On the roof  


It was a warm stary night, as all nights in this part of Texas tend to be and i was walking to see my girlfriend. Both 18 and just getting out of high school, these were the best days of our lives. I told her I was going to take her somewhere special where we could be alone. She more than happily agreed to meet me at 9 pm at her house.
As I walked up to her home I caught a glimpse of her; Her long Blonde hair shining like the soft glow of a dozen stars in the sky. Her Pale skin reflecting light like a Greek Goddess, and mostly her body's hourglass shape formed by tight jeans and a child-size T-shirt. I walked up the paved drive way and felt everything in me get warm as I approached her, she did that to me you know?
I greeted her with a long kiss holding her close to me. This was a moment the Heaven's grant to us lucky mortals. I told her to walk with me and so she did. We walked to the edge of town, to where an old resteraunt was, and I pulled down a ladder that led to the Roof. She looked at me with disappointment, but did as I asked.
She looked to me to help her up the ladder. As she is about 5' 4" and 107 lbs. (I am 6'2" and 175 lbs athletic build). I went up before her and pulled her up to the 3rd rung before ascending myself. I gave her a hand over the last rung, and into her suprise.
The whole roof was covered with candles and lanterns of all shapes and sizes. In the center was a bed made of dozens of blankets and pillows, also there was a stereo playng soft classical music. I led her to the center and told her to look up, there right above us loomed the huge Harvest moon.The sight was awe inspiring and she gasped, and hugged me with delight.
Slyly, she asked what was the bed for and I shrugged. We sat in the center and began to kiss. I gently kissed down her neck as I told her how much I loved her between each kiss. I slowly pulled off her small T-shirt revealing her perfect round breast in a white lace bra. Before I could continue she slid off her pants, revealing a lacy white thong. She then smiled at me and with nimble fingers unbutton my pants and had them off before I knew what was happening. She then tugged of my shirt leaving us in our under garments.
I kissed her on her chest as I removed her bra, and slid her panties off. At the same time though she had removed my boxers and was now gently messaging my 8" penis. I then began to suck on her flawless nipples then kiss down her body to her soft sweet vagina. There i began to suck her clit for all those times I wanted to but refained, while fingering her. She let out moan after moan as this was both our first time. When my armed tire she kissed me softly and tearfully thanked me as she kissed down my chest and took my penis into her mouth. She ran her head as much as she could and I placed my hand on the back of her head and forced in more, I started to shake and moan as I unloaded myself into her mouth. She simply laped it up and sucked the remaining off my still hard penis.
She smiled at the way she thought she won. Then, I gently layed her on her back and lowered myself on top of her. I gently slid my hard penis into her a slowly slid it in and out. All the while I countinued to hug her and hold her close and whisper my love of her in her ear. I then started going faster, and every stroke brought out a moan. I then slid one hand down and started messaging her clit. She screamed my name as I felt her juices continually pulse over me. I then shoke and groaned as I once again unloaded myself into her. I could tell she was close to a climax again, so I kept riding her, and riding her wway past her second orgasm and mine aswell. She fianlly shrieked as she let loose a torent of juices that completly soaked my pubic hairs. I gently withdrew myself from her and layed beside her.
I gently kissed her and told her I loved her. Then wrapping up in blankets me and my girlfriend fell asleep holding each other staring at the stars...

Posted : 09/07/2011 9:01 pm