Sally Sue and me too  



Sue had the tip of her tongue as deep as she could get it, in Sally`s anus. "Oooh mum" said Sally "that feels lovely, don`t forget my clitty i need to get my come soon".With that Sue licked down the girls sweaty perineum into her fleshy cunt lips,along to her clit.There she continued to lick and breath in the aroma from Sally`s two orofices.As Sally started to ride the waves of exstacy i contiued to slide my stiff cock in and out of sue`s body.Her wet vagina had made my shaft glisten with her lubrication.My foreskin had long since been pulled back when i first entered her,and as i brought my shaft back and forth looking down i could just see the purple knob head now and again as i used the full length of my penis to well and truly fuck Sue.
As i was stuffing Sue doggy style i could see her gorgeous puckered sweaty anus, and dark skin that surrounded it in between two magnificent bum cheeks.What with looking at that,and the sight of these two women tonguing each other,it wasn`t going to be long before i would be emptying the contents of my balls into Sue`s beautiful vagina.
Back and forward i pounded making her arse shudder with each thrust, this was so good,two naked and horny women built to be fucked, being used by me for sexual gratification.
These two women were definately built for sex ,and tonight they were my playthings to do exactly as i wished.
Sally was starting to come now and so was i,she gasped as the orgasm hit her and went rigid,a sharp fart issued from Sally`s anus as her sphincter muscles spasmed,Sue continued her clitty licking throughout.
This was too much for me and i felt the onset of a wonderful come,my shaft and balls felt as if they would explode with joy.In a way they did as the orgasm coursed through me i started to pump my desperate seed from my balls,pulse after pulse of pure pleasure as my sperm flew from the the end of my cock.My rigid pole shot my load deep into sue`s beautiful vagina at last, as i rammed the cow from behind.

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:59 pm