Summer with Daddy  


As a high school graduation gift, Daddy offered to fly me out to spend the summer with him. I didn't really have anything special to do at home, my boyfriend broke up with me when I wouldn't give him my virginity at the prom, so I was kinda bummed and figured what the hell, at least it would be something different.

Flying all the way from Maine to L.A. knocked me out, and by the time I arrived I was sleepy and sore. I stumbled off the plane, looking for my Dad, but at first I couldn't find him. And then I realized that the fox who was staring at me looked familiar. He had lost about 40 pounds since I had seen him, he was tan, and his hair was lighter, but the eyes -- Oh My God! Could that cutie looking at me be my Dad? His eyes caught mine and I realized he knew it was me too -- and I don't think I was quite what he was expecting. I mean -- I was barely a teenager last time he saw me!

"Hi Daddy," I murmured as he walked over to me.

"Princess," he said, taking me into his arms, "I am so glad you are here. How was your flight? Did you want to stop to get some food before we go home?"

I explained to Daddy that no, I really was tired and a I had a headache, could we please just go home? He took charge, getting my luggage quickly and ushering me out into his truck. He opened the passenger side door and helped me in, then went around and got in his side. "Here baby," he urged "why don't you lay down and rest with your head on Daddy's lap? My place is like an hour's drive from here."

It felt a little weird to put my head on Daddy's lap, being pretty much an adult now, but I WAS tired, so I laid down. Daddy stroked my hair and quickly I found myself asleep. I couldn't have been sleeping long when I woke up, realizing that Daddy's hand had wandered down to rub my shoulders and neck, teasing at the edges of my breasts. I must have moved a little because Daddy quickly took his hand away, but I felt his pants bulging under my head. I didn't really know how I felt about that, but I definitely found that my nipples and pussy were twitching in reaction.

When we got home, Daddy carried my bags to my room, and I asked him if I could take a bath before I napped. He brought me a towel to change into and I heard him running a bath in the other room. I stripped down and wrapped the towel around me, and went to find Daddy. We talked for a few minutes while the tub filled with water and bubbles. After Daddy turned the water off I kissed him and thanked him, but he said he would stay and help his baby bathe. I was kind of embarrassed but Daddy promised not to look, and turned around while I slipped into the tub. The bubbles covered up my nipples but the mounds of my breasts were exposed. Daddy didn't seem to notice as he took a sponge and slowly started washing my arms, and my back. Then Daddy moved to my legs, pulling each one out of the water to gently wash them. Daddy gently took his sponge and rubbed my nipples and over my belly, then he took his time cleaning between my legs very well. The bubbles were starting to disperse by now, and Daddy seemed to be looking at my hard tits, but he didn't say anything, and I didn't either.

Daddy left me alone to rinse and dry off. I hadn't unpacked yet, so he gave me one of his t-shirts to wear to sleep, and kissed me goodnight. But after Daddy left I couldn't help but think about how good it felt to have Daddy washing me, and how much I liked feeling the bulge in his pants for me. I started tweaking my nipples just a little bit, but quickly moved so one hand was on my nipple and the other was between my legs teasing my clit. I thought I was being quiet, moaning "Oh Daddy, fuck me Daddy", but before I could cum I heard Daddy walk into the room.

I looked up at Daddy, stammering "I'm sorry, Daddy", but Daddy just bent to kiss me. Then he wrapped his lips around my free nipple and replaced my fingers with his on my clit. "Let Daddy do that for you baby," he whispered, "let Daddy make his girl feel good." Daddy moved so his thumb was rubbing my clit and his fingers were inside me and I was quickly bucking on his hand like I never would have imagined possible. Daddy kissed me deeply on the lips, moaning "Cum for me baby, Daddy wants you to cum for him." Hearing Daddy talk so nasty to me made me cum hard on his hand almost right away.

I arched my back and stretched a bit, recovering from the most intense orgasm of my short life. When I looked back, Daddy's hard cock was inches from my face. He was stroking it slowly. "Kiss it baby. Kiss your Daddy's cock." I had only done that for my boyfriend once or twice and wasn't sure what to do, but I gently kissed the head of Daddy's cock. I took the head between my lips and started licking it a bit. "Ooooh baby, suck Daddy's cock," Daddy moaned. I looked up at Daddy "But I don't know how," I said. Daddy sat down on the bed and told me to kneel on the floor in front of him. "Don't worry baby, Ill show you," as he guided my head down onto his cock, using his hands to set the pace and telling me what to do with my mouth. "Suck it baby, that's it. Suck that cock for Daddy."

I started to really like what I was doing, and it only seemed natural to wrap my hand around Daddy's cock so I could suck him better. "Uhhhhh," Daddy moaned, and I knew I must be doing something right. "Daddy wants to cum in your sweet mouth baby, is that ok?" asked Daddy. I had never done that before, but I wanted to please Daddy, so I nodded slightly and moaned "MmmmHmmm."

"Ok baby, you need to suck me a little faster," he said, as he started moving my head up and down his shaft more quickly. "Oh yes, yes baby," he yelled, as hot liquid poured into my mouth. It tasted salty and I didn't know what to do, but Daddy's cock was still in my mouth pouring hot liquid so I swallowed it down, and kept on licking Daddy.

Spent, Daddy pulled me up onto the bed into his arms. "Mmmm, you are a good little cocksucker baby," he purred to me. Then he held me in his arms, whispering how he loved me and what a good baby I was as I drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke a couple hours later, I was alone in bed. I looked around and noticed that my suitcases were gone. A check of the closet and drawers confirmed my guess -- I had slept right through Daddy unpacking my things for me. I threw on shorts and a t-shirt and went downstairs in search of my father. When I found him, he was outside on the back deck, talking with a man I did not know.

"Hey baby, he called" waving me over, "come meet my buddy Tom." Tom and I said hi and made some small talk about my flight and my plans for the summer. My tummy growled loudly, and I covered it, embarrassed. "Oh poor baby, Daddy said, you probably haven't eaten much all day, have you? Why don't I fix you some food? Do you like hamburgers baby?"

It struck me as funny that my own father didn't know if I liked hamburgers, but I told him yes, that would be good. Tom used the opportunity to excuse himself, telling Daddy he would call him later. "I noticed you brought a couple swimsuits baby, why don't you get changed and have a quick swim before you eat? I'll grab you a towel."

I headed to my room to change, realizing that if Daddy knew what swimsuits I had packed, he had seen everything. The plain cotton bras and panties that Mom insisted I still wear. So embarrassing -- girls my age mostly wore much cuter things, but it was a stretch to get her to let me buy them in colors and not just white! I threw on my cutest swimsuit, modest enough to make Mom happy, but at least she let me get one that was low cut in the back, and I headed back to the pool.

There was a towel on one of the deck chairs, and I could see Daddy in the kitchen working on preparing food. As I dove in the pool I thought I saw Daddy watching me out the window. I figured he must be worried that I didn't know how to swim well, so I showed off a little, swimming laps, gliding smoothly through the water. It felt great to swim in a pool so warm -- back home the weather got so cold at night that even in the summer pools were cold most of the time!

When Daddy called me to eat, I got out of the pool and wrapped the towel around myself. I found as I sat to eat though, that the sun felt good on my back, and I let the towel fall around me. "I noticed you had no bikini's baby," Daddy said. "How are you ever going to get a California girl tan in a one piece?"

I blushed, "Well Daddy, Mom still buys my clothes and she doesn't approve of things like bikinis and sexy underwear and short skirts, so....this is what I have."

"Hmm," Daddy said "well Mom isn't here now, and I think that you should get some new clothes to go with your new California life, don't you think baby? What do you say tomorrow I take you shopping, and you can have anything you like -- we will get you a whole new wardrobe if you want. Sound good?"

"Well, yeah Daddy, that sounds amazing actually," I beamed. "You sure you don't mind? I mean, this stuff is ok, its just a little...boring and well, not grown up enough for me."

"Oh I agree baby, you definitely need some more grown up clothes, and it would be a joy for me to help you pick them out."

After dinner, Daddy suggested I take a shower to wash the chlorine out of my hair before we watched a movie. I was disappointed that he didn't want to help me bathe again -- I had enjoyed the afternoon. I was concerned that maybe Daddy was upset about what happened and didn't want to get that close to me again. I showered, dried my hair, and put on my favorite jammies, a small blue cotton cami with matching shorts.

I found Daddy sitting on the couch. "Hey beautiful, he called to me, did you want to pick the movie?"

I told him no, that whatever he picked would be good. And sat on the loveseat. Daddy rummaged through his DVD's a bit, and put on one I recognized, an oldie about a girl who goes away with her family for the summer and ends up having an affair with the dance instructor.

Daddy came to sit on the loveseat with me, and before I knew it he had gotten me snuggled in close, my back against his chest, his arm around my shoulders. As the movie progressed, I nuzzled in closer to Daddy, and noticed his hands moving slowly down to my breasts. I arched my back slightly when he was close, pushing my nipple to right under his fingertips. "Mmmm," I moaned as his fingers touched my swollen tit. Apparently that is all the encouragement that Daddy needed, because he began playing with my nipple gently through my shirt.

"Let Daddy see those beautiful breasts, baby, "he whispered, and I slipped my camisole up over my head. When Daddy pulled me back into his arms, he positioned me so that he could reach around me and play with both of my nipples at the same time. My pussy was getting so wet from his touching, but I didn't really know what to do, so I just lay against him, enjoying the sensation.

The star of the movie and the dance instructor were back at his place now, and I knew from seeing this film before that they were about to have sex. "Baby," Daddy whispered "see what a special moment this is? She is going to give him her virginity. Are you still a virgin, baby?"

I must have gotten bright red, because Daddy continued "its ok, baby. You are saving it for someone special, aren't you? I could help baby. You know Daddy loves you more than anything. And Daddy would take his time and teach you how to really enjoy sex. Hmmm?" he moaned, as he slid his right hand under the waistband of my shorts, stroking his way down my body to my throbbing clit. I turned to talk to him, and Daddy covered my mouth with his, kissing me hard.

Daddy pulled me into his lap, straddling him, still kissing me. He took his hand and led my hand to his bulging cock. "Feel what you do to Daddy, baby? I've been hard pretty much since you got here. Wouldn't it feel good to let Daddy slide his big cock inside you baby?" And with that, Daddy slid his fingers from my clit to inside my pussy. "Feel that baby?" he whispered, "just think how good it would feel to have Daddy's cock stroking you like that."

I was quiet, not sure that I was ready to give up my virginity to anyone, much less my father, and yet it felt sooooo good. "How about baby, if you just come upstairs with me and let me touch you some more? Let Daddy make you feel good like he did before. Would you like that baby?"

I moaned and nodded my assent. Daddy picked me up still straddling him and carried me not to my bed, but to his. He lay me down and slipped off my shorts. I watched as daddy stripped off his clothes, joining me on the bed with his throbbing cock exposed. I couldn't take my eyes off that beautiful cock, thinking about sucking it earlier, wondering what it would feel like inside me.

Daddy crawled onto the bed, but instead of laying next to me he stayed at the edge, so his face was right near my pussy. He began stroking me with his fingers again, and then I felt his warm mouth on my clit. "Uugggghhhh, " I moaned. "Mmmm, does my baby like that?" Daddy asked. I nodded yes, and he put his mouth back to work, his lips sucking on me, his tongue lapping at me, his fingers gently stroking inside of me. I felt like I was going crazy. And then he stopped.

"No Daddy, don't stop" I hungrily moaned.

"I'm not stopping baby, I just want you to feel something special." Daddy crawled up between my legs and started rubbing the head of his cock over my clit. Oh god did it feel good, but I missed the feel of his fingers inside me. I began bucking my hips against him, wanting to feel the sensation more, more rubbing, more pleasure.

Daddy stretched himself out so that he was laying on top of me, his weight on his shoulders and whispered "Baby, you sure you don't want Daddy to fuck you with his big cock? Feel how good it is just on the outside, don't you want it in you?"

Without even thinking I responded "Oh yes Daddy, please fuck me." And at that point, I was wild with lust. I wanted Daddy in me so badly he could never know. I felt the head of Daddy's cock slide just barely inside of me. "You sure baby?" he asked, looking into my eyes. I responded by pushing my pelvis against him forcing him a bit deeper. "That's my girl," he whispered.

Slowly, Daddy slid deeper into me until he hit my cherry. This might hurt a little baby, but I promise you it will feel real good once the pain goes away. With that, Daddy pushed his way into me, tearing my wall, which hurt a little, but not nearly as much as I expected. "That's a good girl," Daddy cooed " Daddy loves being inside his baby."

Living up to his promise, Daddy stroked inside me nice and slow, letting me enjoy every inch of his big cock. Daddy slid his cock completely out of me, and I whimpered, wanting it back inside. "Just a minute baby, Daddy just wants to be able to watch himself fucking you."

Daddy gathered up the pillows and put them under my ass. "There baby," he whispered, "Do you want Daddy back inside you now?"

"Yes Daddy, please fuck me Daddy."

"Well baby, if you want me to fuck you, I want you to so something for me. Play with those pretty tits of yours for me baby, I want to watch you touch yourself."

I did as Daddy asked, knowing full well how to make my tits feel great, pinching them a little, rubbing them gently with my fingers, looking up at Daddy as I pleasured myself.

"Good girl," Daddy said in a voice much deeper than his norm, " Daddy loves it when you touch yourself for him." Daddy picked my legs up and put my feed up my his shoulders. "Now baby, Daddy is gonna fuck you good and hard. You ready baby?"

"Oh yes Daddy, Fuck me, " I groaned, as Daddy slid his cock deep inside me with one quick thrust. Daddy fucked me, alternating between watching me play with my tits and watching his cock slide in and out of me. As I moaned and writhed with pleasure, Daddy took his thumb and put it on my clit, rubbing just gently. It felt so good I started fucking back against him as hard as I could.

"Yes baby, fuck Daddy," he moaned.

Daddy picked up the pace, fucking me harder. "Oh Daddy, I'm going to cum," I exclaimed.

"Yes baby, cum on Daddy's cock. Come on now, be a good girl and cum for Daddy."

His words pushed me over the edge, and I started to have a shuddering orgasm with my Daddy fucking me. "Oh yes baby, he yelled. Daddy's gonna cum inside you. Oh baby, ohhhhhhh."

Daddy thrust his cock deep inside me and just held it there, moaning and talking about how good it felt to cum in his little girl.

As his orgasm died, Daddy moved to lay on top of me again, kissing my face, my lips, my neck. "Oh my beautiful baby," he purred. I loved the feeling of having Daddy's slowly deflating cock still inside me. "My baby, you will always be mine, and I will always love you, my princess."

We kissed and licked at each other, Daddy staying inside me until at last he finally slipped out. "Baby, would you like me to clean you up," he asked? In my blissed out state I did not want to get up, so I just nodded. Daddy came to me with a warm washcloth and gently cleaned between my legs. The attention woke my clit up again, ready for more attention.

When Daddy returned to bed, he found me laying there gently stroking my nipples. "Is my little girl still horny?" he asked.

"Yes Daddy," I replied blushing.

"Baby, why don't you touch yourself for Daddy? Let daddy watch you get yourself off like you were doing earlier. Please baby?"

And being the good little Daddy's girl I am, I moved my hand to my clit....but that is a story for another time.

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The morning after Daddy took my virginity, I woke up still a little sore from him pounding my pussy the night before. I realized as I opened my eyes that I was still in Daddy's bed, but that I was alone. I had never spent the night in a man's bed before; much less my own father's and simply did not know what to do. Was I supposed to get up and go to my bed? Just get up and start the day?

As I lay in bed trying to decide what to do, Daddy returned to the room wearing only a towel and looking like he was fresh from a shower. Seeing him half naked made my nipples instantly start to stiffen and brought back dirty memories of the night before.

"So baby, do you still want to go shopping?" Daddy asked.

I did want to go shopping, but my body was telling me I wanted something else much more. I stretched, allowing the sheet to slide down my body so that my erect nipples would show, and smiled back at Daddy.

Daddy came to me and sat on the edge of the bed. "Do you think I don't know what you are trying to do, you little tease?" he asked. "I think you can wait for that until later, but its your choice we can stay home and you can try to seduce me, but I think we might have more fun going out shopping. What would you like?"

"I guess," I pouted "shopping it is. But couldn't you come back to bed for a little bit first?"

Daddy gave me a light spank on the ass, "If I come back to bed with you now, we are not getting out of it for the rest of the day. If you want new clothes, you had better get yourself in the shower, baby."

I hopped out of bed and went to my bathroom where I carefully shaved my legs, arms and pussy, being especially sure that I was soft and smooth for Daddy. Once out of the shower I dried off and covered my whole body with lotion the same scent as my body wash. My nipples reacted instantly as I applied lotion to them, but I knew Daddy was waiting and I did not have time to play.

Trying to look my sexiest, I used the blow dryer to make my hair as smooth and straight as I could and used just a touch of makeup to line my eyes and make my lips look darker. I didn't have any really sexy underwear, but I went with my blue cotton set with lace trim -- it was the nicest thing I have. I pulled on jeans, a t-shirt and sandals, and went looking for Dad.

Daddy stood from the table where he was reading the paper as I entered the room. He pulled me into a hug. "Mmm, baby. You look and smell fantastic. What do you think about letting Daddy take you out to breakfast?"

Since breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, I enthusiastically nodded my assent. He took my hand and led me out to the truck, leading me over to his side. "Climb in and sit in the middle, will you baby?" he asked, as he helped me into the front seat.

I scooted over, buckling myself into the middle seat as Daddy climbed in next to me. He started the truck, backed out of the driveway, then took my hand and held it the entire way to the restaurant.

Daddy ordered my breakfast for me, and it turned out to be the best pancakes I had ever had. While in the restaurant, we didn't act sexual in any way, but he did hold my hand and cuddle me the whole time in a way I wasn't used to seeing fathers act with their daughters. The waitresses kept looking at me like they were jealous, and I felt proud to be the one that my handsome Daddy was paying so much attention to.

After breakfast, we headed straight to a huge mall. Daddy seemed to know where he was going, and lead me right to a lingerie store. We walked around together a little bit, working through the teddies and corsets and back to the bras and panties. It felt a little awkward, shopping for fancy under things for the first time with my father standing next to me, but I poked slowly through the racks, thinking about what I would and would not like to wear. I think Daddy noticed that I was holding back and he started wandering over to other racks.

I found myself pouting as not everything I wanted was available in my size. I was beginning to feel I just wasn't meant to have pretty bras or something, when Daddy came back to me. "Baby, he said. I talked to the saleswoman. She is going to help you find everything you need. Daddy is just going to step out for a few minutes, but I'm leaving my credit card with you. I told them you were shy about shopping with me and they said you could use it without me here."

I stared back at him, stunned a little by his offer.

"Here baby, I want you to buy everything you like, ok?" Daddy continued. "When you are done, why don't you meet me in that clothes store along the way? Oh, and do Daddy a favor. You see that little red outfit over there, right by the register? At least try it on and consider it, ok baby?" Then Daddy kissed me on the forehead, and left the store.

Moments later, the saleswoman came up to me. "Your father said you lost all your clothes when you flew in for vacation. You poor thing! He said you would be shy about shopping and that I should encourage you to buy anything you liked. Wish I had a Dad like that! What's your size, sweetie? D, right? 38?"

I blushed, wondering how this woman could possibly know that. "Yes," I murmured.

"Ok, why don't you just hand me one of everything you would like to try, and I will take care of finding it in your size, ok?"

I started timidly picking out basic items, a lace black bra, a satiny one done in red with pinstripes, but as I got into picking them out I found I was choosing about half of the bra's I saw. No big deal, I figured. Most of them probably wouldn't be in my size anyway, so I may as well pick them all so I would have some choice when she brought the ones in my size. I worked my way through the bra section, studiously avoiding all old lady or young girl looking cotton bras with no wires or shape to them. I ruled out most of the padded bras pretty quickly. I didn't like the idea of my breasts being smushed to fit a set shape. By the time I had finished, the saleswoman had her arms pretty full. She told me she would start looking for my size, and suggested that I take a look at the other items the store had.

I headed toward the register to check out the outfit that Daddy had suggested. It was a little silk camisole top with matching tiny shorts. It was sexy, but still cute. I picked it up and wandered through the store looking for more items. I didn't know what Daddy would like, but I wanted to have a selection. I chose satin robes, sweet satin nightgowns, a black lacy corset that curiously didn't have much cup for the bra to it at all, a lacy body suit, a see-through shirt that tied in the front and came with matching panties, and a rainbow of adorable little babydoll outfits. Thinking about what Daddy would think when he saw me in these sexy outfits got me carried away, and I picked out much more than I thought I really needed.

When I made my way back to the dressing room, I found the area absolutely full of bras and matching panties. I never imagined I would have so many choices, and quickly stripped out of my shirt and bra and started trying bras on starting with an amazing satin bra that reminded me of the ocean. I loved seeing myself in the sexy lingerie so different from what I usually wear, and quickly got wrapped up in trying things on. I was rubbing my nipples to see them erect through a beautiful lace bra when a knock came at the dressing room door. Mortified that I may have been seen, I called back "Yes?"

"Baby, how you doing in there?" I heard from the other side of the door, as a breathed a sigh of relief. It was only Daddy coming back to check on me.

"Oh Daddy," I gushed "there are so many pretty things; I just don't know what to choose."

"Hmmm, well baby, how about if to speed things up you hand out the items you like, and I will choose which ones to keep?"

Problem solved, I gathered up a big pile of bras and their matching panties and handed them over the door to Daddy.

"Baby," I heard back, "I don't see a certain red outfit."

I giggled. "I have it in here Daddy; I just didn't try it on yet."

"Sounds like you went a bit overboard with the shopping, didn't you little girl?" He didn't sound concerned though, he rather sounded amused. "Try that one next, ok baby? I want to see if you like it."

I removed everything I was wearing except my plain cotton panties, and tried on the silky set. It felt cool and good against my skin. The silk fabric hung against my erect nipples, making them the stars of the outfit. There was no way to look at me dressed like this and not see just how big and hard my buds were. "Ummm, Daddy," I called over the door, "I think you are going to like this on me."

"I bet I will baby girl," he whispered back. "Hand it over to me, and I'll have the salesgirl start ringing your stuff up. Keep trying things on baby, I'll be back for more in a minute."

I handed the outfit to Daddy and continued trying on pretty things, moving more quickly now that I knew Daddy was waiting for me. When he returned, I had another pile of things for him to go through. It felt a little weird to be handing Daddy naughty under things that were still warm from being on my body, but I couldn't help but be a little turned on thinking about how Daddy would react if he could actually see them on me.

When I finished, I was disappointed to put back on what felt like my little girl bra, but I was pleased to know that Daddy would have picked out some nice things I could wear for him from now on. When I joined Daddy by the register, I noticed he was loaded down with bags. It didn't seem like he rejected anything I had chosen. In fact, it looked like there was even more stuff then what I had tried on. "Daddy," I asked teasingly, "did you add some things?"

"Only some necessities you missed baby, that's all," he replied a teasing gleam in his eye. "But, I think we are going to have to bring this stuff out to the truck before we go shopping for clothes. I can't imagine carrying twice this amount of bags!"

When we put my things in the back of the truck, I noticed some black shopping bags that had not been there when we had gone into the mall in the back seat. Noticing my curious expression, Daddy chuckled. "You didn't think I would let you have all the fun shopping, did you silly girl?" Kissing my forehead he continued "If you are good, Daddy will show you what be bought later, ok?"

Daddy shut the door to the truck and walked me back to the mall, allowing his hand to slip into my back pocket. My boyfriend had done this sometimes back at home, but this was nicer. It wasn't like Daddy was groping or grabbing at my butt, more like he was just holding it, almost like it was his possession to protect.

As we approached the mall, Daddy took his hand from my pocket so that he could hold the door open for me. I thought, in that moment, about how nice it was to have Daddy to take care of me, to hold doors for me and carry bags. I wrapped my arms around Daddy, kissing his cheek. "I love you daddy," I murmured against him, pleased to finally feel comfortable saying that after so much separation.

Daddy seemed to light up a bit at this and I was pleased to have made him smile. We walked hand in hand to the clothing store that he had pointed out before where he started poking through the racks. "Baby, why don't you go pick some things out, and I will pick out some stuff I would like to see on you, and we can meet by the dressing rooms. Deal?"

I was a bit hesitant to leave his side again, but I did as I was told, heading to the section of tops while Daddy perused dresses. There were hardly any normal T-shirts like I would usually wear. Everything had either low cut tops, or no sleeves, or ruffled trim. They felt more elegant and dressy to me than my normal clothes. I realized though, that some of this stuff was just more grown up versions of every day hanging out clothes. I was so pleased to be shopping for pretty things that I may have overindulged again, my arms loaded when I met Daddy by the dressing room. I felt less bad however, when I got to the dressing room and found that Daddy already had it quite full. We quickly realized that Daddy and I had picked out some of the same things, and Daddy went to go put the duplicates back as I started trying on shirts.

When Daddy returned, he started helping out by telling me which things he wanted to try on next. He seated himself in a chair right across from the dressing room door, so I didn't have to come fully out into the room if I didn't like the way something looked. Daddy seemed to like me trying on dresses best, and noticing how he appreciated seeing me like that got me aroused. I started teasing him, rubbing my nipples a little so they got hard, bending over right in front of him to let him check if my skirt was long enough. At one point, I bent over and the skirt clearly rode up so my panties were totally visible. Daddy gave my ass a quick swat and told me to get back in the dressing room and change, but that we were definitely going to take that dress!

I decided to try an outfit other than the one that Daddy suggested next, just to be fresh. I put on the tiniest of jean shorts, so tiny I didn't even know if I would be willing to wear them in front of anyone but Daddy. I took off my bra and put on a crochet camisole that if you looked really hard you could see my nipples right through. I pinched my nipples a bit to make sure they were standing erect, and opened the door. Daddy's mouth opened when he saw what I was wearing.

"Baby," he said, taking my outfit in very carefully, "I don't think you got that one quite right. Let me help you." And with that, Daddy came into the dressing room and closed the door behind him. He pulled me close, pulling my ass against his groin. "Do you feel what you are doing to me, you little tease? You have your Daddy so hard, I wish I could fuck you right here. But I am not going to, because that would satisfy you too. So you know what baby?" He paused, but I didn't know if he wanted an answer, and I was too busy thinking about his hard cock pressed against my ass to concentrate too hard. "I want you to get down on your knees right here baby, and I want you to suck that cock."

Daddy slapped my ass making my whole body tingle, and put his hands on my shoulders, gently guiding me toward kneeling. I gladly complied and was quickly on my knees unbuckling his jeans. I heard Daddy gasp as I gently pulled his dick from his boxers and began kissing it slowly.

"Take it in your mouth baby," he whispered, "we have to be quick and Daddy needs to cum for you."

Wanting to please my Daddy I wrapped my right hand around his cock while the left moved to stroke his balls. I took his cock in my mouth as far as I can, bobbing quickly up and down his shaft, sucking him just like he had taught me the day before. Daddy, who had been so patient with me, was insistent, grabbing my head and guiding me to suck him faster. He didn't hurt me, but he definitely made it clear what he wanted. I let the fingers of my left hand explore, pressing the area behind his balls and Daddy starting bucking forward into my mouth. Suddenly, he grasped my head and held his cock very still, his seed spurting into my mouth.

I swallowed Daddy's cum and continued to lick and suck gently on his cock, wanting to have it all. Daddy pulled his cock from between my lips, tucking himself back inside his pants and zipping up. He helped me to my feet and gave me another swat on the ass. "Now, you naughty little girl, finish trying these things on so we can go home!"

After clothes shopping we grabbed a quick lunch and went to pick out a few more items I needed. A couple bikinis, some shoes, Daddy even got me the perfume I wanted. By the time we left the mall it was already getting to be late afternoon. I told Daddy that I needed a nap hoping that he would join me like the day before, but when we got home he simply tucked me in and rubbed my back until I fell asleep.

When Daddy woke me it was dark in my room. "Hey princess," he softly greeted me. "Tom and his wife Carol invited us over for dinner. You feel up to going?"

I felt a little foggy from being asleep, but I was sure that a shower would wake me up. "Sure Daddy," I said, smiling up at him.

Kissing me on the forehead he said, "Good girl. Why don't you hop in the shower and Ill pick out an outfit for you, ok baby?"

I headed to the bathroom, taking the hint that Daddy wanted me to try my new Be Delicious products because he had them spread around the bathroom already. I loved their wonderfully grown up scent, and felt very sexy with the bubbles sliding down my body. My pussy was all tingly from being turned on all day with no satisfaction, but I had no time to play. I did take a little extra time though, teasing myself as I washed and covered my skin with lotion.

Returning to the bedroom, I found a black dress laid out for me, accompanied by new shoes I recognized, and some other items that I didn't. When I put on the bra it held my breasts up like a shelf, but it did not have enough of a cup to cover my nipples. I remembered seeing things like this at the store, but I knew Daddy must have picked this up for me. The panties I did not recognize at all. They too were black, but when I put them on there was this little button inside that rubbed against my clit when I moved. Clearly Daddy was looking to tease me! To top the outfit off, there was a garter belt and black stockings that I know I didn't pick up. When I was dressed, I went to find Daddy. I was unable to ignore how the button rubbed against my clit, and how my nipples clearly showed through my dress with no bra to restrain them.

Daddy was in his room finishing getting dressed. He looked up as I walked in and whistled. I took that to mean he liked the way I looked and did a little spin for him.

"Grr," he growled, "don't you go teasing your Daddy. We have to go and you are going to get me all ready to fuck you if you prance around like that."

I gave Daddy my best puppy dog eyes and he swatted me on the ass, letting his hand linger to guide me out of the bedroom and towards the garage and his waiting truck.

As we pulled up to Tom and Carol's house it became clear that it wasn't just dinner we were invited to. It was a small cocktail party with about a dozen other guests, all of who were older than me, most old enough to be my parents. Daddy didn't seem bothered at all though, and just walked me through the house introducing me to his friends. Carol seemed really nice and made small talk with me while Daddy walked away, but it definitely felt a little awkward that everyone else there were regular couples and my father had brought me.

I was helping Carol by carrying a tray of food out to the living room when all of a sudden the little button in my panties started vibrating. It startled me so much that I almost dropped the tray, causing all eyes in the room to swivel to me. Daddy just winked, and I instantly knew it was he who had made the button start vibrating.

I continued to try to help out, feeling awkward because I didn't know anybody, but the vibrations on my needy clit were becoming increasingly hard to ignore. I went to sit down by Daddy but he pulled me onto his lap. "Like my little gift?" he whispered into my ear.

I turned my head so my lips were to his ear and whispered, "Please Daddy, turn it off? Its so frustrating being kept right on the edge like this."

"I understand baby," was his reply, but he did not turn the button off. Instead, he stood the both of us up and led me to the dining room where Carol was. "Carol," he asked, "my girl isn't feeling very well. Do you mind if I take her upstairs for a little bit of quiet?"

"Of course not," she replied, and then turned to me. "Do you need anything, aspirin or anything?"

"No thank you," I smiled. "I think just the last two days with travel and jet lag and all is getting to me. A few minutes of down time should do the trick."

Posted : 19/04/2013 2:40 am

"Go ahead and take her to the master bedroom Bruce," Carol added as Daddy started to lead me away. "She can lay down there as long as she likes."

Daddy led me upstairs and into the master bedroom, and continued onto the master bathroom. The room was gorgeous, and I was a little jealous of the big vanity and all of the mirrors.

"So," Daddy said, pulling my ass back against his body. "My baby girl doesn't like being teased, huh? Like you teased Daddy all day while you were trying on clothes, baby? Like the tease of Daddy having to watch you walk around this party with your nipples on display for everyone to see like a naughty little girl?"

"But Daddy," I started to protest.

"Don't but Daddy me," he said urgently, unzipping his fly. "No more teasing, my little toy, you are going to give Daddy what he really needs."

Daddy bent me over the vanity, pulling the straps of my dress down over my shoulders so that my nipples were exposed. As I watched us in the mirror, Daddy pulled my short skirt up, pushed my still vibrating panties aside, and drove his cock deep inside me with one stroke.

I let out a small cry as I felt Daddy's big cock stretching me, and he quickly shushed me. His hands went to my nipples and he roughly played with them, pinching and pulling as he fucked me from behind. The sight of Daddy fucking me combined with the feeling of the panties vibrating against me and his tool drilling into me was too much to take. I felt my pussy start to spasm and clamped my lips shut as my orgasm started to explode within me.

"Good girl," Daddy purred. "Oh my sweet little girl, Daddy is gonna fill your hot pussy up with his seed. Oh baby, I'm so close."

As Daddy fucked harder into me, I watched us in the mirror, my pussy clenching on his cock, loving every thrust of him inside me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tom's reflection in the mirror. He was in the bedroom behind us and our eyes briefly made contact. He didn't look mad though -- he looked very much like he was enjoying what he saw.

"Oh Daddy," I whispered, still making eye contact with Tom, "cum in me Daddy. I need you to cum in your baby."

My words must have done the trick, because Daddy grabbed my hips, thrust his cock as deep inside me as he could, holding it there while he spurt his seed inside my body.

When he was done, Daddy and I helped clean each other up, and went back down to the party. Daddy agreed no more vibrating button for the rest of the night, and I tried to keep my mind away from thinking that my own Daddy's cum was leaking from me as we made small talk with his friends.

As we were leaving, Tom wrapped me in a hug. "How you doing, sweetheart he asked? Did your father take good care of you?"

I saw the teasing gleam in his eye as I responded, "Yes actually, he gave me exactly what I needed," and gently kissed his cheek goodbye.

As I walked away, I wondered if Tom would keep our secret. I looked back and saw him standing there staring back at me. I think I even saw him touching himself a little as he watched. I blew him another kiss before hopping in the truck, feeling pretty safe that he had no desire to stop what Daddy and I were doing.

Daddy leaned over to give me a kiss on the forehead and asked if I had a good time. "I did Daddy, I had a very good time," I responded, snuggling closer to Daddy and relaxing into his touch as we drove home to enjoy a night alone, just the two of us.

Posted : 19/04/2013 2:40 am