Our Spanking Ritual M/F Part 2  


This story is written from two points of view. Usually you only see the story from one perspective; this gives you the whole picture. Please give me feedback!

Our Spanking Ritual M/F Part 2

How I see it:

As I said before, I usually have to work late, so I value the time that I can share with my wife. But today, it looks like I should be able to arrive home on time. So about one o'clock, I call her to let her know that I should be home on time.

"Look in the my second dresser drawer. You will find a little surprise and a note on how I would like to spend the evening with you. I should be home about six." I told her.

How she sees it:

My husband often works late, but he usually calls around one o'clock to let me know when he will be home. He is a real loving and caring husband, and we like to spend quality time together.

Today when he called, he told me that he would be home about six o'clock, and I should have everything prepared for him. He also told me to look in his dresser drawer for a surprise, and a note on how he wanted the evening to go.

Once I hung up the phone, I went to his dresser drawer and I pulled out a small white apron and a note. The note read like this: "If you are reading this note, you probably have found the apron. You are going to be the naughty maid tonight, and serve me dinner. Of course, you will make mistakes and will deserve a spanking. Besides the white apron, please wear a black bra, black panties, a garter belt, and black nylon stockings. Your loving husband."

We have a spanking ritual that involves spanking followed by a night of lovemaking. In the past, he has wanted me to look like a schoolgirl, but this time things will be different. After I read the note, I prepared a nice long bubble bath for me. This way I feel very clean and nice.

After the bubble bath, I put on a robe and prepare dinner for him. Since I will be his "naughty maid", I snack on food as I prepare it because I know that I will be serving him dinner, once he gets home. Once the table is set and everything is ready for dinner, I put on the clothes he wants me to wear. The white apron just goes around my waist, and covers up the front of me. Also, I feel different without a blouse or skirt. I guess this will make it easier for him to spank me.

How I see it:

In the drawer, she will find a white maid's apron and a note. Usually when I get home early or on time, we play this spanking game where she is a naughty schoolgirl, followed by a night of great lovemaking. I thought we could use a change in our lives, and she would be the naughty maid. My wife is real good in role playing, and this should make for a fantastic night with my wife.

When I get home, the house smells real nice and the dining room table is set for one. My wife has outdone herself, because she is using her finest silverware and her best plates. The table even had a white tablecloth on it.

My wife looks great in her skimpy maid outfit. She choose a black bra which highlighted and pushed out her large round breasts. With her wearing the black garter belt and black nylon stockings, it frames her nice round ass. The black panties are very small, and this makes a great presentation of her very spankable ass.

After I have taken off my suit coat and have sat down to eat, she starts to serve me dinner. She starts out by pouring me some water and coffee. She leans over me so that her breasts are right in my face and accidentally spills the coffee.

"Be careful what you are doing!" I exclaim.

Next she serves me a steak, green beans, and mashed potatoes. When she puts the gravy on the mashed potatoes, she misses the plate and gets it on the tablecloth.

"If that happens again, I'm going to take you over my lap right now and spank you!" I tell her.

My wife is a good cook and the food tastes wonderful. It also feels funny to have her serve me like this, but she is very good at role-playing before a spanking.

After I am done eating, she clears off my plate and brings in desert. It is a blueberry pie, which I really like. She cuts me a piece, and then sets it down in front of me. Then she takes a can of whipped cream and sprays it on the top of the pie, but most of it misses the pie and lands on my shirt and face. At this point I have had enough of her clumsiness. I pull my chair from the table, grab her arms, and pull her over my lap.

How she sees it:

I made the foods that he really likes. I also put a white tablecloth on the table, so it would be quite obvious when I spill something.

When my husband got home, I helped him take off his suit coat and he sat down at the table. Now I could start my role playing as his maid. I wondered what it would take for him to start my spanking. I started by spilling the coffee and water, and by sticking my breasts in his face. I know it is always a big turn-on for him to see my breasts like this.

Then when I poured the gravy on his mashed potatoes and accidentally missed his plate, he finally threatened to spank me. But he finally took me over his lap for a spanking when I missed with the canned whipping cream. I actually got the cream on his shirt and face.

How I see it:

All she had on to protect her ass from the hand spanking was a pair of very thin black panties. They barely covered her ass, and her ass cheeks hung out on both sides. Before I began her spanking, I gathered the material together so it turned into a thong. Since it has been a week since I last spanked her, her ass cheeks looked very white and creamy. Soon, they would turn a nice shade of pink.

My first spank leaves a definite pink handprint on her white ass cheek. As I keep spanking her, her whole ass turns a nice shade of pink. In between spanks, I rub and caress her ass. Her skin always feels so soft and nice, and the aroma of her perfume gets me all excited. I can feel myself developing an erection inside of my pants. This always happens when I spank my wife.

After I am convinced I have warmed her up with my hand spanking, I have her stand up and take off her bra, apron, and panties. Now she is standing in front of me, completely naked. I notice that her nipples are large and sticking straight out. This gives me a visual indication that she is enjoying her spanking. Then I move the dishes so that there is a clear spot on the table, and I have her bend over it. I reach down and spread her legs so that I can see her now glistening sex. This is another indicator for me that she is enjoying the spanking.

I leave the room to get the paddle from the bedroom. When I return, my wife's body looks so inviting to me, and she looks very submissive, bending over the table and waiting for me to continue her spanking. Then I start her spanking again, but this time with the paddle.

How she sees it:

It feels good to go over his lap for a hand spanking. He never spanks me all that hard, and he mixes the spanking with rubbing my butt. This gives me both pain and pleasure. I even get more turned on when his fingers slip down and accidentally touches my sex. As her spanks me, I can also tell that it is also sexually exciting him because I can feel a hard erection developing between his legs.

After about five minutes of my hand spanking, he has me stand up and take off everything. I like to watch his eyes as he examines my body, up and down. He clears a spot on the table, and soon I am bending over it. Then he makes sure that I am completely exposed to him by spreading my legs apart. He leaves the room and soon returns with the paddle from the bedroom. Then my spanking starts again.

How I see it:

As I start to spank her, she says, "I'm sorry I spilled on you. I will do better next time. Please let me make it up to you." My wife is so good in her role-playing. I continue to spank her, stopping now and then to run my hands around her magnificent nice round naked ass, and sometimes my fingers slip down and touch her sex. Now it feels very wet and warm.

"Please count out loud your last ten spanks." I tell her. These last ten swats of the paddle are given to her very hard, and I watch her body jerk about as she counts them out loud. Once I have given her all ten swats, I rub her ass with some lotion that I also brought from the bedroom. Then I spin her around, drop my pants, and we make passionate love, right there on the dining room table. This drives my wife nuts. Eventually, I carry her into the bedroom and we continue our lovemaking all evening.

How she sees it:

I like to role-play with my husband, and I exclaim that I won't spill on him anymore. After spanking me with the paddle for a while, her soon has me count out loud the last ten swats. These are given to me real hard, and I jerk when I receive them. They do sting a lot more than the other swats of the paddle, but they still don't sting all that much. What's nice about the way my husband spanks me is that he stops now and then to rub my sore warm butt. I know that he realizes that I am sexually excited because his fingers slip down to feel my wet sex.

After I receive my last ten swats of the paddle, he rubs lotion on my butt, which he brought in from the bedroom. I am spun around, and then our long evening of lovemaking begins. His spankings are such a good foreplay to lovemaking.

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