Sensual Dinner for my Lover, Part II  


The bath was still hot and steamy and full of bubbles when I instructed you to get in and relax. You still had the blinfold on, so since the candles were the only light, you couldn't see anything not even shadows. I quickly got you another drink, making sure you stayed relaxed. I then started my rubbing and cleaning of your body, starting at your feet and gently working my way up, making sure you never took off the blindfold or splashed (I didn't feel like getting wet by water yet). I intentionally skipped over the best part of the night to save that for last. I continued to soap you up from the belly to the tip of your nose. Then rinsing the soap, I went back to the highlight spot of the night. Careful to touch every spot of your again hardened cock, I worked the soap in my hands into a good lather. Satified that I got you all, I rinsed you off and asked if you felt relaxed and clean. You then said to me, " Yes, but when do I get to wash you?" I didn't expect that, I wanted to please you this night, but in all goodness and self-wanting, I decided it wouldn't hurt. It might just be enjoyable too. So I removed the blindfold for him, and he liked what he saw. The candles gave me the most sensual glow to my wardrobe, I immediately saw him growing again. As I also got excited as you touched me for the first time, (unblindfolded that is). You kissed me hard first and moved your hands up the mini to feel how wet I was. You pulled back and grinned as you started to remove my halter. You were pleased to find out I was not wearing a bra, so pleased, that your lips and tongued caressed my swollen and perky nipples until they could not point out any farther, I sighed and started to moan as you traveled down my belly to unzip the mini with your teeth. Removing the skirt, and with my ass in your face, you moaned and told me that I had very nice taste in panties. I thanked you and turned around again to face you. You continued kissing and sucking while your fingers began their own exploration into my pleasure hole. I started moving to the rythem your fingers were making going in and out and in and out of me. Making me wetter and wetter, you then removed the last of my clothing, and positioned me to sit on the edge of the tub with my feet in the water. You came up to my lips and kissed me so passionately I thought I was going to faint from the pleasure. As the kiss went on, you had already sent me through one orgasm and onto the next, having 2 fingers in already you went down to taste me. Spreading my lips with your one hand and keeping 2 fingers inside me, you tasted with your tongue. Moaning, I leaned back for support against the wall. Finger fucking me, I quickly started to climax, I told you I was going to cum and you told me to wait. Quickly, you reached up with one hand to massage and pinch my nipples and drove your tongue inside me to send me over the edge, massaging my nipple with one hand and my clit with the other, and your tongue driving in and out of me, I soon came. I screamed and shook under all the excitement and sprayed my juices all over your face. You ate and drank of me until I was dry. Then, slowly, you pulled me into the tub with you and started your rubbing and cleaning of my body, inch by glorious inch you got every part of me.
End Part II

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:18 pm