Our Spanking Ritual M/F  


This story is written from two points of view. Usually you only see the story from one perspective; this gives you the whole picture.

Our Spanking Ritual M/F

How I see it:

Lately I have been putting in a lot of overtime at work. This has meant that when I finally get home, I eat late, and I don't get to spend very much time with my lovely wife. I usually call her on the phone about one o'clock to let her know if I will be arriving home on time, or if I need to stay late.

Today, I am sure that I will arrive home on time. So I tell my wife, "I should arrive home on time, tonight. But I think you have been a naughty little girl, so be prepared for a spanking. I love you." We have found out that if I give my wife a playful spanking, it works as foreplay to very good lovemaking. It gets me all excited to touch and feel her nice body, and it also gets her juices flowing.

Now I can't wait to finish up my work, and drive home.

How she sees it:

I have a hard working husband that provides everything for me. We own a nice house, a nice car, and many wonderful things. We do not have any children yet, so we have a lot of flexibility in our lives. He has been working late, so lately I have felt sort of lonely in the house. But today, I got a good phone call from him. "You have been a naughty girl, be prepared for a spanking." It was so good to hear him say these words. This means that I will have a night of passionate lovemaking with him. You see, we stumbled upon the spanking as a prelude to love making, just by chance.

One day last year, he got sort of got mad at me for spending a lot of money shopping at the mall. He pulled me over his knee and spanked me. It was more of a playful spanking than a punishment spanking. After the spanking, we experienced our most intense lovemaking session ever. So ever since then, when he tells me that I have been a naughty girl, I know to expect a spanking followed by wonderful lovemaking.

How he sees it:

When I arrive home and open the front door, the house smells so good. It almost smells like fresh flowers. My wife greets me at the door with a big kiss. She is wearing her special outfit for a spanking. This includes a pleaded skirt, white cotton panties, and a white blouse with no bra. I can see her large erect nipples through the thin fabric of her sheer white blouse.

She takes me by the hand and I sit down on our big sofa. The blinds have already been closed and she stands in front of me. Next, she tells me what she did to become a naughty girl and that she needs a spanking. Then I grab the waistband of her skirt, and I take it off of her for her spanking.

"Over my knee you go for the first part of your spanking."

I gently glide her over my lap and her legs and head also rests on the sofa. Her body smells so good, and her skin feels nice and soft. Then I start her hand spanking. Her smell, her spanking, her lovely body lying across me excites me, and I feel an erection developing. I wonder if she is aware how her body excites me.

I continue to spank her for a minute or two, and then I say, "Rise up for a moment, so that I can pull your panties down." I know her thin white panties don't give her much protection, but this way I can see her nice round ass as I spank her. I can also see her sex glisten with moister, as the spanking also excites her.

After I spank her for about three minutes, and I watch her ass turn a nice shade of pink, I allow her to stand up. "Now take off your panties and give them to me." I say to her. Then she obediently stands in front of me as I unbutton and take off her blouse. Her nice full round breasts are now in full view. I want to lick her nipples and suck on them, but I save that until later. It is a real eyeful to see her completely naked, standing before me.

"Now we need to go into the bedroom to complete the second half of your spanking."

How she sees it:

After the phone call, I light candles throughout the house that smells like flowers. I think this puts both of us into a romantic mood. Then I make some quick sandwiches, so that he will have something to eat, if he needs to pause for a few minutes, during our lovemaking. A way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

I fill the bathtub with water, and take a long bubble bath. This way I smell nice and I am nice and clean for him. Then, I put on a special spanking outfit that he likes me to wear. When we started the spankings, he liked to role play a teacher/student situation. Therefore, I wear a pleated plaid skirt, white cotton panties, and a white blouse. I no longer put on a bra when I am in this outfit, because it is a real turn-on for him to see my nipples underneath this thin white blouse. I also put down the shades in the living room so that we have complete privacy.

I eagerly meet him at the door and I give him a long passionate kiss. Then I lead him to the living room and he sits down on the sofa. I act like a naughty schoolgirl and confess my naughtiness to him. He takes off my skirt, and then over his lap I go. I can tell that he is excited about spanking me because I can feel a hard spot in his pants grow bigger and bigger, as he spanks me.

Then he has me lift up, and he takes down my panties. I don't know why he doesn't take down my panties when he takes off my skirt. They provide very little protection from his spanking. The hand spanking he gives really doesn't hurt, and is more of a turn-on for me. It feels so good to be very close to him in this submissive position, and his hand spanking makes my butt feel very nice and warm.

After about five minutes of the hand spanking, he has me stand up and he takes off my blouse. I am left standing completely naked in front of him, and then he tells me to walk into the bedroom for the rest of my spanking.

How he sees it:

As we enter the bedroom, I see that she has it all set up for the second part of her spanking. There are two pillows in the middle of the bed, and a towel on top of them. Lying on the bed is the special leather paddle that I got for her. It has her name on it, and she likes to be spanked by it. She jumps up on the bed and she lies on the pillows so that her nice round naked ass is high in the air.

I reach over and spread her legs apart so that I can see her glistening sex. Before I start to spank her, I run my hands up and down her inner thighs. She wiggles and purrs like a kitten as I rub her sex with my fingers. Then I rub my hands over her warmed up ass. Her skin feels so soft and she smells so good. I pick up the paddle and start to spank her. I try to give her both pleasure and pain as I alternate between spanking her and rubbing her ass with my hands. Sometimes my fingers slip down and touch her sex, which seems to be getting wetter and wetter.

I am also aware of my own erection growing bigger and bigger inside my pants. After her ass is a nice shade of red, I get some lotion from the nightstand and rub it into her sore ass. My fingers now enter her lips of her sex, and now she is making some very relaxing noises.

When I can't stand my excitement anymore, I quickly strip off my clothes and turn her face up so that I can make love to her. I first kiss her body, starting at her lips and neck, and I work my way down to her sex. Soon I am thrusting inside of her, and our evening of great lovemaking begins.

How she sees it:

After my bubble bath and before I got dressed, I put two pillows and a towel in the middle of my bed. Sometimes I get very wet during the spanking and lovemaking, and the towel protects the pillowcases. I also get out the special leather paddle he got me, which has my name on me. This paddle warms up my butt very nicely, but really doesn't hurt that much.

We enter the bedroom and I lie over the pillows. I am very aware of the fact that this puts my naughty naked butt, high in the air. Next I feel him spread my legs and now I feel very exposed and vulnerable to what ever he wants to do with me. At this point, I am very excited and he excites me more by rubbing the insides of my thighs and fingers my sex.

Then my spanking starts up again. He gives me both pain and pleasure as he rubs my butt in-between spanks. When his spanking has made me very warm, I next feel him rub a lotion on my butt. It excites me even more as his fingers wander between my legs and enter my sex. Now I can hardly wait for our lovemaking to begin. He quickly takes off his clothes, turns me over, kisses me all over, and then he enters me with his large male member. It feels so good as the beginning of the evening's lovemaking starts to happen.


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