Suprise Party  


One day Jo's parents invited his girlfriend over for her birthday.Ding dong. It was Jenna.Happy birthday.Thanks she said happily.Jenna lets go in my room to play. Okay. Get in bed and take your clothes off,he said.Okay.Jonathon stood up over her and revealed his 6" dick. She looked amazed.
She took off her tank top and revealed her round breasts.Her pussy was as slippery while his dick was throbbing.Lay down,she ordered.As he lied down,Jenna was on top of him sucking his dick.He was cumming like mad. When she was done, he jumped up on her and rammed his dick into her virgin pussy. He pumped in and out.After they were done they got dressed.

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:10 pm