Sensual Suprise for my Lover, Part I  


We have worked together for about 3 months now and we've talked at great length about anything and everything. It was finally Friday and I decided to invite you over for dinner. We had to be discreat about it, me being married but separated and your girlfriend of 13 years working just 40 feet away from where we work together, so I decided to write a little note to you. I knew you knew english but I wrote to you in Spanish anyway, "Por favor, dejale tu novia esta noche y ven a mi casa." (Please, leave your girlfriend tonight and come to my house.) I wasn't very good at my spanish so I hoped you understood. I left my address on the paper for you. You looked at me on the way out at the end of the day and mouthed "OK", I was so excited, I nearly tripped down the curb walking to my truck.

I knew I told you to be there by 8:00pm so after worked I rushed to the store to buy candles and a plug for my Garden Bath Tub. I also made sure to pick up your favorite alcohol so that you wouldn't be so nervous. It was a good thing you liked the same as I, because I didn't want to be nervous either. So I made sure to pick up a whole gallon of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, and some Coke for me, I knew you drank it straight. I finished with the shopping and rushed home to set up. I started to cook the chicken, and while the rice was cooking, I quickly took my shower. I was already getting so excited, so while was shaving my triangle for you, I started to get really wet and imagined it was you stroking and fingering me. Before I knew it, I put myself through my first orgasm for the night. I hurried and finished shaving and dressed in the outfit I picked just for you. I knew you liked the short shorts that I wear to work so I put on my short mini and a tight fitting halter top, I made sure to put on the black lace thong that I hoped would excite you as much as it did me. I splashed on perfume and set up the bathroom with many candles and romantic music that you said you liked. Finishing with the main course, Chicken with Cheese and Broccoli Rice, I started cutting up dessert. Apples, Strawberries, Blueberries, nice ripe Banannas, and of course fresh whipped cream. I placed them on a platter and put the tray in the bedroom on the bed, then to finish that room with lit candles and soft music also.

You arrived right on time as I started to set the table and light those candles. I walked you into the diningroom and took your coat to the closet. I asked if you were hungry and you said you were starving. We ate and drank and had a nice conversation as we always do. I asked if you were ready for dessert and you asked what it was. I gave you a sly smile and pulled out a green bandana. You looked puzzled so I quickly asked.
"So, do you trust me?"

You smiled and said "Sure, why not?"

So I tied the blindfold over your eyes and asked you to get up. I leaded you to the romantic music and scent of burning candles into the bathroom where earlier I had drawn a hot steamy bath to bath you in. I started to undress you and you asked what I was doing. I said, "I'm getting dessert ready." I pulled your shirt off first, kissing and sucking on your taunt nipples. Then, making sure you kept the blindfold on, I bent to take off your shoes and socks, then to your pants. I undid your belt and you tried to remove the blindfold, to distract you from doing that, I kissed you for the first time long and sensual. I moved your hands to my breasts so you were preoccupied while I removed your pants and boxers. Releasing your already growing cock, I bent now to entice you with my mouth. Licking at first to tease, then plunging straight to the end I took you all in. You started moaning and rocking so I sit you down on the side of the tub to finish tasting you until you cummed, I was already dripping from all of this, so when you came and finished every last drop, I too finished for that was my second self yeilded orgasm for the night. End Part I

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:19 pm