Sister In-Law loves the movies  


It was a chilling even and my wife was out of town on business. I had gotten off work early Friday and decide to just hang out at the house and watch TV and drink a little wine.

The time was going by very slow so I decided to take a walk to release some stress rom the hard week at work. When I got back there was a message from my sister in-law, that she was going to stop by to pick up a dress of my wife's to wear Saturday to a holiday party. I called her back to let her know she could come by anytime to get it.

Kathy was a very pretty lady with a hot body, in the past I had teased her saying if I hadn't married her sister, I would have taken a shot at her.

It was about 6:30 at night when Kathy called and said she would be right over to pick out a dress and maybe we could have dinner and rent a movie. Kathy knew that Mary was ut of town and I was bored with nothing to do.

When Kathy arrived, I told her to go to the Mary's closet and pick out the dress and I would be in the TV room. About 15 minutes go by and Kathy enters the wearing one of Mary's long red dress and asked what I thought she looked liked. I told her she look great and she better be careful cause she is going to have the guys begging for her at the party. kathy said she was going to try another dress on and would be right back to get my opinion. While she was in the bedroom all I could think about was her great ass and what I would love to do with it.

Kathy returned and was even looking better in the black, backless dress. I noticed she was holding a video and asked what movie this was, marked Mary and John. She had a grin on her face waiting my answer. I said where did you find that, Kathy stated she found it under the nylons in Mary's drawer. I explained to her that Mary and I had filmed us having sex and I had forgotten all about it. Kathy said "well lets watch it". I asked if she was sure she wanted to see it, and Kathy said yea, I would like to see my sister get fucked.

I got up out of the chair and told her to go change and I would get the movie ready, Kathy said she was fine and sat down on the chair I had just gotten up from. I asked her if she wanted me to go so she could watch it and she said no way stay and watch it with her.

I forgot what was on the tape because it had been so long since we had filmed it. Kathy still in the black dress belongng to my wife was kicked back and looking at the TV with locked on eyes.

The movie started and the 1st thing we see is Mary laying on the bed naked and rubbing her pussy as I filmed her. Mary was using her dildo and pumping herself faster and faster as I viewed her thur the lens. I was sitting on the other recliner when I looked over and Kathy had moved her leg over the arm of the chair. Her hand was rubbing her inner thigh. My cock was getting harder by the second.

The next scene on the tape was me moving on to the bed and taken the dildo from my wife and started eating her dripping pussy and pushing her dildo inside her . Mary was maoning on the film and about that time Kathy had her had between her legs. Kathy was not saying a word or even acting like I was there. She was enjoying herself. I just couldn't take it any more and asked her if she was still OK watching this with me. Kathy said "you bet, come here"

I got up from the chair and stood in front of her but she could still watch the movie. She lifted up the dress and tod me to eat her pussy like I was eating Mary's while she watched the movie. It was likea mili-second for me to be eating her already wet pussy. Kathy moaned with delight and juiced on my lips and tongue.

Kathy then got up and got on the floor and asked me to fuck her from behind, again while she watched her sister on film get fucked by me.

The scene on the film was me fucking Mary from behind, then I had figured it out that Kathy was wanting me to do the same thing I was doing to Mary on the film. My cock found her pussy with no problem and I was driving her hard. Kathy's head was moving with every stroke of my cock. She was cumming and I could feel her moisture around my swollen cock.

Kathy fell to the floor on her stomach and told me to lay down with my head towards the TV, that put me in the position where she could suck my cock and look up at the TV once in a while to see the movie.

I was watching the movie upside down but could tell that Mary has sucking my cock on TV and then I felt Kathy's tongue start licking my shaft and head of my cock. She was moving her mouth over my dick and taking all of it down her throat. I was going to blow my load soon. Kathy was telling me to shoot my hot cum in her mouth as she stroked my dick faster and faster. With one last suck on my head, I unload my cum into her mouth, Kathy moaned with delight and sucked every last drop of cum from my cock. I don't think I have ever had an orgasim like that before in 25 years of marriage with her sister.

I just laid there for what seemed to be hours, but it was only about 10 minutes when I heard Kathy say "thanks for the dress and the movie".
Out she went leaving me like a used up piece of meat. To this day she has never mentioned it to me, but I could tell, Kathy can't wait for us to be alone again. Please leave feedback about this story, I will read yours and leave feedback also.

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:02 pm