RedTails : The Paddled Princess - Chapter 2  


"Warden Arlin!" a gentle but definitely male voice spoke from behind the Tiger, pulling his attention away from the Vixen who was now sashaying back to the private dressing rooms to stash her haul. The Tiger turned around and met the cheerful, sparkling blue gaze of a handsome Ornith Secretary Bird.

"Dammit, Everett," Arlin growled, "you startled the bejeezers out of me. You should know better than to sneak up on a Tiger."

The bird laughed and gave the Warden a friendly squeeze on the shoulder, "Aw, come now, Warden. What are you going to do? Spank me?" He teasingly presented his aft end to Arlin, spread his tailfeathers, and shook his butt in time with the music. Like his image on the animated sign outside, Everett was dressed in a black, sleeveless shirt and black hip-hugging leather miniskirt that showed off his feathery, shapely thighs.

"Don't tempt me, silly bird," Arlin replied, failing to stifle a devilish chuckle. The powers know I've been in a spanking mood tonight, and would have no qualms about roasting your behind as I would your sister's."

"Hah. I'm flattered, Warden," the bird said, "And you know, flattery will get you everywhere. Now come on over to the bar, and try our house special, Kloakiss. My treat." He took a grip on the Tiger's arm and led him over to an unoccupied barstool.

Arlin sat down and cleared his throat, while Everett bent over and brought up a cold, frosty glass from the lowest shelf against the far wall, "So, if you don't mind my asking, birdie, why the girlie clothes?"

"Why not?" Everett shot back. "It feels comfortable, and looks sexy. Why should only the girls get to wear the nicest-looking clothes?" He strutted over to the tap and pulled the lever forward, causing a flow of delicious-looking golden ale to fill the glass. Arlin noted the custom bit of artwork on the tap handle, and stifled a laugh and a groan as he realized the pun. The logo for Kloakiss featured the same two Secretary Birds that graced Up Your's sign. But this time, she was crouched forward with her back arched, hands on her knees, and tailfeathers spread. And he, obviously Everett, was on his knees behind her with his beak pressed in an Ornith kiss between her plush, down-covered nether cheeks. Granted, being Orniths with humanoid anatomy instead of full birds, the pun wasn't totally accurate, but it was enough to make the joke obvious.

"Whoa! Calm down there," Arlin replied, "No need to be defensive. I'm not teasing you about your fashion. No, I always felt that if you have the body for it, there's no reason not to dress in ways to flaunt your assets. And I hope you don't mind me saying this, Everett, but you definitely have the body for it. You look quite sexy in a skirt. And coming from someone like myself, you can take that as a bigass compliment."

"Compliment gladly accepted," the bird laughed. He set the full glass down on the bar in front of Arlin, "And everyone knows that I won't be embarrassed about my assets. It's no secret that I swing both ways."

Arlin took a sip of the ale, swishing it around on his tongue before swallowing, "Even though you are married now?"

"Sure. Just because Rhiana is the one I share my bed with when we call it a night, doesn't mean that we can't play around with others. In fact, since we got married, I've had nearly as many propositions from other guys for the use of my tail as she has."

"Well, you know what they say," Arlin reminded him. he took another longer sip, then, "With birds, some Furling species, and quite often Elves, male or female doesn't matter. It's that tight, warm port to park in that counts."

The crest of feathers on top of Everett's head went vertical, a sign that he had just been delightfully embarrassed, "Er... well... Thank-you, I guess. Does this mean that you might want to..."

"Well, I've never considered it, actually," Arlin admitted, "I mean, I've engaged in some pretty kinky activities myself over the years, but always with a natural-born girl." He finished his drink with one long, uninterrupted pull, then set the empty glass down on the bar, reached into his money pouch, and extracted a pair of silver laurels.

"Ah, 'tis a pity," Everett sighed, "Perhaps I can think of another way to show my deep gratitude for signing mine and my sister's mating certificate. The notoriety our marriage generated really seems to be bolstering our business here. And a mere a free glass of ale is nowhere near enough thanks."

Arlin laughed, despite the warm blush in his ears, "Silly bird. I swear, it seems like everyone I encounter tonight wants me to fuck them silly. And I never said I wouldn't. I just said I never considered it. And the more you come onto me, the more tempted I am to haul you into one of your private suites and take you like the wannabe girl you are, you feathered slut."

"Oh!" Everett was genuinely surprised by Arlin's sudden revelation that he found him boinkable after all, "Just say when then, Warden, and I will get one of my wait staff to take over the bar for an hour."

"I can't tonight," Arlin admitted, I'm on a mission, and I pretty much have a full dance card for the night afterwards."

"I understand," the bird replied, "Still, you know where to find me once you are ready to sample my undertail."

"Of course. Oh, and Everett?" Arlin held up the two silver coins.

"No need, Warden," he insisted, "That was on the house."

"That doesn't include tips," the Tiger said, reminding him of eatery and bar service etiquette, "Now, present that cute birdie bottom of yours."

Everett's crest rose again. He gave the Tiger a coy gaze, leaped up onto the bar, and presented his aft end, mimicking the position his sister was in on the Kloakiss logo; hands on his knees, back arched, and tailfeathers spread. Arlin lifted the hem of the bird's skirt, revealing his soft, down-covered rump. All he wore underneath was a tight thong, to hold his maleness in place. The Tiger pulled aside the narrow strap that ran up the crevasse of Everett's ass, moistened the two silver coins with his tongue, and expertly inserted them one at a time past his southern star and deep up his rear chamber.

He wiggled his finger around in the Secretary Bird, and chuckled as he felt a considerable number of coins already nested inside him. "Well, I see you've been busy." He pulled his finger back out and gave Everett a firm slap on his bottom, then released the thong's strap so it snapped back into place.

Everett pulled his skirt back down and perched on the edge of the bar, one leg crossed over the other, very ladylike, "Yes," he admitted, "Business has been great, like I said earlier, and the gratuities have been considerable for all of us."

"So, is all that from just drink serving, or have you..."

"It's mostly just from serving," he interrupted, "plus the occasional flirty bit of lap sitting. No whoring or even dancing yet, if that is what you mean. Now, Rhiana, she's another story altogether. She's been making a killing on the stage most every night. I really should have her teach me her craft soon. Or if not her, perhaps our guest dancers can take on a student. Those three are simply amazing." He nodded in the direction of the stage. Occupying the center of the raised platform was Everett's mate and sister. She was dressed in nothing but her feathers. And her moves were pure magick, with the grace of a Panthress. The crowd gathered around was absolutely in love with Rhiana And every single time she would turn her backs to them and shake her shapely ass in their faces, several coins or cash capsules would get inserted up inside her. Arlin was impressed at how much she could seemingly carry.

"She's an amazing bird indeed," Arlin agreed. He then noticed the others also strutting about and gyrating alluringly up there on the stage with Rhiana There was a Human girl; very healthy-looking, obviously somewhat athletic with just the right amount of plushness, and two Furling Skunks, one girl and one boy. All three were dressed in identical green and white pleated schoolgirl minidresses that just barely covered their ample assets. The skunks were barefoot, their digitigrade legs, like Kata's giving the illusion of them being in a perpetual crouching position. The Human girl sported a pair of thigh-length high-heeled leather boots, black to match her neck-length mane of feathery ebony hair. And as they presented their cute bottoms to receive coins and capsules from their adoring fans, it was quite obvious to Arlin that the three wore nothing under their dresses, not even a thong.

"Wonderful show you got going here, bird," a slightly intoxicated Furling Panther purred. He took a long sip of Deep Shadow from the shot glass he held, then muttered to Arlin, "It's pretty rare to see tender tails who can dance like that, y'know. Those two Stripers work those poles like professionals."

"Yeah, I've never seen anyone perform like those three," the Gnome on the other side of the Warden added, "The Hooman lass is a real treasure. I bet she'd be worth a buttload if she had the right agent."

Arlin glared at the Gnome, then returned his attention to the stage, "Worth much more than you realize, bub," he growled.

"Whoa! Check that out," the Panther said, almost falling off his stool and steadying himself by grabbing Arlin's shoulder. Arlin watched in shock as a Furling Rat slipped a note into a cash capsule, placed one end in his mouth, and edged closer to the stage. The Human girl swirled around her pole, then backed up towards the Rat. She went down on all fours and presented her bottom to him. He pressed the exposed end of the capsule against her southern star, then pushed it deep up inside her with his tongue. She playfully wiggled her ass in his face, then turned around and gave him a kiss on the mouth while the crowd raised their mugs in a hearty cheer.

"That Rat must be a fuckin' rich bastard," The Panther remarked, "I've lost count of the number of capsules he's given them. You'd think they would be about ready to take a break and cash out soon."

"Well, hopefully, the girl has room for one more," Arlin replied. He took a capsule from a dispenser on the bar, reached into his pouch, and extracted a tiara note. He rolled up the bill, sealed it in the capsule, and padded off to the stage area.

"How are you girls doing?" Rhiana asked her guest dancers, as she took another three coins under her tailfeathers.

"Er, Miss Rhiana," Kennewick said, "not all of us up here are girls, y'know."

"You're dressed like a girl, so you should expect to be addressed as one, silly," the Secretary Bird admonished the Skunk, getting in a firm swat under his skirt as their paths on the stage crossed. "Anyway, that schoolgirl uniform looks great on you, young lady."

The insides of Kennewick's ears heated up and a slight reddening could be seen through the white fluff on his cheeks. He quickly rubbed his butt, and pouted. For just a quick drive-by swat, Rhiana packed quite a wallop. he hooked one leg around one of the stage poles and performed a graceful triple spin that caused his skirt to flower out and show off his maleness and his furry behind, which really looked rather feminine, "It ain't my fault. It's Amalie that insists that me and Katella dress alike." His path took him to the edge of the stage. He turned his back to the crowd and presented his butt to accept a half dozen coins from a Furling Wolf.

"Well we are twins," the other Skunk reminded him, "And we both serve our Princess in the exact same way. So it's only natural she would want us to have the same uniform." Katella planted a playful kiss on her brother's mouth. then followed his lead and presented her bottom for coining.

"I'm about ready for a break," Amalie said, "I don't think I can carry much more inside of me." After the Rat gave her that last capsule, she knelt on the stage and bent forward, so her breasts were pressed against the floor and her behind thrust up in the air for all to see. She teasingly wiggled her bare bottom in front of the crowd, then rolled over onto her back. Next, she lifted her legs up in the air and brought them over her face. This, of course, caused her skirt to fall upwards and expose her tight, hairless sex. While she held this position for a moment, a burly Human fellow leaned over the edge of the stage and managed to slip a gold coin up her butt to join all the other coins and capsules she was carrying. She then thrust herself up so only her shoulders were supporting her, locked a leg around one of the poles, and continued to push herself up into a handstand. A few seconds later, she righted herself, coming down into a full split.

"This song is almost over, dear," Rhiana assured her and the Skunks, "then we can all take a short recess in the back and cash out. Oh, and it looks like your biggest fan is back with another token of appreciation."

Amalie smiled at the Furling Rat, who was once again waiting at the edge of the stage with a cash capsule in his mouth. She sauntered over to him and gently ran her fingers across his face. As before, she turned around and thrust her bottom out at him. She gasped as the capsule was inserted into her now rather full aft chamber. But instead of feeling that long tongue press in after it as before, she felt a long, taloned finger push itself deep up inside her.

"Oh, you are a naughty lad," she teased, "Perhaps after cashing out, we can retire to a private suite, and I can give you a private performance."

"Young lady," The voice behind her sent a chill of foreboding rippling through her body. Amalie bent over so that she was looking between her spread legs, and was mortified to see Warden Arlin standing where the Rat had been moments ago, and not only standing behind her, but standing behind her with one of his fingers up her butt.

"C-Court Warden," she stammered, "Wh-what brings you here? Don't you have paperwork or somethin' to be doing back at the palace?"

"Princess Amalie," Arlin growled. He extracted his finger from her depths and motioned for her to stand up. "The party is over, m'lady. Come with me."

As if on cue, the music came to an abrupt halt and silence reigned briefly in the area around the stage. Kennewick and Katella, who were down on all fours, with their gyrating asses thrust up in the air, stopped and peered over their shoulders at the towering Feline. Their hearts racing, and their large, green eyes wide with fear, they nervously arose to their feet and turned to face the Warden. Arlin motioned for them to come join him and Amalie, a commanding gesture that they understood would be foolish for them to disobey.

Rhiana also looked frightened. She nervously approached Arlin and placed a hand on his arm, "I'm truly sorry about this, Warden. I had no idea that the Princess was not to be here. Please don't..."

"Don't worry your lovely feathery head over this, Rhiana," Arlin interrupted her, "You and Everett have done no wrong. It's these three brats who are in trouble, not you."

The Secretary Bird's expression changed from one of worry to relief, "Oh, thank-you so much. As I'm sure most anyone here would vouch, neither I nor my brother would ever knowingly engage in any practices that would violate Lovenmusk's laws. We may be rather unconventional in our activities, but we do operate an honest and upright establishment."

"I do not doubt you at all, miss," Arlin assured her, "Still, before I depart, I must request that you present your tail to me for a moment."

Being the submissive and obedient bird she was, Rhiana humbly turned to face the back wall, assumed a position like she appeared on the sign outside, and lifted her tailfeathers, providing a lovely view of her muscular, white-down covered rump, "Your word is law, Warden. My bottom is for your pleasure." She turned her head to peer over her shoulder at Arlin, gave him a mischievous wink, and added, "even here in the presence of all these witnesses, for whom this should be a pleasure to behold."

Amalie giggled, eliciting a warning glare from Arlin, "Oh! Are you going to give her a spanking for harboring us, Warden?"

The Tiger did not grace her question with an answer. Instead, he placed one paw on Rhiana's rump, using his thumb to spread her plush cheeks just a little. With the other paw, he reached into his pouch, extracted a gold coin, and expertly slid it deep into her nether passage like he did previously to Everett. "This is my thanks to you for taking these three young ones under your wing and keeping them safe."

He then landed a playful, but firm swat on the bird's butt and gave her a devilish smile as she stood upright again and turned back around, "My most humble apologies, m'lady. But I was not able to resist such a tempting target. His little display was met with raucous cheers and lewd catcalls, and hearty requests to take Rhiana all the way right there on the stage. He had to admit to himself that he would gladly oblige the hungry masses, and the look in the bird's eyes when she turned around and smiled at him told him that she would have no qualms about putting on a performance with him as well. But sadly, he had to restrain himself, considering he was still on duty, and urgently needed to return the princess and her friends to the palace.

"Do be sure to visit us again soon, Warden," Rhiana exhorted him. She gently nuzzled his cheeks with her beak, then turned her gaze on Amalie, Kennewick, and Katella, "And as for you three, thank you very much for gracing us tonight with your presence. You all performed remarkably well tonight. You danced like professionals. Perhaps some day, you might even be able to dance for us here full time."

"Thank-you, ma'am," Kennewick replied, speaking for all three of them, "It was pretty fun being up on stage and on display. I learned a lot in such a short time."

"And we made a lot in such a short time," his sister added, "My butt is so full of coins and cash capsules, it's going to be a rather uncomfortable walk back to the palace tonight."

"Well, you kids earned every last bit," Rhiana assured them. She gave them a final hug, a tender peck-kiss on the cheek, and a pat on their tender bottoms, "I don't know what's in store for you three tonight, but I do sincerely wish you all the best of luck."

"Hah!" Amalie said, "I know exactly what's in store. And no amount of luck is going to provide any relief."

"That's enough, Princess," Arlin growled, "Come along now. Regent Tormanin is worried sick about you kids." Without another word, he turned around and herded the three youngsters through the crowd.

Back on the stage behind them, Rhiana's musical voice cut through the noise as she announced, "Thank you all for being here with us tonight. As much as I'm enjoying dancing for you, I'm sorry to announce that I really must take a bit of a break. But don't fret, dear friends. The night is still young, and we still have plenty of entertainment for you tonight. In fact, you will soon be entranced by the delightful LiKressa. I do hope that you will treat her as wonderfully as you have treated me, the Princess, and her friends. In the meantime, the bar is still open and the band is on fire. Drink and dance. The night is yours, here at Up Yours!" A hearty cheer rang out as the band started up again with a jamming fiery tune and the dance floor filled up.

"Great show tonight, Princess! Here's hoping we see you again soon." Arlin and his entourage cast a gaze over towards the bar on their trek to the door. The Furling Rat that had previously given Amalie so much attention and cash had retired to drink with the Gnome that the Tiger had glared at previously. The two had been joined by a pair of Human ladies, one dark skinned with silvery-white hair, and the other a fair-skinned brunette, both clad identically in school girl style pleated minidresses similar to those Amalie, Kennewick and Katella wore, only red and white instead of green and white.

"Yeah, per'aps you can teach our lady friends here a move or two," the Gnome said. He grinned at the dark-skinned lady and landed a friendly swat on her butt beneath her skirt, "You'd like that, wouldn't you, Triniti?" The girl just gave him a rather tipsy smile and a playful peck on the cheek.

The Tiger simply gave them a look that warned them, in no uncertain terms, to banish such thoughts from their minds, and the four of them promptly finished their drinks and hurriedly excused themselves to go engage in some intimate entertainment back in one of the private suites. At the door, they encountered Allisson and Amanda, with Karlisle and Nyrion in tow. Both the Dwarf and Karlisle looked rather nervous, no surprise really, considering the activities they would soon be engaging in with the two whores.

"And the mighty hunter gets his prey in the end," Amanda declared, flashing a playful wink to her brother, and a sympathetic smirk to his captives.

"As does the mighty huntress," Arlin replied, "Well done, sis. Well done."

Nyrion smiled sheepishly, "Ah, what can I say, Warden?" he confessed, "The kitten here proved to be more persuasive than me."

"Chalk up another pair of victories for life's pleasures," Allisson declared, "and another pair of defeats for uptight prudishness."

Forgetting momentarily the trouble she was in, Amalie's eyes lit up at the sight of the cute Raccoon lad Allisson was leading, "Karly! It's about time you got away from those tightasses and their silly protests outside. Figures it would take some sibling revelry to break your shell."

The insides of Karlisle's ears showed a bit of reddening as everyone within hearing range learned that he was about to lose his virginity to his big sister. "Well...Allie always did look out for me," he stammered.

"Aw, don't be so nervous," the Princess chided him, "It's not as if you two are the first ever to..."

"Princess, that's enough," Arlin interrupted. He leaned over to Karlisle and gave him a squeeze on the shoulder, "Don't be scared, son," he reassured him, "Trust me, Allisson will take good care of you."

Karlisle smiled nervously up at the Tiger and nodded, then boldly wrapped an arm around Allisson's waist, resting a paw firmly on her rump.

"Atta boy, there," Arlin commended him, "Now, we really must be getting back to the palace. We need to get you kids cashed out and then properly paddled before putting you to bed." He took out his data pad and keyed in a call for a pickup, then gave Kennewick and Katella each a zap under their skirts with his lightning crop to prod them along. "Get a move on, you." The skunks cried out a yelp of surprise as the jolt of electricity from the crop burned their bottoms.

"Seeya at school tomorrow, Karly!" Amalie called over her shoulder as the three were herded out the door.

The crowd of protesters had dispersed already; only a small pawful of Chastity Society members were still hanging around outside of Up Yours, Arlin noted as the trio made their way to the patrol car waiting at the curb. Standing beside the cruiser was Denali. The Otter was holding the front passenger-side door open, like a chauffeur, "Your ride, sir, and madames," she said, putting on a comical high class snooty accent. Arlin hustled the youngsters into the front seat of the cruiser, and he nestled himself into the back, next to Denali's prisoners, a pair of shackled and subdued Ornith Crows, one male and one quite female. He guessed that the two were most likely mates or lovers in addition to partners in crime. "To the Regent's Estate, I presume?" Denali asked.

"But of course," Arlin replied, "And hurry, but hurry safely. The princess and her friends have an appointment with Regent Tormanin about their behavior before they are put to bed for the night. And it is getting rather late."

"Ah, I see. So some young'uns are destined for a date with the paddle," the Otter concluded.

"Yes," Arlin confirmed, "That goes without saying." Denali, of course, was unable to see the Warden's knowing smirk as he thought about tomorrow morning's proceedings culminating in the Otter laying over his lap and her own aft end being warmed by him.

"What did they do to warrant yours and Regent Tormanin's wrath?" the Ornith Crow sitting next to him dared to ask.

Arlin turned his gaze to her and looked her over. She was a pretty little thing, most likely in her late teens. She looked rather frightened, sitting there wearing nothing but her shackles. Without even having to do a mental probe, the Tiger could tell that this was her first time in trouble with the law. He figured there would be no harm in talking about Amalie and her friends' activities. Just a minimal amount of information would be harmless, especially since tonight's happenings would be in tomorrow's gossip channels anyway. "They were engaged in conduct unbecoming of a prominent members of the Regency household," he said, "And that is more than enough information for you on this matter. You and your partner there obviously have other more serious worries to occupy your thoughts."

The Ornith girl nodded her head and let the matter drop, "Aye, sir. I won't probe any further. The biz and scandals of the upper high and mighties hold no interest for me anyway."

"Enough chatter, Darlene," the other Crow interjected, "Just sit quiet, think of how we're going to build our defense, and don't annoy the officers."

The girl sighed and cast a glance over at her partner, "I'm sorry, daddy," she said, "I'm just a little scared and thought that a bit of conversation might help..."

"I said enough chatter, young lady," he interrupted, giving the Tiger an apologetic look.

"You're her father?" Arlin asked. Even though he had not made the faux pas of verbally implicating the two as lovers, he still felt a tinge of embarrassment over his earlier assessment. It was often hard to tell with birds, just from a casual glance, but the Crow's proud bearing and air of authority in his voice when he spoke to Darlene, did tend to indicate that he was an elder to her instead of an equal.

"That's an affirmative, sir," he replied, "Name's Beryl, and this young chatterbird is my daughter, Darlene. You'll have to forgive her. She is always flapping her beak a little too much."

The Tiger nodded understanding, "That's normal for young'uns. Anyway, despite your current situation, I will still say it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Beryl; and yours too, Darlene. So, is this your first time on the wrong side of the law?"

"For my daughter, it is, but I myself have been in dungeons several times over the years," Beryl admitted, "However, up until now, it was all for minor, petty infractions."

"I see," the Tiger growled, "First time in the big leagues, eh? What did you nab them for, Denali?"

The Otter pulled the cruiser into a left turn, heading up a narrower street than the one they were previously on. Far off in the distance, the Regent's Estate, their destination, loomed before them, "Armed robbery it was," she reported, "Lovenmusk Central Bank. Fortunately, all stolen assets were recovered; there were no casualties, and no significant property damage." She reached back to hand Arlin her datapad.

"Whoa! That is big time," Arlin mused, "I pity the both of you. Master Toraq is going to have a wonderful time working you over and prepping you for ten years unpaid service to the highest bidder."

"Hah!" Darlene snapped, "We're not afraid. Right, daddy? After all, we're Orniths. We can happily take whatever punishments any dungeon warden can dish out to us."

Amalie turned around and smiled at the young Crow, "Then you are in for quite a treat," she said. The smirk on her face gave Darlene a chill, "Master Toraq is the most infamous dungeon warden in the entire world. Isn't that right, Katella?"

The Skunkette nodded her head and giggled, "Yeppers. Master Toraq is the best of the best at what he does. And he will absolutely enjoy training and disciplining you."

"Hah again, I say," Darlene shot back, "Bring him on. Like I just said, we can take any punishment anyone can give out. We're Orniths, remember?"

"So is Master Toraq," Kennewick chimed in.

"Oh, fuck," the girl moaned. Kennewick's revelation about their soon to be caretaker was like a kick in the chest, and she immediately transformed from a proud, arrogant brat back to the frightened young girl Arlin had earlier observed minutes before. She whimpered and rested her head on her father's shoulder. "I'm scared now, daddy. If I had known that getting caught would put us into the talons of another bird..."

"Oh, don't you worry your feathery head, sweetie," Beryl said, trying to comfort his daughter and set her at ease. "I'm sure that we can withstand whatever this Master Toraq can dish out. And I know that our reps will be able to manage a lighter sentence for us, or at least for you, since this is your first time. Chances are, that ten years slavery will be reduced to a year at the most."

"Don't count on it," Arlin warned him, "Regent Tormanin does not take crimes like yours lightly at all, and he rarely ever grants leniency for first offenses." He gave Beryl a naughty smile, "On the bright side, it's quite possible that your daughter will take well to the life of a slave, and those ten years will pass quickly. As for you though, you can probably expect more than a mere decade."

"Oh? Why so?" Beryl asked.

"Oh, I'm just taking your past record into account," the Tiger replied. "According to the data we have on you, you have a rather interesting history, what with your previous convictions for various scams, extortions, thefts, illegal slave trafficking, and whatnot. You can probably expect to receive a quarter century of unpaid service."

"We'll see," Beryl countered, "We'll see."

The remainder of the ride passed in silence. Finally, the cruiser reached its destination, and Arlin and Denali parted ways for the evening. The Otter led the Crows off to be booked and turned over to Master Toraq for initial pre trial disciplining, while the Tiger delivered Princess Amalie and the Skunks to Regent Tormanin for their impending punishment.

It was not an unpleasant task. The insides of Warden Arlin's ears were burning with guilty embarrassment as his fingers probed deep under Kennewick and Katella's tails, extracting the cash capsules and coins that they had earned during their performance at Up Yours. Young, they might be, but the Tiger could tell that the two Skunks were getting aroused and enjoying the procedure, stripped of their school girl minidresses, and bent over a low bench with their tails raised and ass ends thrust up and out, vulnerably exposed for all to see. Kennewick's arousal was visible, of course, and Katella's scent as well as her soft moans and alluring back arch each time the Tiger's fingers probed up her ass, made her feelings obvious. Arlin understood that their reactions were perfectly normal for Furlings. Expressions of sexuality came naturally to their race. But he still couldn't shake the feelings of embarrassment for the twins, considering that they were barely a dozen years of age, and as far as he knew, still virgins. He also felt self conscious about his body's own reactions to the extraction process, and was thankful that the five of them, himself, the Skunks, Regent Tormanin, and Princess Amalie, were the only ones present in the audience chamber tonight.. The Skunks' arousal was contagious, and he could not deny that Kennewick and Katella's aft ends were irresistible, evidenced by the hard press of his maleness against his tight leathers. In an attempt to guide his thoughts elsewhere while he pulled coins and capsules from the young Furlings' bottoms, he turned his gaze to Princess Amalie.

This tactic failed, of course. The sight of the Princess, also stripped of all clothing and bent over the bench, with her father's left hand on her round, plush bottom and his other hand probing deep up her nether depths to cash her out, was no less torturous. In fact, it was even moreso, due to her lack of fur, making her truly and fully naked. He sighed to himself, futilely attempting to banish numerous improper thoughts from his mind, 'Come now, Arlin,' he silently scolded himself, 'This is Princess Amalie, daughter of your employer and most trusted friend. She is barely fourteen years of age, still a tender tail, and has still never felt a shaft in her depths. 'Tis not right for you to be lusting after her assets.'

He turned his gaze away from Amalie's bare, upturned butt, and put his focus back on the Skunks' aft ends, digging deep inside them to extract the last of their earnings. "Okay, on your feet, you two," he ordered, giving Kennewick and Katella a firm open-paw slap on their asses for emphasis. The twins arose from the bench and looked in amazement at the two jars on the floor by their feet. They were close to overflowing with cash capsules and coins, as was the third jar, which Regent Tormanin was filling up with his daughter's own earnings from tonight's performance.

"Looks like you youngsters were quite the hit tonight at Everett and Rhiana's place," Arlin chuckled, thankful for this brief distraction from his naughty thoughts.

"I...I had no idea just how much I was carrying," Kennewick said, "And I also never realized how much money my ass could hold, for that matter. I honestly didn't think I was all that good on stage tonight."

"Apparently, everyone else at Up Yours thought you were pretty damn good," the Tiger commended him, "And even I will admit that you were quite enjoyable to watch, you too Katella."

The Skunkette smiled shyly, and a light reddening could be seen through the white fluff on her cheeks and inside her ears, "Thank-you, Warden Arlin," she replied, her voice a meek, embarrassed whisper, "I did have a lot of fun, and I think it was worth it, even though it got us in trouble. Oh, and I'm not surprised at all at how much you were able to take in, Kennewick. A lot of people, even total strangers seem to naturally become obsessed with your bottom for some unknown reason. Plus, you've had a lot of self-conditioning already, seeing how you are always stuffing anything you can up your butt whenever you get the chance."

Now, it was Kennewick's turn to blush, "Kattie, please. Do you hafta blab that to everyone?"

"Oh, come on," she snapped back at him, "It's not as if your obsession with your own bottom is any big secret. I mean, pretty much everyone in the palace, as well as everyone at school knows that you..."

"Kattie..." he warned her.

"Alright," Arlin interrupted, "enough bickering. You two already have a pretty heavy duty paddling coming to you. Keep this up, and it could be doubled." This was more than enough to shut the two Furlings up. They gave each other a playful glare, then turned their collective gaze on Princess Amalie, or more appropriately, on Princess Amalie's smooth, bare bottom, from which Regent Tormanin was still extracting coins and capsules.

Amalie gave a passionate moan and whimper as her daddy's large fingers probed deep inside her. She turned her head and gave Arlin a coy smile, "What about me, Warden?" she asked, "Was I not enjoyable to watch as well?"

Arlin adjusted his position slightly in order to conceal his unbidden arousal, as his mind once more filled with lewd thoughts about his princess. He turned his gaze to Tormanin, who had paused momentarily in his enviable task, his right hand still buried up his daughter's butt. The Regent gave the Tiger an amused grin and nodded to reassure him that he was free to speak his thoughts.

"At the risk of bringing your father's wrath down upon me," Arlin growled, "I can not deny that your performance was indeed most delightful and titillating, Princess. And had I been anyone else, you, the Skunks, and Rhiana would have driven me into bankruptcy tonight."

"She is becoming quite the stunning young lady," Regent Tormanin said. He removed the last cash capsule from Amalie's depths, dropped it into the jar on the floor beside him, and combed his fingers through his shoulder-length mane of salt and pepper colored, silky hair, "I have no doubt that some day, she will make some lucky fellow very happy, should she ever choose to take a mate."

"Well, truth be known, sir," Arlin replied, "I would feel both envious of, and sorry for such a lad, considering what an intense and incorrigible personality your daughter possesses. Anyone who would dare take her on had better be extremely submissive or even more headstrong than she."

"Aye," the Regent agreed, "He will most certainly be an exceptional character to deal with my daughter. Now, up on your feet, young lady." He gave Amalie a firm, but affectionate pat on her rump.

Arlin could not help but think that Tormanin had him in mind as a future mate for Amalie. The thought delightfully teased him, no doubt about that. But deep down, he truly believed that he would not be right for her. He cast a glance over to the Skunks again. They were standing submissively side by side, holding paws, while their tails twitched nervously. Kennewick was also showing a hard shaft of pink protruding from the furry sheath between his legs. But apparently, he was either unaware, or nonplussed by his aroused state. Arlin couldn't blame him though, what with the little floor show he had just witnessed. Now that dear lad, the Tiger mused, would be most likely to someday become Amalie's mate. Or at the very least, he would most definitely be the first to couple with her, and probably the first to boink his sister for that matter, what with them being so emotionally bonded together as an inseparable duo. He and Katella absolutely adored their princess, and were always ready and willing to carry out her bidding. The twins were almost like personal pets to Amalie. And in fact, that was quite often how others around the palace, especially Master Toraq, thought of them. He felt sorry for the Skunks, considering what they were about to experience over his lap in a few minutes. It wasn't their fault that they found themselves in trouble, at least not fully their fault. The greatest blame for their predicament fell on the princess they so adoringly followed. She was a natural leader, and the twins felt it was their duty to obey her every whim.

"Amalie, Kennewick, Katella, stand before me now," Tormanin ordered. His voice reverberated with authority. The three young miscreants hastily stepped forward and faced their judge. Standing before the Regent, with their feet spread and hands clasped behind them, the trio met Tormanin's stern gaze. Kennewick's erection had receded back into his sheath, and he and his sister looked frightened. Their musky scent was stronger than normal as well, which confirmed their fear over the upcoming judgment about to be passed upon them. Princess Amalie, on the other hand, remained calm and aloof. Even standing totally naked before her father, the most influential man in the entire region, she still managed to hold onto her pride and slight arrogance, looking every bit the regal young princess she was.

"Amalie, your actions tonight were absolutely unbefitting of a girl of your status. It's bad enough that you frequently insist on parading skyclad about the palace whenever you feel like it, but strutting about on stage at a night club in the shadowy part of town, flaunting your tender assets for all to see and even feel is going too far."

"Oh, come on, daddy," Amalie argued, "We just wanted to have a little fun outside the palace tonight, to unwind after finishing my big assignment for school tomorrow. Everett and Rhiana would not have let anything bad happen to us, and as you had said moments ago, I am pretty much a young lady now. I should be able to enjoy things grown ups get to enjoy."

Tormanin sighed in frustration. The girl just wasn't getting it. His icy gray eyes narrowed to slits as he continued chiding his daughter, "You may have the body of a young lady, Amalie; no one is denying that. However, you still have the mind and attitudes of a tender tail. You always go off and do whatever strikes your whims without a second thought for the possible consequences to you, your friends here, or our household. I can just imagine what the headlines are going to say tomorrow morning. This is not going to be good for the Regency."

"Oh, everything will be fine, daddy," Amalie pressed on, "I didn't see any reporters inside. They were all covering the Chastity Society's protests. Besides, even if there had been reporters there, it would make for good publicity for us anyway. Just look at how Everett and Rhiana's club is doing, what with them being married despite being brother and sister."

"You just don't understand, honey," Tormanin said, "We are not a night club. We are the ruling family for this region. Those birds' sibling revelry may be great for their business, but for us, your naughty activities could be considered scandalous, which is not a good thing in the social and political scenes. You are my heir, Amalie. When I am retired or dead, you will assume control of Rain Valley. And it would be bad for us if the people knew their leader as a dancing stage slut. Your actions tonight were completely irresponsible, and can be a virtual black eye to our household."

"But daddy, like I said, there were no reporters inside. No harm was done to your precious reputation."

"You don't know that for sure," Arlin interjected, "Just because you didn't see anyone obviously writing up a story about the Party Princess of Lovenmusk does not mean that your actions went unnoticed. And even worse, had I not arrived to bring you home, you and the Skunks could have easily become prey for slavers."

"Ah, that's silly," Amalie giggled, "No slaver would dare try to take me or my friends. Who would they sell us to? It's not as if we are unknown to the rest of the world."

"Perhaps you are fairly well known across Lockke," the Tiger said, "But there are many many worlds throughout the galaxy where no one would have a clue about your identity and heritage. And as this one Gnomish fellow commented during your performance tonight, you would definitely be worth a considerable sum."

"What? you think that guy with the Panther and those two Human girls might be slavers?" Amalie asked.

Arlin shook his head, "I don't think so. Slavers haven't been active in this part of the world in a long time. No, I think that group might have just been talent scouts pondering hiring you, Kennewick, and Katella to dance for them, or to provide other services."

"At any rate," Tormanin said, resuming control of the conversation, "the actions of you three youngsters were unacceptable tonight, and punishment has been earned."

"Spankings, I presume?" Kennewick meekly asked.

"Yes," the Regent affirmed, "You have each earned a firm twenty swat paddling on your unclad bottoms."

"Twenty?" Katella repeated, protectively placing her paws over her plush, tender rear.

Regent Tormanin nodded his head, "Yes, twenty. And as for your cash earnings, Kennewick and Katella may keep theirs. However," he looked down at the jar on the floor beside him, "Princess Amalie's tips will be donated to one of the homeless shelters. Punishments are to be carried out immediately. Warden Arlin, the Skunks' aft ends are commended to your stern care."

The Tiger solemnly nodded his head, "By your command, my liege," he growled. He took the paddle Tormanin handed to him. It was one that originally started life as a joriball paddle, made of a fairly pricey and rare hard wood. It's thickness was approximately that of a Human's little finger; the elliptical "blade" was a full two and a half hands in length, and the handle, wrapped in black leather, was just the right length for either a one or two-handed grip. He sat down on the bench, silently nodded his head at Kennewick, and patted his thigh. The Furling lad, already intimately familiar with this ritual, nervously assumed his position face-down across his muscular lap.

With one arm firmly holding the Skunk's bushy tail out of the way and against his back, Arlin gave the boy's soft, vulnerably exposed licorice and whipped cream-furred musk end a few tentative light pats with the paddle. Then without warning, he lifted the board high in the air and brought it down hard on his butt, striking squarely on the sit spot of his right cheek. The impact echoed throughout the room with a loud smacking thud, muffled slightly by the plush furry pelt that covered his butt. This was immediately followed by a second strike on the right side, and one across the middle; it was pretty much a typical strike pattern all cubs and young adults were accustomed to. The pattern was repeated, only higher on his rump, along the upper curve, and then again dead center. Kennewick proved to be a stalwart lad, and took his paddling with little more than a series of sharp gasps and whimpers. He did squirm and struggle a little as the paddle slammed against his ass over and over again, but the firm press of Arlin's arm across his back held him in place securely enough to keep him from slipping off his lap.

The spankings the kids have been taking lately had become much harder than they were a few months ago. Arlin and Tormanin were pretty certain that the youngsters weren't secretly enjoying the lighter normal paddlings they had received back then, but they both agreed that these kids were getting to that age when they were becoming more and more aware of their bodies and confusing feelings. It was only a matter of time before they started eroticizing the feel of the paddle and other disciplinary tools on their bottoms, a perfectly normal and expected phenomenon among many races, as Kata had hinted at earlier that night. So to ensure that the paddlings earned did indeed serve as punishment, the Regent and Warden determined that they would be spanked with considerably more intensity than normal, hard enough that it would take Ornith-calibre willpower to actually get aroused by the ordeal.

In addition to feeling sorry for the kids, Arlin also found himself feeling a little guilty. As Kennewick lay there submissively across his lap, getting his cute little bottom thoroughly paddled, the Tiger was unable to banish more improper thoughts from his mind. The sight of the Skunk boy's upturned butt in front of him caused a stir deep within him. Each smack of the paddle on those sweet, musky southern cheeks intensified the tingling sensation growing deep within his loins, and he had to exercise tremendous willpower to prevent his maleness from hardening and pressing against Kennewick's tummy, giving away his growing arousal. He had discussed this matter with both Regent Tormanin and Master Toraq on several occasions, confessing the disturbing feelings he experienced when disciplining the kids. Both of them reassured Arlin many many times that such feelings were perfectly normal and acceptable. And in fact, as Toraq had pointed out, the Warden was well within his rights to get aroused when administering spankings, even spankings administered to youngsters, since that could easily enhance the embarrassment aspect of the punishment, which was every bit as important as the pain aspect. Despite these reassurances, Arlin still could not shake the feelings of guilt whenever he entertained thoughts of using Kennewick and Katella's tails after spanking them. Ignoring the burning growing within him, the Tiger pressed on with his task, landing the final two swats again on Kennewick's burning sit spot, both evenly across both cheeks.

He released his grip on the boy, and helped him to his feet. Kennewick was sniffling and whimpering softly, his muzzle damp with tears. He stood aside and tried futilely to rub the intense fire from his well-punished bottom, which showed a lovely soft crimson glow beneath the snowy white fur. Arlin turned his gaze to Katella, and again patted his leather-clad thigh. She submissively stepped forward, and like her brother, obediently positioned herself across the powerful Tiger's lap.

The Warden wasted no time at all, and immediately began beating the Furling girl's furry ass in earnest, following the same pattern he took with her brother. Unlike her twin, Katella yelped out loudly with each swat, at least up until the sixth time the paddle struck her cute tender bottom. By then, she was crying rather loudly, not enough to be heard beyond the closed doors of the audience chamber, but still loud enough to where her pained sobs and wailings almost drowned out the smack of wood against furry flesh. As before, Arlin felt himself getting rather aroused, and had to mentally struggle to hold back the erection that was threatening to grow beneath his leathers and give away his shameful desires for the tender tail girl's virgin assets. Finally, much to both his and Katella's relief, the twentieth and final swat slammed down across the center of her burning, glowing butt. He helped the crying lass to her feet, where she immediately began rubbing her ass and hopping back and forth, doing what was commonly called the Redtail dance.

Arlin stood up and handed the paddle back to Regent Tormanin, "Justice has been served, your excellency," he solemnly announced.

Tormanin nodded and gave him an understanding smile, "Thank-you, Warden Arlin. Now, please stay and serve as witness to the final proceedings before we put these three delinquents to bed for the night, that is, if you don't have any other more pressing matters to which you must attend."

"Well, I do have a couple dates tonight, sir," he confessed, "But they can wait a little longer, since we didn't set any specific times, and they are going to be out and about pretty late tonight anyway."

Tormanin nodded again, then turned his gaze on his daughter. Amalie was idly kneading Kennewick's rump, attempting to soothe some of the soreness under his tail. "Princess Amalie," he said.

The girl looked up at her daddy and smiled, "Is it time?"

"Aye," the Regent replied, "Kennewick and Katella have received their punishment. Now it is time for yours. Front and center, young lady, you too, Kennewick."

The Princess and her pet Skunk obediently stepped forward and faced the large, graying man, awaiting his orders. "Twenty swats," he reiterated, "Kennewick, bend over, spread your legs, and place your paws on the bench."

The boy assumed his position, once again presenting his furry bottom. This position was even more alluring and tantalizing. It spoke of total submissiveness, obedience, and humility, traits that had been hammered into him and his sister easily after they had been brought under the Regent's protection.

"Amalie, hold onto him so that he does not hurt himself," Tormanin instructed his daughter, "Katella, hold your brother's tail up out of the way."

Katella, her bottom still very sore and red, took her place to Kennewick's right, grasped his tail, and lifted it up to fully expose his bottom, which still showed the blush from his previous paddling over Arlin's lap. Meanwhile, princess Amalie placed her gentle hands firmly on the boy's shoulders, and pressed down just enough to hold him in place.

"Twenty swats for Princess Amalie," Tormanin repeated, "to be shared between you and your sister, Kennewick, as per your agreement as her paddle girls."

The Regent positioned himself behind and to the left of Kennewick, assumed a two-handed grip on the joriball paddle, gave the Skunk's vulnerably thrust out rump the customary pair of warm up pats, then pulled the board back and swung it full force. It landed square across the boy's bottom with a loud smack, causing Kennewick to yelp out. The paddle struck a second time, firmly impacting the right cheek, and the lad yelped again. He did his best to hold his position despite the intense fire that coursed through his butt with each swat. His fingers took a death grip on the edge of the bench as the paddle struck a third time, landing on his left flank.

Katella and Amalie winced sympathetically each time the paddle connected with Kennewick's butt. Katella felt like she had will 'o wisps dancing around in her tummy as she waited with dreadful anticipation her turn to receive Regent Tormanin's wrath on her still sore bottom. Amalie, who maintained her firm grip on Kennewick's shoulders, bent down and whispered encouragement in his ear, "You are doing good, my pet," she told him. The fourth smack of the paddle landed again on the left side of his butt, along the upper curve, followed by a matching blow on the opposite cheek. "You're half way there now. Only five more to go." She planted an affectionate kiss on his forehead.

Kennewick couldn't hold back any longer. He tensed up and closed his eyes tight, trying to hold back the tears. But the sixth smack of the paddle, again on the upper curve of his ass, across the middle, was too much, and a steady stream of salty moisture flowed freely down his face. His whimpers became a loud, but not ear-shattering bawling, as the paddle slammed dead center on his sit spot. As expected, the eight and ninth swats connected on the lower curve of his rump, one on the left cheek and one on the right.

"Only one more to go," Katella announced, adding her encouragement to Amalie's.

"And then it's your turn," the princess giggled. Katella just nodded solemnly. She didn't understand why Amalie thought this was cute or funny. But she said nothing. It was not her place to question the princess's thoughts and feelings.

Kennewick nodded his head, closed his eyes tight, and gritted his teeth. His whole body tensed in pained anticipation. This would be the worst of the ten.

"Relax," Arlin coached him, "It is a little more bearable if you take it without your haunches flexed taut. That gives you a little more cushioning down there to absorb the blow. But you should know that good and well by now." He gave Kennewick's burning rump a friendly pat and squeeze. The Skunk took a deep breath and forced himself to relax as the Tiger suggested. As he exhaled, the paddle came down a final time, slamming with excruciating force once more on the center of his sit spot. He collapsed over the bench, his body quivering uncontrollably as he cried. Princess Amalie gently caressed his neck and face, wiping the moisture from his cheekfluff. Katella also gave her brother some comfort, by kneading his glowing, abused bottom with her paws, and even planting a series of sisterly kisses under his tail, which caused him to wince and then blush.

After a couple minutes, Kennewick finally regained his composure, and rose to his feet. Princess Amalie and Katella took turns pressing their mouths tenderly against his while reaching around to knead his paddled aft end even more.

"That was impressive, love," Katella chirred. "And don't you dare feel any embarrassment for crying like you did. With a paddling like you just took, I would have started worrying if you didn't cry. You took it better than I could hope to. I mean, I will probably be bawling by the second swat."

"Aw, it wasn't easy, sis," Kennewick replied, "But I know you will do fine too. I've seen your bottom take some pretty hard punishments over the years. But like Warden Arlin said, try to relax."

"I'm proud of you, my little pet," Amalie said, "I don't think I can ever take a spanking like that." She wiped a final linge

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