RedTails : A Night Out, A Night In - Chapter 1  


RedTails: Awakenings

A Night Out, A Night In



Chapter I : Back to the HighTail

The trio padded up the cobblestone walk, passing by various shops, inns, and taverns as they headed back to the Hightail Inn to relax and sort out the recent events which brought them together in a union that could not quite be called a family. The central figure, short and lithe, was clad in a black wizard's robe with matching black leather boots. His cowl was down against his shoulders; revealing his soft, rounded, boyish face; violet, catlike eyes; and a silvery-white mane of shoulder-length hair, through which a pair of gracefully pointed Elven ears protruded.

Frelic Willowpaw guided his two charges, his newly purchased pets, through the streets of Mistport, occasionally tugging gently on the leashes that were attached to the leather collars clasped around their necks, to hurry them along. Unlike their Master, Shaasta and Hansen wore nothing save for their collars; their skyclad bodies, healthy and trim from their previous life of adventure, were on display for all to see and admire. Shaasta was in a constant state of blush as her Master paraded her sweet naked body through the seaside town. Like Frelic, she too was an Elf, and the soft features of her face hinted that her Master was also her twin. Her unconventional rescue from the Southern Rose pet shop by her brother had startled and embarrassed her, and amused the proprietor and his Halfling assistant. Frelic handed over a full ten platinum pieces to purchase her, and an additional thirty five gold pieces for the Furling Squirrel known as Hansen, her adventuring companion.

Her excitement at being rescued turned to vehement protests, which were subsequently quelled by the burn of the paddle against her bare bottom, when Frelic informed her that he was going to keep them. Her mind was spinning as she tried to think about this recent turn of events. Never in her entire life had Shaasta ever considered that one day, she would become not merely a personal pet, but a pet sister, legally owned by her dear brother. The naked reality of her new place in life was starting to sink in as the cool, salty sea breeze caressed the lingering fire in her rump, where the Wand of the Masters had permanently seared her brother's personal mark into her flesh. Still hot, the enchanted brand, a feline paw print with a willow tree in its center, glowed with lines of silver, a sign to all who viewed her soft, round bottom, that her life now belonged to her Master.

In addition to the glowing brand, the Elf girl's bottom possessed another embarrassing feature which served as an additional sign that she had been sold into a life of servitude. Pressed against her nether cheeks, the crimson bloom of a fragrant rose rode like a tail; it was the hallmark of the Southern Rose pet shop, and Frelic had ordered her to wear it until it was time to sleep. The caress of the flower's thornless stem planted deep up her rectal passage made her very conscious of her femininity and her status as a personal pet. At once, the feelings that coursed through her solidified in her mind with crystal clarity; Shaasta determined that she would serve her Master the way she was trained during her month at the pet shop. It mattered not that Frelic was her brother. What mattered more was that Frelic was now her Master and Shaasta was now a pleasure pet, her brother's pleasure pet; she would live to serve and please her new owner.

Hansen was also lost in reflection on the events of the past month. But unlike his fiery-maned companion, the little Furling Squirrel's, thoughts were focused on ways he could serve, service, and please his new Master. He felt no shame or embarrassment as he padded up the walk, led on a leash by the Elf who had purchased him. His thick, gray, bushy tail held proudly high, revealing his Master's mark on his rump, and the rose planted up his ass, he felt overwhelmingly content and excited at the thought of living the life of a pleasure toy. His excitement was confirmed by the erect shaft that pointed prominently out in front of him from the furry sheath between his thighs. He looked over the girl walking beside him to his right, the girl whom he had shared many exciting and perilous adventures with, and with whom he had shared many hot passionate evenings with during their travels. This sweet creature had opened his eyes and opened his mind to forms of pleasure he had never considered before, and he was eternally grateful to Shaasta for simply being. He gave her a cheerful smile, coupled with a friendly pat on her soft, smooth bottom; she returned the gestures, and the Elf's warm and loving smile nearly melted the Furling's heart as they continued their walk through the streets of Mistport.

Soon, they reached their destination, a three story, gray, stone building that took up nearly two thirds of the block. The entrance was a single pine wood door in one corner of the building. Above the door was a large wooden sign featuring a painting of a Furling Vixen, down on all fours, with her bottom and tail raised high in the air. Above the vixen, the name of the establishment was painted in bold green letters; this was the Hightail Inn.

"Nice place, you picked, Master Frelic," Hansen chittered, admiring the architecture and especially the sign. "And I swear, that Vixen on the sign looks remarkably like Mistie."

Frelic had gazed at the Hightail's brazen sign many times since his arrival in Mistport, yet strangely, the resemblance to that Vixen he had checked out earlier, with plans to purchase tomorrow at the Southern Rose escaped him until now. The artist had captured Mistie perfectly. The sweet expression on her face, the strawberry-blonde hair, and those soft graceful curves made it obvious who had modeled for the Inn's signage. "Huh, you're right, Hansen," he agreed. "That is Mistie. I'm ashamed that I didn't recognize her when I inspected her earlier today."

"Are you going to buy her from Master Varo tomorrow?" Shaasta asked, "She seemed to really want you."

Frelic smiled and nodded, "Oh yes, I will sign the papers for her tomorrow, she will be coming home to WraithHold with us at the end of the week." The wizard held the ends of both leashes in one hand, then removed the round wooden paddle from its hook on his belt. He opened the door to the inn and ushered his pets in ahead of him, giving each of them a firm, loving swat on their bare bottoms as they passed through the entrance and into the inn's dining commons.

The big dining area was mostly empty at this time of the day, much to Shaasta's relief and Hansen's disappointment. A few of the tables were occupied by inn guests, finishing up a late lunch, or relaxing with mugs of coffee, tea, or cold mead and listening to the two bards, young adult gold and white Furling cats, obviously brother and sister, rehearsing for tonight's performance. The bards took turns as one strummed a tune on an eight-stringed guitar and the other practiced some dance movements.

Flitting about the place was Furling Skunk lass, dressed in a white, lace-trimmed apron over a silky green tunic which draped over the base of her thick tail and provided a stunning view of her plush, furry, black and white assets whenever she bent over. She was busy arranging the tables and chairs and wiping them down, dusting the torch sconces in the walls, sweeping the polished wooden floor, and other typical barmaid tasks.

Noticing the trio standing in the doorway, she smiled and padded over to them, her tail and pleasantly wide hips swishing alluringly with her well-practiced feminine stride. She gave Frelic's hand a welcoming squeeze and smiled cheerfully at him, her jade green eyes sparkling with innate friendliness. "Master Willowpaw! I didn't expect to see you back so soon. You were only away for a couple of hours." Her gaze then turned to the two lovely, skyclad creatures Frelic had in tow, "Oh, I see your hunt must have been a success. I presume these were the two missing kits you have been searching for?"

"Yes indeed, Makae," Frelic replied, returning the cheerful smile and greeting the Skunkette with a kiss on the cheek. "I found them on display at the Southern Rose pet shop." He motioned his two pets to step forward, "The Elf is my sister, Shaasta, and the Squirrel is Hansen, Shaasta's adventuring matey."

The Mephit grinned warmly at the naked, collared, and leashed pair, and gave them both a friendly hug, "Welcome to the Hightail Inn," she said, "I'm Makae, one of the chamber and barmaids here. Please, come have a seat, and I will fetch drinks for the three of you." She led them to a corner table close to where the Feline bards were rehearsing. Frelic unclasped the leashes from his pets' collars, then stripped himself down to his short, black tunic and matching black knee-high leather boots. He folded the robe neatly and placed it, along with his equipment belt, beneath a chair, then Makae motioned for them to sit, and she took their drink orders.

"Coffee with vanilla cream and a dash of cinnamon, I presume, Frelic?" she asked.

"As always, dear," Frelic confirmed.

"And you two?"

"Coffee sounds good," Shaasta agreed, "with hazelnut and a drop of honey, please."

"And a tankard of honey mead for me," Hansen requested. "And can we get something to eat? I'm ravenous."

"Certainly, sweet cheeks," the Skunkette giggled, "I'll see what we have ready." She spun around gracefully, and sauntered off to the kitchen, her lovely furry bottom jiggling with each step.

Hansen's gaze was locked on Makae's backside until she disappeared through the double doors that led into the depths of the Hightail Inn. He then put a paw to his chest and grinned at his Master and stated the obvious, "By the Mink, she's one hot little honey."

Frelic smiled back at his Furling pet and nodded, "That she is, dear. That she is, indeed. Makae is a real sweetheart; she is, always cheerful and bouncy, always with a kind word to say, and always ready and willing to lend a paw."

"So, have you boinked her yet?"

Frelic sighed and exchanged an exasperated look with Shaasta, then gave a soft laugh, "Hansen, you are incorrigible," he declared, "Is that all you ever think about?"

"Oh, not at all, Master," he swore, "I do think about other matters...from time to time, but pretty lasses with lovely asses do fill about eighty five percent of my thoughts. So, have you boinked her yet, Master?"

Frelic sighed again and shook his head, "No, I have not," he replied, "I only met her just yesterday when I checked in here."

"Well, I'm sure your chance will come before we head home," Hansen assured him, "It would be a shame for my Master to leave here without getting to bed down with a babe like that first."

"Thank-you for your concern, Hansen," Frelic said, hoping the touch of sarcasm was detectable in his voice.

"No problem," It was evident that the Furling completely missed the sarcastic tone after all, "I only want to make certain my Master is happy. So, have you at least spanked Makae?"

Shaasta was trying hard not to laugh out loud at the persistent intimate questioning her dear friend was subjecting her brother to.

"No, I have not spanked her," Frelic again replied, making a mental note to take the impetuous Furling over his knee for a lengthy lesson in manners. "However, I have been able to give her bottom the occasional friendly swat," he admitted.

Hansen nodded, "Well, that's something at least. A sweet, furry bottom like hers is just made for spanking, you know."

"As is a sweet furry bottom like yours," Frelic warned, placing the paddle he had recently purchased on the table; the look he gave the Squirrel served as a sufficient warning that this time around, the paddling would not be for pleasure, at least not for the pet's pleasure.

Hansen got the message this time, and let the subject drop, then watched the two feline bards; dressed in thin, buckskin tunics, practicing on the stage, their movements graceful and precise, and the music hypnotic and relaxing.

"By the Mink," he softly swore, "those are a couple hot honeys. Have you boinked them yet, Master?"

Fortunately, Makae returned just in time, and the Squirrel's attention was diverted from the performers to the tray the Mephit set down on the table. She distributed the tankards with their drinks along with a set of ceramic plates, and steel knives, and forks. A platter with a loaf of fresh potato bread accompanied by a stick of butter, and a pair of large bowls; one half filled with steaming, shredded, fried potatoes, and the other filled with a variety of fresh fruit, were placed at the center of the table.

"I hope this can satisfy you for now," she said, "I had our cook, Brindon, go ahead and heat up what was left over from this morning's breakfast; the fruit is from our orchard just outside of town, picked just this morning." She noticed the paddle sitting on the table, and felt the insides of her ears redden, and her cheeks heat up. Suppressing her embarrassment at the thoughts the simple bit of wood caused her to think, she smoothed down the front of her apron, and sat herself down in the one unoccupied chair at Frelic's table.

As the group dug into the food and sipped their drinks, the barmaid started questioning them about their adventures, "So, you found them at one of the pet shops, you said earlier?"

Frelic swallowed the mouthful of perfectly seasoned potatoes, chased it down with a sip of his sweet hot coffee, and nodded, "I was heading to the Thundercloud Tavern, a favorite watering hole among slavers, to follow up on a tip I received last night," he explained, "My route took me past the Southern Rose. And there in the window, displaying her assets, was Shaasta. Needless to say, I did not need to continue on to the Thundercloud."

"What a fortunate turn of luck," Makae commented, "for both you and them. Master Varo and his Halfling are the best fate in this town that could befall anyone taken by slavers. My boss here always sends us to Varo for weekly cleansings, since our work uniforms are a Southern Exposure fashion, and naturally render our bottoms fully exposed. Me and Mistie, when she worked here, always looked forward to seeing Varo and Lilieblume; we didn't look forward to the cleanings, but we always enjoyed spending an early evening with them, such fun people to socialize and hang out with. So how did you get Hansen and your sister out of there? Did you sneak in and spirit them away when nobody was looking?"

Frelic chuckled and shook his head, "No, I'm afraid the rescue was nowhere near as exciting like what you would read in a typical adventure tale or see in a play."

"Well, it was exciting," Shaasta added, but not in the traditional swashbuckling, storm the fortress walls sense." She quietly squirmed in her seat, and her perky bare nipples hardened as she replayed in her mind the entire hot and steamy episode, then she buttered a slice of bread and nibbled on it, following it up with a sip of her coffee.

"Right," Frelic confirmed, then continued the condensed version of their tale, "So anyway, I just strolled right on in, posing as a customer. Varo, Lilieblume, and myself put my sister and Hansen through the whole inspection procedure, short of actually fucking them..."

"Which was most unfortunate," Hansen pouted, then shut up and took a big bite out of an apple from the fruit bowl, allowing Frelic to continue.

Makae coyly fluttered her eyelashes and giggled, "Oh, I bet that felt really naughty," she sighed wistfully, "I mean, probing and intimately examining your own lovely sister to determine if she is suitable to be a pleasure pet."

Both Shaasta and Frelic blushed at the memories of what went on between them there at the pet shop, as well as at thoughts of what may yet occur between them in the imminently near future. Frelic took another long pull of his coffee and pressed on with his mini epic, "So after they were paddled, petted, and even fisted up the ass, I actually purchased them from Master Varo, complete with bills of sale and certificates of ownership."

Hansen took a swig of his mead, then finished the story, "And here's the twist. After the papers were signed, he stashed them in a pouch and announced that he intended to keep us."

The Mephit's eyes were wide with shock and disbelief at the Squirrel's revelation, "No way. You really are keeping them as your pets?"

Frelic smiled sheepishly and nodded, "Considering how much I paid for them, thirty five gold pieces for Hansen, and ten platinum pieces for Shaasta, there was no way I was going to risk them getting into slaver trouble ever again."

"I think he did well," Hansen said, after swallowing another bite of apple, "For one thousand and thirty five gold pieces, Master here is now the proud owner of a feisty pet Squirrel and a hot and sexy pet sister."

Shaasta and averted her eyes briefly, then shyly added, "I protested at first. But as I thought it over, I decided that I may enjoy being owned by Frelic, and serving him as Master Varo and Lilieblume trained me."

"Wow!" Makae exclaimed, "that is one intense and hot tale. Are you going to..."

She was interrupted by a deep but soft, commanding voice right behind her, "Makae! Are you wearing blinders, girl?"

She quickly stood up and faced the large man who towered above them, a massive and muscular dark-haired fellow. Performing a quick curtsy, Makae smiled and made hurried introductions, "Oh, hello, Mister Kez. We have two new guests here, Shaasta and Hansen," she gestured towards the Elf girl and Squirrel, "They are a part of Master Willowpaw's party, she added."

Mister Kez noted the training paddle on the table, and casually put his hand on the handle, then nodded to the two new arrivals, "It will be a pleasure to meet you shortly." He turned his gaze back to his barmaid and resumed scolding her, "Now, Makae, you know I don't mind you hobnobbing and making idle chatter with our guests here, but you seem to have forgotten that we do indeed have other guests down here as well, and it isn't fair for the barmaid to neglect them as she gives all her attention exclusively to one little group."

The Mephit girl looked suitably chastened, ears flattened out slightly as she bowed her head and apologized. She picked up her tray and gave the trio at the table another smile, "I'll talk with you some more this evening," she promised, then turned and resumed her duties, zeroing in on the bard couple first, as it looked like they were about to take a short break from their rehearsal. The moment her back was turned, and before she could take more than two steps, her employer took a firm grip on the paddle, and with one smooth movement, landed the round wooden blade hard across Makae's plush bottom, causing her to yelp out in pain and surprise. Though only a single swat, the impact was hard enough for the muffled SMACK to echo across the room, and also hard enough to already show the beginnings of a blush under the white treasure trail fur, a reddish-pink circle that partially covered both cheeks, bisected by the deep valley they formed beneath her tail.

As the girl retreated across the room to attend to the other guests, Mister Kez set the paddle back down on the table, turned to Frelic and his little entourage and chuckled, "That Makae, she's quite the little treasure; brightens up our humble little establishment with her perpetually cheerful and bubbly attitude, she does."

"You won't get any argument from me there, Ashton," Frelic replied, nodding his agreement, "Makae has been a bundle of energy since we first arrived, a very amazing girl."

Mister Kez dried sweaty palms on his heavy, black cotton apron and assumed the seat his barmaid had vacated moments before. He carried on his musings about the Mephit girl, "That girl can be a bit flighty and easily distracted at times; as you witnessed, she occasionally needs a firm, guiding hand to keep her focused and on task." He idly tapped a thick, callused finger on the blade of the paddle laying on the table. Frelic nodded, understanding, and smiled as the proprietor continued.

"She has been with us ever since the Hightail first opened its doors five years ago. It's difficult to imagine that she was a mere tender tail of ten summers when she started. She is like an adopted daughter to myself and my mate, and every time we look at her, we are truly amazed at what a fine and lovely young Furling lady she has blossomed into."

"Again, you get no argument from me, Ashton," Frelic agreed once more, "May she remain forever healthy and beautiful in your service." He raised his tankard in an impromptu toast to Makae, and finished the last swallow of his coffee.

"Now, then, who are these two newcomers sitting here with you, Frelic?" he asked, giving Shaasta and Hansen a curious look over, "And why do they sit naked in my dining commons at this time of the day?"

"These are my pets," Frelic explained, "Shaasta and Hansen." The two smiled demurely and gave a polite wave, then Hansen set the remains of the apple he just finished down on his plate, and went to work on a sweet, juicy peach from the fruit bowl, while the master of the inn eyed them.

"Your pets, hmm?" The large man idly stroked the short, dark beard that decorated his chin, "I don't remember seeing these two lovely creatures with you when you first checked in."

"I purchased them only an hour or so ago," Frelic replied.

Hansen swallowed and licked the peach juice off his muzzle, "Yes, Mister Kez," he nodded, "Master Frelic bought us from the Southern Rose. I believe you are familiar with that place?"

"Aye, I know the place. That's Varo's establishment. I know him from way back, before either of us became business people. Good people, that Wolf is; as is Lilieblume, his little Halfling pet and aide."

"I am prepared to cover whatever extra expenses are incurred by these two," Frelic assured him.

"Well, I should have you know, pets stay free here," Ashton informed them, "at least there are no additional occupancy charges for their use of your suite. And any costs for meals other than leftovers, as well as other supplies used will be added to your bill, sir."

Frelic nodded, "I would not have it any other way."

"But," he continued, "before I put them on the registry here, I have to confirm that they are indeed pets. Do you have their papers?"

Frelic reached down into the pouch that was on the belt on the floor underneath his chair, and withdrew the signed certificates of ownership. Ashton took the documents and gave them a quick perusal, then handed them back to Frelic, who neatly folded them and returned them to the pouch.

"Very well, Frelic," Ashton said, "Everything seems to be in order. "Now, I must remind you, I maintain a clean house here. Have your pets been properly..."

"Yes," Frelic interrupted, "They have recently had a proper cleansing."

"Master Varo filled our bottoms with gehennite just this morning," Shaasta assured him.

"And right before we left the shop, Master Frelic and Miss Lilieblume poured a full pint of the Potion of Dragon Metabolism up our butts," the Squirrel added, placing the peach pit on the plate beside the apple core, and buttering up a thick slice of the potato bread, "So we are good for a few days."

"Excellent," Ashton replied. "Now for one more detail. Have they been properly marked?"

"Branded about an hour ago," Frelic said, "Stand up and show them, my pets."

Hansen swallowed the big bite he took then set the other half of the thickly buttered slice of bread down on his plate. He and Shaasta arose from their seats and faced the table, grasping the edge and bending over a little to present their behinds. The marks had completely faded by now, of course, so with his heavy callused hand, the Hightail Inn's proprietor planted two hard swats on their bottoms; the smack of his hand on their flesh echoed loudly through the room, and mixed with the surprised yelps from both Shaasta and Hansen, causing the other guests, including the bards, plus Makae to look up from whatever they were previously occupied with, and watch the little pet show. The swats they received were sufficient to generate the warmth and glow required to make the paw print marks, inlaid with a willow tree, once again appear on the Elf's and Squirrel's rumps. He traced his thick fingers over the wispy, glimmering, silver lines, admiring the fine but simplistic artistry of the design, then motioned for the two pets to sit down again. They both winced as their bare asses pressed against the wooden seats. Shaasta immediately thought of Mistie and her story of why she sold herself to Varo; she remembered the vixen mentioning that her employer had thoroughly paddled her before her dismissal, and she rubbed her bottom in sympathy. Just that simple two swat spanking from Mister Kez was painful enough. She could barely fathom what a full fledged paddling from the big man must be like.

Satisfied that these two were indeed certified pets and not just freeloaders posing as pets, Mister Kez gave a wide toothy smile and spread his arms, "Welcome to the Hightail Inn, Shaasta and Hansen," he finally officially greeted them. "I am Ashton Kez, proprietor of this humble establishment. And if your Master approves, you may address me simply as Ashton."

Frelic nodded his approval, and Ashton continued his welcoming speech, "I hope you find the accommodations here comfortable. And if you need anything; myself, Makae, and my mate, who should be back this evening with our cubs, will be glad to assist."

"Thank-you for your hospitality, Ashton," Shaasta and Hansen responded in tandem.

"Yes," Frelic added, "Thank-you for your hospitality. And if my pets can be of any assistance around here when I am not using them, just give the word. And your mate? I had no idea you were married."

"That's right," Ashton realized, "Sharani was in need of a bit of a getaway, so just a few days before your arrival, we pulled the cubs out of school and I sent them, with their mother on a bit of a holiday up north to Coralport where they could visit with my folks for a few days."

"I'm looking forward to meeting them," Frelic said.

"Oh trust me, you will like them. Sharani is one of the finest and most interesting ladies you could ever encounter." Ashton was grinning like a schoolboy as he thought about his dear mate, "And the kids, Delaney and Alfred, they are just the most adorable young pups." He pushed his chair back and stood up, "But I have work to get back to. As I said before, if you need anything, don't hesitate to seek out Makae or myself." He put a friendly squeeze on Shaasta and Hansen's shoulders, and gave Frelic a polite bow, then dismissed himself and strode off to the kitchen area to see how the evening meal preparations were coming along, leaving the trio to finish their meal in peace.

A minute or two after Ashton departed, Makae came back over to their table, as part of her normal rounds. She gave them fresh tankards of their preferred drinks, and cleared away the debris and dirty dishes.

"I forgot to mention earlier, your two mateys, Karma and Thissle, left shortly after you did this morning," she informed him, "They said they wanted to do a bit of sight seeing and shopping. They should be back any time now."

"Thanks for the intel," Frelic replied, "I do hope Thissle completed that magickal writing assignment I prescribed for her this morning, before they went out."

Makae shrugged her dainty shoulders, "I wouldn't know about that, I'm afraid. Now, Is there anything else I can do for you?" she asked, as she wiped some spilled drops of mead off the table.

"A lap dance, perhaps?" Frelic suggested, grinning mischievously, and only half seriously.

The Skunkette giggled and turned around, teasingly shaking and swishing her springy, pretty butt for them, then she faced them again, a noticeable blush beneath the soft white fluff of her cheeks, "Perhaps this evening when I am off duty," she suggested, giving him a sly wink. She ran a finger along Frelic's smooth face, "I'm a bit too busy right now, and hafta be getting back to work. But first..."

The Mephit turned her back to Frelic, and with tail held high, thrust out her soft, licorice and whipped cream colored bottom. Frelic accepted the unspoken invitation, of course, and landed a pair of firm, open handed swats on the delicious-looking target, one on each cheek; then she padded off to the kitchen to go wash the afternoon dishes.

"And here you were accusing me of having a one track mind," Hansen smirked, both he and Shaasta looking quite amazed and amused at their Master's sudden brazenness.

Frelic just shrugged and returned the smirk, "She made the invitation; I accepted it." He was about to say more, when the door in the corner opened and a pair of lovely ladies sauntered into the inn, both of them carrying rather loaded packs.

"About bloody time," Frelic said. The wizard and his pets stood and hurried over to help the girls. The two ladies looked a little weary from their shopping expedition.

The taller of the two, a lovely, coppery-red haired and sparkly copper-irised eyed young lady named Thissle, was currently in her Human form, looking to be in her final teen years. She stood about five and a half feet tall, towering six inches over Frelic, whom she also usually addressed as Master, due to her status as his apprentice instead of as a pet, though there often seemed little difference between the two. She sported a very short, plain white tunic, which just barely achieved modesty in front and did not quite fully cover the lowermost curves of her soft, but muscular behind in back. The tunic was cinched around the waist with a leather belt, from which hung various pouches, and effectively skirted the white shift; this was the standard uniform for an apprentice, whether to a wizard, acolyte, ranger, rogue, or whatever, designed to allow the teacher quick and easy access to the student's bottom for disciplining as needed. And her feet were shod with light brown moccasin boots that ran all the way up to the lower quarter of her smooth, muscular, sun tanned thighs.

The other girl, a Furling Rabbit named Karma, stood just a little shorter than Frelic and Shaasta, unless you counted her long ears, which then made her height the same as Thissle's. Her large, liquid-blue eyes sparkled in the light, and her sweet lapine face was framed by a thick mane of sunny blonde hair, which dropped in wavy curls down to just below her shoulders.

All Karma wore was a sleeveless shiny red leotard, that fully showed off her buxom curves. Tight, short, and formfitting, it was truly more like lingerie than normal everyday clothing, high cut in the rear to fully show off her wide hips and a good portion of her fur-clad bottom, and low cut at the neckline to reveal ample cleavage with a ruff of light blue chest fur.

Like many Furlings, Karma's fur was two toned, mostly a golden brown, with a blue-white treasure trail that started at the lower half of her fluffy cheeks and muzzle, and ran down her neck and chest, vanishing beneath the tight leotard, and reappearing between her muscular jumper's thighs. Some of the blue fur was also visible on her soft ass, due to the immodest cut of her outfit, and more blue-white fur covered the underside of her teardrop-shaped tail which protruded through a hole cut and hemmed in the rear of the leotard.

The two girls set their heavy burdens down on the floor and squealed happily as they noticed Frelic approaching, with both Shaasta and Hansen in tow.

Thissle and Karma took turns smothering the two with long, deep embraces, with the traditional exchange of fondling squeezes on each others' bottoms, and a series of tender kisses on cheeks and mouths, and then more hugs.

"Where have you two been?" Karma scolded them, "We've been worried sick about you for the past month, ever since we received word of your capture."

Before either Shaasta or Hansen could answer, Thissle jumped in with more scolding questions, "And what's with those pretty collars?" she asked, "And more importantly, where are your clothes?"

"Our clothes as well as everything else we had at the time were confiscated by the slavers that took us," Hansen replied, then added, "Duh!"

"As for where we've been this past month," Shaasta said, "sitting in a pet shop, waiting to be sold is where we've been."

"Ooh," they both gasped, "that sounds exciting."

"In more ways than one, I can assure you," Hansen added, giving them a sly wink and a smirk.

"And the collars?" Thissle asked again.

"That's a bit of a long story," Shaasta warned them.

"Let's retire for a bit to our suite, and I will tell you all about it," Frelic suggested. He picked up one of the shopping packs; Thissle took the other, and Hansen gathered up his Master's robe, belt, and paddle, then they all headed upstairs to retreat to a more private setting.

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