving large bite marks. He called me names like slut, Randi, bitch etc. Which I enjoyed and asked him to fuck me harder as a whore should be. Finally my husband came, and he let his come spurt on my tits and face and I enjoyed the feel of cum on me. He then rubbed all the gooey come over my tits and face and then kissed me lovingly.For Saturday, my husband gave the instructions. In the evening after I had arranged the food and come out of the bathroom after my bath, I found that my husband had laid out my clothes for me. Looking at them made me wet. It was Green sari blouse with a very deep neckline. At the back there were only strings to fasten it. It was to be worn without a bra. As per my husband instruction I wore a light yellow color sari tied
Well below my navel. I also wore the silver payals Dc had presented me on my ankles. I put on bangles, nose ring (Nathani) and 4 rings in each ear. On my feet were high-heeled sandals. And lastly I put on my mangalsutra that hung deep in the valley of my boobs. The bite marks on my neck and tits and bruises on my back from the rough carpet were clearly visible. MY husband caressed my naval and told me that I looked real sexy. I opened the door when Dc came, and he was stunned at my sexy looks. He took me in his arms and kissed my deep red lips and at the same time kneaded my tight ass. It felt good to be in his arms and being roughly kissed. I rubbed my heavy tits on his chest and felt his prick against me. When we parted, I noticed my husband was watching all this. During the evening, as I served the snacks, Dc and my husband kept openly fondling me and kissing me. I had to redo my smudged lipstick many times. DC gave us the news that he would be soon leaving the company to set up his own consultancy and told me that I could join him in his new job. I was excited that I gave him a hug and he kissed me on the lips and kneaded my ass. I rubbed my choot against his large lund. At the same time my husband hugged me from the back, kneading my tits and biting my back and rubbing his prick against my ass . This felt too good to have two men caressing my body at the same time. I was overjoyed and I fell on my knees and with each hand unzipped the pants of my husband and Dc. I fished out both the cocks and were they hard? They were throbbing! Dc’s lund was larger than my husband’s. It was longer and thicker and I had difficulty in taking in the whole thing in my mouth. Dc caught my hair and pushed his lund deep inside my mouth while my husband rubbed his lund over my nose and ears. Friends! This was a great feeling each woman should experience. Like a good slut I sucked Dc’s lund and he came in my mouth. My husband too came on my face and some of his come fell on my chin and boobs. Dc watched me pushing his lund out of his mouth and asked me to clean it off. I looked at my husband and he signaled me to do it and he caught his own lund and offered me to clean it too.
As I licked both the lunds, they rubbed against each other and I felt my husband getting excited. I caught both the cocks in one fist and rubbed them together. After all both were my men and I had to treat them equally…After I cleaned them, Dc carried me to my marriage bed. I asked my husband to remove my clothes as Dc watched. My husband gladly removed my sari and exposed my blouse-clad boobs. He put his hand on my breasts and told Dc, ” Dc my wife is yours to fuck as much as you want. Her boobs are nice, big but firm. See how big they are. Here let me expose them for you.” And with that, my hubby proceeded to remove my blouse and soon my breasts were naked. Dc looked at the twin globes and was very much happy. He removed his shirt and started to undress too. Dc told my husband to keep my jewelry and high heels on. I wondered what was that. He told us that he loved women naked with just the jewelry and high heels. That was his fetish. My husband then rremoved my petticoat and panties asking me to part my legs and show Dc my well shaved choot. Dc had removed his clothes and was naked. He rubbed his lund in his hand looking at me and admiring my body. My mangalsutra was dangling on my breasts and the high heels on my feet looked nice. My husband then undressed too and asked Dc to enjoy the charms of my body. Dc’s lund was leaking precome and his knob was swollen. He caught me and kissed me on my lips as my husband squatted beside me and watched. Dc made me lie on my knees, doggy style, and kept his lund at the choot hole. With one push he was all inside my choot
And banging away like a mad.! Your wife has nice choot Madan! She is tight! Ohhhhh watch me fuck this Randi of yours. Ohhh see how that mangalsutra is dangling from her neck. She is a slut, fucking her boss with the mangalsutra on. And you like to watch. So watch me!” Dc fucked me hard and signaled my husband to give his small lund in my mouth. He hurriedly pushed his lund in my mouth and I swallowed it easily. They both fucked me hard and I came over Dc’s lund. As my husband saw me coming he too ejaculated his seed in my mouth. I swallowed it and gulped it down my throat. Dc gave a final thrust and lay still on my back. I felt his come spill in my womb. It was nice to feel both the lunds coming! I was in heaven! After we all came, Dc asked my husband to clean my choot of his come. He hesitated first but then when I insisted he put his mouth to my choot and slurped away all the Dc’s come from it and kissed me. I too tasted his come from my husband’s mouth and we lay for few moments satisfied. Then they both fucked me together, my husbands smaller prick in my ass, and Dcs larger and longer prick in my choot. Exhausted we slept and then I woke up both the men, with sucking their pricks and then they both fucked me together with Dc in my ass and husband in my choot. Dcs large prick hurt my ass at first, but later I begged him to fuck my ass harder. It felt real good. Finally I jacked off both the men and they both came on my face and tits. Dc left the company and I joined him in his new office. There were just two of us and we could be much more free and in my next will tell you of the new dress code and office responsibilities. So that’s how Dc fucked me in my husbands presence.
My husband loved it and just the thought of that makes him hard again, Dc opened his own consultancy and so also a new office. The office was big with a separate cabin for Dc and a small cabin for me and one big room in which he was planning to make the general office. Dc was very happy with my work and charms too. He told me the new dress code i.e. To wear my sari very well below my naval and to wear blouse with deep cut in front and back. As usual it was to be tied tightly around the ass and to put on all my jewelry and mangalsutra. He also told me to put darkish lipstick and put on high heeled sandals so that I looked sexier. He explained me that my job was to keep his customers happy to be nice with them. I asked what he meant by be nice, he said that he expected me to welcome them when they come, serve coffee or tea. Since we had to attract business he wanted me to be sexy and flirty. My husband had no objection for this and was even more excited when I told him about this. He said,” Ohh to meri bibi abb customers ko bhi khush kareengi! Oohh tub to usko unse chudwana bhi padega. Ohh Sali pakki Randi ho gayee hai. Chalo theek hai.” And we had nice fucking sessions.Working with Dc was very exciting. Every morning he had me model my clothes for him. I used to walk with my paloo falling down from my shoulders and with swings of my ass. Sometimes when nobody was around I used to unbutton few buttons of my blouse and show him my fleshy cleavage. After which he either fucked me or I sucked him when he sat on his office chair. The day used to pass with me showing off my spilling out tits and wriggling my ass. When customers came I bent over to show off my tits and let my paloo drop so that they could see my cleavage. Telling all this to my husband used to get him in a strong fucking mood. He used to fuck me and call me names like whore , slut and office slut etc. I did not mind and used to enjoy it. All this fucking was making me hot and I was exposing my body to strangers like the courier delivery boy and the office cleaner.
Once when Dc was away out of town, I let the courier boy fuck my ass. He was crude and abused me. Called me names like Randi and pounded my ass hole. He even slapped my ass as he fucked me and I enjoyed it. After that whenever he came for a delivery or pick up he used to put his hands inside my blouse and twist and pinch my nipples and demand that I suck him. When Dc was not there, I gave him a good sucking job. One day he came and asked if Boss was in and as I said no that Dc had gone out he pinched my tits and demanded that I suck him As it was very hot that day the boy was all sweaty and as I knelt and unzipped him I could smell his sweat and piss from his underwear. Noticing that I was hesitating to suck him, he twisted my hair and shoved his prick into my mouth. Not wanting to get hurt, I sucked him and soon found that I liked the smell of sweat and his dried piss. I soon took him deep and his hair was around my nose and he came quickly. He kept calling me a Randi and things like that and I did not mind and in fact seemed to enjoy it. He zipped up and twisted and pinched my nipples hard and left with me kneeling on the floor with cum in my mouth. This was getting good and dirty and I wanted more.In the morning I told my husband that I was going to buy some saris and have a few blouses stitched. He told me to buy some transparent chiffon saris and have some semi transparent cholis stitched. He then gave me a description of the cholis and I told him that with something that low my tits might just fall out. He said no matter and gave me some money to do the purchases. He said that Dc had instructed him and had given him the money too.
As I went to the tailors shop , I was wet with anticipation . The tailor was not there, only his assistant was present. I told him that I wanted to stitch a choli and he took me inside to the measuring room. I described him the style, with only three hooks in the front and sleeveless. At his request I dropped my paloo and he kept staring at my tits and its cleavage. As he took my measurements he took advantage and purposefully rubbed my back and from the front he squeezed my tits showing it to be accidental. I let him take advantage and soon his prick was making a large tent in his pyjamas. He rubbed his prick against my ass and I could not take it any longer. As he moved in front of me, I took hold of his prick and rubbed it. He groaned and I knelt and undid his pyjama nada. As his pyjamas fell I noted that his pyjamas were not very clean. As his prick came to view , I noticed that he seemed not to have recently had a bath and the smell of piss was very clear. I remembered the courier boy and I took it into my mouth. As I sucked I realized that that I enjoyed sucking pricks which were dirty and this realization made me suck harder. The smell of sweat and piss was hitting my nose and I was enjoying it. I reached behind and squeezed his bum and fingered his ass hole and as he fucked my mouth hard , I felt his prick hit the back of my throat and he cam in my mouth . He came in large quantities and some of it spilled out of my mouth and fell on my tits. I wiped my mouth and tits with his dirty pyjamas and the smell of it was making me horny. The boy was spent and he sat down. Then he got up sleepishly and put on his pyajama. I adjusted my clothes and then collected the receipt and left after giving the boy a good-bye kiss.My next stop was at the sari shop. I had known this man for some years . As I entered the shop , I found him all worried . On asking I found that he had a big customer , a sethji from out of town , and the
Sales girl was not in the shop. This had made the sethji upset , and the shopkeeper was going to loose some good business. The shopkeeper begged me to help him and finally said that he would give me a saree free if I helped him. I asked him what I had to do , and he replied that I had to show him the sarees and if he requests, to model a few by putting it on my shoulders. I agreed and he took me to show room at the back. The sethji was sitting on a sofa , and in front of him was large low hight table full of very costly sarees . The room was well lighted and had mirrors on all sides. The sethji was a old man of around 60 years . He was wearing a white kurta and dhoti and and his mouth was stained with paan. The shopkeeper and I sat down on the low table and started to show him the sarees. I observed that the sethji was more interested in me than the sarees. Noticing this the shopkeeper asked me to show the sarees. As I was showing him the saris I noticed that he was also looking at my breasts that peeked through my low cut blouse. `The Dirty old man’ I thought and moved my paloo a bit away from my breasts so that he could see more of my tits. The sethji then asked me to drape the sari on my shoulder to see how it looked. I knelt, dropped my pallo and put the sari on my shoulder. The sethji kept on staring at my flat stomach, deep navel and cleavage. I was getting more excited at showing off and thought about the hard fucking my husband would give me when I told him of this. I tugged my sari lower and it was very very low now and my whole flat stomach was exposed. The sethji was getting excited and called the shopkeeper aside and whispered something to him. I understood that it was about me. The shopkeeper then told me that the sethji wanted to be left alone with me and if it was ok. He also told me that the shetji would give me nice present if I satisfied him. I felt like a whore and was excited by the feeling. I agreed and the shopkeeper left the room.
After showing him some more saris he made me sit next to him. And every now and then touched my body and as I did not object took more liberties and kissed me with his paan stained mouth on my lips. First I felt disgusted and humiliated with all the paan smell but this humiliation made my choot flow. Then I enjoyed it and kissed him back. He took my hand and put it inside his dhoti and made me fondle his prick. His lund was small, may be 4 inches but it was hard as steel. We kept kissing and I then moved down to suck him. The sethji took hold of my mangalsutra and wrapped it round his prick and made me suck his cock along with the mangalsutra. This was real dirty, an insult to my husband but I kept sucking and he came in my mouth and all this time the sethji was moaning and enjoying it. As he took out the mangalsutra covered prick from my mouth, there was some come sticking on the Gold. The come fell into my cleavage and it felt wet and sticky. The sethji than choose many costly saris and left. The shopkeeper was very thankful and gave me the saris I needed, free. On my way home I had to cross a large park to reach my colony. It was evening and the park was almost deserted. I noticed a labour class man walking behind me. He was watching my hips sway and was making crude comments. I turned round and asked him if he had a long enough prick to fuck. He immediately took out his prick from his pyjamas and holding it in his hands showed it to me. It was a long hard and thick prick and very dark in color. I looked at the man. He was muscular and definitely going home after a day of manual labour. He came upto me and squeezed my tits. I wanted his large prick for sucking and fucking. He took me behind some bushes and stated to knead my breasts and ass cheeks . He threw me on the ground , lifted my
Saree , tore away my wet panties and roughly fingered my choot. I was soon aroused and he made me suck his dirty prick. I sucked his dirty prick with the smell of piss and before he could cum he fucked my cunt. I could smell his dirty and smelly body and this made me want him more. He fucked me hard and came in my choot. He put his clothes together and went off leaving me to gather my clothes and head home. As I walked I felt his come dribble down my thighs. On reaching home , I had a bath , put on a white saree and blouse and waited for my husband . That night when I told of my dirty day he was shocked, and it made us really horny and he gave a good hard fucking. And this is how my life is going on now getting fucked by many guys around n i just love it. Hope u like my story

Posted : 23/12/2011 9:47 pm