Smoking gun  


I knew he would get home around 11:30 tonite. My neighbor….the cop. Mmmm, how I’ve always wanted to get fucked by a cop. Maybe it’s the handcuffs…or maybe it’s the power...or maybe it’s the gun. I’ve never held a gun or heard one fired, I hate to even be around guns, actually – I pretty much hate guns altogether, but there is something extremely erotic about a cop and his gun. But anyway, I knew my fantasy would cum true tonite.

His side window was left open all day…something I just happened to notice. This wasn’t my normal way of approaching a man, by climbing in his window, but I couldn’t help think of how hot it would be to surprise him like that. The flirting in our driveways was definitely warming up. I knew he was definitely interested in getting to know me a little better. Me and my little love-box. So my plan was to sneak in his window a few minutes before he gets home and then take him by surprise.

Ok, well maybe it wasn’t the best idea to break and enter into a cop’s house. I could have gotten myself killed. Fortunately for me though, this story has a happy ending. A very happy, and very wet, ending. So there I am, standing in his kitchen dressed only in my long, dark raincoat and my thigh-high black leather boots. I knew how much he liked those boots, because when I’d be wearing those boots and a short skirt and we were doing our “neighborly” flirty-thing, I could see his bulge grow right in front of my very eyes.

My long wavy blond hair flowed down to the middle of my back, my lips were blood red, and my blue eyes were a smokey gray. My heart raced as I heard him fumbling for his keys at the front door. “Oh my God” I thought, “what the hell am I doing?” But it was too late…there was no where for me to go. Did I really think I had the balls to pull this off? No fucking way.

But then the front door swung open and he on comes the light and inside he steps. I thought about going back out of the window before he ever knew I was there. Then I heard him throw his keys and wallet on the table. I started creeping back towards the the bathroom with the open window, when all of a sudden I stepped hit the bathroom door and it hit the wall behind and made a noise. As soon as that happened, he instinctively reached for his gun and I saw his shadow on the wall. Now I was totally freaking out. I had to do something or he was gonna think I was some burglar and shoot me. But I couldn’t say anything…my vocal cords were stuck…I just stood there – frozen in fear….and yet a hint of excitement.

He shouts out “Who the fuck ‘s there…who the fuck are you?” as he corners the kitchen, gun still drawn. Ok, now I’m starting to get into this…the fear…the excitement…the moisture between my legs. I know I have to make my move before I end up on the floor with a bullet in my head. Quietly I say “Tim, its me, Miranda, your neighbor” and I walk out from the bathroom. He is standing right in front of me with the gun pointing right at me. I have never felt so much adrenaline race through my body when staring at the gun. Tim quickly realized what was going on and I think he was too turned on by my very presence in his house to be angry or mad. The relief poured over his face and he “You scared the shit out of me…I almost killed you”, and to that I apologized. I explained about my last minute panic and my lame attempt to leave. I could see the fear and anger in his eyes fade away to lust and yearning. The temperature in the house instantly shot up about 50 degrees.

Our eyes stayed locked, and no one said a word, as he walked towards the counter to put the gun down. I reach for his hand and stop him from putting the gun down. I get this strange urge….i grab his hand with the gun in it, and I slowly lift it to my mouth. I slowly start kissing the tip of the gun and then his fingers. Then I take his hand in mine and position the gun right towards my wet, red mouth. I slowly start to run my tongue along the gun, with little flickers of kisses, and then slowly take the gun into my mouth. I could feel both of our hearts beating faster, our breathing becoming much more labored…and hot. I slowly take my hands away from his and let him have full control of the gun inside myself mouth. He bobs it in and out of mouth very gently….he starts moaning….and I start moaning. This is by far the sexiest think I have ever been involved in. After a few minutes of giving head to the gun, slowly and gently, he says “I need to taste you…right now.” He slowly took the gun out of my mouth and placed it on the counter, and he led me into his bedroom. As he lays me on the bed, I tell him how I want to suck his cock just the way I sucked his gun. He replied “Well that’s too bad because now it’s my turn. I think I better teach you a lesson about breaking into other people’s houses” and he ripped my coat off, exposing my perfectly round breasts. .Lucky for him I am well endowed with my natural Ds. And my extremely hard and aroused nipples just screaming out to be touched, and kissed, and sucked. Laying there beneath him, with only my boots on, I feel as thought I could come right at that very moment. He knows I am eagerly awaiting his touch but he makes me wait….just looking me over and over…up and down, licking his lips. Our breathing is so heavy by now we barely have enough energy to eek out words…mostly just moans and utterances of pure pleasure. The more he makes me wait, the more I start to struggle. The more I start to struggle, the more pressure he puts on my arms to keep me pinned. Oh my God, I think I have found my perfect mate. Oh, how he is making me so hot…by not doing anything at all! I keep reaching my lips towards his face but his force is too much. I can’t give in, I wont give in. I continue to struggle to reach his mouth with mine, and he just keeps on laughing at me.

Then at last he he says “Now how am I going to keep you in place while I have my way with your wet, warm pussy?” I promise him I’ll be good, but I don’t think he buys it. Actually, I know he doesn’t buy it because he reaches over and grabs a pair of handcuffs out of his bedside drawer. I tell him that’s an interesting place to keep his handcuffs, to which he replies “Well, I’ve been waiting for you.” He grabs my arms and spreads them over and out above my head and cuffs me to his iron bedposts. “Thank God it’s not a king size bed”, I think to myself. With my hands cuffed up top, he asks me what it is I want. I tell him I want to feel his warm tongue inside my mouth…and then inside my body. But he knows how bad I want to kiss him, so he makes me wait. He tells me “That’s nice, but I want to taste your insides first, so get ready”. I tell him how unbelievably turned on I am and how I think I might cum the minute he touches my pussy. How I’ve never felt this electricity before…I mean this is like 1000 voltage. He agrees with me that this has been a fantasy of his that he’s been waiting for the right girl. He warns me, though, that if I cum too soon, I will regret it. “I’m saving the best for last and it is at that point that I will allow you to cum.” The way he said it, I knew he meant business. I knew he would cut me off if I came too soon. And there was no way I was going to miss any of what he had in mind. It would be hard to try and keep myself from cumming too soon, but with the motivation he has given me, I know I can do it.

So here I am, hands cuffed to the bed, trembling with anticipation of feeling his touch on my body, his tongue in my body. I am having major trouble just breathing. I have never felt so vulnerable in my life. I would never let just anyone handcuff me. But with Tim, it was different…I felt totally safe with him and I know he wouldn’t hurt me. All of these emotions are making me feel like I am about to pass out. Tim takes a long, lovingly glance over my body and then excuses himself one more time. He comes back in the room with a second pair of handcuffs. My pussy begins to throb now and the juices are flowing freely. I am so fucking ready for this. He grins at me as he walks towards me with the handcuffs. I grin right back at him. Our eyes are locked…our heavy breathing in total sync. He again reminds me “If you cum before I tell you too, that’s it – its over.” I remind him I have no intention of letting any of this get away from me. He then grabs some pillows and places them under my lower back and ass so that my cunt is raised a foot or two off the bed. He then gently grabs one ankle and cuffs it to the bedpole. The, slowly, the other. He keeps my boots on. Again I think to myself “Thank God this is not a king size”. He even remarks on the perfect fit of my spread-eagle body to his four bedposts.

Well, this is it. I am totally secured to the bed. I have about zero movement. A place I have always dreamed of being. And now it’s here. I have only imagined the pure carnal pleasures I am about to experience.

Stay tuned…….

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:07 pm